Relentless Forrest a blast from O’Neill era


James Forrest’s cross for Odsonne Edouard’s equaliser yesterday was like a goal from the Martin O’Neill era, when so much of our play was about getting crosses to drop in front of goal.  It contrasts with the ball across the face of goal, or pulled back, which we more commonly see today.  The difference in styles reflects the difference in personnel, but it often takes variation to prise open a packed defence.

While Odsonne continues to grab the headlines, James’ has an equal claim to the Most Valuable Player title.  He was relentless yesterday.

Fair play to Kilmarnock, their 6-3-1 formation required a couple of exceptional goals to break their resolve.  They will do all right this season, or at least, better than their early results suggested.

Six games, six wins, 21 goals for and four against is impressive form.  We won two from our opening six last season, scoring only six goals.  The same this season would have Newco in the kind of frenzy not seen since their Petrofac Cup win.  While we bossed them at Ibrox, they are hanging in there.  Both teams will be taxed between now and Christmas as the Europa League group stage progresses.

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    Griffiths was still injured at the weekend, whether we will see a lot of him is a different debate but I would expect him to be in the squad for Wednesday.

  2. Philbhoy-Wife and 3 pals were going to Majorca on Thursday……luckily a package deal so money back,if it was flight only they would have had no refund, ridiculous amount of debt for a company that size,sorry about your trip, meanwhile other companies profiteering, as folk look for alternatives…

  3. TURKEYBHOY on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2019 11:31 AM


    Have said this before,the Hail Hail 67 site needs a bit of watching.



    Hi TB, agreed, blocked them months and months ago for their sleekit way of reporting stuff about Celtic. If you read carefully a piece that on the face of it is praiseworthy, you will quickly find a sleekit wee bit of unjustified, unwarranted criticism. Checked up on the Timternet and found it comes out of the same media group as the Recurd.

  4. Thomas Cook half year accounts showed an £800 Mio loss, astonishing.



    Bound to got t@ts up at some stage. £200 Mio funding they were looking for would be like putting a finger in a hole in a leaking dam.



    Terrible for the employees and those holiday makers who are affected. They will be repatriated but those who booked flights only won’t get any cash back, a real shame.

  5. See the BBC team of the week has 4 of them – including the keeper – thought it was an easy win.


    Big Fraser’s penalty save counts for nowt

  6. Just a wee observation……


    Wasnt Levein the Hearts manager a few weeks ago, who claimed that Celtic Bayo’s Two Goals against his Hertz mob were “OWN GOALS” ?


    Subsequently young Bayo’s ” Two Goals” were taken from him officially.



    In the Edinburgh derby yesterday…Hertz winning Goal was CLEARLY SERIOUSLY DEFLECTED , as the Hertz players shot clearly came of a Hibs Boot !



    Ive yet to read or hear Levein or any “Official” from the League and/or SFA take away that goal from the Hertz player and attribute it to as an “OWN GOAL” ?


    Likwise when the Huns beat us last season 1 -0, and the Ball clearly was deflected by Scott Brown…and yet Jack of Sevco was named as the goal scoring hero ?




  7. glendalystonsils on

    Rangers demonstrated something in their 4-0 win at McDiarmid Park that all title contenders require – the ability to win when the circumstances are against you.



    Just lifted that wee quote from the BBC website.



    If that disallowed Saints goal and a clearly offside one of their own constitutes circumstances being against them , the writer of that bilge must be as deluded as his fellow huns.

  8. !!BADA BING!!



    Rotten luck mate!



    Hope they get a refund asap!



    The collapse of TC has come as no surprise to many.



    My feeling is that none of the Tory Cabinet own shares, otherwise…………….

  9. Philbhoy- the Thomas Cook board shared over £20m in bonuses in the last 5 years,how they can do that with the year on year losses is criminal.

  10. !!BADA BING!!



    I know!



    It is criminal but they’ll get away with it .



    Doesn’t make sense at all!

  11. Is Today The Day The Teddy Bears Get Their Baws Booted?



    (Sports Direct compensation?)



    ….or have they suffered enough?

  12. GlenD………….



    With some improvement they’ll stay ahead of the rest o’ the pack…………. to keep in-touch with us, they’ll get the odd goal here, offside there and lo’ an’ behold……points dropped turn into points won and game outcomes changed. This is what will influence the title destination. How many odd decisions have we seen already?



    Fix Fitba’ Empty Hampden.




  13. SPFL highlights up on YouTube. Doesn’t quite capture the total domination and chances, plus excellent Killie defending. I wanted to see how their goal built up on the highlights as my impression at the game was that Bauer and Jullienne were too far apart and it was a cracking pass. I think that still stands but i had the missed the Brown mis header that went stright to the passer. i wondered how he had so much time and space.



    Same thing happened in the 2nd half when Christie got turned well inside their half and we left a big gap between Bauer and Jullienne. Brown looked to fill it but it was a big hole to plug



    My impression of the penalty while at the game was that it was a lazy,wrong side rash tackle but he got the ball. After watching TV, it was all of the above except it was a penalty. Very similar to the Hearts game.



    Still think we were excellent all game (just bugs how little teams have to do on the break to get a good chance) and that Brophy goal was a cracker (not and OG Big Jimmy IMO)




  14. PS



    what is the script with Bauer’s shorts? Go past his knees and his socks go over the top! Big set ay nae legs.



    Bring back Davie Provan shorts. Ach , second thoughts…..

  15. BRRB


    Greetings from an overcast Dundee. Good to catch up with you on Saturday. You should be keeping those prices to yourself ‘ lucky fhella’.



  16. BSR, Bada Bing


    As the ball is in the air, rather than on the ground, it is difficult to be certain that the ball is over the line looking from an angle as opposed to straight along the goal line.



  17. I don’t expect Lenny to make wholesale changes for Thistle game on Wednesday… however it obviously represent’s a good opportunity to give some other bhoys game time.






    Bauer Elhamed Ajer G.Taylor






    Shved Rogic Christie Elyunnoussi



    —————— Bayo———————————




    Would be good to see Afolabi off the bench and even Frimpong if both are fit and match ready.

  18. I’m late to the party on this, and probably already mentioned by others.



    But although, Edouard and Forrest got most of the plaudits from yesterdays game, I personally thought our 2 full-backs were superb. Really dynamic. Impressed by Bauer, given it was his 1st full game for us.


    Bolingoli on the other hand, played with real confidence. It has maybe taken him a while, but he played yesterday with swagger… and it was good to see. He had a great game.



    Good afternoon all from the Star Bar. And my £3.50 lunch. 🤣🤣



    Is Ken manners still playin in the lounge?:-))




  20. Bada @1:45


    I hadn`t realised just how good that goal was whilst actually at the game. Quite superb. Any other team and it would be a Goal of the Season contender.



    Re BSR `s photo of the St J `goal`. I think that, for the reson FD gave,it is not possible to tell.


    With Greg Aitken now promoted to the `top refs` group, there will be plenty more`helpful` decisions for their team..


    One of the guys on the Arbroath Emerald charabanc remarked that Aitken ` man-marked Calum McGregor`. !!

  21. Ba da – the second goal – 17 touches from throw in (shy if you’re a real man :-)) until the onion bag is rattled by OE




  22. It was noticeable that every killie bye kick or long free kick was directed towards Boli. He dealt comfortably with everyone of them. I’m sure he will on occasion be caught out but I love his enthusiasm, never hides and adds a real energy. I’m sure he will keep improving

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