Referees: we can only shine a light


I doubt very much if there was a conspiracy between referees in Scottish football over the weekend, that does not happen.  They cross the white line making their own decisions.

Whether they are just terrible, compromised, or perform well in difficult conditions, is not the consequence of some grand plan.  In my view, they are not good enough to do the tasks required and on Sunday inhibited Celtic’s chances of winning the title.

They will close ranks this week, they always do. All we can do is continue to shine a light.

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    Today’s ‘news’ is a non story. I suspect someone is throwing a dead cat on the table…

  2. park the bus n blootir it on

    If Dallas was sacked, how was he then able to walk into a prestigious job at Uefa ?


    Why didn’t Celtic kick up utter hell about this bigot being able to secure such a position, given that Dallas’s professional reputation was built to a huge degree° on basis of cheating Celtic fans in a Scotland that has detested Celtic fans for almost 150 years, and Dallas was “supposedly” sacked for peddling anti Catholic bigotry online ?

  3. park the bus n blootir it- the Masonic handshake is worldwide, including the Celtic Boardroom

  4. Big Jimmy – Good to see you on and that wee Rocky bhoy still going strong.



    Keep fighting big man.



    Had a wee health scare the other week myself but all good, well no had results back but feel good and no losing as much weight and my appetite is back. I will be fine though. Sharon still being a pain…. nah only kidding she is good. Thanks for asking.



    You stay safe big man



    D :)

  5. Just got this from Ryan:


    Results came back today from my dads post mortem and he has finally been released for us to lay him to rest. On the 15th of October we will say goodbye to a beloved dad, grandad and friend. He will be sorely missed by all that knew him and would like everyone who’s lives he touched to feel welcome to come and say goodbye to the crazy Celtic fan and music lover. The funeral arrangements for Garry Duncan are as follows:


    10am @ St.Stephen’s Catholic Church, 12 Park Road, Clydebank.


    11.30am @ Dalnottar Crematorium, Mountblow Road, Clydebank.


    12am @ Albion social club.


    All are welcome.


    We would ask everyone to wear a little something green in tribute to Garry and the club he so adored.


    Please feel free to share.


    Thank you.


    I’ll be going, maybe see some of you there…


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  6. Thank you Lennybhoy.


    Hope Ryan and family are as well as can be.


    Thanks for informing the blog.




  7. Quick update on Garry Duncan fundraising to support the family deal with the sudden loss of their Dad.


    At 6pm tonight, there has been just under £2750 raised



    Can we get to £3000 by closing date on Friday ???



    Will go a long way in supporting the family, deal with the unplanned costs associated with Garry’s sad passing.





    Please support if at all possible :::::



    The CQN/Sentinelcelts community, and the many friends of Garry Duncan aka Delaneys Dunky, would like to commemorate Garry’s life and friendship as well pay respect to his recent untimely passing.



    We have had many great suggestions from you on how we best commerate Garry’s life, including flowers, a memorial brick, donation to Mary’s meals and financial support for the family etc.



    Garry’s family, like so many others in our world today, is not a rich family and find their wealth is through the happiness of the family, so to have the burden of not only laying Garry to rest, but also the cost that goes with it is horrific .



    Having spoken with Garry’s son Ryan, we feel it appropriate to pass any monies raised direct to the family to let them decide the best way to use it.



    Anyone who wants to support the family in leaving a long lasting commemoration in honour of Garry can do so through making a donation via bank transfer to –



    o Account name: Walk With Shay



    o Account number: 15326765



    o Sort code: 80-22-60



    o Bank: Bank of Scotland



    Please note – tick business account



    :You can also make a donation via paypal to



    Donations will close on Friday 8th October



    Thank you in advance for supporting Garry and his family at this very difficult time.






    Huge Thanks to CRC for supporting, with the use of the Walk with Shay Legacy Fund/account, ensuring support can get there quickly

  8. park the bus n blootir it on

    Bada, the only way to defeat these occultists is by draining them out of our club first of all.


    That means fans forming a backbone and ridding these creatures out of Celtic fc and then we build and face the world with our clean faces on and our newly installed back bones.


    The first step for Celtic fans is to admit that we’ve backed the wrong board.


    We put the board into place, and the board are now needing replaced.


    For example – today Celtic fc are saying that Celtic boys club wasn’t an official part of can Celtic fc !!!


    That’s not the point. The PLC are using this as their trying to dodge the child abuse issue.


    Would it not have been better for Celtic fc legal team to ask the victims rep what evidence they’ve got that can be proven beyond “hear say” as that is unprovable.


    In a corrupt country like Scotland, anyone can be corrupted to say anything.


    But to run away saying “CBC isn’t legally part of Celtic fc” is to invite suspicion, and in a country like Scotland that has been proven to be, openly hostile to Celtic fc, then its as though those in control of the club “executives” are appearing to dig a big deep hole, only more deeper and deeper.


    Which is rank bad management of can Celtic fc, and leaves all associated with our club open to smears of ” supporting a club that sweeps child abuse issues under the carpet” which it certainly looks like.


    Why not treat the victims and their reps with grace cordiality and Celtic caring warmth ?


    Do this, but make it clear that if there’s no evidence beyond “hear say” then there’s nothing further to be said on this issue, but Celtic fc will be available at any time to help victims in any way possible.



  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    “We are a minority community in this country, around 17% at the last census”



    JHB – this one threw me?



    Celtic are the largest supported club in the country?



    Pro rata there should be more grade one referees with Celtic leanings than leanings to any other club.



    Don’t have data to hand but doing a fag packet calculation in my head ….



    …. using an assumed (rough) average home attendance over a 5-year period as an evidence base for the size of support at each club



    … might yield the following



    Celtic – 31%


    Sevco – 26%


    All other SPFL – 37%


    All other non-SPFL – 6%



    Now if 85% Sevco leaning refs were to be confirmed?



    Something is statiscally amiss




  10. park the bus n blootir it on

    Celtic have got ten thousand more seats than Ibrox.


    But the majority of Scotland are hostile to Celtic and being seen to clumsily try to sweep abuse issues under the carpet will only deepen that hostility because those who run Celtic have messed up this ugly issue to an unforgivable level.

  11. We should keep on talking about the huns and the reffin’ ” anomalies “…………….



    Keep the subject out there as much as possible.



    I doubt there’s a need for thum to get the gither and in concert devise thur sleekitry……………


    they grew up thinking we were the enemy…………It’s in thur nature, it’s in thur Kulchur.

  12. park the bus n blootir it on

    Aye the majority certainly hate us.


    But do you know, I was talking to a bloke of Ibrox persuasion today and he was telling me that


    the agency / union that is in charge of stewards at the stadiums had written to SPFL last week threatening to get all stewards to resign last Friday if they were going to have to ask fans for their papers to get into football stadiums.


    Apparently this exploded onto first ministers desk with SPFL claiming it would cost hundreds of millions of £’s to police football crowds entering stadiums.


    But the kicker was that, Rangers were playing at Ibrox on Sunday and given Rangers fans reputation for rioting at the drop of a hat, no steward was going to work at Ibrox if it meant asking supporters for their papers !!!

  13. Gerry……………..



    Scotland needs to own its shame and want to change.


    It’s done sfa so far.

  14. park the bus n blootir it on

    How can we clean up Hampden when we’ve no board to present our case ?


    Hampden does what it does because we pay a board very richly to fall into line.


    And Hampden knows that Celtic fans accept a board that doesn’t even throw a punch at Hampden.


    To moan about Hampden whilst accepting a board that bows to Hampden is to play at wee sleekit “oh look over there” types of games just like the coward that Hampden wants us to be and achieves zero.

  15. ROCK TREE BHOY on 5TH OCTOBER 2021 5:48 PM




    “ I would have a team of footballing analysts (ex players ex referees) set up to study how the ‘therangers’ games are refereed differently from everyone else, with the sole purpose of exposing at the appropriate time just how fundamentally crooked the whole rotten bunch are, also perhaps get friendly with certain media who would favour such a report.”



    Sounds great, but what would this report achieve? I’ve got a feeling a report commissioned by Celtic and researched by “friendly” ex-players and referees (!) might be met with a fair degree of scepticism.



    If it’s not going to change anything it’s a waste of effort, money and a distraction that we can’t afford at the moment. Sure, we can talk about it on CQN but it’ll get laughed at by the SFA and the crest of Scottish football



    Ange has his plate full at the moment without having to answer questions about a report that will be heavily biased in favor of Celtic.



    And the refs will only get worse

  16. “We are a minority community” define “we”



    How long has ‘we’ existed ?



    Big bad rangers…..on the prowl after eating what Sir Davids bowels left them.last time you were fronting your unionist vermin friends- huns- close bros got a few quid of them.



    ee-aw ee-awCsc

  17. Lennybhoy thanks for the info re Garry’s funeral arrangements.



    Having known Garry since we were about 7 or 8 I really wanted to show my respect on the day, sadly we are going away on Monday morning and thys cannot make the funeral. I will pass on details to my brother.



    I will have a quiet moment on Monday and will have him in my prayers.



    Thanks again



    D :)

  18. I suppose there’s a tiny chance that the board at Celtic have been at the center of things fir 20 years now and they understand better than anyone through experience and smarts how things work and what the best route to take is



    The events around Dougie Dougie and the fall out after and the affect it had on the club and the team.



    Maybe Paul’s more aware of the stance a and why it’s taken than the rest of us. And he’s put it in his articles.



    Neither the most ridiculous things you’ll read

  19. Norriem and everyone of us who has contributed to that fund well done.



    This is what it means to be Celtic.



    D :)

  20. Not been on much recently, just read about Garry. So sad to hear of his passing. Met him a few times, he was always enthusiastic and a lovely guy. May he rest in peace.

  21. A few observations.


    The leader, Dearie me Me Paul, somebody obviously has had words.


    The Shevchenko rumour is cos he is friends with one of Dermo’s sons and he played golf with Dermo last week.


    There was another one but have forgotten, old age sure has it’s problems at times so it does.


    Oh just remembered, there is a huge thing happening in Glasgow next month, Cops26 I think, anyways, a massive demo is planned and the banner has already been made, it’s about the child abuse stuff re the club, totally negative towards the club of course.

  22. Oh and Paul is not responsible for what is posted here, we are as individuals, he was till a while back but they changed the law and it’s now down to the person who posts, I think it was Facebook who got the laws changed.

  23. David66: there are plans for a memorial mass for Garry in late November. Details will be confirmed ASAP.