Recuperation ahead of December game 9, Walfrid’s Wish


Relieved to get last night’s game out of the way. Ross County limited us to few chances. The opening goal was a shot which Erik Sviatchenko didn’t connect cleanly with, a defender tried to block but failed to make contact, only succeeding in blocking his keeper’s view, before the ball found the corner of the goal.

When the added two minutes at the end of the first half were announced, County visibly pulled tighter, waiting on the break. That was a mistake. In the most composed moment of the game, Stuart Armstrong twisted this way, then that, before carving an opening he took with aplomb.

We now have two days to recuperate ahead of the final game before the midseason break; our ninth game of what will be an exhausting month. We’ll talk more about this game tomorrow, it will be far from easy, so please don’t be misled by the 5-1 win over Newco earlier in the season. They are shambles of a football team, but this is a different challenge.

Thanks to everyone who supported our Mary’s Meals appeal for the Sean Devereux Primary School in Liberia this week, we’ve already achieved great things there.

Walfrid’s Wish

Our Foundation’s big project for 2017, Walfrid’s Wish, launched last night. It’s an opportunity for each of us to join the Foundation in a formal capacity – to be one of its Champions.

I think this is a key strategy for the future of Celtic. We’ve done so much in recent years to bring our founding sentiment back to the forefront of the club. The challenge remains to push the boundaries further, and to keep them there.

To achieve this, for years and decades to come, we need to organise. We need to keep telling ourselves what Celtic is all about, to encourage each other share and live our common values, and – hopefully – make participation in the Foundation an everyday part of being a Celtic supporter for 100% of our community.

On its simplest level, Walfrid’s Wish is a membership scheme. You become a member of the Foundation Champions community. It’ll cost you £3 per month.

I suspect we’re 40% of the way along the road of where we could be as a community, much of that progress has been achieved within the last five years, but we need innovative ways to spread the message. This has an excellent chance of reinvigorating the sentiment that those who gathered in St Mary’s church hall all those years ago.

You can sign up here, go for it.

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  1. onenightinlisbon on

    Paul I have to disagree with the comment about Sevco being a “shambles of a football team”. They are much worse than that…….

  2. A few comments have been made on here re a minute`s silence at the game on Saturday. Where does this information come from?






    Viewed it on twitter but i dont think anything official (not that i would know as i dont go near there off/ sites etc etc)

  4. ‘so please don’t be misled by the 5-1 win over Newco earlier in the season.’






    We’ll score 5 again. 22/1 on skybet.



    Massed Orcs demanding their inferior journeymen attack a Celtic side buoyant with lightning pace to counter…



    I get a warm feeling just thinking of the possibilities.

  5. Warbiola press conference clip on STV news, Kiernan didn’t punch St Johnstone player, it was a push. Comments saying it was a punch are ridiculous.

  6. Gary 67


    I’m not surprised , they admit nothing old club or new club, even the press up here anyway tried to deflect attention away from them post Manchester.

  7. Roberts won’t start on Saturday. Forrest, Dembele and Sinclair are certain to be the front 3. Only decision is who replaces Rogic. I think McGregor will get the nod ahead of Bitton.

  8. “Every player we have at Rangers is a quality footballer”,


    the opening line from a post on one of the” bears” websites,


    just in case anyone doubted how deluded they are.

  9. Reading that the zombies fan group had meeting with police Scotland to lay down what was and wasn’t acceptable behaviour at Poundland on Saturday. That’s them telling the police what is acceptable.unacceptable behaviour. Suffice to say sectarian bigotry and singing about paedophilia are in the acceptable. If anyone breathes whilst wearing a Celtic scarf during the minutes silence should be arrested.

  10. Blatant attempt by sevco to besmirch Celtics good name by using the deaths of 66 people to do so to this is no mourning or remembrance minutes silence it’s a ugly & blatant point scoring exercise nothing else

  11. Sevconian



    A person usually with overt violent tendency and consumed with bigotry lies and misinformation .



    Preferring to believe deceased Glasgow Ranjurs are the same club as Sevco 5088 despite a liquidation event that cleaned out everything including the Arsenal shares, the St Etienne bike, the world famous Albion car park, Broxi Bear, Ian Durrant and the face painter.



    Bought over by ‘well known’ Yorkshire gazillionaire Charles “Chortles” Green who was merely there to line his pockets with ‘the club deck ‘season ticket money, the crossbar challenge money the Louden takings, and despite complete invisibility of the ‘deids.’,



    Note The name came about as this was the name of the company that bought Ranjurs ‘assets’ including 54 many of which were clearly stolen Scottish league titles






    Sev – Cone – Ian



    Common Usage



    He is pandering to ‘the people ‘by acting ‘like a Sevconian ‘



    ‘That Sevconian should take his head out his a@@e and see that they are a new club with no history.’



    Are Sevco stealing water for a floatin pitch?“



    Sevconian catchphrases






    “Show liquidation the red card”



    “ The big hoose must stay upright”



    ‘ Think we’ll get the 55 this year big man? ‘ – (usually heard in August)



    ‘ the journey ‘






    ‘ Saying they don’t do walking away ‘ ( then walking away? )






    InspirebytheUxbridgeUrbanDictionary CSC

  12. minx1888 praying to Wee Oscar on

    Just on to pass on my congratulations to the Knox family!



    Welcome to the world Caspar Henry Knox! Your big brother will no doubt be watching over you!

  13. Post of the day Helen.



    Was hoping for a wee post from Knox but you beat him to it.



    Congratulations to Leona, Stephen and Izzie on arrival of Casper. X




  14. Modest monthly donation to Walfrid’s Wish now set up – took about three minutes. On my monthly bank statement this will replace my subscription to the Herald website which I’ve been meaning to cancel for a while. Thank you Paul 67 for being a force for good and a credit to Celtic.



    Hail Hail

  15. It is never easy to win at Ibrox.



    John Greig, despite having players like Sandy Jardine, Tommy McLean, Alex McDonald, Derek Johnstone and Davie Cooper at his disposal, probably managed the worst Rangers team that I have seen in my lifetime, till now. They won 2 Scottish Cups and 2 League Cups but never won a league in over 5 years when he managed them.



    Despite that his team’s record in games against us at Ibrox during that time were:-



    1:1 – Nov 78


    1:0- May 79


    2:2 – Aug 79


    1:1 Dec 79


    3:0- Nov 80


    0:1- Apr 81


    0:2- Sep 81


    1:0- Jan 82


    1:2- Jan 83


    2:4- May 83



    Greig’s poor team won 3, drew 3 and lost 4 of the 10 Celtic games he managed at Ibrox. Overall goal tally was 12:13. The only time there was more than a 2 goal margin was a 3:0 win for them.



    Not much evidence there to expect a large drubbing by Celtic

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