Regan on SFA acting without fear


“The Scottish FA has a responsibility to all its members and must implement its rules without fear or favour”.  Stewart Regan, SFA chief executive, 24 April 2012.

What chance the SFA will be able to act without fear now?  I don’t imply they will act without favour, but do you believe SFA panellists can act without fear?  Anyone who participates in Rangers appeal process and upholds their punishment will act despite fear.

This process, one of the most important the SFA has dealt with in years, has been subverted, and that calls for a far greater sanction that any already imposed.

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  1. No dignity!




    WALTER SMITH believes Ally McCoist’s


    reaction to the SFA’s sanctions and


    transfer embargo was to be expected


    given the manager’s passion and love for




    Smith is fully aware of the pain his former


    assistant will be feeling right now with


    the threat of liquidation still hanging over


    the club, leaving McCoist with his hands tied


    behind his back.


    A year-long transfer embargo would be


    another kick in the teeth for Ibrox legend


    McCoist who took over from Smith at the


    start of the 2011/12 campaign and has been


    a rock throughout the most turbulent period


    in the club’s history.


    Having suffered the frustration of being


    deducted ten points in February, which


    ultimately ended Rangers’ chances of


    making it four-in-a-row, Smith believes it’s


    only natural his close friend’s anger boiled


    over in an explosive interview with


    RangersTV on Tuesday.


    He said: “He’s passionate about Rangers


    Football Club, never mind the fact he has


    the job of manager to do he has also been a


    supporter since he was a boy.


    “He doesn’t like to see what is happening to


    his club at the present moment.


    “If you add the frustrations he will feel in his


    first year as a manager and finding himself


    dealing with circumstances that very few of


    us, regardless of how experienced we are,


    have had to handle.


    “There will be a lot of frustration there and


    that came out the other day, and came out


    quite rightly in my opinion.


    “I think he’s handled himself extremely well


    and no one has been able to help him


    because how can anyone help him when you


    have never been in those circumstances?


    “The frustration came to the fore the other


    day but there was a point to what he was




    “I don’t think anyone, especially if you are a


    Rangers supporter, would disagree with


    what he said.


    “What you have to remember is it affects his


    job and it affects his life.


    “He’s starting his first year in management


    and he wants to be a manager at Rangers


    Football Club.


    “He knew it was going to be tough because


    circumstances weren’t settled when I left


    last year.


    “But it’s his career that is on the line as




    “He has given up a lot to come into football


    and he finds himself in this circumstance.


    “So he was only reacting to something he


    felt was an injustice for the club and in many


    ways that impacts personally on him as



  2. brucecassavetes on

    I’m still thinking about this particular scenario:



    Walter Nosurname shows remarkably prescient timing in deciding to leave as manager of RFC (IA), McCoist takes the job regardless. Anyone think they both knew what was coming but FPLG was assured that catastrophe would be avoided i.e. Ogilvie, Regan, et al would find a way out of the slowest car crash in history?

  3. Awe_Naw



    If we had intervened we would have been pilloried for interfering with something that was not directly our business.


    Behind the scenes is another thing.

  4. hen1rik on 26 April, 2012 at 15:51 said:



    I see the old establishment are bringing the reinforcements out today, couple of weeks ago it was Dallas and co and now it’s Sir Walter.



    Geez peace Walter the Celtic fans won’t listen to a man who doesn’t condone attacks on our manager.





    Homework for today: condemn != condone.



    Normally, I don’t pick people up on stuff like this, but that one continuously grinds my gears. Sorry.

  5. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    We have so much to be quiet about that I do not think that a 1000% and i choose that number carefully news blackout is necessary.



    We can add to the spin. Choose the material carefully



    We can add to that hurt .. by choosing the material carefully



    It has to go down in history and not forgotten about



    HAil Hail

  6. No Dignity! 2



    WALTER Smith believes the 12-month


    transfer embargo placed upon Rangers


    by the SFA will do harm to every SPL




    Smith insists the Light Blues would risk


    relegation from the top flight if the sanctions


    saw them ending up with a youth side in SPL




    And he feels the loss of the Ibrox club from


    the SPL would put in jeopardy the future of


    all of Scotland’s first tier teams.


    He said: “The people on the panel have


    maybe underestimated the problems


    Rangers have at this present moment


    through going into administration they have


    had to make an arrangement with players


    who at the end of the season can walk away.


    “Now in the circumstances we are in the


    majority of them might take that option


    when there is no way you can replace them.


    “It means that Rangers could effectively be


    playing with a team full of under-18 players


    and in that situation relegation could face


    the club.


    “I think that despite all the joy that some


    people might be taking at the situation


    Rangers are in no one, especially in the SPL,


    will want to see Rangers leave with the


    support they carry and the amount of money


    they bring to the league itself.


    “But the sanction that they have given would


    effectively, in my mind, put them in danger


    of relegation and every club in the league


    would suffer then.”


    It is a stark view from the man who led


    Rangers to three straight titles and a total of


    eight trophies in four seasons before leaving


    in the summer.


    But he believes the level of competition in


    the top flight means a team based around


    under-18 players would struggle to cope.


    He added: “You can’t play a team of kids in


    the SPL and hope to survive never mind be




    “So therefore you would be looking at a


    year where people in the SPL would have


    Rangers supporters’ money going around


    the country and there, in my mind, would be


    a fair chance of getting relegated.


    “I don’t know whether they have taken into


    account the fact that Rangers could lose 75


    per cent of their team at the end of the


    season and not able to replace them.


    “I’m still not sure the club know why that


    embargo has been put in place.”

  7. Till later Bhoys & Ghirls


    Wife just said ” are you going to be on that computer all day”


    I replied ” but Im waiting on the huns dying”


    ” what are you going to do when they’re deed” she says????????




    & and do whatever i’m told :)))))



  8. Kojo



    Sometimes it’s the only way to get the attention we crave, we wouldn’t be on here otherwise, though in saying that, as the wife isny interested in football :>)

  9. SPL chief Neil Doncaster has to make a public statement surrounding this threat from Rangers FC, surely this threat supported by the club is legally actionable by the clubs in the SPL targeted by Rangers fans, the fans are entitled to take what action they want, the club as represented by Jardine have no justification to pick on and punish certain clubs as they see fit, a disgrace and is in breech of the SPL agreements by the clubs



    Meanwhile, former Rangers captain Sandy Jardine, who works behind the scenes at Ibrox, revealed supporters groups will meet on Saturday to discuss implementing sanctions against other clubs.


    “We are going to have a meeting with all the delegates from the whole of Britain, and some of them will be flying in from abroad,” said Jardine.


    “Out of that, the supporters will take sanctions against clubs which we deem to have been unfair to ourselves.


    “I’m not going to go into the actual details but we will probably announce that after the meeting with the supporters clubs.”

  10. Silver City Neil Lennon on

    If a 12 month ban on transfers would sign your death warrent then it would be reprehensibly stupid to indulge in activities that would result in such a punishment. If this kills Rangers, it’s entirely their own fault.

  11. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    I dont care about being pilloried by this scum I would take that as strong indication that I am doing something right



    Hail HAil

  12. traditionalist88 on 26 April, 2012 at 15:52 said:



    Socks are ridiculous





    One thing when/if we play them at home they will have to change their famous red top socks

  13. I dont remember anyone blaming frusration when they were queing up to put the boot into Neil.



    One Nation…

  14. Tennessee Tim on




    I wouldn’t get all worked up about responses or lack of responses to your posts. Just depends on the time of day and subject matter. I’m a rare poster to the forum but have been treated with courtesy every time….even when I have a clueless Yank question — i.e. “why would you put jelly on ice cream?”



    Overall, the forum is great craic and helps me feel connected to the Celtic family.




  15. Awe_Naw; I thought I’d seen it all from hateley. Now he’s calling himself a world class player? Incredible guff.

  16. Awe Naw/Philbhoy



    Hate ly’s column is a new low even for the Daily Record, the only good thing being the response to it. Good point about the Record using Hately as a front, interesting that none of the usual hacks, were prepared to put their monicker on it. Unlike Ali (Disgusted I tell you) McCoist I will not demand to know who actually wrote it, though my guess is “as told to”.




    (to the tune of ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire by Billy Joel)



    Charlie Adam, Alex Rae, Davie Dodds, Andy Gray,


    Nacho Novo, Charlie Miller, Derek Ferguson,


    Terry Hurlock, Bill Struth, Press won’t tell the truth,


    Robert Fleck, Larkhall, Ian Ferguson.



    Queen and crown, John Brown, James Traynor shouting down


    Bowler hats, Gavin Rae, Findlay’s Karaoke


    Graeme Souness, Hate green, tug yer forelock tae the queen,


    Murray’s tenner fiver boast, sending bullets through the post.



    We didn’t pay our taxes,


    We were always cheating, while our drums were beating


    We didn’t pay our taxes,


    Hector didn’t like it and we tried to fight it.



    Green Straws banned here, Songs of hatred very clear


    war chest, UEFA fines, the loyal won’t see the signs


    season tickets sold off, Leckie hears a non-existent cough


    Trouser leg rolled up, but huvnae won the Big Cup.



    Terry Butcher, Bobby Tait, Jock Wallace, Catholic hate,


    On the queen’s highway, Barry’s passing sideways


    Alan Hutton, red socks, selling orange football tops,


    Derek Johnstone, Chick Young, journos won’t admit they’re huns



    We didn’t pay our taxes, we were always cheating


    while our drums were beating.


    We didn’t pay our taxes


    Hector didn’t like it and we tried to fight it



    Sandy Clark, Kris Boyd, Ten seasons, all void,


    John Greig, early bath, FTP autograph


    war chest, Edu, 1690 menu,


    Alec Clelland, Gascoigne, Still singing about the Boyne



    Lafferty, Richard Gough, getting Timmy sent off,


    BNP, Orange Hall, Playing anti football


    Casuals, ICF, Celtic fan stabbed to death


    Barcelona drenched in piss, Master Race hubris.





    We didn’t pay our taxes, we were always cheating


    while our drums were beating.


    We didn’t pay our taxes


    Hector didn’t like it and we tried to fight it



    Malmo, Maribor, not in Europe anymore,


    European moonbeam, but got put out by a diddy team


    Zurich, Zizkov, Unirea pub team


    Barcelona, Bucharest, Osasuna, more arrests


    Bobby Tait’s dodgy watch, the huns are on crimewatch


    Manchester, blown away, what else do I have to say?



    We didn’t pay our taxes, we were always cheating


    while our drums were beating.


    We didn’t pay our taxes


    Hector didn’t like it and we tried to fight it



    Dodgy chief a billionaire, Jelavic no longer there.


    Cardigans, Walter Smith, Whyte’s billions just a myth,


    Interdict, court case, monies due, losing face,


    Ally Fat Paul Le Guen, at the Sheriff Court again


    Coisty hasn’t got a clue, neither do the fans in blue,


    Transfer window, shut again, Whyte has let them down again,


    Players wages on the line, Whytie might be doing time,


    Padlocks on the Ibrox doors, they can’t take it anymore





    We didn’t pay our taxes, we were always cheating


    while our drums were beating.


    We didn’t pay our taxes


    Hector didn’t like it and we tried to fight it


    But when we are gone


    You can still walk on, and on, and on, and on

  18. Sure it’s great how uncle watty ,knows how everybody thinks and feels.


    Fekin ole bigot.

  19. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Man admits threatening Celtic Twitter comment about Peter Lawwell



    Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell was the target of the comment


    An Aberdeen man has admitted posting a threatening Twitter comment after Celtic’s chief executive said the club did not need Rangers.



    Ryan McDonald, 21, wrote “Lawwell needs a bullet simples!!!” about Peter Lawwell in February.



    He admitted breaching the peace by sending a message of a threatening or offensive nature.



    Sheriff Wendy Sheehan deferred sentence at Glasgow Sheriff Court for more information about the case.

  20. If they are no longer in the SPL their away boycott doesn’t really carry much weight. Also do they not realise if they are talking about boycotting clubs why would the same clubs vote to keep them in the SPL. Their stupidity knows no bounds.

  21. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    They were caught cheating on a massive scale over possibly decades!!



    What is to forgive and forget??



    Take your punishment ya shower of lowlifes!



    (No disrespect to any decent lowlifes who may be lurking)

  22. VP



    The wee mhans great.


    Took him to the recent match v St. J.


    We were up near you’s but for the life of me I could’nt remember where you sit.


    He loved the game and is now a big Samaras fan.


    He want’s me to get him a season ticket-Nae chance of that,am a bit thrifty you know.


    Anyhow,I’ll let him know you were asking for him and try to get up and see you’s soon.


    Pass on my regards to the lads & your good lady.




  23. fergus slayed the blues on

    Re the ragers fans crying about media bias against their club ,I would love to know what media they are talking about .


    If Lenny had done what Sally did ,he would have been slaughtered all over the media .All I have seen is backing and excuses for Sally .


    Under pressure ,give me a break ,look at the real pressure our manager lives under every day in this cesspit ,and the LL are loathed to give him the manager of the year award .


    If real justice was to come to this disgusting club , a run down Blackpool B&B could have more stars than this mob of charlatans

  24. Can somebody point me to the rule that said they SFA had to impose the maximum sanction, rather than the maximum fine – which is what they have done and what they stated they had done?

  25. Mort on 26 April, 2012 at 16:14 said:




    Y'know what?…..I'd buy that 'tricolour' top in a minute! HH!

  26. traditionalist88 on

    neveralone, going to take a bit of getting used to. They were probably changed from black in the first place because someone twigged white or green looked a hundred times better;)



    timjim, didnt think of it like that:)







  27. Rangers: Walter Smith fears relegation over transfer ban



    Former Rangers manager Walter Smith believes a 12-month transfer ban imposed on the Ibrox club could result in them being relegated.


    Smith fears the club are yet to come through the worst of their problems.


    Rangers entered administration in February and the squad agreed temporary wage cuts and release clauses, meaning they could leave in the summer.


    “With no way to replace them, Rangers could effectively be playing a team of under-18 players,” said Smith.


    “In that situation, relegation would face the club.


    “Despite all the joy that a lot of people might be taking at the situation that Rangers are in, no-one – especially in the SPL – wants to see Rangers leave with the support they carry and the amount of money they bring to the league itself.


    “The sanctions they have given would, in my mind, put them in danger of relegation and every club in the league would suffer then.


    “I don’t think we’ve seen the worst because if the sanctions that were imposed take place and there are no new owners at the club then there is obviously worse to come.”


    Ally McCoist, Smith’s predecessor and former assistant, claimed the inability to replace players could ultimately “kill” Rangers and was keen to know the identity of the three-man Scottish FA panel that made the decision.


    But McCoist has since stated his “disgust” at threats made to the three men after they were named on internet sites, which has prompted a police investigation .


    “He’s passionate about Rangers Football Club,” said Smith of McCoist.


    “Never mind the fact that he has a job as manager to do, he has been a supporter since he was a boy. He doesn’t like to see what’s happening at his club.


    “Add to that the frustrations that he will feel in his first year as a manager and having to handle circumstances that very few of us, regardless of how experienced we are, have to handle.


    “There will be a lot of frustration there and it came out the other day – and came out quite rightly, in my opinion.


    “But there was a point to what he was saying and I don’t think anyone – especially if you are a Rangers supporter – would disagree with what he said.


    “I think he has handled himself extremely well. Nobody has been able to help him – how can you help somebody when you have never been in that circumstance yourself?


    “Remember, it affects his job, it affects his life. He knew it was going to be tough because the circumstances weren’t settled when I left at the end of last season.


    “It’s his career that’s on the line as well.”



    Typical cardihun, playing to the gallery and the vigilantly mob re-enforcing their warped view on Scottish football, no contrition, no humility

  28. brucecassavetes on

    Tambhoy57 on 26 April, 2012 at 16:18






    Saw this one on RTC:



    There once was a company director,


    who was taking the p*** out of Hector,


    the taxman said, ‘No,


    give me my dough,


    or you’re club will be totally fecked, sir!

  29. tomthelennytim on

    Notice of Complaint issued


    Thursday, 26 April 2012




    The Compliance Officer has issued the following Notice of Complaint:



    Name: Neil Lennon, Celtic FC


    Match: Celtic v Heart of Midlothian (William Hill Scottish Cup) – 15th April 2012


    Disciplinary Rule(s) allegedly breached: Rules 203, 68 and 71


    Principal Hearing Date: Thursday, 10th May 2012



    Mr. Lennon has until Thursday, 3rd May 2012 to respond to the Notice of Complaint.



    Rule 203: No member of Team Staff shall commit Misconduct at a match, including but not limited to committing acts of the kind described in the Schedule of Offences in Annex C (including where there is aggravation by any factor, including but not limited to prolongation of the incident; combination of different offences; continued use of offensive, abusing and/ or insulting language and/or behaviour; calling a match official a cheat and/ or calling a match official’s integrity into question; failure to comply with a match official’s requests; adoption of aggressive behaviour towards a match official; any racist, sexist, sectarian and/or otherwise discriminatory element; and the degree of any physical violence), breaching the Post Match Protocol and committing Unacceptable Conduct.



    Rule 68: No recognised football body, club, official, Team Official or other member of Team Staff, player or other person under the jurisdiction of the Scottish FA, shall in an interview, a ‘blog’ on the internet, on a social networking or micro-blogging site, or in any other manner calculated or likely to lead to publicity (i) criticise the performance(s) of any or all match official(s) in such a way as to indicate bias or incompetence on the part of such match official; or (ii) make remarks about such match official(s) which impinge on his character. For the avoidance of doubt this rule applies (i) whether reported to the Scottish FA by a referee for misconduct or otherwise, and (ii) where remarks are brought to the Scottish FA’s attention, or of which the Scottish FA becomes aware, by whatever manner or means.



    Rule 71: A recognised football body, club, official, Team Official, other member of Team Staff, player or other person under the jurisdiction of the Scottish FA shall, at all times, act in the best interests of Association Football and shall not act in any manner which is improper

  30. Bhoys,



    If the tri colour top turns out to be a hoax you can buy a very similar GAA top. Offlay play in an almost indentical top.

  31. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Thursday on Celtic TV: Neil Lennon’s only pre-match interview


    By: Gregor Kyle on 26 Apr, 2012 15:16


    NEIL Lennon knows all about the highs and lows of the Glasgow derby, both as a player and now as Celtic manager. This season, as he has steered the club to the SPL title, has been no different.



    Victory in the derby at Celtic Park back in December put the Hoops on top of the table, a position they haven´t relinquished for the rest of the campaign. But there have also been two defeats, in the two league fixtures at Ibrox.



    And after the frustrations of the most recent loss in March, the manager is hoping for three points on Sunday when the sides meet at Celtic Park. With Neil Lennon banned from the touchline for the game, he has taken a brief hiatus from media duties, which means that tonight’s exclusive interview on the Huddle Online on Celtic TV is the only place where you can hear his pre-match thoughts.



    And as he explained, his players are determined to do everything they can to win the match.



    “When you lose a derby game it’s as if you have played rubbish, but that wasn’t the case at all,” he said. “Even at 1-0 down, we were creating chances and were in the game, and the sending off then put us on the back foot.



    “But the players know they can do better and I am sure they will be very motivated to do that come Sunday.”



    In tonight’s exclusive interview on Celtic TV, the manager talks in detail about this weekend’s game and also looks back on last week’s 3-0 victory over third-placed Motherwell, when teenage striker Tony Watt made an instant impact, scoring two goals within minutes of coming on as a substitute.



    The Hoops boss talks us through his matchday preparations and the current injury situation.



    “Beram has started back training and we are hoping that he may get some game-time between now and the end of the season,” he revealed. “Mark Wilson is back fit and we nearly have a clean bill of health.



    “James Forrest is obviously out and we doubt very much whether we will see him again this season. Ki picked up the hamstring injury on Sunday and the nature of that injury means it could mean anywhere between three and six weeks. His season is basically over.”

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