Regionalisation needs to be discussed before reorganisation


Dramatic and ambitions developments in European leagues, in this instance Russian and Ukraine, who have taken Michel Platini’s endorsement for the regionalisation of domestic leagues, should inspire the imagination of every football fan and administrator in a league with problems.

Scotland has a league with problems.

Our clubs and national association are committed to reorganisation but neither proposal from the Scottish Premier League or Scottish Football League does anything to halt the inevitable decline and marginalisation of our clubs.

In the 60s, 70s and 80s well-run Scottish provincial clubs regularly beat leading teams from big European countries but since then our small domestic market TV market has made most Scottish clubs also-rans, both in Europe and at home.  We have a league system where the battle for second place is competitive and interesting but does not carry a meaningful reward; only one club is capable of winning the league.

Before making any changes to our league system we need to consider what changes are happening elsewhere in Europe and have a mature conversation about regionalisation.

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  1. With this talk of mergers, who would our new rivals be in England? QPR might seem apt but they are NOTHING like the old Glasgow Club of that name. A small number of Chelsea supporters would incline us towards seeing them as our arch enemy but the CFC itself is an inclusive enough entity. I think I would edge towards Man U. They have become the Establishment Club in England in the way that Arsenal might have been seen to be many years ago.




  2. Paul67



    Don’t know if you spotted on the previous article.



    Paul67 and winning captains



    Super service from CQN,ordered CQN Album on thursday evening and received it today at 1245. Luuuuuuv the Abyss. That was after a quick flick through.




    Weefra HH

  3. Agreed, Paul. Norway, Denmark, Holland and Belgium are our nearest non-British neighbours.Could those countries provide an interesting league?




  4. There’s been talk of the Balkan states re-forming a la Yugoslavia. Can’t see it myself, feelings still too raw.

  5. Congratulations to Can I Have Raspberry on podium – and thanks for the free tickets for the Ross County game.

  6. They will rejoin the Czech and Slovak leagues. Fans here want it and it is a money spinner. Slovaks and Czechs have rivalry but it is far more friendly than other places apart from the bampot element who go to fight and little else.



    The Slovak league has no fans. Most Slovaks support foreign teams and only the die hards go.



    Of the teams in the league only Slovan Bratislava and Spartak Trnava have large fans and a travelling support. They’d love to take on the Prague teams and the Ostravas and Liberecs of this world. Cross border rivalry will mean increased crowds.



    It will be the way forward.

  7. Celtic v Anderlecht, Celtic v Feynoord, Celtic v Rosenborg, Celtic v Copenhagen or Man Utd v Celtic, Celtic v Arsenal, Celtic v Everton, Celtic v Chelsea…



    From a fixture list perspective I would prefer entry to the EPL should we leave Scotland…

  8. Paul, you’re absolutely right. The problem is that those who run the Scottish game cannot look beyond their own narrow horizons. There is no vision and no leadership. They are more interested in their own positions and their own power than what is right for Scottish football.

  9. Paul67



    A serendipity effect of a UK league would be no more SFA however anyone cares to interpret that.

  10. Paul67



    How would it affect UEFA competitions and if Sevco still did not have 3 years of accounts, would they be eligible to participate in a cross border league?

  11. Paul – you have made a number of posts recently which clearly demonstraste you want to see Celtic out of Scottish football, something which you believe would be good for Celtic and good for Scottish football.


    Wishful thinking or a nod and a wink to genuine change in the offing?

  12. Say what you want about the SPL, at least it is not all over by Christmas…



    Jose Mourinho believes it is “almost impossible” for his Real Madrid side to retain the Primera Division after the 2-2 draw with Espanyol left them 13 points behind leaders Barcelona.



    Tito Vilanova’s side wrapped up their ninth victory in a row with a 4-1 win at home to second-placed Atletico Madrid, while at the Bernabeu Juan Albin’s 88th-minute equaliser ensured Espanyol took a share of the spoils.

  13. If we have a choice / wish, would being involved in a Germal league not represent something desirable?


    Good teams, good strength in depth, well attended, enthusiastic crowds, good identity (not sure thats the right words but high percent of German players and good youth development and no apparent sense of entitlement or boasting about being the best league in the world)

  14. Lucio has left Juve by mutual consent. 34, but he has been one of the best CB’s in recent years and won it all.



    A wee cheeky 6 month contract?

  15. Auldheid



    13:27 on 17 December, 2012



    I have always been a bit ambivalent about leaving Scottish football behind, but seeing the last of our jaundiced national association is probably reason enough to make me welcome a move ANYWHERE.

  16. mearns 2 milton on

    Any move must have far greated revenue opportunities than are currently avaliable. My Number 1 fear is that we are only invited as part of two reps from Scotland. This due to the difficulty football people have in facing facts. If moves are on the offing, it would be a downright disgusting outrage if Zombie 2012 are invited as they have no more of a claim than East Sirling or Elgin to be invited

  17. Ntalloossa @ 13.05



    Yes, John Knox was indeed an imposing and frightening “presence”, but we were more concerned with the Gatekeeper. We understood his name was Fraser, and that children who were caught in the “gravy” were taken away and never seen again. For years I used to hide when I saw a “House of Fraser” van!



    Aye, happy memories!




  18. Celtic playing in England .?



    I occasionally encounter an English guy who lives in my wee part of the world. A retired early big cheese polis . We don’t have much in common but I like fitba and he likes football so we talk football.



    His view is that the polis would be very much against Celtic playing in England -Why ?



    Every numb nut Little Englander yobbo would come out to play and there would be violence.

  19. Sadly South of Tunis that ex-cop probably speaks a lot of sense there. Having said that, we do pay for what looks like every police officer and all their toys every second week

  20. starry plough



    Over the last decade of watching us play in England i’ve seen serious incidents in London, Manchester, Blackburn, Newcastle



    Every loonball in England comes out of the woodwork when we play down south. The only exception was Anfield in 2003

  21. Starry Plough….



    Celtic v Anderlecht, Celtic v Feynoord, Celtic v Rosenborg, Celtic v Copenhagen or Man Utd v Celtic, Celtic v Arsenal, Celtic v Everton, Celtic v Chelsea…



    Celtic v WBA, Celtic v Norwich, Celtic v Reading…..

  22. South Of Tunis



    13:51 on 17 December, 2012



    It is very rare for me to agree with a ‘polis’ ( even an ex-polis), but I agree with your fellow exile.


    I have always thought that Celtic in England would be a target for every BNP nut in the country.

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