Referees: we can only shine a light


I doubt very much if there was a conspiracy between referees in Scottish football over the weekend, that does not happen.  They cross the white line making their own decisions.

Whether they are just terrible, compromised, or perform well in difficult conditions, is not the consequence of some grand plan.  In my view, they are not good enough to do the tasks required and on Sunday inhibited Celtic’s chances of winning the title.

They will close ranks this week, they always do. All we can do is continue to shine a light.

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  1. Give a Tory enough Forger’s Gazette infected rope and guess what …


    They will hang themselves.



    The UK birth rate is so low that we cannot renew our population.


    Almost all across the patch — Tory cabinet excluded — people are having smaller families than they would like and yet the same right wing old wives tales are spun and re-spun.



    If the focus was on families rather than pensioners we might be in with a chance.


    However pensioners vote Tory so they have to have first dibs.

  2. A lifestyle choice??



    Jesus wept man. Atrocious stuff.



    Back to scrolling on by for me…




  3. CONEYBHOY on 6TH OCTOBER 2021 1:08 PM


    Big Jimmy







    i thought she had Bog Ears cos Noddy wouldn’t pay the ransom……











    Good wan Mate.



  4. Melbourne Mick on




    Might not need to Import anything from China here in Oz shortly


    With all the Sabre rattling going on and Oz ordering nuke subs from USA.


    Might need to don my old greatcoat and broad black brimmer again.


    At least it’ll get us out of lockdown 👩🏿‍🎨


    H.H Mick

  5. JHB on 6th October 2021 1:21 pm



    The easiest prediction of the day from our racist tory.



    You are NEARLY right mate…but I dont drink ” Hawfs”…its only copious amounts of beer.




    IF I had downed 15 Pints or so…I MIGHT chat up Priti Patel and make a date with her….only to give her a ” Dizzy”, and leave her standing outside somewhere in the pouring rain ?


    She strikes me as being very Bossy…and verging on the DOMINTAX kind of kinky sex etc….Im NOT into ” Bossy” Wummin. Ive got TWO Ex Wives who tried that with me…and it didnt work !




    A few Ex Girlfriends also tried it…it didnt work for them either.


    Hope you are good and safe Mate.



  7. JHB on 6TH OCTOBER 2021 1:21 PM


    The Social Security and Benefits system was designed as a safety-net for those in the population that genuinely couldn’t find work, or were unable to work due to some mental, or, physical impairment.







    The Labour Party was the pile-driver that, when in power, incrementally installed almost all the pillars that even today support a system designed to support the needy in our society.







    Universal Credit together with sickness benefit, state pension and all other benefits should be fit for purpose and as generous as we can make them. As a nation, we should be prepared to contribute more through our taxes to achieve this, in addition to increasing funding of the NHS.





    Yet again, a TORY who deliberately FAILS to make mention of the £350 MILLION per Week to the UK, once the UK had left the EU, that was PROMISED by Bonking Boris and his Lap Dog Scum Party members.


    THAT £350MILLION per week…EVERY Week…would go a long way in helping the NHS.


    Where is the WEEKLY EU Money that the Brexiteers PROMISED ?

  8. CONEYBHOY @ 12:21 PM,



    PS technically the Irish who moved to Scotland in the mid 19th century were not immigrants, they were itinerant workers with the same state



    Thank you, an argument we don’t here nearly enough.



    Folk from Ireland and Scotland have been going back and forth for millennium.



    Scotland is actually named after a Gealic tribe from the North of the island of Ireland.



    Great Britain is a geographical concept; the biggest Island in the British Isles, not a nation or a state.



    Why Scots from Ireland refer to themselves as immigrants I’ll never know, especially as the Brits never are, they are ex-pats dontcha know.



    As for the Tory and families, since the Tory manifesto of ’79 that promised support for the family – 40 years of Thatcherism has led to an unprecedented attack on our families.



    Hail Hail

  9. Those who stay on benefits and not looking for work and those who diddle it are such a small small % of the system it doesn’t even warrant a conversation. No, people on low wages and having to claim should always be the main point to any debate. It’s a disgrace that they have to. This is where the Right wing of the main political parties takes us having to allow zero contracts, as they’re reliant on major donations from global conglomerates to win elections and following their wishes thereafter. . por cierto

  10. CB @ 1.58



    Your comments were noted in my little piece of “free” Pictland.


    Failing that they were noted in Welsh speaking Strathclyde.


    Not exactly sure if the Picts made it to Kiltoon.



    Might explain the placing of the Antonine Wall though if they did.


    Either that or it was built to make the Holy City truly Roman …



    The Scots were social climbers on the make — spit.

  11. TB- are there 2 Greg Taylors? The one we have is small,no pace,cant go past a man,and is a Kilmarnock player…



  12. “Like all jobs, it depends on what the owners/board want you to do. If you have a common vision.



    My vision for Celtic would be internationally best in class pound for pound in football ops, and using leading edge marketing/content tech to build the unique diaspora that is Celtic”



    Roger Mitchell on being asked if he’d be interested in the Celtic role.

  13. All a bit Feniany, people having more kids than they should have.



    We’ve had a high rate of population growth compared to many developed countries recently because of our immigrant population. Generally poor



    We already face a health/care crisis because of our ageing population, we need more working age adults not fewer for the sake of our economy.



    The report from an independent think tank highlights the danger to the economy of a low fertility rate. Interestingly the problem seems to be more acute in Scotland than anywhere else in the UK.



  14. Selling a generous welfare state to an electorate bigging itself up on rampant individualism and identity politics is a tough ask.



    The Tories have always wanted to cut it back so they can employ more servants.


    Plus make sure that the pensioners get their annual bribe.



    The left — as individuals — have too often turned a blind eye to games being played on the periphery. The monetary amounts are tiny but they are enough to plant seeds of doubt in the working class about the fairness and utility of the system. They then become susceptible to Forger’s Gazette headlines.



    Tough love is / was the way forward but progressive politics does not have the heart or the guile to take on the challenge.

  15. Greg Taylor is an interesting case. He has clear limitations which we have highlighted here many times and BadaBing highlights above but he has:



    1. seen off the expected first choice in Bolingoli


    2. performed better than an AC Milan loanee


    3. is very disciplined in carrying out instructions (both managers’ style). In line with TBs post



    I think at the moment we need to keep all committed players happy

  16. Melbourne Mick on




    A very interesting post, the team/system plays better with


    him than others, been always thus, thinking back to big Tid


    When Jock was manager.


    H.H. Mick

  17. C40 @ 2.18



    The SMF is not in anyway progressive.



    It follows the political winds of the day and attempts to be relevant.


    Christian Democrat at best — Orange Book Liberalism at worst.



    Full of pious middle class / privately educated types trying to understand the poor.


    They are the Edwina Currie of think tanks — forever under the shadow of John Major.

  18. Just loves reminding any ‘new marketing’ labour fans



    Not 1 deviation was taken from thatchers ilk


    Not 1 law cutting the excess of money markets



    Of course not liable for banking crisis or 250000 iraqi dead.



    Looking forward to you apologising on behalf of the war criminal.


    Tit dint know Denis Healey introduced monetarism.


    You take it easy mitchy




  19. MADMITCH on 6TH OCTOBER 2021 2:34 PM


    C40 @ 2.18



    The SMF is not in anyway progressive.



    Who knew you’d be such an expert.



    So just look at the data and make your own assumptions. It’s pretty basic stuff

  20. Arrrggghhhh the Greg Taylor trigger in me :(



    Thanks Bada.



    A poster bhoy for our demise to mediocrity. 24 next month. No longer a child.



    There isn’t a jersey shrunk enough to fit wee Greg…



    We extend his contract and another reason to question big Ange’s faculties.




  21. From The Herald:-



    A SENIOR judge has ordered administrators of Rangers to pay £3.4m in compensation over “breach of duty” after deciding that Ibrox and Murray Park should have been put up for sale after the club collapsed.



    Lord Tyre has made a judgement after former club administrators Paul Clark and David Whitehouse of Duff and Phelps were accused in court of a seriously flawed strategy in raising money for thousands left out of pocket by the club’s financial implosion in 2012.

  22. Toaty trumper @ 2.38



    Usual tripe from you — no comments regarding the current hot topics on CQN?



    BoJo and his abilities


    Family sizes / UK birth rate.


    Deserving vs undeserving poor



    As for your usual laundry list — the answers are out there but I will repeat.



    Deviations — Minimum wage / tax credits / NHS investment plus many others.


    Locally GB nationalised the GCC housing debt and rebuilt the schools.



    Money markets — Saved the western world after the global financial collapse in 2008.


    the US was in the middle of a presidential election and “W” was not up to it.


    The Credit Crunch was caused by the US reduced to exporting bad debt.


    It had nothing left to sell after two terms of “W’s” economic failure.



    Banking crisis — see above.



    Iraq — won the war but lost the peace.


    After the shambles of 1998 when France and Russia were bought off it was always going to happen.


    SH had to go — using chemical weapons supplied by his backers in the West was surely a step too far even for you. Used against his own people and against Iran — started on the battlefield and then used it on civilians. Lovely guy our SH.



    TB is no war criminal in any generally accepted understanding of the term.


    Maggie lost the Falklands / Grenada / Hong Kong.


    JM aka “Sh**ger” only did half a job for the wrong reason in the Gulf.


    ShamCam destroyed Libya and got it badly wrong in Syria.


    But no matter TB in your eyes is the worst.



    DH — Cuts of 1976 — this was a Treasury inspired economic drive by.


    It was sore at the time but spending increased in 77 / 78 / 79.


    Not monetarism in anyway shape or form.



    Consequently keep dreaming.

  23. C40 @ 2.40



    Politics dear boy — politics.


    That and a good memory.



    You keep reading the headlines.


    I will keep reading between the lines.


    Follow the money.

  24. BIG WAVY on 6TH OCTOBER 2021 2:49 PM




    I heard Greg Taylor can rustle up a mean fried tattie scone and black pudding set of nachos for breakfast at Lennoxtown.



    Not ‘world class’ but a decent effort

  25. BW @ 2.49



    GT — I think he could just about fit into an Action Man jersey.


    He is getting better but he was poor to begin with and his progress has been glacial at times.



    Probably worth the effort of intensive coaching.


    But he needs to understand our game as well.


    Bit slow but that can be worked on.



    You have to ask how we managed to pay so much for so little?

  26. Doing the rounds –



    Rangers (aye right)


    have submitted their end of fiscal year 20/21 accounts to auditors.



    Preliminary £31,682,526 in losses.



    Short Term Liabilities of £16,533,348



    Which Includes HMRC



    Technically insolvent.

  27. £30mill plus from the CL if they manage to win the SPL this season could answer quite a few questions.



    Sailing very close to the wind but that is there style.


    Just a case of who will give them a helping hand to stay afloat and collect it?


    I think that they might start holding back some of the wages.


    Or sell 5 players in Jan — it looks to be that tight.


    They must be currently living off their season ticket money.


    Can they stretch it out to January?



    In other news — we spend half what we raised in player sales.


    The other half is now safely in the bank as AP struggles to build a MF.

  28. JHB @1:21


    State Pension is not a benefit. I paid Income tax National Insurance tax and a version of VAT for all my working life for this payback in my retirement.


    Listen to Tory lies if you want but spare me the repetition.

  29. It’s a week now since Postecoglou fired his first warning shot at the lousy media in Scotland criticising their “condescending” questions. Talking down to people is an anglo – saxon trait that persists in all the cities and towns in the UK where people go to universities to perfect the art. We are world leaders in this and we covet, encourage and foment this uppity, sneering, joyless demeanour. If full anglicisation had gone through with Eddie Howe and Steven Goebbels in position the language war would have been lost and instead we would have had full on ” Every country in the world is more racist than the UK” mantra, morning noon and night. “Condescending” is not a word you hear much in football parlance and Ange is letting them know he knows their game. Now we need the Celtic bigwigs to get into the media spotlight to back up our manager.

  30. Mitchy .



    Hahahahahahahahaha won the war lost the PLOT



    Your an apologist.



    Gha debt you are boundless in fantasy


    Hahahahahahahahaha saved father western world



    Denis of monetarism would not have got any loan of IMF as he needed to implement structural adjustment policies– monetarism .



    You are funny in your ignorance.did the cumbie hit you on head with a stick Hahahahahahahahaha



    Funny not.drivel yes.apologist

  31. Toaty Trumper @ 3.33



    Just a quick note to let you know that a slug has slithered / tap danced across your keyboard and posted some drivel on CQN.



    It might be drivel but it is more intelligible than your normal efforts.

  32. PS — Structural adjustment policies are not Monetarism.


    Didn’t your bean counting course at the Tech not teach you anything?

  33. PPS — So the minimum wage just invented itself?


    So tax credits just magically appeared and turned up in millions of bank accounts?


    And the new NHS facilities just came out of thin air?



    City of London bean counter — you really do know nothing of real life.