Record correct, SFA prepare to disband Appellate Panel


This morning’s article in the Daily Record is not a work of fiction.  They reported that SFA chief executive Stewart Regan’s “bid to deliver a broad consensus over the way forward also involved discussions over the appellate tribunal’s transfer embargo on Rangers.”

In short, the SFA discussed changing their rules to disband the Independent Appellate Panel process before instructing Lord Carloway to sit in response to the Court of Session’s rejection of his previous judgement.

With two further Independent Judicial Tribunals still to sit in judgement on the actions of Rangers, for the illegal registration of players and non-payment of social taxes during the EBT era, the SFA will also subvert these rules before ‘Rangers’ are expelled from the Association.

After the meeting Regan left for his summer vacation without instructing Lord Carloway to convene the Appellate Panel.

That’s not all.

The scam to establish an SLP 2 in order to allow the SFA and SPL to co-opt ‘Rangers’ into that league is what the governing bodies have planned for your game.

If rules are changed AFTER a club is found guilty and in receipt of a penalty in order to nullify that penalty the game in this country is broke, ethically and financially.  Having established independent judicial panels to deal with serious rule breaches the SFA cannot do Rangers bidding without removing all judicial oversight.

We’re back to the days of George Peat walking in and out of hearings for the Celtic manager.

Most disturbingly of all, YOU are the cash cow for this outrageous enterprise.  With Rangers gone from the SPL Celtic fans bring all the commercial and television income into the game, and are set to buy more away ground tickets than all other clubs put together.

You are expected to continue to cough up for tickets to Tynecastle, Rugby Park etc, and subscribe to ESPN and Sky Sports – money which will divvied up among SPL 1 and SPL 2 teams, as well as they rest of the Scottish Football League clubs, to compensate for them missing out on a ‘Rangers’ game.

You will also pay more money for those tickets than any other group of fans in the league.  Why don’t you just write a cheque to Kilmarnock, Falkirk or Cowdenbeath today?

This nonsense will not bring another £1 into the game, all it will do is redistribute money from your pocket to clubs who care nothing for you.  Partick Thistle yesterday released a statement on their site, “We believe Scottish football needs to be restructured, financial distribution needs to be fairer for all clubs”.

“Financial distribution needs to be fairer”!  Patrick Thistle get to keep all their ticket sales, commercial and other income.  By “fairer” they mean they want some of your money.  If you agree with them, write them a cheque, but if you disagree, you better figure out what to do next.

Thoughts that some great victory has been achieved are premature.   Prepare for the next instalment.

Our domestic competition is, at best, uninspiring.  This disgusting land-grab for your cash will destroy our ability to compete in Europe, and it’s not just the senior team who will suffer.  The Celtic youth system costs millions to operate each year, don’t fantasise that it will survive intact.

Celtic currently employ 27 Scotland youth internationals.  They are almost single-handedly carrying the future of our national team.  This attempt to bleed your club dry will devastate all areas, with subsequent consequences for the Scotland team.

It’s not often I’ve told you the Daily Record have nailed a story but this one is on the money (your money).  I’m at a loss as to what to do next.

We cannot accept this.

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  1. Paul is lending his support to the circus tonight. The Big Top must stay open. Personally, I’d go for the juggler.

  2. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    The daily record will be following the huns into oblivion.



    Don’t buy it or read it online.

  3. Paul67 et al



    Got Spain to win 2-1 @ 7-1. Think Giroud could cause them some problems, if he gets a game that is!

  4. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Bhoys dont try to follow the Rangers saga by looking at the rule book the authorities in Scottish Football are prepared to change every single rule to assist newco.There has been a well orchastrated plan right from Craig Whyte buying old Rangers that plan is still progressing.The only way to stop them is to have a vote of no confidence and start again with new officials.H.H.

  5. The weeds will be the only thing flourishing down Govan way for the next 12 months – this scheme has as no chance of getting past 1st base!



    Off to watch (hopefully) an end to end game of football.




  6. Paul: You say



    “Financial distribution needs to be fairer”! Patrick Thistle get to keep all their ticket sales, commercial and other income. By “fairer” they mean they want some of your money.



    If clubs like Partick Thistle are to have a chance to compete with clubs like Celtic they need to benefit from a fairer distribution of the game’s income. This means that Thistle, and every other professional club, needs access to a sizeable share of the money that the game takes in from ticket sales, TV, sponsorship, and, yes, even pies.


    When you say “By ‘fairer’ they mean they want some of your money” you’re correct. You’re describing a progressive system exactly like the one that you and and every CQN reader participate in as taxpayers – a redistributive tax regime.


    It is obvious, and I mean completely obvious, staring you in the face and shouting at the top of its voice, obvious to anyone who thinks about it for a moment, that the professional football game in Scotland cannot thrive without substantial financial equalisation. I have asked this before, and never had a civil or coherent answer: Why is it acceptable to hand over 30 per cent or so of matchday income to a visiting side in the SFA Cup but anathema to do similarly for visitors in the league? Or, why was it acceptable to hand over a generous proportion of gate money to opponents in the years when Patsy Gallagher, the Mighty Quinn, the Golden Crust, the Lisbon Lions were plying their trade, but not now?

  7. No way this will be in for next season. Fixtures released and fans and clubs have made arrangements. Huns to be suspended for a year and then brought straight back in when new league starts.

  8. 0-0 HT in the River Plate match.



    A match which has struggled to rise above dire this first half. Ach think I micht just bugger aff tae the pub for the second half.

  9. deliasmith on 23 June, 2012 at 19:50 said:




    I think the short answer is cost, it’s cost a ridiculous amount to watch Celtic play these days the only thing making it worthwhile is that our money is going into the club. If that changes then the cost of watching Celtic has to reduce by quite a large amount.

  10. Deliasmith



    Why should CFC fans attending home games contribute to visiting teams




    The very teams who have been complicit in the Hun sfa system for decades



    Not for me

  11. Magnificentseven on




    The game has moved on, we are already miles behind teams from other countries that we need to compete with, why dilute it further??? In the days of the lions it wasn’t just the richest who could have success…it is now

  12. Sixteen roads to Golgotha on

    Sneaky Masonic scumbags.



    They are the enemies of all decent people and they must be treated as such.

  13. praecepta on 23 June, 2012 at 19:49 said:




    The weeds will be the only thing flourishing down Govan way for the next 12 months




    If they get the right kind of weeds they could have a very profitable industry there.

  14. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice HAS prevailed on

    Nearly as good as Charlie’s against that team which no longer exists…

  15. Steinreignedsupreme on

    The brown brogues brigade attempting to engage Alex Thomson on twitter – very funny…

  16. Spain will now have my full attention for the next 70 minutes – got Alonso 1st goal and 3-0 @ 125/1.




  17. Might revise my no more than 4 goals comment, think Spain might walk this now. Starting to click.

  18. River 1-0. Strong hint of offside but great finish. Could see a few more scored now.

  19. This cannot be allowed,Masonic shenanigans have ruined the game in this country In a desperate attempt to protect the now deceased hun.



    The game’s a bogie.


    Celtic must sue the SFA for restriction of trade, these proposals will suck the lifeblood from us. Whilst on that subject can we sue them for lost prize monies. Gobbled up by the cheating hun?



    I hope and pray that peter lawyell is behind the scenes working out an exit route.


    What chance the fabled north Atlantic. League?



    I’m a bit worried

  20. Sixteen roads to Golgotha on

    Deutschland, Deutschland über alles,


    Über alles in der Welt,


    Wenn es stets zu Schutz und Trutze


    Brüderlich zusammenhält,


    Von der Maas bis an die Memel,


    Von der Etsch bis an den Belt –


    Deutschland, Deutschland über alles,


    Über alles in der Welt.

  21. We have eric riley and peter lawwell both in positions at the sfa, so celtic will know everything going on at hampden at the minuite.


    We should in the next 48hrs find out if peter lawwell is in the no to newco camp or wether him and desmond dont want to lose their strip sponsership buddies!

  22. Burghbhoy on 23 June, 2012 at 20:14 said:


    I have to say I’m a bit worried too.


    I hope and believe Celtic have been active behind the scenes, away from the media. I hope the clubs insist on doing the right thing.


    I have spoken to a fair amount of Huns, even they agree Div3 is the fair thing to do, anything else is gerrymandering.

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