Relentless pillage of transfer stories wearisome


News (confirmed by his club) that our next Champions League opponents Juventus have opened negotiations with Athletic Blibao striker Fernando Llorente, ahead of a possible free-transfer move in the summer, appears to put recent fantasy stories about Gary Hooper supposedly moving to Turin in the correct context.  Liverpool, who several newspapers also ‘reported’ were interested in Hooper, signed a different striker this week.

The relentless pillage of Celtic player’s names used to sell newspapers is wearisome, probably more so to those at the club hoping to convince Hooper, and Victor Wanyama, to sign new contracts.  Chances of re-signing Hooper if he thinks Juventus and Liverpool are about to bid for him: 0%. Chances if it’s relegation battlers from England: considerably higher. I see a new front has been opened today on Beram. We have to ensure another 28 days of this nonsense.

Llorente is a current Spanish international and played a huge part in Atheltic’s march to the Europa League final last season, but I would not be too concerned if Juventus tried to secure him this month.  Moving to Turin is notoriously challenging for strikers and Llorente has never been based outside of the Basque country.

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  1. Afternoon all, have we bought anyone yet?



    Watched Charlie on SSN, disapointing to again hear the old ‘Rangers put down to the 3rd Div’ line being rolled out.



    Is it really that hard for these people to understand that this is not what happened?

  2. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on

    sweeeeept away..




    As I said, AT article very meek for a war correspondent…



    Someone had a “wee” word with AT.?




  3. Maybe we could get one for the Isle of Man and ditch that Tennents mob…



    Spanish soccer club Atletico Madrid are set to sign an 18-month front-of-shirt sponsorship deal with the tourism board of the Republic of Azerbaijan.



    According to multiple reports, the agreement will see the country’s tourism motto – ‘Azerbaijan – Land of Fire’ – emblazoned on the front of Atletico’s playing jerseys until the end of the 2013/14 La Liga season.



    The deal is said to be worth €12 million overall.

  4. Listening to Martin O’Neil post Liverpool humping suggestiong he was going to do some business, brought some horrible tranfer window crashing closed memories.

  5. Celtic’s Kelvin Wilson receives two-match ban



    Thursday, 03 January 2013




    A Fast Track Tribunal convened today in accordance with the Judicial Panel Protocol to consider the following case:



    Alleged party in breach: Kelvin Wilson, Celtic FC


    Match: Dundee v Celtic, 26 December 2012


    Disciplinary Rule(s) allegedly breached:


    Disciplinary Rule 200 (Violent Conduct by striking an opposing player, namely John Baird, with his elbow in the above match).



    Outcome: Compliance Officer Reference upheld and a two-match suspension applied with immediate effect.



    Rule 200: No player shall commit offences in the Schedule of Offences in Annex C. (Such offences may be dealt with by a Fast Track Tribunal following a Compliance Officer Reference under the Judicial Panel Protocol).

  6. And another day, with the stench of corruption floating in a vaguely orange miasma over everything, trundles on into a gloomy future.


    ParanoidAndroid CSC

  7. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on

    Top 5 if you take away Soz monopolising the medal places..a nice hat trick….



    Surely steroids are being used…?( obviously joking)



    Paul I demand( copyright A.Mc Moist) random drug testing for podium placing in 2013!



    I ve trained my fingers all year…..




  8. charles kickham on

    Surprise surprise – not really – Wilson always getting decision upheld – you can thank burley for that

  9. What’s this, Paul: ‘ We have to ensure another 28 days of this nonsense.’



    Mixed signals from you, methinks …






    Oh, and a belated Happy New Year.




  10. Wilson getting a 2 match ban……….C’mon chaps, you are not SERIOUSLY surprised are you?



    Anyone know how much Mr. Ogilvie has raised on his sponsored silence?

  11. gordon_j backing neil lennon12:38 on 3 January, 2013




    You’ve got that right. Class war by any other name….



  12. The fact that the Dundee player said it was not deliberate by Kelvin doesn’t seem to be taken into account. What a shock.



    Yet thugs like Black get yellows for potential leg breakers meaning that they can’t be looked at again.

  13. blantyretim



    Both players involved state it was accidental and they still ban him?



    Not surprised, there seems to be a recent upsurge in anti-Celtic decisions from the SFA.

  14. ArranmoreBhoy, absolutely no ‘Lance Armstrong’ esque tactics being used! Years of hard training (that and Philvis not being around).

  15. Just dropped back in to say….



    Paul 67


    It’s bad luck for Hooper that wee Forrest is injured as, I feel that, there are hardly any chances being made without wee James in the team.


    I don’t know how long JF will be out but….I would like – for a change – to see us making a move to, offset the loss of JF by, moving for Aberdeen’s Ryan Fraser. No disrespect to Kris Commons but….naaaaaahhhh!


    I know that I hoooowwweeelllll at the moon on occasion but, seriously….I think that – if wee JF wizny injured – Hooper’s goal ratio would be substantially higher and, it wouldn’t be Liverpool who were linked with Hooper but – Barca & R.Madrid !!!


    God Bless


    Hail Hail


    “I really mean it, I really do!” MO’N – CSC

  16. I didn’t even notice the Kelvin Wilson incident until it was highlighted on TV. Total non event.


    Neil will have learned another thing today. Do not let players involved in key incidents to speak to the press. I wasn’t at the game yesterday but I saw the footage and it was a dive of the highest old Rankers quality yesterday. No way should Wilson have said it was a stone waller!




  17. Paul I have to disagree with you on this one. I love all the transfer rumour nonsense and the last day especially. Still remeber the excitement of Robbie Kean and staying up to see him paraded outside Paradise.



    On a seperate topic, did anyone really expect Kelvin to get off given the shower at the SFA?

  18. Baku/Black Isle Celt on

    ASonOfDan 12:38



    It is very difficult and expensive to get a visa to visit Azerbaijan, I find it incredible that they are going to spend $12M advertising a country that is so difficult to access! They need to sort out a few issues before they try to entice people to come here on holiday, although they do have quite a few new luxury hotels to fill.




  19. Looks very much like the SFA are hurting big time at the moment due to our progress in all competitions



    There is no doubt in my mind Lunny has been told to obey orders from above or receive his P45 pronto



    Is time fast approaching of a fans boycott of the National Stadium?



    I for one will not set foot in the place ever again until there is a root and branch clear out at the SFA

  20. A Lone Wolfe's Tones on

    Afternoon Bhoys.



    This topic has probably been covered a few times, but i’ve


    not noticed so will ask the question.



    Does anyone else find the blog page a bit harsh on the eyes,


    when reading for prolonged periods?



    If so, would you like to see a light sepia tone added to the background


    colour, such as on the kindle apps?



    Any thoughts? Cheers.




  21. same old sfa ………they will never change


    time to either put up or shut up…the cheats are still winning imho


    the celtic plc board allow the sfa etc to impose their rules as they see fit


    when do you think RCO will resign then paul67 ?



    just give it a dew more years and sevco will be back with the mibs for support



    the day sevco got a div 3 licence was the day scottish football died




  22. South Of Tunis on

    Juventus news.



    Club sources claiming that talks with Drogba are continuing .



    Italian media speculating that Drogba wants a 3 year deal but Juve are insisting on a 2 year deal ..



    AC Milan also said to be talking with Drogba but they will have to sell Pato and Robinho first.



    Club sources claiming that they are interested in Llorente. Some media outlets claiming that Juve might sign him now rather than wait until the summer..



    Media outlets claiming that Juve will sign Roma’s Osvaldo if they fail to get Drogba



    Not a scooby in the Italian media re Hooper and Juve

  23. Lee Wallace – Shocking challenge



    Card rescinded



    Kelvin Wilson – Accidental clash



    2 game ban



    Some things never change.




  24. FourGreenFields



    12:33 on 3 January, 2013



    sixtaeseven – 4 fouls 4 cards & penalty, a day in the life



    ‘AT has bottled it now with that article .’



    It’s a poor article.



    Thomson was only ever on this story for the short haul.



    He thought the FTT tribunal would return a quick, clear,’guilty’ verdict and he could use it to illustrate the casino capitalism nature of football, the banks, the Scottish economy etc etc.



    It didn’t pan out that way and he suspects that by the time the tax case is finally resolved his potential audience will no longer be interested . The caravan will have moved on and the zeitgeist will have changed.



    So he’s bailed out.



    That’s why the article is so incoherent and sloppy. He’s lost interest.

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