Referees, it’s OK not to be OK, but take some action


Odsonne Eduard’s injury against St Johnstone yesterday came about when defender Joe Shaughnessy raised his boot to stop Odsonne shot from 2 yards out.  The Celtic player’s shin caught Shaughnessy’s studs which were up to block the attempt at goal.  Edouard was injured, unable to continue.

This is one of those incidents that looks innocuous; Shaughnessy’s intent was to stop the shot, not to injury an opponent.  Referee, Willie Collum, took no action.

Let me take you back to the white heat of the title challenge in 2011.  Celtic travelled to Hamilton on 12 January that year.  Minutes after the break, James Forrest raised his boot to block a clearance from David Buchanan, Forrest’s studs catching Buchanan’s foot.  It was the same scenario as the Edouard- Shaughnessy incident yesterday – there was no intent, but the Hamilton player took a sore one, although he was able to continue.  The referee awarded Buchanan a foul and Forrest received a straight red card for dangerous play.  It the same referee.

I’ll be honest, I was annoyed when James Forrest was sent off for that incident 8 years ago, so my reaction was inhibited when Shaughnessy did the same during yesterday’s game.  But one of the decisions was wrong, clearly.  If raising your studs to block an opponent is a foul and dangerous play, Celtic should have been awarded a penalty for this incident (not to mention Ryan Christie’s kick in the ribs immediately beforehand), and Shaughnessy should have been sent off.

I don’t go on about refereeing here.  Standards improved after hitting an all-time low during the 2009-2011 seasons, when Celtic appeared to be punished on the field for making detailed complaints at that time.  The Forrest red card in 2011 took place six weeks after referees went on strike, two months after the Head of Refereeing was sacked and three months after referee, Dougie McDonald, admitted to the SFA Head of Referees that he lied to Celtic manager, Neil Lennon, an admission which led to a re-done match report that was eventually leaked on CQN.  There was chaos in the profession at that time, with conspiracies between referees and their assistants to adopt a fabricated version of events that proved impossible to maintain.

Changes were made and the game eventually improved.  Since then, of course, there has been no chance of league titles being decided by the vagaries of refereeing – only the outcome of cup games could be determined by overlooking a defender punching a shot off the goal-line.

Extraordinary decisions from officials took place at other grounds this weekend, so this is not an isolated incident.  After making progress, standards have regressed.  I get the feeling those responsible for standards are out of their depth, unsure what to do to improve things. The worst thing they could do is retrench into a bunker in order to protect their flanks.  To borrow a recently used phrase, it’s OK not to be OK.  Admitting as much is the first step to recovery.

Take some action.

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  1. 50 shades of green on

    Do you think our club will ask for clarification on the ” blocked shot ” ..



    Me either…



    Should we??, yes I think so, I’m not calling for a knee jerk statement as some of the newer teams are doing.



    Can we as a club ask why no card was shown in either the incident with Eddy or Ryan, and then pass the answer onto the fans????

  2. Extraordinary decisions from officials took place at other grounds this weekend, so this is not an isolated incident. After making progress, standards have regressed. I get the feeling those responsible for standards are out of their depth, unsure what to do to improve things. The worst thing they could do is retrench into a bunker in order to protect their flanks. To borrow a recently used phrase, it’s OK not to be OK. Admitting as much is the first step to recovery.






    With respect, Celtic asked for a meeting with Ian Maxwell and John Fleming. Did this happen and what was the outcome? We are the biggest member club of the association, what are we going to do about this situation. If we know anything about the SFA then we know there is no hope that they will ‘admit to a problem’. They are the problem. Standards imo did not improve, the cheating was dialled down a notch because the stakes were lower. Now as we edge closer to the historic 10, the stakes are higher than ever. We know what comes next, the question is what are we going to do about it before we get well and truly shafted again.











    so how long have we had your system .







    correct answer .since the world began.







    zactly.now what population of the world is starving.







    correct answer. tho thirds.





















    Logged in as FAVOURITE UNCLE. Log out?

  4. Of course it is plain to see what is going on.Stop them from getting 8 so they cannot go on to 9 and then 10.They are hurting big time.We all know what’s at play here.On to 10 and sicken ’em!!!!

  5. I disagree. Shaughnessy turns his body so his back is to French Eddy, its a kung fu style stance, watch it again. Reckless to say the least.

  6. Well, Stevie Clarke has called the inconsistencies out, today,at his press conference.


    Will he be ignored? Will the press go after him?


    I feel Paul could have said so much more.


    It’s fairly obvious our referees and their supervisors are a cosy cartel.


    How,come joined, plumbers, labourers etc don’t appear to make it to elite level?


    How come a high percentage of elite referees are freemasons and so are their supervisors?


    James McFadden has,said this morning they should go full time, they will avoid this like the plague., in my opinion, that could upset their cartel.


    It’s been said by others, on many occasions, on here, but it’s,worth repeating, to try and sort Scottish Football, you have to sort the refs and their supervisors.

  7. Sorry if I have missed this from elsewhere: has there been any recent update on Leigh-Leigh-Super-Leigh’s progress … ?

  8. Is French Eddy ok? Any update?



    Ryan Christie? Fit for Wednesday or also denied to our team as a result of foul play?



    These ‘standards’ are costing our club more than denied penalty kicks, free kicks, cards to opponents etc they are costing us the use of expensive players. It could end up costing someone in hoops their career.

  9. Nothing will happen, we all know that.



    Our club has the smoking gun from Res12 which has the potential to transform our game from the corrupt farce we are watching.



    Dallas has awarded the Huns 6 penalties in 2 games.



    Tavernier-pen has taken over from Waghorn-pen wth 12 penalties to this point in the season. How many points does 10 scored penalties get you (he missed one of the 4 awarded yesterday and Defoe took the other).



    The last time there was operation MIB to this level was when Barry Ferguson scored 2 of the 3 awarded against Dundee at Tannadice in a 2-2 draw, he scored 17 goals that season, 11 of them penalties and Arteta took over for the rest of the season when Ferguson missed that one.



    The last kick of the ball in any match that season was Arteta scoring a penalty in the 6-1 non contest against Dunfermline to ensure the league was won.



    Our club are complicit in the 5WA

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Can’t understate how big a win that was. Having worked so hard to get the six point lead it would have been a real psychological blow to let it slip so quickly.


    Loved the way we attacked with real intensity and kept it going right till the end.


    The extra competition for places has improved performances and we still have half a team to come back.


    Another win on Wednesday and we will extend the lead to either the team directly below us or our biggest rivals (or even both!).


    Just do it bhoys!

  11. Garngad to Croy on

    The more Celtic fans complain about referees the better rewarded that referee gets , Dallas is a stick on for next Celtic v Newco game.



    They know , we know (they are cheats) but they just laugh at us and do it anyway !

  12. Weah wasn’t booked because Collum knew he had already done enough damage to Celtic to please his masters.


    Not enough to stop us winning, unfortunately.


    No pitch invasion, no drama. Just 3 points in the bag.



    I couldn’t agree more.


    Our refs allow tackles that are penalised anywhere else in the world.


    I think this should be called out continually, I’m surprised the PLC don’t make more of it, as we have valuable assets who are being assaulted on a regular basis.


    In a wider sense, Scottish football will not improve as long as the nethanderals are allowed to kick skilful players out of the game and that’s at all levels.


    Hail Hail

  14. DAVID17 on 4TH FEBRUARY 2019 12:31



    We are the biggest member club of the association, what are we going to do about this situation.




    That’s the worst reason yet for equal treatment.

  15. JIMMYNOTPAUL on 4TH FEBRUARY 2019 12:52 PM



    Thats a good point. What if that ‘tackle’ had been on Weah not Eddy, or Toljan? I don’t think PSG or Dortmund would be very keen to loan any more valuable assets to us. Its all very well wanting them to gather game time or maybe even toughen them up a bit, but they want their asset to return in one piece.

  16. He tweeted: “So glad I bought Bro. Dallas that pint in the Lodge last night, to be honest I didn’t expect FOUR penalties, but who’s counting?”



    MSP Murdo Fraser

  17. Paul67



    Seethen Gerrard was the first to complain before a ball was kicked in summer, they didn’t have the need to shout about ‘standards’ they went for Willie (kafflik school) Collum and successfully have him, exempt for selection at their home games, whilst benefitting from Beaton and Dallas et all, ever since.



    Celtic are forced to find fault with standards because it could be any referee in Scotland forming the


    mibbery brigade, and therein lies the problem.



    This has little to do with standards, I suspect that you already know that.

  18. Well done Stevie Clarke, for all his good points our man resembles Mowbray in his responses to assaults on our players .

  19. When you have the might of a slanted media behind you cheating is easy.


    It either didn’t happen or a perverse and distorted interpretation will be used to deflect and muddy the water.


    The British Empire was built on such.


    The huns use of the word Dignity parallels the British sense of fair play.



    As history proves nothing will change until financial hardship or accountability are enforced.

  20. CQN’ers should go over to the Johnjames site. He has an excellent article on the anti Celtic masonic cabal of referees in the SPL. 27 of the 32 are Rangers minded and masons.

  21. One of the issues is that the other clubs are quite happy to see Celtic being hampered by poor Refereeing decisions. I bet St Mirren will not make an comment about refereeing far less complaining.



    St Johnstone will not complain as they had the benefit of Colum’s decisions. Rangers are the main recepiant and will not complain.



    None of the other clubs will support Celtic



    Of course this should not stop as making a strong complaint and asking the compliance officer to look at the incidents.

  22. Steve Clarke calling it as it is. Not talking up cheating but incompetence. We all know it’s the same thing.



    Murdo Fraser looking for clicks on his Twitter site, nae wonder I avoid FB and Twitter like the plague. Even rejected my dear ol’ mammy’s (R.I.P.) requests to be her friend on FB!

  23. mike in toronto on

    That is Stevie Clarke’s card well and truly marked ….



    no way now that DD/PL will hire someone who calls out the problems in the scottish game….




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