Regan footloose and disingenuous with the facts


Stewart Regan is today telling the media that only one club wants a review of what happened at Rangers during recent SFA president Campbell Ogilvie’s tenure as a director of the club. I think we can amend that slightly to read: only one LEAGUE of 42 professional clubs want a review of what happened.

It is utterly disingenuous for the SFA chief executive to portray the SPFL’s request for a review as a one-club issue. Regan is seeking protection in the amateur clubs’ numbers, ALL OF WHOM receive patronage from the SFA, against the wishes of the country’s only professional league.

You will remember how Sepp Blatter used the power of patronage with tiny Fifa nations to secure his grip on due process. Fifa money was spent and magnificent stadiums built where football scarcely had a foothold at the whim of Blatter, who enjoyed unquestioning support from micro-nations’ Associations.

When a chief executive uses the numbers in the amateur game, to outweigh the wishes of the 42 club professional league, for a review into what took place while a recent past president was a director at an errant club, you have all the ingredients for an abuse of patronage.

Stewart, all we’re asking for is a review, don’t pretend the country’s only professional league structure doesn’t exist.



CQN went behind the scenes with BT Sport at Hamilton on Friday evening and this is all covered in the new CQN Podcast which is out today and includes an interview with Chris Sutton…


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  1. Sepp Blatter clinging to power via mickey mouse associations like ConCaff & Trinidad & Tabaggo….will be like Reagan trying to cling to power with the support of Spartans etc, the amateur club that both he & the SFL shafted in 2012 when they denied them a league place just to let Sevco in the back door…………

  2. Early today I placed a couple of bets on correct scores for Celtic v PSG, without even looking at any other odds.


    Ive just looked at my Bookies ( Bet365 online), and I was shocked to see the following odds being offered.



    Celtic are 11/1 to win.


    Celtic half time/full time @ 22/1.


    PASG half time…Celtic full time @ 66/1.



    I just couldn’t resist bets on ALL three scenarios.




  3. The Battered Bunnet on

    The SFA is acting to isolate Celtic. They seem to be doing a pretty effective job of it, judging by the silence from other clubs.



    Unless the other clubs speak out now, there’s nowhere practically left for Celtic to go in terms of engaging the SFA.



    If we want a Game run by the blazers, this is what you get.



    Equally, it seems apparent, if you want a Game run by the clubs.



    There’s just no escaping the sticky clutches of self-interest.

  4. All it needs is one One other league club to stick it’s head above the parapet and say “we support the call for a review”


    Given the threats Turnbull Hutton and Raith Rovers received, does any other Chairman have big enough cajones to speak out, or are they all afraid of the intimidation and threats of violence from the rabid scum who frequent Ibrox.



  5. Although Celtic shouldn’t have to do it….surely there is nothing to stop Celtic from petitioning all other clubs ?



    As for amateur clubs siding with Regan and SFA, perhaps Celtic should also advise them that Celtic will NEVER again send a Celtic X1 to play in any testimonials and/or charity games with them, albeit that scenario may not happen too often nowadays ?



    Again since Regan is relying on support from amateur clubs for us just to ” move on”, when petitioning the other professional clubs, Celtic should be able to argue that we can NOT have ” The Tail Wagging the Dug” ?


    The days of that happening are supposed to be in the distant past ?




  6. I heard Hugh McDonald on the radio the other day pointing out that the SFA don’t do much for the SPFL clubs other than provide referees. Perhaps what we’re seeking big is the start of the end of the SFA as an organisation for the governance of the professional leagues in Scotland.

  7. We were told the media were being lined up behind the SFA by a PR agency led by a former SFA employee Broadfoot, that is what we are seeing here,if the SFA reject the review request and inform the SPFL that this is the case then the ball is back in their court, fans must lobby their clubs to demand a review either within football or throught the courts, thats if they care.


    Great news on the contract extensions for Broonie and Big Jozo

  8. Is it true that Regan won’t be live on SSB tonight? I’m hearing maybe a pre recorded interview, if so what a coward.

  9. Imatim wants justice and the titles to be stripped from the cheats on

    I do believe the not so Unseen Fenian Hand is one or two steps ahead of the game and has been for some considerable time.




    Everything the SFA and the Hun media will do will be predictable. They are consistent in their actions as testament to the Level of the chancers they take their instructions from.




    I am convinced the man with the plan has their measure and we can expect a few bombshells to drop in the immediate future from a few varying and strategic sources.




    The game is on. They are being drawn out and my money is on a positive result. We may not get everything we want but we will get enough.

  10. As I posted a couple of days ago….Celtic should now tell Regan and his corrupt office that unless there is a Full Independent Judicial Review, then NO Celtic Player will EVER represent Scotland ever again ?


    Someone argued the other day that only serves to punish the Players ?…..Well lets ask the Celtic players on their thoughts ?


    What can the SFA do legally, IF every Scottish Celtic player did what Gough and others have did…REFUSE to play for Scotland…..announce their retirement from the International scene irrespective of their ages ( KT and Scott Brown for example) ?



    I would like to think that EVERY Scottish celtic player would be disgusted at how Celtic and our support are being treated…lets really call these SFA Bassa’s bluff !



    Maybe Celtic could offer those players a wee bit extra in their wage packets for telling Scotland to feck aff………….a DOS letter….Disillousment Of Scotland perhaps ?




  11. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    St Rochs, Glasgow Irish, Blantyre Celtic to name a couple


    Are they members of SFA?



    Assuming they are I think they should issue a statement to prove The SFA clown wrong

  12. BELFASTCELT on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2017 4:21 PM


    Is it true that Regan won’t be live on SSB tonight? I’m hearing maybe a pre recorded interview, if so what a coward.




    A 2 minute or so tv interview with Regan was televised today at lunchtime on BBC Scotland news.


    Regan claimed that ” He understood why Peter Lawwell has sought a review, and about how apart from Celtic, no other club amongst 108 members have sought any Review etc”.


    So it must be a pre recorded interview on radio tonight ?



    Stage managed…just like the feckin Nazi’s and Tory Party.




  13. Regan is more or less saying it’s only Celtic who want to know who was cheating, no one else is interested, that’s just about the size of it, I knew, and I think most of us did that this was the way it was going, but I honestly didn’t think that Celtic would be made the baddy here, we’ve done nothing wrong, we just want some chit cleared up, what are they accusing Celtic of? Standing up for honesty and clarity? That’s a bad thing? We think a team or the officers of our game cheated clubs out of trophies and money, AND we can prove it, ok no enquiry, fine, then we have to think that we are right and the game needs looked at by outside sources to prove us wrong, if Regan thinks Celtic are doing a bad thing here then fine, charge us PLEASE.!

  14. Greenwells Glory on

    Hi Ghuys, Salve salve;- Firstly. we are getting what we expected form Reagan and his cohorts, so no surprises.



    Second we now see clearly how they deal with situations pertaining to governance and adherence to the rules. Therefore if as was mooted a couple of weeks ago that there are CQN ghuys with evidence of inappropriate conduct concerning other clubs, would now not be the time to put the evidence out there for all to see rather than wait for Mr Reagan’s idea of the correct way to proceed in these cases?.


    Lastly, after the game tomorrow, might it be appropriate for Peter Lawell to give a televised interview setting out all the facts?


    Good luck tomorrow night Bhoys.





    Post proelia praemia

  15. Maybe Celtic will simply tell Regan….” No Review…then fine….Celtic FC will now privately fund an Independent Judicial Review ASAP.


    Should the SFA in that possible scenario decide to suspend Celtic….what would ALL the other professional clubs think about the loss of revenue that THEY would be hit with ?


    Maybe then, they would fire in demands for the SFA to hold a Review ?



  16. On being disingenuous, SFA Res 12 responses littered by it but it doesn’t end there.



    Regan takes the art to new levels in 2013 in BBC Sportsound interview.






    How can you monitor from 1st April if you do not know who to monitor until end of May?



    A bit more on this as regards what line SFA might try to take in their UEFA Licence investigation or if indeed they should be allowed to.

  17. HORSES.


    D. McCains horse in the 4.35 at Perth has just won @ 3/1. ( The Clock Leary)


    I got 7/2 earlier.


    His other runner earlier in the 2.35 was a void race as I explained earlier.


    Hope someone on here took my wee bit of advice earlier.



    Happy days again today for this Big Eejit.




    Mr Regan…GIRFUY.

  18. Celtic Champs Elect on

    Defence for tomorrow night



    Craig Gordon



    Anthony Ralston Michael Lustig Jozo Simunovic & Kieran Tierney.


    You heard it here first

  19. Its only a starting line up a game of 14 players in the modern game, but a fascinating quandary for BR especially if he has to choose between Ntcham or Armstrong if he doesn’t and plays both, it’ll not only be a first but would it mean a different system?




    The back five is likely to be on seniority and as we assume Boyata is still out, then Bitton will be in, despite Chris Sutton king of the drama queens, BR will prefer Gordon,Mikel, Jozo, Nir, and Keiran.




    Anything else at the back is an experiment that surely wouldn’t be an option in the CL .




    Brown and Ntcham leave room for Callum MacGregor the unsung hero to play his game that doesn’t always include the ball at his feet, and room too for Armstrong first change early in the second half with us still well in in the game.




    They can’t all start so Patrick might takeover from James joining Leigh who’ll start if fully fit ,completing the invincible eleven is Scott.

  20. So nothe one club outwith celtic is concerned about governance of Scottish football, wonder why?



    Cheats are what cheats do



    Not unexpected but I hope celtic get them told



    As for the rest of the club’s they should hang themselves in shame, but then again yous have to have integrity to experience shame




  21. Regan, said in that interview that he’d be more than willing to give anyone information on anything that they would find helpful, .


    That’s not what he told the res.12 guys he told them to …k off that they would only talk to the club.

  22. I said a few days ago that if the club go for it, they imo will destroy those at the sfa, if they don’t, the corrupt bassas win, we would be as well shutting up shop if that’s what happens.


    Go for it Celtic, you know it makes sense and it’s the right thing to do.

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