Referees: we can only shine a light


I doubt very much if there was a conspiracy between referees in Scottish football over the weekend, that does not happen.  They cross the white line making their own decisions.

Whether they are just terrible, compromised, or perform well in difficult conditions, is not the consequence of some grand plan.  In my view, they are not good enough to do the tasks required and on Sunday inhibited Celtic’s chances of winning the title.

They will close ranks this week, they always do. All we can do is continue to shine a light.

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  1. I know it’s to early for New Year wishes,but mines is to be rid off all the regime at Celtic Football Club,and that includes that useless Stadium Manager ,Buchanan that guy is picking up a good wage for what ,I don’t see much improvements be it Catering ,and if that steel structure all around the Stadium is a disaster waiting to happen,I hope if there is shareholders reading this forget about your return,and be more concerned about the safety off all our Supporters,mention it at the next AGM.

  2. Coneybhoy.



    I heard that.did no one open door for him







  3. AT- last i seen he was trying to stay in background, and his boy was fronting it up,he was involved in the Sala to Cardiff transfer, when the accident happened. HH

  4. glendalystonsils on

    18 YARD MAN on 6TH OCTOBER 2021 6:11 PM



    Pointless ………is exactly the way they want you to feel .



    All the more reason to keep chipping away at the feckers .

  5. The reputational damage to Duff and Phelps from being involved in Rangers demise must be significant. I know they are a big outfit (office right in the expensive centre of Dublin) but are these lads now on a shoogly peg? I assume they will argue the fine is for the company and not them? I’m aware that partners are personally liable at auditors.

  6. park the bus n blootir it on

    !!BADA BING!! on 6TH OCTOBER 2021 4:30 PM


    I wonder if Salmond’s protection of ‘ the fabric of Scottish society ‘ will be revealed….




    I think that Salmond’s wee successor has paid out hundreds of millions of £’s of tax payers money to a catalogue full of squirrels whilst David Murray – who orchestrated the entire fraud – remains untouched !!!

  7. Is it just me or has the BBC news site had way more coverage of the Boris Conf than the Labour conf? His stupid mug is everywhere on the app

  8. Paul67.


    I don’t agree with you. referees know the rules but they don’t apply them fairly and without prejudice. this is cheating, plain and simple.


    we are unfortunate that we play our football in the most bigoted, anti-catholic country in the world.


    We are doubly unfortunate that the people who run our club are not prepared to challenge this corruption and dishonesty.



    God, I love watching the Italy team and their fans dong their National Anthem.



    Oh Matron

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Evening all



    Just reading back and caught Bada Bing’s capture of the a ruling by Lord Tyre?





    Lord Tyre also wrote that the administrators should have accepted a £1.7 million bid made in April 2012 from West Bromwich Albion for Steven Naismith.



    Making reference to calculations made by Duff and Phelps “the offer to relieve the company of Mr Naismith’s wage bill meant that the offer was worth about £1.85 million, as compared to the figure of £2 million in the buy out clause which in practical terms was the highest amount for which the company could have sold the player.”





    Don’t count your chickens Lord Tyred and Emotional !



    “Hey Steven, we’ve accepted a bid from West Brom for you. Unprecedented times, pack your bags”



    “Er, no thanks. Think I’ll stick around until you’re liquidated, then I’ll join a club of my choice on a free and pick up more dosh for myself”

  11. CELTIC40ME on 6TH OCTOBER 2021 4:45 PM


    MADMITCH on 6TH OCTOBER 2021 3:04 PM



    From the late 1950s De Gaulle insisted on very generous versions of our Family Allowance scheme.


    Generally, benefits in most western European countries dwarf what is on offer here.


    Italy has the lowest birth rate in Europe and Germany’s is also very low. Angela Merkel’s magnanimous admission of one million immigrants was, to an extent, influenced by Germany’s microscopic birth rate.

  12. park the bus n blootir it on

    Why is it that, even Walter has the balls of steel to admit that Ibrox is a “new” club and yet Celtic fans will by tickets for old firm matches at old firm prices ?


    Wouldn’t it be a better state of affairs if Celtic fans had steel balls like Walter ?

  13. 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016




    Celtic Park investment to date (£’000)



    2020 79,336


    2019 78,390


    2018 76,042


    2017 72,132


    2016 70,315



    so £1m spent, even when spectators could not attend, spening on anything else, not knowing when we would be allowed back would just have been a waste of money.



    so unless celtic are not getting granted occupancy, usage, fire, insurance certificates, i dint think it is going to fall down.

  14. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    WeeBGFC failed in his only delegated duty – monitoring the Celtic FC ticketing site for when tickets go on sale.



    Just found out the Motherwell away game has been on sale and is now bliddy sold out !!!!



    He’s in the doghouse.



    Anyone hears of any spares, would appreciate a nod – Paul has my email.






  15. We can assure you too that the BBC is not biased for or against Rangers FC, or for or against any club. Our reporting is undertaken fully in line with the BBC’s Editorial Guidelines and with the Broadcasting Code which is laid down by the independent industry regulator, Ofcom.



    Further , we can give examples of our wide ranging spread of commentators, co hosts, reporters and pundits with almost 30% of our total employees having never played for Rangers. And the other tax affairs are of their own business.

  16. Is it fair to say, despite suspicions to the contrary, that the judicial rulings and commentary surrounding anything to do with the old huns going bust, is pleasantly damning and correct.



    No masonic signels way up there now.



    I wonder if Lord Tyre supports any football team, that verdit is excellent in its summary.



    what was it 190 pages ?



    If only BRTH would be so kind as to give us some insights or maybe he aint allowed to.

  17. park the bus n blootir it on

    “The verdict was excellent in its summary” so what ?


    How many trophies were stripped ?


    Why didn’t Celtic fc demand the stripping of stolen trophies, given that it was Celtic fans who we’re the main losers of the stolen silverware ?


    Why did/do Celtic fans continue to financially back, with season ticket monies, a board who did denialist gymnastics to get Ibrox and David Murray off of the hook, rather than bringing them to book ?


    Which is the biggest scandal, the Ibrox trophy haul, HMRC corruption ?


    Or Celtic fans continuing to financially back with season ticket monies, a Celtic board who were “obviously” performing denialist gymnastics, to get Ibrox and David Murray off scott free with committing the greatest sporting heist ?

  18. Melbourne Mick on




    Thank you for that information regarding James Curtis and Melbourne.


    Will try to find out more about him.


    H.H. Mick




    If only we had stolen balls like Walter.



    A ball called Duff and another called Phelps


    Goin by todays Tyred shenanigans.:-)


    Liquidation must have been painful ouch!




  20. Fvck the WEF.



    Fascism is amalgamating with Communism.



    Whens these Emergency Powers stopped, Sir, Seargent, Satan.



    Soon unable unless you have a Mark. (Think I’m Mad?).



    Fascist Italy on it straight away.

  21. We are in Barney Rubble and it isnae because of Climate Change.



    The Bad Wan just gets Stronger and Stronger @ the end and deceives mair and mair, but as Garry knows, He is a LOSER in the End.