Regan, asked to leave as a tainted failure


Let’s be clear, the job of chief executive of the SFA is thankless and destined for failure, of one variety or another. Even if you have the necessary skills to deliver commercial success (which the last two incumbents didn’t), if you appoint a national team manager who qualifies for a tournament, if your internal Data Protection systems are fit for purpose and you insist on doing the right thing, you are going to fail.

The SFA member clubs (there are over 90), it’s legions of utterly useless committee members, each without anything better to do than attend committee meetings, anchor the organisation in inept conservatism.

There was a gleam of light when Stewart Regan was appointed in 2010. They realised Gordon Smith, who did not meet the advertised criteria for the job, did not have the experience required to run an organisation of this size and profile. Regan, with enterprise-level commercial experience, as well as his gig at Yorkshire County Cricket, met all the criteria. He should have been a good appointment.

Instead, over 7 years later, his board made it clear his resignation was required.

Rejecting a request by the Scottish Professional League for a review of matters into the biggest club failure in the history of the game, one which tainted the immediate SFA past president and a current office holder, is a sack-able offence.

When the professional clubs ask the SFA to examine the conduct of its office holders, it has no choice but to do so. Those who attempt to cover up always fall on their swords.

I am led to believe there was an arrogance about Regan, who saw himself as an impenetrable big beast, who would seek shelter in the numbers of the Highland League, when the game’s other big beasts attempted to invoke corporate responsibility. He didn’t like dissent and could dismiss whatever he wanted as long as he held sway with those who populated the many and varied committees.

At the first sight of vulnerability, he was gone. Having asked for permission to speak to Michael O’Neill, only to be rejected was enough. He had burned all his bridges.

The SFA now need a competent administrator to downsize the organisation. The Association should be in the business of correctly registering players, training and appointing match officials, running the Scottish Cup and ensuring the various youth and other amateur elements of the game are properly resourced (which they are not currently).

Get out of Hampden, use Celtic Park, Ibrox, (new) Pittodrie, Easter Road or Tynecastle instead of pouring money into another sport’s coffers. Cull the useless committees, reign-in the gravy train and have clear and ethical rules of engagement.

Those hoping for change will do well to remember how we thought Gordon Smith’s replacement had to be better. Regan was, but he, and the next person, will be appointments of the system. Cultural change at the SFA will take years. But remember, at any point in time, a future SFA board can decide to review matters in the past, including the performance of Mr Regan.


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  1. thomthethim for Oscar OK on



    When is the next transfer window?


    This place today has reached a low that it has seldom reached before.


    People deliberately twisting other one’s posts to suit their own well worn agenda.



    Nobody is denyng anyone from having a POV, even though some of them are deranged opinions!



    The point has been the nature and vileness of personal attacks. No need for it.



    There was always a diversity of opinion here, going back to the earlier days.


    Personally, I have been on CQN since the first two or three months of it’s existance.


    There were some mghty exchanges between the likes of Madmich and NeilR, amngst others.



    Never once did it descend to the depths that the attention seekers of today plumb.



    Thank goodness for the likes of SFTB, Auldheid and one or two others who can cut to the chase, say what has to be said, without foaming at the mouth.



    Celtic men?

  2. GUTENBURG- posted similar earlier mate, with a few Bhoys just now, and fed up being a punchbag for these liars, without any response on our behalf

  3. Gerryfaethebrig on 2nd February 2018 9:08 pm



    Neg, apologies again some of your posts are valid probably like KevJ but sometimes the repeat button just repeats …. anyhow I have been summoned to watch some final on C5 about



    A right wing Tory Catholic, a drag queen fae Australia, a glamour girl, a gay ballet dancer & some Irish boyzone punter ???? I just told her it sounds like CQN !!!!



    WITS = Irisih Boyzone punter



    Hail Hail







    Just say No for Petes sake.

  4. Philbhoy- a wee bet, if the Club stand up and make a statement on Levein or McCann, a donation to Mary’s Meals, do you think they will? HH

  5. fergusslayedtheblues on

    Really looking forward to the game tomorrow .


    Watched the hearts game again and without doubt they were fired up for that tie ,they were on their game from the first whistle .Their forward players urging the players around them to press and cover our back line .


    They were alert and eager to get right in among us from the off and if that meant fouling then so be it .(have a look at the crime count ).


    Our bhoys however we were also up for it ,we were determined not to be bullied out of the ball, stood up to be counted and played some bloody good football to boot .


    That performance was what I expected after the winter break ,where I thought we would have recharged the batteries and kicked on .


    Ok so it might have been a couple of games late but we have to admit ,it was pretty damn impressive .


    SC has been great for killie and will be a hard game for our bhoys again .


    This is how it feels to be CELTIC



  6. Dissension has been at the core of our club since its humble but ambitious beginnings. It can be argued that our most fallow periods on and off the pitch are when the dissenters were nor heard.



    This is a special time in our history but I recognise that not all of our supporters will feel the same especially since the liquidation of our historical enemy and subsequent death defying actions of the SFA et al.



    As an avid student of our history it is very rare occurrence when we have been at peace and personally I don’t think I have supported any board for more than a couple of weeks. Perhaps around March ’94. Celtic is not the board, the team, the media, the blogs…it is so much more for so many people. Agreement will never happen but I will defend the dissenters right to dissent; the non old firmists right to non- attend and those who love going- to enjoy!



    Dissension is healthy; Support is the lifeblood.



    Look what we’ve achieved in a hostile society with the odds stacked against us. Some laughably think we have too much advantage now and we are the establishment. That thought keeps me amused.




  7. ‘Bloody January’ by Alan Parks. A superb new crime novel set in 1973 Glasgow. Well worth a read. Hh

  8. !!BADA BING!!



    Brendan has replied already!



    Not sure if the club will, or need to.



    The outpourings of Levine/McCann et al means to me they are REALLY HURTING.



    I love it.



    I contribute to Mary’s Meals regularly so a bet means nothing.



    However, why not ask every poster on here this week to donate a fiver.



    Much more meaningful!

  9. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Not read back yet but i’ve got the feeling things are a bit fractious


    ( is that actually a word ) anyway i’ll give it a miss it’s Saturday here


    in Oz and thats hunt a hun day.


    Once upon a time you knew you would end up in their company in


    some pub, club or whatever and a good bit of banter would ensue


    but now it’s like finding hens teeth, pity what a great time to rip the


    P*sh right out of them.


    BIGYINMILAN arriving in Melbourne this morning after a very long


    journey, meeting up on Monday for a beer or three ( long way to


    come for a pint ) and we’ve got a nice surprise for him but first it’s


    over the park with the wee mhan and let him use me as target


    practise with shots like missiles, good way to work up a sweat ( 8- ))


    H.H Mick

  10. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    PHILBHOY on 2ND FEBRUARY 2018 9:33 PM









    Name names!







    It’s not difficult!






    Not necessary.


    It is about the culture of the blog and what it has become.



    In a YAh- Boo scenario, the Yahs are as guilty as the Boos.



    Of greater importance is the need to stop Jobo from resetting his watch when he lands in Tenerife!


    They are on the same time zone as the UK.

  11. Sorry Bada,


    Hadn’t read back obviously but great minds, or is it fools?


    We could have put this whole charade to bed years ago but chose not to and now we have the Hun controlling the media and the SFA.


    Cheating on an unprecedented scale and we stand back while they retain the trophies.


    Huge dereliction of duty by our board.

  12. FSTB,



    Brendan done a masterstroke putting Oli close to his Countrymen.



    EK – is DISCIPLINED like nothing on Earth. Hard as nails.



    I’m really hoping for the same dudes playing the morra.



    Reference is @ the end of the mix.



    WOW – Here We Go.

  13. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on




    Good Evening folks



    Whilst we have recently run Goals Galore 3 for Mary’s Meals for educating and feeding kids in Liberia, that is not to say Wee Shay is out of mind or out of our thoughts. We recently passed a cheque onto the family for £4k, thanks to many supporters including LMS9, The CQN Golf Day at Aberlour, Caitlin’s Challenge, Linlithgow SVDP Fish Tea, Soldiers of our Street, The Penalty Spot, Lenovo, CQN badges and many others



    So, a massive thank you to everybody who have generously supported us in this wonderful campaign to date.



    At the moment, the family are assessing their future needs for Shay, whilst using the current funds to help Shay along the Way,



    We will continue to support Shay, but in this interim period will also look to help other fantastic causes. We also have a few projects to close out for Shay including the Home Club Captains top and the truly amazing drawings by Thunder Road, so watch this space!!



    In the meantime, here is a wee update from Wee Shay’s Mummy, Mary and some pics



    “Hello everyone at CQN.



    Hope you are all well :)



    Here is a little update on our wee shay bhoy.



    Shay has been progressing well since finishing recent block at bobath. Bobath therapy centre has been fantastic for shay. We learned a lot more about cerebral palsy and a lot more about shay and his posture and what areas need worked on.



    He now has his own standing frame at home now which is amazing for Shay. We are in process of building up the time he can tolerate standing for.



    Shay has been doing great the past few months, last hospital admission being back in September. He has came a long way as we were in hospital every other week at one point. Shay will start Primary 1 in August which is amazing, his time at nursery has brought him on so much over the past 2 years. Meeting new milestones everyday, He responds well his babbling and smiles to familiar adults and kids in his class .



    Shay has also been attending Hydrotherapy sessions to help relax his muscles and stop any spasms he has. He has loved every session of this.



    As a family we cannot thank everyone enough for all your support and fundraising to help us with Shays journey. He wouldn’t have been able to attend any of these blocks without your support. CQN & Walk with shay guys have been an amazing support to us and you all don’t get the credit yous deserve.



    We looked back at videos and photos of shay as a baby recently and the amount of pain he was in was unreal. Without this physio plan and the continued therapy he may still be in that pain. We are very grateful to each and every one of you.



    We will keep you updated on how we get on with the standing frame and our next block at bobath therapy. I have attached some photos of shays recent progress.



    Thanks again,



    Mary, Tam, Shay & Myla xx”



    Pics ( please copy and post in your browser page)
















  14. fergusslayedtheblues on

    Scottish Premiership Top Scorers


    Alfredo Morelos




    152 min per goal 1673 played 11 Goals scored 2 Assists Shots on target Total 52% 23 44



    Kris Boyd




    138 min per goal 1383 played 10 Goals scored 1 Assists Shots on target Total 51% 25 49



    Scott Sinclair




    180 min per goal 1621 played 9 Goals scored 4 Assists Shots on target Total 59% 29 49




    Adam Rooney




    147 min per goal 1319 played 9 Goals scored 0 Assists Shots on target Total 61% 16 26




    Leigh Griffiths




    123 min per goal 985 played 8 Goals scored 1 Assists Shots on target Total 55% 22 40



    Remind me again why chinese clubs are in a bidding war for more(or)less

  15. Blog has been horrible over the past couple of days .


    I’m seventy years of age soon and have seen the good the bad and the indifferent from Celtic, but I must ask the question Philboy why are you so angry?

  16. QUERE









    Nay idea what your on about.



    Not one of my posts have been disrespectful, impolite or angry this evening.



    So, what are you on about?