Referee lies, bullying, sectarian behaviour? Watch your back, Celtic


Well done to the Daily Record for revealing that SFA referee, Eddie Smith, was the policeman who reported Celtic fans to Uefa for singing offensive songs against Rennes last month.  Smith was one of the referees who declined to make his services available as referees went on strike last season while Celtic took-on the SFA amid accusations of lies, bullying, sectarian behaviour and cover-ups among referees at the association.  He is no longer on the Grade 1 list.

Following the strike the SFA Head of Referee Administration was removed from his post and referee, Dougie MacDonald, who was accused of lying to Celtic manager, Neil Lennon, resigned, prompting then-Celtic chairman, Dr John Reid, to say the club felt vindicated in raising their concerns.

Vindicated, no doubt, but with more than a few feeling bitter towards the club.

While the Daily Record can reflect on some good work today, bizarrely, the Scotsman newspaper accused Celtic fans of sectarian chanting at the Rennes game, something even police-gossip, Eddie Smith, didn’t accuse them of.

Why stop at accusations of sectarian behaviour?  If the Scotsman are going to be ridiculous, why not accused Celtic fans of genocide and treason?  Better still, just say lots of them have funny names, go to strange schools but will never ascent to the British throne.

Celtic have 123-years of non-sectarian history, it is downright offensive to suggest otherwise.

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  1. Ahh so young Declan is not really a Hun but a clever post modern parody of the Hun poster. Now I see yes very clever indeed sir.

  2. The Battered Bunnet on




    Amongst other points of interest next Wednesday night, I’ll be listening out for that one.



    If you’re right enough, heck, I’ll join in.

  3. enough of all this



    down with this sort of thing.



    while your all geting aerated and annoyed



    Judith was on doing the weather just there.

  4. JinkyvJohnGreig-saysitall on

    Angelus says:


    14 November, 2011 at 13:45



    Yeah, and we won the European Cup in Seville in 1967, and not Lisbon as I had previously been informed.



    Cheating huns, go away and pay your taxes…

  5. re the songs we sing…… there is a real good atmosphere at Celtic Park just now and its getting increasingly better, who is it amongst us who would not like the improved atmosphere…….. not the Celtic support…… so who is it then, one wonders?



    I think there is an agenda and there is far too many Celts allowing/ following the agenda……..



    For the record I think we should stick to the Celtic songs and traditional Irish songs of old……… I respect others who want to sing Irish songs of freedom and love, but personally I’d park those songs for the bus home, the pub or the house…… its the freedom to sing any legal song I/ we want…… thats the clincher for me.



    We shall overcome….. and shame on anyone who votes for the Scottish Nazi Party! that last bit is a bit OTT for me….. but my eyes have recently been opened wide and I fear for my fellow Scots with those “people” running the country.




  6. Gerrybhoy13-13


    Permanent state of stress?


    Your being a drama queen of the highest order.


    I lived in London from 77 for 10 years and remember a stoic and vigilanr people.

  7. Bamboo,



    the Oh Ah up the Ra was sung and is at every home game. I personally feel that this is totally unnecesary as for a number of years Oh Ah Samaras was sung and that probably annoyed them more as the sentiment was there but the ability to criticise removed. ( don’t want to start a Sammi debate).



    Boys of the Old Brigade was given a muted rendition , but was much louder at the Dundee United game.



    I am not going to debate legality etc I am restating that as a parent taking 2 boys to see Glasgow Celtic Football Club I don’t want them to hear these songs.




  8. Afternoon



    Normally I’d be keen to weigh in on this kind of subject, but I’ve got to say I’m not sure what I’d be talking about. Not sure what most of the people on CQN are talking about. Hell of a lot of idle speculation, rumour, innuendo and as the heat rises an increasing amount of racism and intolerance appearing… of course from the usual embarrassments.



    Bizarrely some think it’s ok to insinuate that a particular name is too Scottish and also agree with Paul’s leader. I’d say I don’t understand how this could be the case, but that’s throwaway and glib. I know exactly why that kind of thing happens. I’d say I don’t know how some people can continue to defend the IRA, particularly in a Celtic context, but then I do know.



    There’s not much really to comment on, so far. I wonder about why the police haven’t taken action where Rangers are concerned. Questions needing answers there. On the other hand, how can anyone with any sense use that as a reason not to criticise our own support. Whataboutery, indeed… As bad as each other… It kinda seems that way on CQN today.



    I’d say I’m ashamed to be a Celtic fan today, to make a point, to illustrate the depth of disgust some of us feel towards the minority – and CQN shame gang you are a minority – but, I’m not ashamed of Celtic or our fans, I’m not even ashamed of the CQN shame gang. That’s there lookout.


    All that’s left for the decent majortity is to keep putting pressure on the club to get these losers out of Celtic Park. What’s great about Celtic – our fans, decent in the majority, are not afraid of the ugly minority who defend the rights of anyone who wants to be a tool as long as they’re Celtic fans/Irish/Catholic. We challenge our bigots and bampots.



    The funny thing is; these bigots and bampots and the low life internet bottom feeders are wrong. Always have been and always will be. At every turn this is proven by events and actions and the way we choose to be as a society.



    I commend the few on here, today, who have stood up for Celtics better name and challenged those who seek to defend the rights of a’holes to the detrement of the club we support.


    That’s what it amounts to right now – a straight choice; defend you’re imbecile friends right to sing about the IRA or defend Celtic the football club and what it stands for.



    I’m not back on today. I’ll wait and see if we get any detail before offering any further comment on the actual case… but, I will say it’s another black day for CQN and I no longer accept this is a bad day for Celtic. A lot of you don’t really have Celtic at heart. It’s not sad, it’s inevitable. It’s ego and it’s not pretty.

  9. Declan Is Neil Lennon 1888 on

    im not daft but i am getting confused.



    so are folk now saying i am a tim, who is kidding on he is a hun posting as a tim? so i am basically a tim? what is the point in this? i am getting a headache



    i wont be chased by the hun finder generals just becasue i am no toeing the party policy



    hail hail

  10. The Good……



    Fair enough if you’re of the opinion that songs such as BOTOB shouldn’t be sung at Celtic games.



    I can’t and never will comprehend any Celtic supporter advocating changing the lyrics to these songs. It makes no sense.



    Do we change the names of the 10 hunger strikers in Roll of Honour because the very mention of Bobby Sands is offensive to some?

  11. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo says:


    14 November, 2011 at 13:43


    GerryBhoy says:


    14 November, 2011 at 13:38



    This is where you are wrong I lived in London from 1975 – 1980. (Streatham)



    Geopolitics you haven’t even a scoobie on your local politics.



    Stop trying to sound clever your obviously an uneducated idiot and a HUN.



    Hail Hail



    Ha Ha! Keep me entertained on my day off! Funny bunny that you are.



    By the way, I was a Sarf Londoner myself – Camberwell, Tulse Hill and finally Blackheath, before moving to S of France and then to SW Germany.


    So yes, ~ I am quite a clever, cosmopolitan and well educated chappie! Just FYI.




  12. Big Packie's Accent on

    Seville67 says:


    14 November, 2011 at 13:51



    Speaking as a parent, what is wrong with BOTOB?

  13. Paul67 – Strange times.



    I can’t help but wonder if Mr Smith would have been motivated to make trouble for Celtic had we lost the match. Perhaps he was upset at the result.



    However, does this mean we can expect Strathclyde Police to raise complaints to the football authorities whenever they perceive other clubs’ fans to have indulged in offensive chants or songs?



    Did the police complain to the SFA about songs and chants after that infamous League Cup final back in March, or were they too busy celebrating? (Maybe they should ask Kenny MacAskill). What about any of our recent games against Hearts?



    Does Strathclyde Police now see its role in policing football matches as going beyond enforcing the law and upholding public order, and now task themselves with raising complaints about any songs or chants they feel to be offensive?



    If so, when and why did this policy change, because I can’t recall any other Scottish clubs being reported in this manner by the police before?



    I watched the game and didn’t notice any offensive singing, but if UEFA finds that our supporters have broken the rules, we will have to take our punishment. However, we should also insist that Celtic are not policed differently than other clubs. This incident looks like a man with a grudge using his position to try to inflict punishment on Celtic.



    Perhaps Mr Smith, and others like him, are salivating at the prospect of the SNP’s proposed Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (We Are The People) Bill becoming law, so they can not only report Celtic supporters to the football authorities, but wade in and arrest them for doing things which are not currently illegal.



    Perhaps Christine Grahame MSP will see to it that they are furnished with riot gear and horses to guard against the eventuality that they might be provoked by a chorus of Sean South. (thumbsup)

  14. Declan Is Neil Lennon 1888 on

    i wish i could write aswell as bontybhoy



    you should rename yourself nutshellBhoy in my book

  15. My point was that the chants were described several pages back as about a “proscribed organisation”. Simply pointing out the error.



    In addition songs such as BOTOB, The Broad Black Brimmer etc refer to the IRA of the War of Independence and Civil War not PIRA, a pretty big distinction. The ins and outs of Irish physical force Republicanism is a matter for another day.



    My view on Political songs at Celtic Park is that I am not in favour of them being sung. Not because they are sectarian, offensive or illegal rather that Celtic Park is not where I feel they should be sung. However if someone wants to sing them then that is their own choice and they should never be equated with the filth that huns sing on a weekly basis which HAVE been proven to be sectarian, offensive and illegal.



    I have never enjoyed the songs debate on here. Too many entrenched opinions on both sides and it only causes disharmony among a support who have enough external enemies to worry about instead of bickering in-house.



    This is my final intervention concerning this matter for the sake of my own sanity only.

  16. Seville67



    So ,at the Rennes game your talking about a single muted rendition of the BOTOB .


    And OHAH which was actually OOH AHH up the Celts. The GB compromise by changing the lyrics but still get no credit.

  17. fan-a-tic says:


    14 November, 2011 at 13:51




    Permanent state of stress?


    Your being a drama queen of the highest order.


    I lived in London from 77 for 10 years and remember a stoic and vigilanr people.



    You need to read a little more carefully. I lived in London from 1969 to 1974 ( before your time there). I will not respond to your inappropriate comment.



    HH Gerry

  18. I hope the police officer/referee also pointed out to UEFA that when John Wilson encroached on the field of play at Tynecastle, struck Neil Lennon on the head and pulled him to the ground, that no assault was committed.



    I think that will give adequate context for UEFA to make its deliberations. Could even show them the DVD so they can understand for themselves



    Sectarian singing….my arse

  19. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on




    What is confusing about taking the stance to fight to prove certain songs are not sectarian and only offensive to people who hate us even if they are embarrassing sung at CP?



    Your attempt at trying to make me look stupid was childish.



    Normally I’d have the time to go through this with you,I don’t today,for me you showed your colours with some of the other ghuys on the last thread earlier hence why I mentioned your credibility.

  20. Enjoying a cure if enjoying is the right word. The club need to bring their A game and nail this.



    We should use every resource available and then go again. This is one fight we need to win.



    Ard Macha

  21. Remind me why Tynecastle hasn’t been shut down by the SFA or UEFA?



    Did the police officers/referee report it?



    Oh yes, …. no assault committed

  22. Gerrybhoy



    ‘A section of our support are determined to give the sectarian football association the arms and ammunition to shoot us down and include us with the Govanites. Shame on us for being so stoopid!’



    I’ll ask again, exactly what chants from the Rennes game were reported?



    There was NO sectarian singing that night, there were NO songs about PIRA that night.



    If UEFA do discipline Celtic, then I will be writing to them enquiring when the will be opening proceedings against Barca for their playing of the Basque anthem prior to every game, which I assume most spaniards find ‘offensive’. HH

  23. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noosays:



    14 November, 2011 at 13:43



    Spent a few drunken weekends with my mate who lived in Streatham at the same time as you. He is a big Celtic fan and football agent. Wonder if you know him. He is from Clydebank.

  24. TBB and others …… I could have said “et al” but whit the eff does that mean, jings if I’m confused what chance has a hun got :¬)



    oh aye back the the point…. I’ve said this before on the blog and amongst friends, its fast becoming a time when the Green Brigade (for they are the INITIAL target…. you’re next) should invite a lawyer/ solicitor into the area of 111, we need to be protected from the S Nazi Party law which seems to be legal right now! The country I was borne into is becoming fascist, I don’t know the reason why but its getting much more blatant and its a worry for my friends and family who live there…….Scotland will sink or swim on this crazy law, well certainly the S Nazi Party.






  25. Som mes que un club on

    Vmhan♣ who Supports Neil Lennon says:


    14 November, 2011 at 13:50




    For the record I think we should stick to the Celtic songs and traditional Irish songs of old……… I respect others who want to sing Irish songs of freedom and love, but personally I’d park those songs for the bus home, the pub or the house……







  26. The Ghood will prevail on



    No I’m actually not saying that BOTOB shouldn’t be sung (as wee Fergus decreed). I’m just saying that we need to be a bit more responsible as a support, a bit more sensitive to people’s sensibilities.


    The conflict in the occupied counties and on the mainland is fresh in the memory and painful to many (such as a Catholic neighbour of mine whose brother was assasinated by the IRA). And let’s be honest it was a particularly dirty war – from both sides, even though the IRA campaign was rarely sectarian. Like it or not most people equate a mention of ‘the IRA’ with the provisionals who fought in that recent conflict. And without getting into a debate about the rights and wrongs of that campaign, many ordinary people were offended by some of the tactics employed – and that doesn’t make them bigots. Jeez, even Martin McGuiness recently admitted that the Enniskillen and Birmingham bombings were wrong. Why can’t we be a bit more sensitive to other folk’s views? Why can’t we keep the songs to the pubs and the buses? To do otherwise seems to me as sheer bloody-minded stubborness.

  27. ASonOfDan says:


    14 November, 2011 at 14:01



    You miss my point . My comments were not at all related to the Rennes game. I am sure that you are entirely correct that there was nothing that will get the club in trouble on that count.



    HH Gerry

  28. Seville 67



    I’ve not been to a game since we sold Kenny Dalglish, as various highly regarded posters will testify.



    I’m interested in your delirium of what you call ‘sung at Celtic Park’ but not your delusions of adequacy, if you wish to try and swap Celtic credentials.



    Three wee bhoys sitting near you, lyric swapping Ooh Ahh Samaras, (or not) is not the debate, that is unless you’ve seen the charge?



    But your faux indignation about what you think has already caused enough exchange of views, from better Bloggers than me.

  29. Steinreignedsupreme on

    I’m willing to state right now that Celtic will not be charged by UEFA.



    Imagine how upset our detractors will be when that happens…

  30. AsonOfDAN



    Spot on . These characters jumping on the sectarian ira song bandwagon are extremely suspicious .


    As you say there was no sectarian or ira chanting that night.


    Maybe the Media House moles have been activated.

  31. The Ghood will prevail says:


    14 November, 2011 at 14:05



    I agree with your comments in that these emotive issues should not be part of our football club.



    HH Gerry

  32. I just got an e-mail from my mate in Dublin, the one who has invested his kids inheritance on the prospect of Celtic getting out of scotland, and he is delighted with what’s happening re uefa, he is absolulty over the moon with the developments.



    There is a concerted poiltical effort to smear our club and uefa know this.



    The easy option for uefa would be to grant us leave to escape the presicution, when the hun colapses things will escalate at such an alarming rate stuff like this will be rendered childs play, and it seems the people with a monetry investment also know this.

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