Referee lies, bullying, sectarian behaviour? Watch your back, Celtic


Well done to the Daily Record for revealing that SFA referee, Eddie Smith, was the policeman who reported Celtic fans to Uefa for singing offensive songs against Rennes last month.  Smith was one of the referees who declined to make his services available as referees went on strike last season while Celtic took-on the SFA amid accusations of lies, bullying, sectarian behaviour and cover-ups among referees at the association.  He is no longer on the Grade 1 list.

Following the strike the SFA Head of Referee Administration was removed from his post and referee, Dougie MacDonald, who was accused of lying to Celtic manager, Neil Lennon, resigned, prompting then-Celtic chairman, Dr John Reid, to say the club felt vindicated in raising their concerns.

Vindicated, no doubt, but with more than a few feeling bitter towards the club.

While the Daily Record can reflect on some good work today, bizarrely, the Scotsman newspaper accused Celtic fans of sectarian chanting at the Rennes game, something even police-gossip, Eddie Smith, didn’t accuse them of.

Why stop at accusations of sectarian behaviour?  If the Scotsman are going to be ridiculous, why not accused Celtic fans of genocide and treason?  Better still, just say lots of them have funny names, go to strange schools but will never ascent to the British throne.

Celtic have 123-years of non-sectarian history, it is downright offensive to suggest otherwise.

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  1. tell strathclyde police to take a flying >>>> to themselves




    tell uefa to go take a flying >>>> to themselves


    this bunch of no-marks cant even make a ruling in their


    own competition to keep a team who played an illegal


    side in two games to keep them out the competition.



    we will take them all to the euro courts as the scottish ones


    are riddled with small minded huns

  2. celtic *o* lennon on

    Spirited place CQN today. Poppy debate last week followed by the songs debate this week and it’s all out war between posters. Who is winning?

  3. bamboo says:


    14 November, 2011 at 14:09



    I get the feeling that you are calling me a Hun….hope not though, ’cause you would be very wrong.



    HH Gerry

  4. ET



    So your friend thinks us moving will come to a head sooner rather than later? I understand that it may be related to their tax case, is their a time span? And do you think it will happen yourself?

  5. bamboo says:


    14 November, 2011 at 14:12


    Media house mole alert!


    Media house mole alert!



    I’d get that seen to if I was you.



    :-) Gerry

  6. setting free the bears says:


    14 November, 2011 at 00:36






    The ancient documents are the wisdom of their times not ours.



    The US constitution’s Section 9 of Article I allowed the continued “migration” of the free or “importation” of indentures and slaves as the states chose, defining slaves as persons, not property.”



    “to the whole number of men and women, free and indentured, would be added “three-fifths” the number of “other persons”, meaning propertyless slaves and taxed Indian farming families.”



    i.e. the constitution puts white men as two-fifths superior to others. No wonder Kojo & TSD fears the Fox Bogeyman “multiculturalism”






    “The ancient documents are the wisdom of their times not ours.”



    I would strongly disagree, that document was set to ensure Freedom and Liberty to all was achieved and sustained, it was not magically brought into existence over night however.



    There were obviously problems at the very start especially with the slave trade, you concentrated on that point even though that is not relevant anymore.






    setting free the bears says:


    14 November, 2011 at 12:22



    petec @2.16



    You said:-



    “Your (meaning SFTB’s) initial comments are nowhere to be seen in the Constitution, especially not where you claimed they were, they sounded like an interpretation by a person, definitely, but no way was Your initial comment anywhere to be seen, unfortunately for you….



    Ammendment 14 section 2 Specifically states Indians Not Taxed. If you are wanting nothing to do with a Government would you want to pay taxes to it?


    The Indians had no choice as the dominant ones accessed their land, unfortunately. The Indians did however get recognition in the Constitution though despite what you are thinking. And they were protected by the Constitution as much as any other person was.”



    Now my initial comments @ 1.00am said precisely that and I reproduce them in full:-



    “Though forcibly emigrated slaves and native americans were not granted voting rights for themselves, they were counted as 3/5 of a person in calculating the total state electorate power.



    Nice of them to be so liberal, eh?”



    Surely you can deduce that, since I said that neither they, nor the slave population, had voting rights, I would not have assumed they were a taxed people. The slogan “No representation without taxation” was their founding phrase was it not?



    As for them being protected by the constitution as much as any other person, you cannot even believe that they were given even 3/5 of the protection that other groups, of European origin, were given and that is even taking account of the strong streak of anti-catholicism that was present in the early and middle years of the USA.



    The Native Americans tried to use the Constitution to defend their rights but any gain they won was temporary as their rights were swiftly overturned once the needs of railroads, commerce, or mineral mining impinged upon them. Anyway, as PJ BHOYNYC pointed out, the Constitution was quickly neutered by the Patriot Act and it always has been neutered at times when the US was in war fever.






    Lets agree on the Patriot Act being a subversion of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights but the people still have the power to throw all the crooks out of office but they need to know their powers first of all.



    “When governments fear people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. ”



  7. Declan Is Neil Lennon 1888 on

    bamboo – Why would the laptop loyal have “moles” here? and what is a “house mole”? i have heard of “house mice” but not “house moles”. Why would the media need to plant a house mole?

  8. Steinreignedsupreme on

    bournesouprecipe: 14 November, 2011 at 14:12



    “It’ll be great for all the new monikers as well (winking smiley)”



    Sure they’re always welcome. Their stupidity brightens up the place…

  9. Big Packie's Accent on

    The Ghood will prevail says:


    14 November, 2011 at 14:05



    I’m actually not saying that BOTOB shouldn’t be sung (as wee Fergus decreed). I’m just saying that we need to be a bit more responsible as a support, a bit more sensitive to people’s sensibilities.


    – — — — — — — —



    Feck being sensitive to their sensitive sensibilities.



    As to the perception of the acronym, are we responsible for others ignorance?



    IMO, appeasement will only give them a bigger stick,


    read as admission of guilt and wrongdoing.

  10. The Good….



    So how far do we go to appease those who claim to be offended by the content of some songs sung at Celtic games?



    I go home and away to watch Celtic and until fairly recently I was as vocal as the next man when it came to singing these songs. My perspective has changed and I’ve come to the conclusion that I personally won’t sing BOTOB etc inside football stadiums. However, I will defend the rights of anyone who does wish to participate.



    Incidentally, I don’t agree with Voltaire and the right to defend anyone. I won’t defend the right to sing songs with a sectarian or racist agenda.



    Our songs are neither.

  11. Declan



    MediaHouse moles sneak in and lie low waiting for the optium moment to undermine our great club.


    They know who they are.

  12. Heard the news of five live, interestingly no mention of celtic fans singing ‘sectarian’ songs but rather ‘illicit and offensive’ ones; wow, that’s not vague is it? ironically, the word ‘sectarian’ was only used when discussing rangers….go figure.



    Though doesn’t matter now, the jobs done, media house et al will be very pleased even if this charge is thrown out; they’ve managed to smear the good name of celtic in europe and I certainly hope that the club will robustly defend themselves against this rather unprecedented method of complaint from the police, the same police force that has singularly failed to uphold the law against sectarian and racist songs/chants for years.

  13. playfusbal4dguilders on




    Remember its an “in service day” for many schoools in the west of scotland.




  14. West Wales Celt on

    Great article Paul.


    I noted the Independent used the word ‘illicit’ when describing our singing; sighs and shakes his head…


    I hope the club defend this aggressively but I have my doubts.


    ‘Illicit’, ‘offensive’, ‘sectarian’; this struggle for adjectival certainty is nowt more than the whataboutery we’ve witnessed in government debates.


    Tell em to stick it Celtic…

  15. Hamilton Tim,



    how goes it bud.



    I was up in your town yesterday to watch nephews team against Celtic Boys club , up at the Bent Road pitches. very vocal support up that way for the Boys club.


    good wee match though.



    but jeese oh, whats that toon centre traffic management all about, roon and roon and roon and roon.




    Seperate subject,


    anyone know anything more about the Celtic Triangle development, was up at the park on Saturday and the new road is coming on great, and the stadium across London road looks really good, when will the works be complete ? anyone ?

  16. McNair is the greatest on

    With all the scare stories of our”sectarian singing” which has since been downgraded to “illicit singing” wtf. Does it mean the white smoke from ibrokes is due soon. Are the MSM trying to deflect from the hun hordes their part in their downfall. When the news breaks several LL journalists will be looking over their shoulders for the rest of their lives. Do anyone think it would be nice to start “illicit rumours” that could make the permaragers even more angry. Imagine if death threats were issued would they have brought it on themselves as the LL line was with Neil.

  17. The Ghood will prevail says:


    14 November, 2011 at 13:44


    I feel some of the opinions of CQN of late have been a bit OTT in terms of their sense of embattlement. But that’s just my opinion and I come on here precisely because it’s a broad church of different views from entirely well-meaning people.


    Just to play devil’s advocate regarding the rebel singing…


    Christine Graham and her like are doubtlessly promoting the legislation because they want Celtic to be dragged into the mud alongside the hun, and doubtlessly they are being abetted by elements in the polis. Therefore sectarian singing (i.e. racial and religious hatred) is equated with ‘offensive’ (i.e. pro-IRA) singing.


    But what happens if, by changing the law, they inadvertantely HELP Celtic by diminishing or indeed ending the provo singing among our away support, once and for all, thus relieving the rest of us of the embarassment, and making our club more palatable to a many other ordinary Scots and a move to a foreign e.g. English league? I mean, wouldn’t that be a good outcome? (I’m addressing this question to the grown-ups, not the 10% selfish adolescents who still believe singing provo stuff is in our club’s interests.)


    The reason I say this is that it is my belief that the huns will NEVER be able to fully ditch their bile and hatred, because that’s precisely what their club is all about, whereas, as Paul points out, ‘Celtic have 123-years of non-sectarian history’, and I don’t think it would take much (e.g. a legal change) to rid ourselves of this stuff which, whether you find it ‘offensive’ or not, has nothing to do with Celtic FC and is about a tragic, violent conflict that is now over.


    We should still sing Irish folk songs that celebrate the club’s heritage. OK, struggle is a big part of Irish folk music, so for songs that fall into a grey area, such as BOTOB, why not we agree as a support, as an earlier poster suggested, to change ‘I joined the IRA’ to ‘I joined the Old Brigade’? etc.


    We are at a crossroads. But maybe there’s an opportuinity here whereby our enemies have played right into OUR hands?.




    Thats an excellent post my friend, I wonder though if this NAZI law is passed, then every song you and I sing will be deemed offensive……. goodnight Vienna and hello NAZI Scotland, why the hell did our grandparents fight and die (not the rangers players they all got jobs in the shipyards…….. the masons and OO ….. for queen and country) in a war against NAZI Germany.



    ps it was an excellent post and I agree with you but I think (for the first time in my life) I can see me being jailed by a law which is designed for that very reason….. down timmy down!






  18. coorslad is Neil Lennon says:


    14 November, 2011 at 14:14


    My wee tip was second,@ 10/1..mot bad for a wee E/W bet..


    Vmhan did you do it?




    Had your nag each way took 8/1 tho. Got it on an each way treble with 2 favourites. Looking good at the moment.



    Been a great few days in the bookies for me.



    £200 on Friday and £100 on Saturday with Rebel Song winning on Saturday night at Wolverhampton.



    Not sure if you can shout on Rebel Song in a Scottish bookies so went home to watch it and cheer it home.



    Cheers for the tip. Ran a great race apart from the last fence.




  19. celtic *o* lennon on

    Can we laugh at the huns instead of fighting with each other? When is the ring fenced tax money due to be smuggled out of their bank?

  20. Saint Stivs



    If you think that’s bad you should try East Kilbride :)



    Bent Rd only 5 mins away from me I wish I’d known. Hope your nephew did well but no too well :)

  21. bamboo says:


    14 November, 2011 at 14:19




    just FYI ~ today I have a day off, so am able to post. Normally, during the week, I have to WORK and do not have time to post, so your sly innuendo about hunfiltrators does not apply to me. Been registered on here for a long time and have been a lurker almost since site inception, so target those worth targeting!



    HH Gerry

  22. Steinreignedsupreme on

    obonfanti1888: 14 November, 2011 at 14:20



    “Though doesn’t matter now, the jobs done, media house et al will be very pleased even if this charge is thrown out; they’ve managed to smear the good name of celtic in europe and I certainly hope that the club will robustly defend themselves against this rather unprecedented method of complaint from the police, the same police force that has singularly failed to uphold the law against sectarian and racist songs/chants for years.”



    But they will not be able to put a positive spin on insolvency. The last laugh will be ours…

  23. December 8th we’re at UEFA; interesting, isn’t the day after meant to be quite eventful for the other glasgow team who might benefit from the media’s prying eyes being elsewhere? I may be (and probably is) wrong?



    Not suggesting collusion or anything just a remarkable coincidence.

  24. coorslad


    with my 14p


    i went for a 7p, E/W





    paddy power minimum is 9p E/W



    so i blew the whole dang lot on the victory



    all or nothin !



    and as you testify, we came 2nd



    ah well



    am away off down behind the couch (again)






    (reminds me of my other brother….he plays squash….how d’ye get oan the day big man ? ….aw…. ah came 2nd !)

  25. Lennon n Mc….Mjallby says:


    14 November, 2011 at 14:00




    Normally I’d have the time to go through this with you,I don’t today,for me you showed your colours



    I am curious as to what my true colours are in your opinion.




  26. The Ghood will prevail on



    well I certainly wouldn’t go as far as outlawing them, which would be an incredibly dangerous and undemocratic thing to do. Your implicaiton is right it is about free speech at the end of the day and I’ve no doubt that the motives behind the proposed legislation are sinister. I was merely pointing out that it might inadvertandly have an effect that Graham et al will be sickened by – an end to such singing among the celtic support. This is because the huns actually DON’T WANT us to stop singing these songs, they want us to continue so that they can point the finger.


    What I’m proposing is that as a support we debate this issue and hopefully come to my point of view (!) – that we recognise that these songs are offensive to many, and therefore damaging to the club, and cease them at the matches.


    What I would add however is that a football club has the right to insist upon certain modes of behaviour within their stadium, and not necessarily ones enshrined in law. If someone acts offensively in my house I’m entitled by law to ask him to leave, even if he hasn’t broken the law. And celtic don’t permit certain ‘political’ songs in their ground, and other clubs would be entitled to eject visiting fans who do likewise. Therefore there are sanctions available that I do not believe inhibit the right to free speech.

  27. hamiltontim says:


    14 November, 2011 at 14:27



    will shout out next time we are up that way.



    team got beat 4-1.


    nephew played well, but the celtic were just that bit slicker.



    worst bit though, try watching a morton team playing in a luminous yellow strip, against the celtic boys in the bumble bee strip.


    what a sore heid i had by the end of the game.

  28. Declan Is Neil Lennon 1888 on

    GerryBhoy – alot fo shouting down of other opinions here today. celtic men not willing to take into account the views of other staunch celtic men like ourselfs or maybes think some folk might see things differently. pretty sad i think. dont let them grind you down, treat it like i do. for me it is water off a cows back.

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