Referees: we can only shine a light


I doubt very much if there was a conspiracy between referees in Scottish football over the weekend, that does not happen.  They cross the white line making their own decisions.

Whether they are just terrible, compromised, or perform well in difficult conditions, is not the consequence of some grand plan.  In my view, they are not good enough to do the tasks required and on Sunday inhibited Celtic’s chances of winning the title.

They will close ranks this week, they always do. All we can do is continue to shine a light.

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  1. I highlighted on numerous occasions, on here, over the past two years, that there was an item on the agenda at Celtic that was occupying minds and would be a problem for our club. I mentioned the CBC implicitly at first and then later explicitly, and was routinely shot down by an avalanche of abuse, which may be summed up as “you are a dirty filthy hun who should be posting on FF”. I was often lectured that any action would not affect the club and that “the insurance companies will deal with it”.



    I knew this not too be true, but in the end gave up mentioning the subject as I was getting enough abuse for my political leanings, even although most of my posts were Celtic & football related.



    All I will say, now that we have news that a class action is imminent, is how anyone living in this ultra-litigious post #me too world, could have been so blinkered and naive to have doubted that in the end Celtic would have to ‘face the music’?



    There have been mistakes and sometimes seemingly unbelievable lapses of judgement in recent years at the club. These have had a profound effect on our ‘on the field’ performance last season and continue early into this season. I have always believed that there was a preoccupation in the minds of those in positions of power at Celtic, and not everything was been ‘thrown at’ ensuring our success on the pitch.



    The great Celtic name is about to take a hit, how big and for how long is something that frightens me.





    With respect – I do not write about stadium numbers, its population numbers that matter.

  3. The New Scottish Law that could spell trouble for Celtic.




    Class Action Claims are being introduced in Scotland


    Currently, groups of people in Scotland who have similar claims against the same defender have to seek compensation separately. The Civil Litigation (Expenses and Group Proceedings) (Scotland) Bill was published by the Scottish Parliament in June 2017 and seeks to introduce multi-party actions which will allow groups claiming under similar circumstances to seek a claim as a class action.

  4. JHB on 5TH OCTOBER 2021 9:46 PM



    Thompsons continuing with their litigation by media approach.



    I doubt Celtic’s insurers, who’ll be calling the shots, will be unduly influenced.

  5. nobody cares about you lurking with this,



    between that subject and the politics your agenda has been clear to many.


    you dont post about the football team,


    you post rhetoric, and anything you can that might be perceived to damage celtic.



    you know diddly squat.



    your not nostradamus,



    you are however a tedious bore.

  6. TIMMY7_NOTED on 5TH OCTOBER 2021 10:34 PM


    And a racist sectarian bigot who thinks all tims are practicing RC’s.








    That’s nothing.



    There’s one plonker on here who thinks Celtic Supporters Clubs are the same as Irish Clubs.

  7. Gambling and the SPL — discuss …



    Given the light hearted way that gambling transgressions amongst the SPL football community I fear that it has no self control regarding betting on football matches from within. It unfortunately highlights the lack of social capital and community sophistication in our nation that gambling on matches is seen as part and parcel of football life up north.



    Compare and contrast with the response down south — it happens but at least it is investigated rather than laughed off.



    In truth all very nickel and dime but still a stain on our national sport and the people who play it / are involved in it.



    Next up is the real money — the SPL in the global gambling environment.


    Pretty low key compared to other markets — but it has its place.



    Down south — many punters with complex bets include SPL matches as “bankers”.


    Consequently results in the SPL — specifically ours and our friends in Govan — can have a significant impact on the betting markets associated with EPL football.



    All points to plenty of money being won or lost on our results.


    Does Scottish football have the rigour and robustness to look for and eradicate malignant external influences on SPL games?



    Does the SFA think that we are above such skulduggery?



    We are all fine upstanding chaps and nobody would ever want to be blackballed from their not so secret society / golf club for getting involved in match outcome manipulation?



    Then there is the issue of the betting patterns associated with the league last season.


    At the start we were big favourites so our failure was a big win for the bookies.


    The odds totally changed after the first game against the TFOD2.1.


    That was a game at CP where we did not turn up / try a leg.


    Low effort performance that left many surprised and confused.



    As getting markets become more complex then so does the things that don’t make sense …



    TFOD2.1 / 20/21 vintage — unbeaten in the league but with a glass jaw in the cups.


    TFOD2.1 / the mists of time — no-one sent off.


    US / 21/22 vintage — the foul count will be well into 4 figures come May at this rate.



    We are up against a whole plethora of headwinds.


    MIB / fixture computer / gambling markets / lazy board.


    Some are active locally and others are possibly external / overseas.


    My issue is that the SFA / SPFL either don’t care or are not capable of defending the integrity of our game.



    TFOD tax evasion and their response shows how little they care.


    And the steps they will take to excuse away the failures of the chosen one.



    The double dunt — help the TFOD2.1 win the league is a given.


    However would these same people want to make money on it along the way?

  8. probably let the orange bands practice in their halls. because they are absolutely not thought of as irish in any single way whatsoever.





    Airdrie Neil Lennon CSC



    Alex McCabe Neilston CSC



    Anvil Bhoys CSC



    Arbroath CSC



    Ardrossan Garyowen CSC



    Ardrossan and Dalry CSC



    Argosy CSC



    Arthur McKenna CSC



    Ayr Bhoys CSC



    Ayr Emerald CSC



    Balloch Brigada CSC



    Barrhead Mick McCarthy CSC



    Barrhead St Mary’s CSC



    Barrowfield Shamrock CSC



    Bellshill and District CSC,



    Big Tree CSC



    Bishop Crosas CSC



    Bishopton Emerald CSC



    Blantyre Commercial CSC



    Bobby Hollywood Dunoon CSC



    Bobby Murdoch Rutherglen Vogue CSC



    Bonnyrigg McNamara CSC



    Broxburn and Uphall Emerald CSC



    Buchan Bhoys CSC



    Busby and Eaglesham CSC



    Caithness CSC



    Caldercruix CSC



    Cambuslang Athenry CSC



    Campbeltown and District CSC



    Carfin CSC



    Cavendish 7-1 CSC



    Celtic Supporters Association



    Chapelhall Shamrock CSC



    Coatbridge CSC



    Coatbridge Shamrock CSC



    Cowdenbeath Flying Column CSC



    Craigneuk Tommy Gemmell CSC



    Craigshill Shamrock CSC



    Croy CSC



    Cumbernauld No1 CSC



    Cumnock and District CSC



    Dalmuir Emerald CSC



    David Hay CSC



    Dean Park CSC



    Den Inn CSC



    Dennistoun CSC



    Denny Happy Bus CSC



    Dicey Reilly CSC



    Drumchapel No1 CSC



    Dumbarton Harp CSC



    Dumbarton Shamrock CSC



    Dumfries CSC



    Dundee Emerald CSC



    Dundee Travel Club



    East End CSC



    East Kilbride Celtic Symphony CSC



    East Kilbride Shamrock CSC,



    Eastfield Emerald CSC



    Eddie Duffy No1 CSC



    Edinburgh No1 CSC



    Eire Beag CSC



    Erskine and Renfew CSC



    Falkirk Shamrock CSC



    Falkirk St Mungos CSC



    Fife Shamrock CSC



    Galashiels CSC



    Glasgow University CSC



    Glenboig CSC



    Gourock Emerald CSC



    Govan Emerald CSC



    Grampian Emerald CSC



    Grangemouth No1 CSC



    Greenock CSC



    Greenock Shamrock CSC



    Greenock Travel Celtic Club



    Haddington CSC



    Hamilton Roll of Honour CSC



    Hardgate CSC



    Hawick Shamrock CSC



    Hay CSC



    Helensburgh No1 CSC



    Heriots Watt CSC



    Holytown CSC



    Hoops Bar CSC



    Inverkeithing CSC



    Irvine No1 CSC



    James Connelly Johnstone CSC



    James Stokes VC CSC



    Jimmy Delaney CSC



    Jock Mears Methil and District CSC



    John Thomson CSC



    Johnny Cash Man in Black CSC



    Joseph Rafferty CSC



    Kevin Barry Shotts CSC



    Kieran Tierney Muirhouse CSC



    Kilbirnie Paradise CSC



    Kilsyth Shamrock CSC



    Kings Park CSC



    Kirkintilloch Shamrock CSC



    Kirkintilloch CSC



    Larkhall CSC



    Lee Walker CSC



    Leith CSC



    Lennoxtown CSC



    Leven Emerald CSC



    Levenmouth Bhoys CSC



    Linnvale Shamrock CSC



    Livingston Emerald CSC



    Lochee No1 CSC



    MacConnell’s CSC



    Maryhill Bertie Auld CSC



    Michael Davvitt CSC



    Mick Hannaway CSC



    Montrose CSC



    Moodiesburn CSC



    Moray Emerald CSC



    Mossend Emerald CSC



    Motherwell 9 in a Row CSC



    Mowbray Maryhill CSC



    Neil Lennon CSC



    Neil Mochan CSC



    New Inn Emerald CSC



    Newains Shamrock CSC



    Notre Dame CSC.



    Oban Emerald CSC



    Oban No1 CSC



    Orkney CSC



    Paradise 95 CSC



    Peebles CSC



    Peter Johnstone CSC



    Peter Scarff Linwood CSC



    Phil Cole CSC



    Port Glasgow Emerald CSC



    Port Hibs CSC



    Prestonpans CSC



    Renton CSC



    Rising Phoenix Lochgelly CSC



    Roy Milne CSC



    Shawhead Shamrock CSC



    Shetland CSC



    Sons of Donegal CSC



    Spateston No1 CSC



    Spirit of Freedom CSC



    Springburn CSC



    St Barr’s CSC



    St Brendans CSC



    St Fergus CSC



    St Fergus Forfar and District CSC



    St Mungos CSC



    St Patrick’s Shotts CSC



    St Peters CSC



    St Thomas’ Muirkirk CSC



    St Vincent’s CSC



    Stornoway Saltire CSC



    Stranraer CSC



    T.O.G.A CSC



    Tommy Burns Coatbridge CSC



    Tommy Craig CSC



    Tony Mowbray CSC



    Torridon CSC



    Tuatha de Dannan CSC



    Uist CSC



    Uphall Shamrock CSC



    Waverley CSC



    Wee Mans Bar CSC



    Whiteinch CSC



    Wick CSC



    Wishaw Emerald CSC



    Wullie Gorman CSC



    South Korea



    Seoul CSC






    Gothenburg CSC



    Stockholm CSC






    Switzerland CSC






    Bangkok CSC



    Siam Shamrock CSC






    Didum CSC



    Istanbul Bhoys CSC



    United Arab Emirates



    Abu Dhabi CSC



    Dubai Hoops CSC

  9. MADMITCH on 5TH OCTOBER 2021 11:11 PM


    Gambling and the SPL — discuss …






    2 known celtic bar venues in fort william by the way, and you couldnt find them

  10. Another reason to ditch the Grauniad.


    Cleggmania did it for me in 2010 — Orange Book Liberalism is the Tories without their kicking boots on.



    EM is turning into a real gun for hire and they continue to print him on a regular basis.


    At least the lawyers could try and hide the news grid they are working.



    Their case would appear to be a bit thin or they might be allegedly getting a bit greedy — so they resort to mud throwing and shouting the odds with their friends in the media offering a welcome foghorn.



    Abuse in children’s and youth sport is a huge issue that we as a society don’t understand and cannot comprehend — the current case against the CBC is just showboating by expensive / mouthy lawyers trying to turn a trick.



    We need light on this huge subject.


    Not heat focused on one particular strand.

  11. Stx2 @ 11.19



    FW CFC bars — spill the beans if you can?



    One bar was mentioned locally but the blue vinyl seats were not a hit.


    The Taste Police should have been called and the shade of blue was a bit “light”.

  12. MADMITCH on 5TH OCTOBER 2021 11:29 PM



    Are there no two civil cases already underway at Glasgow Sheriff Court which are subject to reporting restrictions?

  13. SAINT STIVS on 5TH OCTOBER 2021 11:16 PM


    ‘probably let the orange bands practice in their halls.’







    How many of those CSCs have their own premises?



    The only one I can think of is Irvine.



    The point is though, they are not Irish Clubs, and there is no Irish Club in Glasgow, whereas Manchester has three.

  14. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    I have been reading CQN since Strachan’s first week in 2005. Got to say I’m bemused at Paul67’s articles yesterday & today. It’s 2021 and I have read it all on referees thru the years on here.



    The club ought to be investigating & compiling a report to identify if evidence exists of bias to a particular team within the league. Let the club outsource the job privately to one of the dozens of football analytical service providers that exist in professional football to see if evidence exists.



    If evidence is found of wrongdoing, then the club should take it up privately with SPFL/SFA. No doubt that would be leaked to the media but so what. Celtic don’t comment and refer the matter to UEFA if the SFA and Referee Association are found to be non co-operative. Would probably lead to another referee strike, but so what if the club wants to ensure integrity of the competition and act in the best interests of the club/supporters and shareholders.



    That ain’t ever going to happen though. Articles questioning referee performance and everything else is just howling at the moon and chances are you will be reading the same articles posted on CQN in 10 years time and having the same discussions.



    I would rather read an objective article on the structure of our football operations dept and the performance of our board and major shareholder that has contributed to current situation were we don’t have a permanent CEO, no head of recruitment and were we went nearly 3 months without a head of sports science bang in the middle of the European qualifiers season!

  15. EL @ 11.53



    I have no knowledge of any ongoing proceedings.



    However I could set my watch from the efforts of one set of lawyers to gain some traction for their efforts regarding a case against a specific organisation.



    Every four weeks or so they shout the odds and their pals / pets in the media howl a response.



    Their brazen efforts do their clients no favours at all — it is not about their stories or a full investigation of what happened within the Scottish youth sport. It is all heat and nothing about light.



    The more effort that is put into investigating the subject the more complex and universal it becomes.



    They are just trying to get at the cream before the full picture becomes known.

  16. One final question regarding all the cases that have made it to court and convictions obtained — what compensation orders have been made out to the victims?



    Was this part of the criminal case or was it a separate civil case?

  17. JHB on 5TH OCTOBER 2021 9:46 PM



    Just to confirm celtic have not lost anything or had to face the music for anything simply because solicitors plan to raise a legal action.



    Celtic boys club was never part of celtic football club regardless of the chat on here and elsewhere. Celtic football club did not employ or sack coaches at celtic boys club, did not sign up to the league, or sign up players for that club, celtic football club did not arrange fixtures or take any of those kids anywhere for tours/ trips.



    I have no doubt some players would have signed up for celtic boys club because of the name and would have enjoyed visiting celtic park and would have liked to train at barrowfield when they got to 16.



    Unfortunately some abusers took advantage of that for their own awful wants. If I recall correctly kids did not sign up to play for professional clubs until they reached 16 on the old s-forms.



    If a young person fell victim while at celtic then there is a duty on celtic football club. I think they have paid out on a historic abuse case were the victim was abused by a celtic employee. As I recall that person was demonised by some of the victims at celtic boy club.



    I don’t know what will happen or how a judge will rule, but I get why celtic football club would not simply pass over money or accept responsibility for the actions of others.



    If however there is evidence of a legal link between the clubs and a cover up from those at the top of celtìc football club then I want the victims compensated and those responsible for held to account.



    Finally a football blog is not the correct forum to be talking about such things, people are still living with this stuff, it’s actual peoples lives and their trauma.

  18. Good morning all from a dark and chilly Garngad



    On reading back please let’s leave the “child abuse point scoring out of the blog please” I told you so, I told you so….dispicable and disgusting.



    D :(

  19. JHB 9.46



    A true story…….Father taking his son to Glasgow two or three times a week to CBC for training and games The round trip was 140 miles!!… this was costing the Dad a fair bit of cash…….early 80s


    The father approached FC for some petrol money. FC told the Father we don’t do that …the Father said why not ask CFC for some help to accommodate him and a couple of other Dads who were travelling a distance…….FC abruptly told him ……we have nothing to do with CFC !!! We cant ‘ask them for money …….the Dad was taken aback by the response…….because he assumed CFC would have had some financial input, but they obviously didn’t.


    These guys who run CBC liked to portray a link for their own sick ends .indeed pushed and promoted….but ultimately it was tenuous. The flip side of course CFC were getting the pick of the best players so did give them publicity. As ever it was a cheap ( no cost) way of gaining access to some talent. When celtic became serious about youth football the CBC link was broken .


    As for Thompsons going public and pleading for more victims …….think that maybe smacks of desperation.

  20. AN TEARMANN on 5TH OCTOBER 2021 6:08 PM


    You take it easy big Jimmy.







    Good to see you on











    Cheers mate and I hope that you are well.


    I MAY have a few Beers this Friday afternoon when I return from my appointment with the Nurse in the Gorbals.


    HH…and stay safe.

  21. I watched the game in the pub at the weekend and ended up discussing Jota with two younger tims.


    They both raved about Jota but so far he has flattered to deceive for me, am I missing something?


    He didn’t seem particularly quick and I don’t remember him going passed his full back, he obviously got on the end of the cross for the goal but Abada has been doing that without the same acclaim. Are the young team making the big club mistake and assuming he’ll be a star? We do have previous for that.


    I’d be delighted to be proven wrong but not seeing it so far.

  22. DAVID66…


    I am glad that you are feeling better mate..thats great news.


    I hope that you and ” Shazz” have great wee holiday next week and we can get to together early next month for a good bevvy.


    Ive just be cutting down on the Beer in recent weeks, mainly cos of the new Diabetes issue, as I havent been described aby medication for it….as yet ?


    Having said that, I MAY get hawf pissed this coming Friday afternoon ?




    HH Mate.

  23. Timmy 7 – A tad unfair on Jota me thinks.



    But it’s all about opinions.



    My own opinion is he has been getting better and better each game, Sunday was a bit of an anomaly as Madhun allowed that full back to cheat at will. Sometimes that’s what happens with wide players the full back gets the better of them 1 way or another the key to me is swapping wings and let each wide man have a go on the other side. When he did he got in behind for the goal.



    As I say I think he has been doing well and hopefully can continue to improve.






    D :)

  24. Big Jimmy it does us good to lay off the auld drink now and again and it makes that next drink the more sweeter.



    You keep on top of the hospital appointments and we will meet up early November.



    Thanks about the wee holiday 24 of us going. :)



    D :)

  25. in ither news




    How soon before Conman Goldsold is reputedly worth 9 mullyin an’ catchin’ the eye of EPL ” cracks”







  26. in ither , ither news………………



    Shortie’s sub editor is at it.




  27. Good morning CQN



    International breaks give the GB news trolls a gap in the Celtic news cycle to sow division and deflect away from the current UK Govts car crash of running the country, using manufactured grievance where none exist or using Child sex abuse to point score, both to be ignored



    This is the day a Conservative government will deliberately push the working and non working poor into poverty and hunger at a time of all round rising prices. Let nobody forget that.



    enjoy your day



    aff oot