Remarkable distractions need to end


The worst way to end a bad week was for a loose-mouthed agent to pitch up at Lennoxtown on Friday before setting off on a rant because Brendan Rodgers was not available to him at a time he wanted.  We had a remarkable week of distractions in and around the dressing room.  These things often correlate with a poor result.

Brendan would be pleased to get his players out of the country yesterday, giving him two days to focus the squad on the matter in hand – tomorrow night’s Champions League qualifier against AEK Athens.  This is where the manager earns his money.

Only a unified squad will have a chance of getting the required result against AEK.  The better players in the first leg against AEK were these settled at Celtic for the long-term – McGregor, Brown, Tierney, Ntcham, Forrest.  Tactical conversations will be needed, but the first thing Brendan needs to infuse into the squad is a laser-like focus.

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  1. What about Wayama i read he isn’t so much in the picture anymore at spurs?


    Or would he be too dear ?

  2. I think Athens will have done their homework as they seemed to know what they were doing in Glasgow. They will allow us to have the ball in defence, knowing we are coached not to kick it long. They will wait for us to pass through them and then counter us from there. Lustig will be targeted, look out for balls played in behind him. They are not likely to overcomit players forward and as such it make look like we have a grip of the game but they are likely to have us where they want us.



    We will need to defend like our lives depend on it, take whatever chances come our way and carry a fair slice of luck. It’s a tall order.

  3. Delaneys Dunky on



    You were one of the many great posters who drew me here. Always read your posts. Always worth the read thanks.



  4. Loud mouthed agents are part of the game. They aren’t our biggest problem right now.



    Lack of focus in the recruitment of players is damaging us. Whether that is the fault of the manager or the CEO none can say for sure.



    But if Brendan walks, PL’s position will be untenable in the eyes of 95% of our fans.

  5. now there is a opening in the force ….



    unfortunately it opens an old whataboutery….



    smiley Zusammen sind wir starker thing



    we will win tomorrow




  6. We want rid of Dedryk because his agent told him to say he had a bad back and we think he’s obviously feigning it.



    Now we want to bring in Yaya Toure whose agent said Man City had “disrespected” him because they did not shake his hand at his birthday. City released a video showing all the players singing “Happy Birhtday” around a humungous cake, demonstrating that they too could be infantile and lose all sense of perspective when dealing with the mad rantings of an agent.



    The world has gone to hell and forgoten the handbasket.

  7. Delaneys Dunky on



    I suspect AEK will set up and play like they did in Glasgow. Praying for 2-2 tomorrow.

  8. Last time I looked – yesterday, I think, we were slight favourites for the win tomorrow.



    This did strike me as odd but, anyway, AEK have now got that mantle at 6/4 while we are 2/1 for the win.



    Of course, 0-0 for them will see them through as will 2-2 for us while 1-1 will obviously be the dreaded penalties.



    In a strange way, I’m slightly happier not having to go defend a lead but I will be very surprised and delighted if it works out for us.

  9. the glorious balance sheet on

    I thought the AEK Athens left back spent more of the game in our half of the pitch than theirs throughout the game last week. Maybe an attempt to chip away at Lustig?



    Hopefully space for Jamesy to exploit tomorrow if the left back is as advanced this time around.

  10. Yaya? Not seen his name anywhere……tagents and players have too much control, Bosman ruling has screwed football IMO

  11. BadaBing


    Cheers, i thought kolo was coaching the defence, alongside others maybe, but i assumed defence would be his speciality?

  12. Gallagher- i think he is with U20s or youths, but with the experience he has , should have a more senior role IMO HH

  13. Delaneys Dunky on



    They did seem to tag team Mik down their left. They will try it again tomorrow. We need a plan from our right centre back to support and help his right back. Our defence this season look as they are playing for themselves, and not as a collective team.



  14. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    If Jozo is out does that mean a Hendry and Lustig CB pairing? What a mess.

  15. ItaliaBhoy



    You kidding M8.



    Do you not read the scribes on the internet?



    Every taxi driver, and milk bhoy in Glasgow knows its the boards fault.



    Stick your trebles up your arstt and get with it



    Hail Hail

  16. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on




    We are pissing away our advantage. The double treble was excellent, but i don’t attribute it to the board. Nor will the double treble take us to the league title this year, or into Europe, or to 10IAR.



    The level of complacency we are showing is unbelievable. I just cannot fathom why we have not strengthened.

  17. the glorious balance sheet on

    Delaney’s Dunky



    PC Lustig will definitely need some hauners tomorrow night, this’ll be his 3rd game in 6 days. So Jamesy will need to do a fair bit of backtracking in support.



    On the basis that Mikael wasn’t rested at Tynecastle I thought Brendan was going to go 3-5-2 in Athens but that’s maybe not viable with the injuries, suspensions and Boyata being a weapon.



    Anyhow won’t be long until John James announces the team :)

  18. tis that laddie ..



    and she was as european German as you could think of ..



    braw folk




  19. Tomorrow I’m going home to a memorial service for a boy 2 years above me at school.



    51, three kids. Knocked of his bike and killed by a car. Kevin. He and his younger brother Colin …. two nicer guys you’d never meet.



    Everyone loved them. Cos they were such nice people. Now one has gone.



    Look after the ones you love. Love and life are so precious and tenuous.



    HH jg

  20. Delaneys Dunky on



    Was trying to work out our defensive headache earlier. I settled on a back three of Mik,Jozo and KT.

  21. AH @ 6.31



    Come on you are better than tthat.


    Anyone can provide a textbook response from google.


    You need to provide an explanation of your ideas in our context.



    Why is stability important just now?


    And how would we recognise this attribute when it is provided.



    As I explained I fear the need for stability you’ll morph into inaction.


    We need to grow, improve develop and this will involve change and with change comes risk. The challenge then is to manage the risk and maximise the benefits.



    Additionally in a changing world doing nothing brings risk.


    So there you have it — risk if you do / risk if you don’t.



    Finally any detail on your thoughts about mis-management?

  22. Fritzong…………..



    Your contributions here are always welcome, please keep at it.


    Yer monker always raises a smile too.


    I think we chatted briefly years back at one of the early CQN quiz nights.




  23. If we go out with AEK defending well and scoring good goals then good luck to them. Just please, Celtic, don’t make it easy for them. Let’s make them work for the win and not handicap ourselves giving away cheap goals.

  24. Jamesgang….



    every wee thing helps ….as does every big thing …



    take care and keep a wee bit for you and yours …



    smiley I worry about you thing




  25. For the record — why do I want to see PL replaced as CEO?


    Because this single event will generate the most benefit to the club.



    No other single event will provide us with so much improvement all across the patch.



    Better ideas.


    Better player trading.


    More space for the manager to grow.


    Improved relationship between the execs and the support.



    PL plays a decent game dealing with the SPFL / SFA / EUFA / big club clique.


    However he does not have the skill set or aptitude to grow and develop the club.


    Plus his ego is killing up on a regular basis.

  26. Not looking good.



    I fear the team bus has ran over a family of Black cats on the way to the airport yesterday.


    The Gang that couldn’t shoot straight was the last time I saw this level of misfortune.



    And that was fiction ramped up to max for comedic absurdity.


    We desperately need some positive rumours of people coming in.


    Just to break the negative cycle.

  27. DD you’d have loved the boy. A big smile for everyone.



    NB. No need to worry about me brother. I’m counting my many blessings.



    HH jg