Referees, it’s OK not to be OK, but take some action


Odsonne Eduard’s injury against St Johnstone yesterday came about when defender Joe Shaughnessy raised his boot to stop Odsonne shot from 2 yards out.  The Celtic player’s shin caught Shaughnessy’s studs which were up to block the attempt at goal.  Edouard was injured, unable to continue.

This is one of those incidents that looks innocuous; Shaughnessy’s intent was to stop the shot, not to injury an opponent.  Referee, Willie Collum, took no action.

Let me take you back to the white heat of the title challenge in 2011.  Celtic travelled to Hamilton on 12 January that year.  Minutes after the break, James Forrest raised his boot to block a clearance from David Buchanan, Forrest’s studs catching Buchanan’s foot.  It was the same scenario as the Edouard- Shaughnessy incident yesterday – there was no intent, but the Hamilton player took a sore one, although he was able to continue.  The referee awarded Buchanan a foul and Forrest received a straight red card for dangerous play.  It the same referee.

I’ll be honest, I was annoyed when James Forrest was sent off for that incident 8 years ago, so my reaction was inhibited when Shaughnessy did the same during yesterday’s game.  But one of the decisions was wrong, clearly.  If raising your studs to block an opponent is a foul and dangerous play, Celtic should have been awarded a penalty for this incident (not to mention Ryan Christie’s kick in the ribs immediately beforehand), and Shaughnessy should have been sent off.

I don’t go on about refereeing here.  Standards improved after hitting an all-time low during the 2009-2011 seasons, when Celtic appeared to be punished on the field for making detailed complaints at that time.  The Forrest red card in 2011 took place six weeks after referees went on strike, two months after the Head of Refereeing was sacked and three months after referee, Dougie McDonald, admitted to the SFA Head of Referees that he lied to Celtic manager, Neil Lennon, an admission which led to a re-done match report that was eventually leaked on CQN.  There was chaos in the profession at that time, with conspiracies between referees and their assistants to adopt a fabricated version of events that proved impossible to maintain.

Changes were made and the game eventually improved.  Since then, of course, there has been no chance of league titles being decided by the vagaries of refereeing – only the outcome of cup games could be determined by overlooking a defender punching a shot off the goal-line.

Extraordinary decisions from officials took place at other grounds this weekend, so this is not an isolated incident.  After making progress, standards have regressed.  I get the feeling those responsible for standards are out of their depth, unsure what to do to improve things. The worst thing they could do is retrench into a bunker in order to protect their flanks.  To borrow a recently used phrase, it’s OK not to be OK.  Admitting as much is the first step to recovery.

Take some action.

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  1. Hot Smoked, apologises I said Corkcelt in error.


    Trying to do several things,at once, and obviously failing.


    Hail Hail

  2. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    In a lackluster game at Ibrox on Saturday, the match was finally decided by penalties.



    The home team finally emerged victorious by 4-0.

  3. Interesting comments from Steve Conroy:



    “If referees keep making mistakes like this then it’s everybody’s reputation that’s on the line. If that had been me, I don’t think I would’ve been awarded such a big game so soon after recent events.



    “There are some people who go through a lot quicker than most and probably a bit quicker than is healthy …


    Conroy, a Celtic supporter, is open about his club allegiances …



    And, when asked if he knew of any other Celtic fans among officials, he replied: “I can’t think of any.”




  4. hi bhoys, that venezulean thread was mindboggling, we think we have problems over Brexit, how our team will perform because of injuries, and so on ,betcha any of those people would swap our lifestyle for theirs, canamalar and deniabhoy have different slants on it .who is right and who is wrong, who are we to judge.hh.

  5. Radio Scotland asked the wrong questions tnite…



    Instead of ‘ are there more Rankers than Celtic referees ‘…….should have asked….how many masonic refs are there ?.



    Obvioysly wont get an answer.



    That’s the issue……freemasons.




  6. BB


    Yes,having listened to the BSR posted Chris Davies presser, I was aware that Boyata might not be ready but I am an optimistic kind of chap :-)





    I don`t mind being mistaken for the admirable Corkcelt!


    I would give Lustig a rest and play either Biton or Hendry alongside Simunovic if Boyata is not ready yet.


    Henderson if Christie is not ready would be interesting.


    Cheerio for now.






  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    DENIABHOY on 4TH FEBRUARY 2019 4:41 PM




    An eloquent tour de force from someone who patently has personal insights into the plight of the good people of Venezuela . As do I .



    You actually care about them and their devastating situation .



    Bravo .

  8. GreeninbingleyinOslo on




    what we have been told by senior mngmt in PDVSA




    And I was told last week by senior management in Chevron that “the rights of the indigenous peoples in the Niger Delta will continue to be observed.”



    With respect, oil companies are interested in one thing, and that thing is not the welfare and happiness of the people who live on top of the oil; it’s money.

  9. Hot Smoked.


    That’s interesting as a few on here have said Clancy is definitely a Celtic fan.


    Collum, I don’t know for sure, but his Dad is , I was told a great tale of his Dad’s reaction when Willie awarded the Broadfoot ” pen ” when he wasn’t looking, against us.


    Obviously his Dad supporting Celtic doesn’t mean a lot, I know that as I am heavily outnumbered in my own family.


    Hail Hail

  10. My brother used to work beside Collum’s dad – a massive Celtic man. I bet his son disappoints him everytime he sets foot on a football pitch

  11. Keevins stated earlier that we currently have the worst batch of referees in 50 years and that young Dallas is so poor he gets more decisions wrong than right.


    However, he also said that he ” doesn’t want to live in a country where referees have to declare their allegiance”.



    Just as well he lives north of Hadrians Wall then, eh?




    Hot Smoked. That’s interesting as a few on here have said Clancy is definitely a Celtic fan.



    *He is allegedly a Thistle fan, Billy Connolly alluded tae that when he first started tae hit the big time.

  13. Paul67 etal.



    Glad to see that STV haven’t sold their souls to the hun, masonic cabal yet,Nice to get the truth coming from at least one T/V channel.



    Not a mention of Penalty kicks or of Football on BBC, a channel that covers all record breaking, and most likely of a sporting behaviour,Well the team that they undoubably like, equalled a World record in Football,ie, getting four penaly kicks in one game,but not a mention of it,why would that be???.



    My love for Celtic goes back a few years, and I never had the pleasure of a referee giving us four spot kicks in any game I can remember,I know my memory is not as good as it used to be,but I don’t think that we got anywhere near that Record, I suppose that I have to blame Peter Lawell,and Brendan Rodgers for that lack of success.



    Refereeing in Scotland has become a disgrace to Scotish Football,The SFA has been a discrace to Scottish Football for as long as I can remember,and the SFL need to act now to solve this problem now.



    We had two games played at the weekend with such contrasting differences in Referees,


    in one game the Referee gives four penalties to one team,and according to the summerisers, two weren’t penalties and one was a very soft penalty.



    In the other game there were ligitamate claims for at least two penalties but none were given,not even a foul was given,I know that the two penalties couldn’t be given as they were both in the same play,but at least one of them should have been given,if it had been given, then the other penalty that we didn’t get would maybe have saved one of our players from getting an injury,seriously or not.



    Time for a change in the refereeing of games in Scotland, Foreigners coming in would be the best solution as there is a cabal of referees that are so poor they shouldn’t even referee a school game,they are that bad.

  14. T.T.


    I’m sure someone on here said his sister has a season ticket with us and said no way her brother supports Thistle.


    The Big Yin would be a fine one to talk,since in his early days he pretended he was a Thistle fan.


    Hail Hail

  15. Hot Smoked



    One Friday afternoon I walking the dog down the local park when steve Conroy called me as he sometimes does some work for my business.



    Ronnie Deila had left Celtic so I asked him who he wanted as Celtic manager.



    He said “anyone but Brendan Rodgers”



    When I finished the call I put on my radio as an announcement came that Celtic had appointed Brendan Rodgers.



    Naughty of me I know but I do remind him of this frequently.




    T.T. I’m sure someone on here said his sister has a season ticket with us and said no way her brother supports Thistle.



    The Big Yin would be a fine one to talk,since in his early days he pretended he was a Thistle fan.



    *That’s what I said but that didnae last too long. My brother RIP laughed when I told him about Billy being a Harry Wragg, he said he saw him in his early days in an Irish pub in TO called the New Windsor House and he was playing Sean south on his banjo, course he was bevvying back then.

  17. Fairhill Bhoy.


    Aye F.B. how come you’ve never mentioned Janey before? :-)


    Seriously though, what do I miss?


    Any time I log on , you seem to get grief.


    Hail Hail

  18. Old Tim 67 8.33pm



    I can remember attending an East Fife v Celtic match at the Old Bayview many years ago and Celtic were awarded 3 or 4 penalties. Unfortunately, cannot remember the exact number but Celtic missed all but one of them.

  19. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    I can’t get enough of watching jf’s goal on sunday – broonie’s pass, tw’s take down, spurt of pace and cross with his wrong foot and jf’s experience to pef iy into the box

  20. JEROMEK67 on 4TH FEBRUARY 2019 8:59 PM


    Not so.


    Celtic were awarded 2 penalties in that game, one was retaken, so technically they took 3 pens,but only 2 awarded pens.


    I posted a wiki link to this game on Sat, as it was discussed.


    Hail Hail

  21. GORDYBHOY 64/JIMMYNOTPAUL-very funny.I know a brilliant Janey,she is a brilliant person.Ive said it before,I think that weebaws knows me and is trying to rip the pish??

  22. Great stuff on Venezuela from both sides…..



    If we win the league this year you really need to applaud our 3 January loan signings- they are all top notch players.



    You need to have a good name in football and have good contacts to do business with teams like Dortmund and PSG but you also need to be really trustworthy to loan players worth millions.















    Godfather of Scottish Football







    Ryan/Johnny Hayes








    2-0 Celtic but 3 sent off

  23. JEROMEK67 on 4TH FEBRUARY 2019 9:20 PM


    Sometimes , I can’t remember my name and its not Jimmy or Paul.


    As, I say, the only reason I knew is because we googled it.


    Hail Hail

  24. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    ” We should have had five penalties ” That there is a wide guys


    answer to an awkward question.


    Steve Clarke is out on a limb now for calling out the cosy cartel.


    Think we need to stand up and be counted now and give him


    some support before one of our players gets a career ending




    Close down the cartel.


    H.H Mick