Regan, asked to leave as a tainted failure


Let’s be clear, the job of chief executive of the SFA is thankless and destined for failure, of one variety or another. Even if you have the necessary skills to deliver commercial success (which the last two incumbents didn’t), if you appoint a national team manager who qualifies for a tournament, if your internal Data Protection systems are fit for purpose and you insist on doing the right thing, you are going to fail.

The SFA member clubs (there are over 90), it’s legions of utterly useless committee members, each without anything better to do than attend committee meetings, anchor the organisation in inept conservatism.

There was a gleam of light when Stewart Regan was appointed in 2010. They realised Gordon Smith, who did not meet the advertised criteria for the job, did not have the experience required to run an organisation of this size and profile. Regan, with enterprise-level commercial experience, as well as his gig at Yorkshire County Cricket, met all the criteria. He should have been a good appointment.

Instead, over 7 years later, his board made it clear his resignation was required.

Rejecting a request by the Scottish Professional League for a review of matters into the biggest club failure in the history of the game, one which tainted the immediate SFA past president and a current office holder, is a sack-able offence.

When the professional clubs ask the SFA to examine the conduct of its office holders, it has no choice but to do so. Those who attempt to cover up always fall on their swords.

I am led to believe there was an arrogance about Regan, who saw himself as an impenetrable big beast, who would seek shelter in the numbers of the Highland League, when the game’s other big beasts attempted to invoke corporate responsibility. He didn’t like dissent and could dismiss whatever he wanted as long as he held sway with those who populated the many and varied committees.

At the first sight of vulnerability, he was gone. Having asked for permission to speak to Michael O’Neill, only to be rejected was enough. He had burned all his bridges.

The SFA now need a competent administrator to downsize the organisation. The Association should be in the business of correctly registering players, training and appointing match officials, running the Scottish Cup and ensuring the various youth and other amateur elements of the game are properly resourced (which they are not currently).

Get out of Hampden, use Celtic Park, Ibrox, (new) Pittodrie, Easter Road or Tynecastle instead of pouring money into another sport’s coffers. Cull the useless committees, reign-in the gravy train and have clear and ethical rules of engagement.

Those hoping for change will do well to remember how we thought Gordon Smith’s replacement had to be better. Regan was, but he, and the next person, will be appointments of the system. Cultural change at the SFA will take years. But remember, at any point in time, a future SFA board can decide to review matters in the past, including the performance of Mr Regan.


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  1. Gerryfaethebrig,



    KE is purring.



    That Trio of attacking French players WOW. WIN WIN WIN.co.uk



    Didn’t Brendan say he—- African players….






    I love the Long Termism.




    Why don’t you get down to Celtic Park and tell them of your concerns?



    You have loads!



    None we can sort on here.



    So get to the root of the problem.



    Obvious to me.

  3. Philbhoy. My view is that if this is a blog, then everyone who has an opinion is entitled to express their opinion, if they do so in a polite manner, and who or what they agree with shouldnt really matter. Thats all.




    So, for the third time, what is your view?



    I have not been impolite to any posters this evening.



    What do you think?

  5. Good evening, friends –


    Packed for holidays – check


    Dinner devoured and washed down – check


    CQN coupon on – check


    Scroll back completed – check



    When we booked this holiday a couple of months ago, I did choose the dates after checking which game(s) I’d miss. At the time, Kilmarnock away looked like a non-event. But after the way we played for most of last Wednesday evening I’m now gutted to be missing tomorrow’s game. Our flight’s due to land around 1.25pm Celtic Park Time. Then, when I turn my phone back on I fully expect to learn that we are at least 3 up, synthetic pitch or no synthetic pitch!

  6. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Petec 7.57pm



    Not one person I know has said different that have watched him, Dallas has mentioned that as a young Bhoy with the language barrier maybe Brendan is drop feeding him into the team, the other night as Dallas also pointed out probably more French speakers than English playing (Broony doesn’t count, I have heard his fellow villagers speaking :-)




    Go back and read NEGANON2 at 7:15.



    Would you say he is being polite to our host?

  8. PUFFNSTUFF on 2ND FEBRUARY 2018 7:59 PM


    Philbhoy. My view is that if this is a blog, then everyone who has an opinion is entitled to express their opinion, if they do so in a polite manner, and who or what they agree with shouldnt really matter. Thats all.





    Completely agree. We are a broad church.


    Hail Hail.




    That was the third time I’d asked for your view.



    Not the second.



    Now I think you are at the kidding.




    Absolutely not. What i was supporting was Puffnstuff’s statement, not Neganon2




    I’m all for polite exchanges!



    Do you think NEGANON2 was being polite to our host at 7:15 this evening?

  12. Neganon 2 is now one of the few posters on CQN worth reading only if he provides an alternative view to the current orthodox thinking that everything at Celtic is super fantastic. Hh

  13. GORDON64



    Sorry to read you are not completely enjoying being a Celtic supporter at this time.

  14. Neganon2



    NegAnon2 on 2nd February 2018 7:15 pm




    ” Don’t fret that the “vacuum” will undoubtedly delay the coo investigation.”





    If you were to take the time to inform your opinions then you would come out with ones like that.



    Apart from (ironically) introducing the Judicial Panel Protocol The SFA CEO plays no part in the process.



    Its all here at https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scottish-fa/football-governance/judicial-panel-protocol/



    Have a read and let me know if I missed it.



    It sets out the process, the role of The Compliance Officer, The Panels and Tribunals. Regan’s presence or absence will make no difference, in fact his absence might help this principle from the protocol at 2.2 to be met.



    ” 2. Founding Principles



    2.1 The “Founding Principles” in this Section 2 shall underlie the interpretation and application of this


    Protocol. In the event of a conflict between a particular provision of the Protocol and the Founding


    Principles, the particular provision of the Protocol will prevail.



    2.2 Principle 1 – Economic and expeditious justice. The objective of the Protocol is to secure the


    Determination of disciplinary proceedings arising in respect of Association Football and that Decisions are


    made economically and expeditiously in a fair manner. Tribunals appointed from the Judicial Panel may


    impose reasonable procedural requirements on Parties to ensure that matters are dealt with economically


    and expeditiously.”



    As matters stand and knowing the SFA have been seeking information from res12 lawyers, unless something unknown turns up recommendations for change that a review would produce are inevitable in a key area – club licensing.



    On the matter of nothing will change I accept that nature of our foe will not in our generation, but that does not mean that in the meantime you do not take steps to protect yourself from their nature, especially if you are not the only club that suffered from it in the past and are more likely to be affected now.



    Things change when folk realise that change is in their best interests, the trick is to make it so.

  15. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Petec 8.13pm



    Apologies, sometimes you expect other posters to know what you mean :-)



    I speak regularly with Dallas Dallas regarding our team, probably we speak about nothing else while we are “working” but like you he likes the look of Kouassi, anyhow hopefully Kouassi is a slow burner and I for one love the way Brendan is approaching every aspect of our very young team

  16. GORDON64



    Do you think it’s possible to support the team on the park and the manager without thinking everything at Celtic is super fantastic??



    Serious questions I’m really tired of being treated like a muppet on here for supporting my team while at the same time being really frustrated knowing that nothing has changed at the SFA/Cabal!




  17. I’d never want to fight anyone but since Craig is losing it BIG TIME.



    I’d Love to take him on.



    Road to paradise?????









    Celtic is Rocking – Zenit Good Luck.

  18. Phil Au contraire amigo. It’s just that i’ve always believed having a critical mind should be part of the Celtic psyche. Hh

  19. Philbhoy you are correct it was the third time you said it , you repetitive little thing you :) As of your question : without reading back I dont think the important thing was if someone is being polite to P67 (we have apparently mods for that), but if there is substance in his comments , which I think there was. So I agree with some of what he said and I apologise if I offended you personally in any way.




    No harm done mate!



    Keep posting!



    But keep an eye on your arithmetic!




  21. Starry Absolutely. I and thousands like me supported the team during one of the darkest periods in the club’s history. Hh

  22. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Starry 8.26pm



    Just my opinion I think being a Celtic fan and the cheating in Scottish fitba are two totally different subjects, some might link them but that’s their prerogative !



    By the way knowing we were cheated doesnt change the fact we were cheated :-)



    The day we all agree it will be the end of Cqn, thankfully it’s still the best place to type about Celtic

  23. GreeninbingleyinOslo on




    “Rejecting… a review of matters into the biggest club failure in the history of the game”



    16 words, out of maybe 250.



    And the words are powderpuff.



    “Club failure”? Jesus wept.



    That’s the only reference in your blog to the greatest financial and sporting scandal in UK history.



    I hoped for much, much better.



    “Get out of Hampden, use Celtic Park, Ibrox, (new) Pittodrie, Easter Road or Tynecastle…”



    You’re advocating the Scottish national team play at Ibrox?




  24. Gordon64 on 2nd February 2018 8:32 pm



    Starry Absolutely. I and thousands like me supported the team during one of the darkest periods in the club’s history. Hh






    I’m Sorry I wisnae there Gordon, I got into the Dance music Thing.



    I so Wish I’d stuck with being a CELT through and through.



    HH Brother in Rhthym.

  25. Most of the Celtic fans I know separate the two things.


    Love the way the football side is going (European humpings apart) and hate the way our board has not called out the cheating and demanded the trophies be awarded correctly.


    I don’t get the view that it has to be black or white.


    FWIW I agree with most of what Neganon posts but I still love and enjoy being a Celtic supporter.


    I’d just love it more if I felt the board were doing the right thing by us re the cheats.

  26. GFTB



    All the more reason we should stick together!



    Getting a fair deal from the SPFL/Referees is probably a long, long way off.



    So, stick together, support the TEAM, beat everyone before us in Scotland anyway



    If they score 3 we score 4!



    The huns will eventually turn on there own.



    Plus the huns are light years behind us in every aspect of the game, quality of players, quality of team management, how well we are run, financials, youth policy.



    Their PR is a wee bit more err, public.



    But, they don’t sleep well because of where we are and where we are going.



    Me, I love it!



    Hope you are well Bud!

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