Remainder of the season should have a different purpose


Before he arrived at West Ham as a 22-year-old in the summer of 2019, Albian Ajeti had a steady progression from promising youth at St Gallen to scoring in the Champions League for Basel and leading the line for Switzerland in European Championship qualification.  31 goals from 52 league appearances across his final two seasons in Switzerland is the form that attracts EPL clubs.

We have seen better players than Albian suffer at the wrong club, so there’s every reason to believe West Ham fans have no idea what his genuine talents are (I felt a bit the same about Ismailia Soro until recently), but damage has been done to his repute, as well as his sharpness.

If you wanted to go somewhere in the summer of 2020 to repair your confidence and to enjoy your football again, Celtic Park did not turn out to be a wise choice.  Celtic quickly descended into crisis where even idolised Odsonne Edouard found form from previous seasons illusive.

With Odsonne in the final 18 months of his contract and zero chance of him extending, one of the tasks for the remainder of the season should be to repair what’s necessary for Albian and return him to his peak for the summer.

It has been decades since we have had as many games ahead without a genuine chance of winning the league.  These games now have a different purpose with preparing the squad for next season a top requirement.  Albian should play as many games as possible.

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    And for what it is worth, I just like the stock.

  2. TONTINE TIM on 4TH FEBRUARY 2021 10:19 PM



    MALONE BHOY on 4TH FEBRUARY 2021 10:00 PM



    Genuine question: has Dermot Desmond put any money into Celtic in the last 20 years? Aside from potentially paying managers on the side, has there been any money from his pocket put into the club? Is he even allowed to?



    *he underwrote 3 share issues. Bader did that once for the huns and it cost him his business, 51m.





    some of the ‘risk’ reports done by the underwriters for that would be fun to look at.They knew the issue was going to fail and the writing was on the wall for the levered up Minty.





  3. If there were a route to varied funds incoming via DD it would be through Dafabet shirt sponsor deal. This could either be less than generous or more than generous, i suspect (and it only a suspicion) it’s just not the going rate. There could be bonus schemes written into contract, it would only have to come under ‘sponsorship’ in audit and DD’s Dafabet could probably right it off……however, i have no clue and can’t sleep.

  4. Scratch that^^^^^



    I was sure DD was linked to Dafabet but happilly admit to being wrong…… whoops.



    If mods would like to delete- up to you 🤣

  5. “The Rangers football club does not exist, it is an idea in people’s minds, a myth of continuity ”



    Alan Dewar QC.


    Court of session 29th Jan 2016.

  6. Good morning cqn from a rainy, cold and dark Garngad



    Is anyone surprised that referees and their pay masters are treating us with contempt?


    We have custodians that let them walk all over us.



    Disgraceful, Shameful and cowardly from our custodians not speaking up for the health and safety of our staff.


    By the way I include Neil Lennon in that, why would a manager not speak out and stand up for his players.


    Come on Neil let’s see you today sticking up for Albuan and Scott and the rest of our players.



    On a different note what an utter shambles these Governments are, talking about quarantine for thousands flying into the UK.






    Why are we still letting planes into the UK ?



    Grant Shapps doesn’t even know Australia is an Island. I think the UK Government are running our club as well, total feckwits.



    I am sick to my back teeth of stupid politicians and our custodians, I honestly believe that I could make better decisions than these overpaid CHUMPS.



    Big Jimmy – I hope you and wee Rocky are well my friend.



    Melbourne Mick – if you are lurking we all miss your posts, come back on fella.



    Jobo – If you are lurking, I hope you are well to. Again you are missed. Get back on here.



    Come on Bhoys



    D :)

  7. DAVID66 on 5TH FEBRUARY 2021 6:17 AM



    Morning David. Yes, I second your call for Melbourne Mick to return.






    Interesting post. Have you read any of David Graebar’s books? A very smart guy, pity he died so young.

  8. DAVID66…


    Cheers mate, I am okay but rather concerned about the wee Rocky Bhoy as has been unwell this week. He usually eats me out of house and home, but hes been off his food….which in turn means that I can NOT give him his two Insulin Jags each day, as he is supposed to get his Jags while/during and/or after he has eaten.



    I may need to take him back to the Vet early next week if hes still not eating very much ?


    I get very upset whenever he is unwell, as he is my best Pal.


    Thanks for asking about him.



    Ive to go to the Louise Jordan ( SEC) Tomorrow for my 1st Vaccine Jag at 4.30pm. I will book a Taxi for 4pm, which means that I will miss the 2nd half of the Celtic game Tomorrow. I was very surprised to get the Vaccione letter so soon as I expected to be waiting until next Month as I am ” only” 65 ?


    I can only guess that Ive been called in sooner because of my other health issues ?



    In this Louise Jordan place….I wonder IF there will be any Burds there ?





    I hope that you and the family are as well and healthy as possible, and that we can get Pure Steaming Drunk once the PUBs are reopened ?


    I STILL havent had ANY Drink since October 9th last year….I dont feel any better for it !




    HH Mate.

  9. Those Cowardly CHUMPS at Celtic FC….SHOULD be telling the Compliance Panel to go and take a running jump in relation to Ajeti… ( You can call me AL). I will bet that whoever the Ref is against Motherwell Tomorrow and IF Al Ajeti is playing, THAT Ref will be looking for ANY excuse to give him at least a Yellow Card….even for complaining about a decision given against him for Offside etc ?



    Think of the number of times that the Hun CHUMP Morelos throws himself to the deck anytime someone even looks at him…EVERY Feckin game !


    I have seen too many HUN Chump Thugs and Divers in my lifetime.. but Morelos is without doubt the WORST Ever !


    I would never get tired of Punching that ugly Mush of his…and really giving him something to complain about.



  10. Greenpinta 6.01..



    That is my favourite paragraph in the whole liquidation shitshow..


    Nails it!! .



    Aw the best Jimmy. .


    Take care..🍀




  11. big jimmy,


    absolutely correct



    celtic board we are Astonished, we are Disappointed then nothing



    SMSM, sky, referee assoc. sfa, and everybody else not celtic,



    GIRFUY we hate u and will do anything we like, cos you are shitebags



    i realise the vernacular is uncouth but thats exactly what they think

  12. You know what..after looking at the close uo the keeper pushing Ajetis ankle away its the bloody goalie that should get done for so called simulation..simulation is trying to make the referee make a wrong decision through your actions….well this guy has went even further.. hes got the beaks making a wrong decision with his sneaky wee foul..look at the hassle hes caused

  13. Worst thing about the shitshow this season is seeing people writing off next season. Yes we have been poor but in football no two seasons are the same.



    Get the right manager (organiser/ developer)



    Sell the want away pl ayers.



    Get the right players (want to be here motivate)

  14. STEPHBHOY67 on 5TH FEBRUARY 2021 9:37 AM





    ‘Get the right manager (organiser/ developer)’








    Would the right manager be allowed to bring their own coaches and back up staff this time?

  15. Get the right players (want to be here motivate)






    I’d argue all players want to be motivated. Problem is, they have regressed, value dropped, development dropped off which is why they are in a hurry to ‘wantaway’.



    Fix the problem (coaches) and the symptoms will start to go away.







    Another unsavoury article on CQN, written by Jer MacDonagh.





    What I find “embarrassing” is the way you (Jer) treat a player currently contracted to Celtic.



    Shameful headline and article from you.



    And not the first distasteful article you’ve written about one of our French players either. 🤔



    With supporters like you, who needs enemies…



    Why Paul Brennan allows this on his site truly baffles me.




  17. DREW1967 on 5TH FEBRUARY 2021 9:59 AM


    Ernie Lynch







    If he doesnt demand that hes no the right manager mate






    And if the Board insist?

  18. lets all do the huddle on

    fine century from Joe Root



    (Cricket Quick News)



    this working from home lark is brilliant



    cricket on all morning



    golf also been on most of the morning and will resume shortly for the rest of the day



    racing will start just after midday as well



    im never going back into an office



    too much like hard work and boring as hell compared to my home ‘sports bar’



    and i can have a beer with my lunch




  19. STEPHBHOY67 on 5TH FEBRUARY 2021 9:37 AM


    Worst thing about the shitshow this season is seeing people writing off next season. Yes we have been poor but in football no two seasons are the same.



    Get the right manager (organiser/ developer)



    Sell the want away pl ayers.



    Get the right players (want to be here motivate)





    Probably the 3 hardest things to get right in football.



    And the 3 most likely to get wrong when you are doing it off the back of a failed season.



    World football is littered with big clubs that have success, fail, then make more mistakes trying to get back to the top, then suddenly they’ve gone years without winning a title.

  20. Ernie Lynch



    Then we’ve got the wrong man.would the right man take a new job with his authority undermined..i hope not..and considering what looks like a split management team i would doubt the same scenario and would be made again

  21. It’s Friday and so It’s pre-match press conference.



    Always entertaining and usually for all the wrong reasons.



    Set your watch.






    My team for ra morra:



    Barkas (Get him in and give him a run)



    Kenny (Looks like a RB. Which is great)



    Welsh (He’s ours and needs developed)



    Ajer (Currently our best ‘fit’ CH)



    Taylor as LB (I expect little but hey ho)



    Soro (More discipline, more athleticicm and more creativity than Brown)



    McGregor and Moi as 8s



    Turnbull as a 10



    Eddie and Ajeti as forwards. Eddie drops and Ajeti stays in the box.



    Christie dropped, Griff dropped and Duffy told it’s an away match in Aberdeen to avoid any risk of his appearance.




  22. FrankTerry on 5th February 2021 6:59 am


    DAVID66 on 5TH FEBRUARY 2021 6:17 AM



    Morning David. Yes, I second your call for Melbourne Mick to return.






    Interesting post. Have you read any of David Graebar’s books? A very smart guy, pity he died so young.







    I have not, I only know of him from the Occupy movement. 

  23. AIPPLE on 5TH FEBRUARY 2021 11:01 AM



    I just finished Bullshit Jobs which was great – although i never read the article he wrote that inspired it. Might be worth reading if you don’t have time for the book :-)

  24. big wavy on 5th February 2021 10:55 am



    For the most part I think thats our best team at the moment its the second 8 I struggle with, I don’t think anyone really stands out. Christie has been rotten, Moi only plays in patches ( although he is a goal threat), I would like to have see young Henderson get a chance.

  25. Latest I heard in Killie



    ex husband stabbed his ex wife in Crosshouse Hospital after her cleaning shift, fatally. Staff nurse who tried to help is critical



    He drove to Killie centre (portland St) and stabbed his ex wife’s daughter outside Indian restaurant, fatally



    Drove into a tree on outskirts of town and died



    God bless them all

  26. I can never imagine how anyone can be in such a desperate position that they resort to something like that, its like suicide until you are there you just can’t understand.

  27. TIMMY7_NOTED on 5TH FEBRUARY 2021 11:17 AM



    Cheers fella. I struggled writing it down. It strikes me how much we have regressed as a squad from the time we were able to write down KT, Sinclair, Lustig, Roberts, Armstrong, Forster, Dembele, etc in their pomp.



    You also hit on the problem of Moi – an EPL level player with high levels of inconsistency. Can we keep him and get more consistency or lose him and get consistency from a lesser performer?



    I liked wee Henderson in the short blasts I seen of him but the midfield is jam-packed of go-to guys Lennon won’t drop like Brown, Christie, McGregor and Forrest….regardless of their form…