Referees, it’s OK not to be OK, but take some action


Odsonne Eduard’s injury against St Johnstone yesterday came about when defender Joe Shaughnessy raised his boot to stop Odsonne shot from 2 yards out.  The Celtic player’s shin caught Shaughnessy’s studs which were up to block the attempt at goal.  Edouard was injured, unable to continue.

This is one of those incidents that looks innocuous; Shaughnessy’s intent was to stop the shot, not to injury an opponent.  Referee, Willie Collum, took no action.

Let me take you back to the white heat of the title challenge in 2011.  Celtic travelled to Hamilton on 12 January that year.  Minutes after the break, James Forrest raised his boot to block a clearance from David Buchanan, Forrest’s studs catching Buchanan’s foot.  It was the same scenario as the Edouard- Shaughnessy incident yesterday – there was no intent, but the Hamilton player took a sore one, although he was able to continue.  The referee awarded Buchanan a foul and Forrest received a straight red card for dangerous play.  It the same referee.

I’ll be honest, I was annoyed when James Forrest was sent off for that incident 8 years ago, so my reaction was inhibited when Shaughnessy did the same during yesterday’s game.  But one of the decisions was wrong, clearly.  If raising your studs to block an opponent is a foul and dangerous play, Celtic should have been awarded a penalty for this incident (not to mention Ryan Christie’s kick in the ribs immediately beforehand), and Shaughnessy should have been sent off.

I don’t go on about refereeing here.  Standards improved after hitting an all-time low during the 2009-2011 seasons, when Celtic appeared to be punished on the field for making detailed complaints at that time.  The Forrest red card in 2011 took place six weeks after referees went on strike, two months after the Head of Refereeing was sacked and three months after referee, Dougie McDonald, admitted to the SFA Head of Referees that he lied to Celtic manager, Neil Lennon, an admission which led to a re-done match report that was eventually leaked on CQN.  There was chaos in the profession at that time, with conspiracies between referees and their assistants to adopt a fabricated version of events that proved impossible to maintain.

Changes were made and the game eventually improved.  Since then, of course, there has been no chance of league titles being decided by the vagaries of refereeing – only the outcome of cup games could be determined by overlooking a defender punching a shot off the goal-line.

Extraordinary decisions from officials took place at other grounds this weekend, so this is not an isolated incident.  After making progress, standards have regressed.  I get the feeling those responsible for standards are out of their depth, unsure what to do to improve things. The worst thing they could do is retrench into a bunker in order to protect their flanks.  To borrow a recently used phrase, it’s OK not to be OK.  Admitting as much is the first step to recovery.

Take some action.

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  1. Penalties this season;



    F. A


    Sevco. 9. 1


    Kilmarnock 7. 3


    Aberdeen. 7. 4


    Hearts. 6. 7


    St Johnstone 6. 0


    Celtic. 5. 3



    Strange that the runaway leaders in the league are so far down the table

  2. Jeezo…who wrote this article??? Like a conflation of keevins, dalziel and guidi.



    Nothing to see hear Timmy…they’re not corrupt and indulging in goat-ridden hunnery pokery….rather they’re simply sh1te at their job.



    For info, both are possible. And clearly evident.



    Well done Stevie Clarke for having a pair.



    HH jg

  3. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Thanks for your input,


    I note a few well placed inconsistencies in your account and a few omissions.


    First one being that while you admit Chavez was voted into power that was some how a revolution? Sorry but he was either democratically elected or took power through revolution. So he was democratically elected on his election promises and won by more than all other parties combined a landslide in other words but in your words a landslide.


    Within a few years 2002 the Americans had plotted with the opposition and a coup was implemented, within hours of that coup being declared and with Chavez in prison the Americans congratulated the military on a job well done.


    The vast majority of the population took to the streets in support of Chavez and the military buckled.


    Rather than punish the opposition and military, Chavez granted pardons to all, most are alive today to tell the story, I’d have thought they would have been among the first to be “disappeared” but not so it seems, so I’d like to know who were the targets for the disappearings.


    From then on the Americans imposed severe and illegal sanctions which starved the country of trading opportunities similar to Cuba, so I suppose your colourful suggestion that the country is controlled by Russia and China, is your version of, the only countries willing to trade are Russia and China.


    Chavez also held a long running moratorium with the population and opposition parties they agreed a constitution and electoral system that remains one of the most rigerous in the world and recognized as such by everyone who knows anything about it.


    “The middle classes disintegrated” reads to me that more people climbed out of poverty and the middle classes expanded to a point where their previous affluence was no longer a distinction.



    To be frank your terminology, vilification and refusal to acknowledge any positives while denigrating at every opportunity looks too formulaic to me, you work for integrity international, I claim my £5

  4. talking Venezuela.



    on my many trips to tenerife and with a north tenerife brother in law , we got friendly with many locals, and found out lots of historical connections to venezula, firstly because the spanish ships would come in to santa cruz, garachico, and then head south, then with lots of migration by canarians between the wars. also think of the christophe colon connections when your on the costa adeje.



    so in recent trips we ended up with the taxi driver from the airport, lovely guy, knew a lot about the scots and irish, knew football, and was generally a nice guy, taking his time to help out the old mother in law and our excess cases. siad his name was william, and mother in law said thats my dads name, mines also, and 2 grandas.



    he left us his number and said “let me or my guys drive you while here”, he was good so we did.



    maybe in his taxi 50 times in the last few years we went.



    i knew he was from venezuela, but he never cracked a light about this, in a genuine wtf moment, couldnt believe it when brother in law sent me this link. in real life he is a big powrful built man, tough looking.



    its a small world, whats that thing about 6 degrees of seperation –





    Taxi-driving father of Venezuela’s Juan Guaido says his son has told him to ‘pack your suitcases’ and end self-imposed exile in Tenerife where he’s been driving tourists for years


    Venezuela opposition leader Juan Guaido’s father lives on the Canary Islands


    Wilmer Guaido, 60, left Venezuela during the reign of the late Hugo Chavez





  5. glendalystonsils on

    DAVID17 on 4TH FEBRUARY 2019 5:05 PM



    They will never know the joy of winning fairly , or the satisfaction of knowing whatever success they have is down to their own honest efforts.

  6. Just as a follow up to the Venezuelan post I made. If you want a good idea of where this oil-rich country’s oil money is now being spent, read this from a few months ago:






    This backs-up what we have been told by senior mngmt in PDVSA and also family who have military connections. China has Maduro by the short and curlies. Approx 75- 80% of Vzla’s oil money is going to China to pay off debt. Billions and billions of it. Money that should be being spent in Venezuela. For the past 25 years, Vzla has turned to China and Russia. Beijing is the puppet master.


    What the West does next, whether the US interferes or not, is not for me to say. But in this instance, most of the mess cannot be blamed on them. The corruption that has ruined the country in the last 25 years is home made.

  7. Ray Singh-Carr on

    Had a question regarding KA’s red card. As it was a straight red does it mean he misses 1 game or 2? And if it is 2 is it 2 league games or will the cup game count as one of them? HH

  8. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Oh and the puppet has spent the last 10 years at CIA training schools on subversion and organizing antigovernment movements, most recently involved with violent demonstrations and inciting riots. A true democrat.



    The last election which returned maduro with a 67% win was monitored not only by international monitors but the opposition had monitors in every polling station, prior to the result being declared they were satisfied the election was fair, when the result came in they claimed the election was rigged but could not provide evidence neither did they make any complaints to the international monitoring organization. Nor did they request an audit which could have been enforced on 54% of polling stations of their choice and obviously the polling stations where they would be sure cheating did occur but nothing, just. Declaration to the American press that the election was not fair.

  9. RAY SINGH-CARR on 4TH FEBRUARY 2019 6:12 PM


    Had a question regarding KA’s red card. As it was a straight red does it mean he misses 1 game or 2? And if it is 2 is it 2 league games or will the cup game count as one of them? HH



    As it was not violent conduct, just the one game ban, is,my understanding of the laws/rules.


    Hail Hail

  10. Ray Singh-Carr on




    Cheers for the reply. Let’s hope so. We should have him back for the St J Cup game then.

  11. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    And probably that corruption is overwhelmingly perpetrated by the oil company’s employees who have are best situated to get away with it.

  12. Canamalar – I am off to watch my son at football now. On a quick point you say:



    “The middle classes disintegrated” reads to me that more people climbed out of poverty and the middle classes expanded to a point where their previous affluence was no longer a distinction.



    If I can say one thing to you, the middle class are now the poor. The middle class was demolished. The poor who Chavez set out to help remain poor. The shanty towns around Caracas have grown exponentially. The poor have not climbed out of poverty, they remain mired in it. For the last several years we have been sending aid packages to our family. University-educated people who cannot buy food, toilet paper, apsirin, sanitary towels, clothes. People who had shops, who had hotels, who had garages are now living on hand outs.


    Viva la Revolucion.


    Go and try living there.

  13. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Everything you say about the hardships I expect is true, except the poor getting poorer, however all of those shortages you mention are down to one thing, illegal sanctions, the govt wanted to pay its debt but when America declares sanction to freeze their assets and finances the British refuse to return their gold and freeze their assets and anyone lose who Venezuala has money with are afraid to do business, then of course the debt will go unpaid and penalties will result through unpaid interest.


    It is no accident Venezuala is in so much debt this is exactly what America planned, a recent statement from America was, hopefully the regime will change before too many starve, seriously they are doing it to help the people ffs get a grip.

  14. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    “Go and try living there”


    Your sounding like a second for our resident white supremacist imperialist.

  15. RT @StateAidLoon Mind that time Charles Green said they had struck a deal with Dallas and we all thought it was the Dallas Cowboys?

  16. Great victory yesterday and pivotal in our season. However the lack of response on the constant refereeing decisions and into the SFA/SPFL EBTS Res 12 Supreme Court from our board and supposed custodians is cowardly and self harming. Appeasement will continue nothing will be done and we will continue to suffer. The lack of leadership from this board borders on malfeasance and collaboration with those who would see us fail this coupled with a lack of strategic vision means we will have to suck it up til they are removed. ???



  17. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Strong Rangers Association mouthpiece brings up a Griffiths non sending off against Stranraer from goodness knows when into a discussion about Dallas giving Sevco four penalties!

  18. GreeninbingleyinOslo on




    I read that as jaw-jutting hun arrogance.



    Gerrard isn’t bright enough to do it on his own, so it would have been a steer from Jabba to deflect the headlines away from the cheating and into the tabloid la-la land of We Should Have Had FIVE Pens Says Stevie.



    And of course it worked.

  19. This isn’t rocket salad …



    Would we have got the Huns four pens ?



    Would the Huns have got any of the three that we could have ?



    If Ajer played for the hun would he have been sent off …or would it even have been a free kick ?

  20. Iraq -Libya – Syria – Afghanistan – Yemen have all being devastated and had their gold and oil and resources stolen by the cabal who are trying to run the world . Now the usual suspects (US UK France etc) have their greedy eyes on Venezuela . Acting out the same regime change script .

  21. Taking all our injuries into account, whay is our likely starting eleven on Wednesday?


    What about:





    Toljan,Boyata, Simunovic, Izaguirre.


    McGregor, Brown, Christie.


    Weah, Burke, Sinclair.




  22. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    In 2004 Bush imposed financial sanctions on Venezuala that isolated Venezuala from the international financial market no one was allowed to make financial transactions with Venezuala, Why ? Because the yanks decided Venezuala had not done enough to combat human trafficking, irrespective of the fact that they had done more than the yanks who had not even signed up to the UN charter.


    Since then more sanctions have been imposed restrictions on all avenues for trade and industry to do business internationally.


    Every thing but oil because the yanks needed the oil, now the oil too their last major income, oh and US investment in supporting political opposition.


    So when people babble shit about the state of that country the US sanctions are 100% responsible for the hardships and shortages.


    Corruption is overhyped to be used as a cover up for the severity of the effects of the sanctions.

  23. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    He’s not in the know, he’s shoveling propaganda


    Go do a little research and it will become a lot more transparent.

  24. Corkcelt.


    Hopefully, but maybe too early for Dedryk, possibly on bench.


    Ryan maybe a doubt too.


    If Lustig fit, then him or Bitton in central defence.


    If Ryan not fit, maybe a chance for young Henderson.


    Hail Hail