Remainder of the season should have a different purpose


Before he arrived at West Ham as a 22-year-old in the summer of 2019, Albian Ajeti had a steady progression from promising youth at St Gallen to scoring in the Champions League for Basel and leading the line for Switzerland in European Championship qualification.  31 goals from 52 league appearances across his final two seasons in Switzerland is the form that attracts EPL clubs.

We have seen better players than Albian suffer at the wrong club, so there’s every reason to believe West Ham fans have no idea what his genuine talents are (I felt a bit the same about Ismailia Soro until recently), but damage has been done to his repute, as well as his sharpness.

If you wanted to go somewhere in the summer of 2020 to repair your confidence and to enjoy your football again, Celtic Park did not turn out to be a wise choice.  Celtic quickly descended into crisis where even idolised Odsonne Edouard found form from previous seasons illusive.

With Odsonne in the final 18 months of his contract and zero chance of him extending, one of the tasks for the remainder of the season should be to repair what’s necessary for Albian and return him to his peak for the summer.

It has been decades since we have had as many games ahead without a genuine chance of winning the league.  These games now have a different purpose with preparing the squad for next season a top requirement.  Albian should play as many games as possible.

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  1. Go Tell @ 6.27





    Dean and Mason ‘requests’ not true



    There is no truth behind reports claiming Southampton have put in an official request for Dean and Lee Mason to not officiate their upcoming games.



    It is understood Southampton were upset about a number of decisions made in Tuesday’s defeat at United, but no formal complaint was made.

  2. why don’t the green brigade put their energy into creating banners and video content for the incompetency of Scottish referees and governance ?



    Was Roofe cited for that horrific tackle Connor mcgregor would have been proud of?



    The problem for Celtic is we are 20 odd points behind – complaining now looks like sour grapes! The time to complain is when you’re winning – our board is not smart or balsy enough for that.



    Contrast Gerrard – complains about consistency when they are out of site.

  3. onenightinlisbon on

    Statue to Pedro? Right enough, the statue would be more effective in dealing with the cheats at the SFA.

  4. ONIL



    The statue should have lawwell bending over, trousers down, arse facing the public highway.



    While counting his wages.

  5. onenightinlisbon on

    PHILBHOY on 4TH FEBRUARY 2021 6:48 PM



    Steady, we will be getting the sleekit hun treatment for not lauding the huge contribution he has made……

  6. lets all do the huddle on

    Contrast Gerrard – complains about consistency when they are out of site.



    when the thug morellos got sent off for a snide kick on the sheep player at pittodrie in one of gerrards first games, he was out complaining about how rangers/the rangers have had the refs against them for years, even though he probably never watched scottish football to have any opinion on that, so he was clearly being hand fed lines from the hun PR department knowing that the hun media would get on board to stir it up and put the shiteners up the authorities who duly rescinded the thugs red card



    so he knows actions like that have an affect, and rousing up the rest of the Klan thugs from their support has now left half the refs in the country shit scared to red card their players even for career threatening assaults for fear of klan retribution



    while we roll over and accept everything because PL doesnt want to jeopardise his position within scottish football hierarchy

  7. onenightinlisbon on

    As it has been stated on here many times, guys like Lawwell and Lennon are only interested in themselves. Celtic are a vehicle for that.

  8. Juanhill Bhoy-great news.Being a grampa is just brilliant 👍


    Hope mother and baby are doing well 💚


    Canny beat some good news for a change 😉

  9. Let’s All



    Excellent point. I remember gerrard mentioning the treatment of gers the first few weeks (?) of his time at sevco. I couldn’t remember the details. You’re dead right- it was morelos at pittodrie



    Set his stall out early.

  10. VAR should be introduced into scotland football. Continuing to allow multiple mistakes when there is technology available to get it right is only sensible for a forward thinking footballing community init 🤣



    The academy is producing decent level young players going by the level of interest in them, but not all will stay no matter how good you coach them, heads get turned quickly.



    The trick is to identify a pathway into the first team for those that do want to stay. The current state of play it seems is to go to the kids when there is no other option but only after trying to cover positioms by playing first team players out of position. No wonder the kids become disillusioned. That practice should end.



    That should start with a DOF setting the objective of careers paths and planning that runs through the academy into the first team.




  11. Bhoyjoebelfast on



    Just back in from the shops.


    Hibs correct answer to the sponsorship query.The goalies initials KP.




    thanks kiddo but I been a granpa 3 times and this is the first great granpa. 👍👍😄😄HH

  13. onenightinlisbon,



    I think Broonie only espoused a statue for Lawell because when it comes to the SFA he is known to stand still and not make a move.



    I think I remember playing statues as a kid :)




  14. onenightinlisbon on




    The sooner we have someone in place who will stand up for Celtic the better. We are happy to sit at the back of the bus whilst Slippy G and his cronies laugh at us. What a fekin season.

  15. Bada,


    For me, it is still not clear at all…..which makes the Authorities` position even more biased and ridiculous.

  16. So, what’s the punishment for simulation?



    Surely just a yellow?



    Or are the rules being re-written as we post?

  17. onenightinlisbon,



    When Slippy signed on with that lot he swallowed the whole script and went back for seconds, he is a cretin just like the rest of them




  18. I’m reading the comments of sour grapes. Let me just make one point, its irrelevant when you complain if the complaint is for an event that is relevant



    You must start the long walk by taking the first step and this is the perfect opportunity to take the first step. Also inform everyone that RES12/11 will be addressed.



    If a club take their association to court, all clubs within that association are banned from European club competitions until its resolved.



    Now is the time to place the foot onto the neck of the cheating association and let them deal with their favourite clubs European exclusion. What’s right is right.



    They should never have been given the licence way back when and this would be the perfect punishment. Best served cold and all that. Dammed with the press and what they will say, they tell their own story anyway.



    I always live in hope N&V

  19. glendalystonsils on




    It seems that when any ‘outsider’ joins that mob they are obliged to buy into the whole WATP mindset . To their eternal shame , most , like Gerrard , do.




    Hey you cut out the old timer, I’m only 74. Lol. Yes all appear to be well but will be happier when the hospital deems them well enough to be released. Thanks for your comment Phil. HH

  21. Adi, probably not, but let’s see he hasn’t even started yet.



    His experience in the other sport might give him some insight to how a level playing field should be administered. And for all we know our sport might really stick in his throat.



    Here hoping

  22. BJB



    Of course mate.. KP..remember him noo mate..he was nuts.




    Sorry mate still canny mind

  23. I see Steve Mallan and Ryan Gauld scored for their respective Turkish and Portuguese clubs today.


    Mallan is just off the plane, and was tossed right in. We did the same with Jonjoe, but that is the first time I can remember it happening for eons.