Regan, asked to leave as a tainted failure


Let’s be clear, the job of chief executive of the SFA is thankless and destined for failure, of one variety or another. Even if you have the necessary skills to deliver commercial success (which the last two incumbents didn’t), if you appoint a national team manager who qualifies for a tournament, if your internal Data Protection systems are fit for purpose and you insist on doing the right thing, you are going to fail.

The SFA member clubs (there are over 90), it’s legions of utterly useless committee members, each without anything better to do than attend committee meetings, anchor the organisation in inept conservatism.

There was a gleam of light when Stewart Regan was appointed in 2010. They realised Gordon Smith, who did not meet the advertised criteria for the job, did not have the experience required to run an organisation of this size and profile. Regan, with enterprise-level commercial experience, as well as his gig at Yorkshire County Cricket, met all the criteria. He should have been a good appointment.

Instead, over 7 years later, his board made it clear his resignation was required.

Rejecting a request by the Scottish Professional League for a review of matters into the biggest club failure in the history of the game, one which tainted the immediate SFA past president and a current office holder, is a sack-able offence.

When the professional clubs ask the SFA to examine the conduct of its office holders, it has no choice but to do so. Those who attempt to cover up always fall on their swords.

I am led to believe there was an arrogance about Regan, who saw himself as an impenetrable big beast, who would seek shelter in the numbers of the Highland League, when the game’s other big beasts attempted to invoke corporate responsibility. He didn’t like dissent and could dismiss whatever he wanted as long as he held sway with those who populated the many and varied committees.

At the first sight of vulnerability, he was gone. Having asked for permission to speak to Michael O’Neill, only to be rejected was enough. He had burned all his bridges.

The SFA now need a competent administrator to downsize the organisation. The Association should be in the business of correctly registering players, training and appointing match officials, running the Scottish Cup and ensuring the various youth and other amateur elements of the game are properly resourced (which they are not currently).

Get out of Hampden, use Celtic Park, Ibrox, (new) Pittodrie, Easter Road or Tynecastle instead of pouring money into another sport’s coffers. Cull the useless committees, reign-in the gravy train and have clear and ethical rules of engagement.

Those hoping for change will do well to remember how we thought Gordon Smith’s replacement had to be better. Regan was, but he, and the next person, will be appointments of the system. Cultural change at the SFA will take years. But remember, at any point in time, a future SFA board can decide to review matters in the past, including the performance of Mr Regan.


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  1. Philbhoy for as long as paul67 continues to peddle propaganda and demonstrate some of the worst hypocracy I have seen in many a long year I will post on this site.



    You see I see all this as just more pro board guff. All designed for us to forget the corruption and move on. This latest stuff just adds to it.



    You are perfectly entitled to Believe what you like but this stuff is too important.



    So I won’t stand outside Celtic park acting idiotically but equally I won’t let Paul 67 steer us away from the rather awful truth. If you are bored don’t bother reading, scroll on. But equally stop you (and your chums) trying to get rid of getting rid of or ban anyone who has the temerity to have a different view to you.



    If you think I am insulting Paul then exactly what is he doing to all of us with this guff? And what about the moderator who toady insulted each and every one of us who post on this blog?

  2. At times it’s a dilemma, I support the team 100%, I very rarely slag any player or the manger, I just can’t, but the suits, they are imo fair game, their main goal is money, making it and not for the betterment of the team imo.


    It’s always been this way, the day we get a supporter on the board it will change for the betterment of the team on the pitch.


    We are allowed to support the team without supporting the board.

  3. Philbhoy on 2nd February 2018 8:44 pm



    Keep our foot on their neck!







    Who’s neck?




    If you iz talking the hun local……




    I take it Love is Never gonnae Break out.



    Yeshuah really Rocked the World.




    Rules out ALL the Coming Theosophists ready to FIX everything.




    CELTIC is Good.

  4. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Philbhoy 8.41pm



    As I get older I realise Martin O’Neill was massive in 2000 at the age of 30 and discounting my first 10yrs, I vaguely remember 1979 but not enough to enjoy, Centenary season amazing, 1989 cup final stopping the original cheats magic, then Tommy Burns/Big Pierre, stopping 10 and Wim/Murdo….. since I hit 30 we have dominated the tax evaders and I still want to beat whatever form they take, but Brendan is a bit special, by the way the “dissenters” can dissent but surely deep down they must be enjoy these times as well :-)

  5. Gutenberg I have been a Celtic supporter for over 40 years. But what we knew as Celtic has been slowly destroyed. Now we have CQN calling for us to give Scotland games to the Huns.



    Kev J. Please believe me when I say I don’t sit in a darkened room angrily typing away. I believe Celtic died the moment the colluded with the 5 way agreement but I’m damned if I will shut up about it.



    Auldheid I understand what the sfa regs say but haven’t you come to realise they mean nothing? The sfa will be in crisis…….so nothing can happen. Seriously you can’t conclude they will stick to their own rules. Out of interest auldheid what did you think of this article from paul?

  6. Petec my friend there are many people on this blog who want to deny any semblance of free speech.



    You must say its all shiny and fab or you will be banned.



    It’s the new Celtic way……..




    You are of course quoting fact?



    Or is your bile just your opinion?



    I must say though, If I felt as strongly as you do I would make my concerns known to those who could/would make a difference, not to the guy who operates a wee blog.



    I was brought up in the east end of Glasgow.



    You were not very old by the time you discovered whether you had balls or not, so I’m guessing you were not my neighbour.

  8. Gerryfaethebrig on




    I sort of agree with some of your posts but in the time I have been on here I canny remember many post about the team, the players, our form, our opponents ??? Maybe I scrolled by but unfortunately nearly every post is a dig at P67 being a puppet and feeding us propaganda fae the Plc, any interest in the team or just who we buy, loan or financial outlay ?

  9. Ha ha philbhoy. I was brought up in drum chapel. We ha pace no “bawls” there.



    What makes you think I haven’t tried speaking to the club?



    As the guy who operates. “Wee blog” what do you think CQN is?

  10. GFTB I have posted plenty. But stereotypes are stereotypes. But to be fair I think Paul has got worse and I have focuses on this of late because this is all an attempt to move us on.

  11. PHILBHOY on 2ND FEBRUARY 2018 8:14 PM



    The answer to your question is No, and I do not agree with any lack of civility to our host who provides us with this forum.



    Nobody wants unadulterated cheering. Questioning and alternative views are just as relevant and imo healthy and most welcome for the blog. But I am uncomfortable with any lack of civility.



    It is also self defeating as good points get lost in personal attacks or perceived personal attacks.




  12. NEGANON2



    If you’d been in contact with the club. now I’m guessing here, YOU WOULD HAVE POSTED HERE ALL ABOUT IT.

  13. NegAnon2 on 2nd February 2018 8:53 pm



    Petec my friend there are many people on this blog who want to deny any semblance of free speech.



    You must say its all shiny and fab or you will be banned.



    It’s the new Celtic way……..






    Great Celt – I will talk soon.



    The Triangle is my biggest concern.



    Perhaps we Celtic and Donald Trump are the last to know



    Anyway I’ve been drinking dinnae ask me for guidance. ;))




  14. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    mods – watch out for the Ip address of new logons which mysteriously match the Ip of a contributor who lost the plot last night.

  15. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Just watched P67s retweet of Harry Cochran.



    If he, his agent or his parents have any sense they would ask for a transfer.



    Like him or loathe him, any objective person would have to admit the young lad must have great talent to be where he is at 16 years.



    However, for the sake of some cheap headlines Levein has put the boy in the spotlight and he will be rag-dolled and taunted in every game he plays.



    Respect and chapeau if he comes through it and has a successful career, but I think the wider implications of Brendan’s comment on whether he should be playing in Wednesday’s game have been missed.

  16. GREENPINATA on 2ND FEBRUARY 2018 9:03 PM



    PHILBHOY on 2ND FEBRUARY 2018 8:14 PM



    The answer to your question is No, and I do not agree with any lack of civility to our host who provides us with this forum.






    Nor do I!



    And I reserve the right to speak up for him if I fee he is being abused.

  17. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Neg, apologies again some of your posts are valid probably like KevJ but sometimes the repeat button just repeats …. anyhow I have been summoned to watch some final on C5 about



    A right wing Tory Catholic, a drag queen fae Australia, a glamour girl, a gay ballet dancer & some Irish boyzone punter ???? I just told her it sounds like CQN !!!!



    WITS = Irisih Boyzone punter



    Hail Hail

  18. Philbhoy


    In a week where our captain has been vilified by another teams manager, our club has been accused of dirty dealings in the transfer market and the CE of the SFA has resigned without properly dealing with any of the issues affecting us what have our board said?


    Do you expect them to say anything at all? Or will they do their usual and suck it up?


    I know what my money’s on and that’s what frustrates a lot of our supporters.




    Ole Neganon does sometimes post about the football in fact just the other night he posted two or three times about the actual game and the decisions, I was shocked myself as I’d never seen him post about the football.



    WEDNESDAY it was, don’t know where you were Gerry:)))




  20. The ALMIGHTY is the Father. Thanks Jesus for taking away Every Sin.







    Forgiveness – ye can never go wrong on a personal level.



    Bigger battle going on.

  21. NEGANON2



    As posters I get the feeling we might not agree with too much……………..but…………………I’m sure I would enjoy a pint and a blether.



    Mibbe some day…… and keep posting!




    Our manager has replied to leviens comments or perhaps you are unaware of that at this time on a Friday night.



    Regan resigned only yesterday.



    Perhaps our board are putting a statement together as we speak.



    Do you know they are not?

  23. Neg Anon



    “If you think I am insulting Paul then exactly what is he doing to all of us with this guff?



    I think Paul is stating his views without offering the insult that you manage to discern between his lines. In discerning an insult, you give yourself permission to respond “in kind” to an “in kind” that may not exist outside of your interpretation. Even if there was an implicit insult in Paul expressing his views, if you were to retaliate to that should you not reply with implicit rather than explicit insults? and what if you were wrong and Paul intended no insult, should you not clarify before you state that you know better what he is trying to say than he does himself? And, finally, if you are dissenting from Paul’s views, are you bullying him or stifling his dissent? Or is that a one-way street heading only towards yourself?





    “And what about the moderator who toady insulted each and every one of us who post on this blog?”



    I have not bothered to look up the insult for accuracy. Maybe you can do so. I believe that, in response to being called a liar, he stated that he had to wade through a lot of dross on here. So, where is the insult? Do you think that there is no dross on here? If so, then Paul’s comments are not dross either but they get you riled. If there is no dross here, then you must have scrolled by it because I am sure I posted some.



    I like Mags’s views, I don’t like when he insults people as less bright (even though many of us are definitely not as bright as he is). I am in a minority in liking ernie lynch’s posts but I despair at the high-handed impertinence with which he attacks others. But, you and I have been guilty of the exact same crime at times so we can’t just get one-eyed about this when it is someone on our side of a perceived mineshafter/happyclapper divide or clique/maverick outsider, or orthodox/dissenter, in fact any binary division that does not do justice to the rich variety of supporter opinion that exists.



    There are more than 40 shades of green in the Celtic support, so let a thousand shamrocks bloom and we can keep speaking our own truth here and, importantly, backing it up with evidence or supporting facts so we do not become a blog that just exchanges dialogue along the lines of “You’re daft”- “Naw- you’re dafter”. We come from better stock than that.




    a wee Irish rebel song

  24. Heard Brendan’s comments and thought they were on the soft side.


    Do I know if the board are preparing a statement? Of course not, but going on what has happened in the last 6 years I doubt it.

  25. fergusslayedtheblues on

    I have been fortunate to be on this earth for some of Celtics greatest triumphs from just before the lifting of the BIG CUP till now and have many great memories to look back on .


    But overall it has been a bittersweet time


    Sweet for all the above and bitter because ,I always knew my club had to do more to achieve honours in our game than any other . I put that purely down to the MIB on any given matchday .


    What I have witnessed since 2011 has totally changed my whole perspective of so called football in this country


    IMO it was not just the MIB that were corrupt it was also the SFA ,chairmen of clubs ,lords, judges, politicians police, MSM ,banks and administrators .


    How we even managed to achieve what we have in this country is testimony to the people at Celtic fc and the backing of the fans .


    The death of ragers 1872 has really flushed out the whole cabal


    Paranoid ,my word ,WE WERE NEVER PARANOID ENOUGH .



  26. If , as expected, Jozo gets to avoid injury on Killie’s plastic tomorrow- we are short at the back . I have 2 versions of 3:5:2 to propose



    De Vries



    Ajer Boyata Tierney



    Brown Kouassi



    Musonda Ntcham Sinclair



    Dembele Edouard








    De Vries



    AJer Bitton Boyata



    Brown Kouassi



    Forrest Ntcham Tierney



    Dembele Sinclair