Remarkable statistic illuminates Armstrong’s rise


There was only a minute between Celtic’s second and third goals against Partick Thistle on Friday evening but for that moment, a remarkable statistic had currency. Stuart Armstrong scored three and assisted two of Celtic’s six previous goals in the league. This is a level beyond an incredible upgrade in form.

Watching Stuart’s blossoming in recent weeks, you still get he’s been playing within himself for much of the last two years. It could be that the inverted-left-winger role didn’t suit him, or that the step up to the pressures of playing for Celtic inhibited him to the extent that the levels of confidence necessary to perform were not to be found.

Even now, watching his body language on the field, and in interview, he looks like he’s still finding his way. I’m pretty sure there’s more to come from him, given the necessary support.


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  1. SA still has a bit to go — there is more still to come.


    However he seems more at ease with his role and responsibilities.


    Consequently he still needs more coaching and nurturing.



    MF is improving but it still needs work and new blood.

  2. So may players now, STuart being one of them, that are vying for the coveted Jobo’s Favourite Player award. Can’t actually remembered the last time that ANY of our players had what I would call a bad gam. Some have occasionally not played as well as I’d hoped but not played bad as such.



    Ayway, come on you Spurs! And if the game also provides 3 goals, 11 corners and 5 cards (the things I do to maintain an interest in an EPL game!!) I’ll be happy.

  3. Biggest weakness in the MF is the lack of a true defensive mid.


    SB has played the runner / harrier role for most of his career.


    However SA is now the man plus he can finish.



    Unfortunately SB can be 90% excellent and control the game better than anyone else — he still can be pulled out of position all too easily and dive into unwinnable challenges to leave us wide open at the back.



    Still work to do in the MF.

  4. When Joe Allen was available in the Summer, I was hoping that Brendan could use their friendship to entice him to Celtic. We missed out on him but Stuart Armstrong is now playing at Joe Allen’s level for us. He’s got the potential to be a mainstay in the team for many years to come.



    btw Watched Whiskey Tango Foxtrot last night. Well worth a watch even if it is just to see Tina Fey don the Celtic scarf throughout. Anyone know how that came about?

  5. LMCbhoy


    At 25, Scott Allan, should be a first team regular ? I blieve Celtic have better and younger players for the position he would want, I see him behind Tom Rogic, Ryan Christie, Liam Henderson and Calum McGregor, although differing positions


    I believe his level was in SPFL Championship, where from all clubs he has played he got regular football ?


    Just my opinion



    I also believe Brendan is aiming much higher, with a tighter squad of better quality



    Hail Hail

  6. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Am on 11+ goals 14+ yellows and 35+ corners over the Chelsea, Man U & Liverpool games, goals & corners rubbish in the Chelsea game but a few yellow cards, so hop your bet stoats as it will give me an interest in the Liverpool game :-)

  7. Gerryfaethebrig on

    MNCelt 2.11pm



    Before the Euros I think we had a wee outside chance of getting Joe Allen on loan, but his form in the euros got Liverpool the cash from Stoke

  8. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Not Celtic stuff…… But what a signing Higuain has been for Juve



    Although I would still rather have Leigh Griffiths. :-)

  9. Real EC Cup plans.


    Invitations should be offered to all league winners.


    If they then decide to play in the EUFA money ball game then that is their call.

  10. Look at how quickly he, Armstrong, ran to Leigh after that first goal! Gave him a great, sincere, embracing hug! He didn’t stop to take any accolades but rather hurried to share the success with a team mate. For me it showed belief in the system and joy in the effort. I’m enjoying watching this evolution of teamwork and application.




  11. GFTB from previous thread.


    Your Sunday lunch sounds just right too. I love plain food cooked well. I also like a sirloin steak well done. Fillet is good for medium/ rate to me but it’s all down to the meat and personal taste.


    Baked potato is also my choice with a steak.


    We are not too different. Unfortunately today my excellent poached egg technique had an audience of two.


    Shame really as I usually feck them up. So much pleasure in cooking plain food well, a decent bit of smoked haddock ( not that stuff the same colour of the wee lassie who works in Tanerife) and smoked bacon, garlic and rice.


    Food of the Gods.

  12. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    BEATBHOY on 11TH DECEMBER 2016 9:55 AM




    Not in the slightest, hence the wee smiley at the end of the post.




    Like you, I’d like the Club to come out and fully support Res 12 and call them a Dead Club with only a 4 year history. I’m sure it will happen, but only when the time is right. Hopefully that will be pretty soon!




    Don’t stop complaining or we will end up with a boring Blog!





  13. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Jmccormick 2.35



    If I ever won the lottery and didn’t have to work I would spend most of my day cooking :-)



    Cooking & ironing are quite therapeutic

  14. Ciftci,Allan Commons ,Janko and Bitton should go.


    I wonder if we should look at the Barcelona style with Henderson and sell with a buy back clause?


    He has a lot of the tools to be a top class midfielder but needs an environment where he can put it all together.A loan is not the answer in his case and i can’t see him being a regular in the present team.

  15. GFTB.


    Did I not mention I did the ironing as well today? Mostly my gear right enough, just to affirm my manly credentials.


    Right, time for a wee Campari and soda…



    I’m the designated ironer in my house as the wife hates it.


    Like you i find it therapeutic.


    She disnae let me near the stove though which is fine as she is an excellent cook.

  17. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Around 1985 (I was 15) I complained to my mother that my shirt didn’t even look as if it was ironed, she duly asked me to hand it to her and flung it straight back in my face with the words “iron it yourself” since that day that’s what I have done, I ended up doing all her ironing when she was no longer fit to do it…….it was a valuable lesson and now it has paid dividends am brilliant at ironing (as for cooking it’s down to turning the cooker on for now :-)

  18. Half time Man U 1 Spurs 0. 1 card and 6 corners. Spurs playing the better football but failing to create any chances. Victor playing well.

  19. Stuart has been great as have others but Rogic and Erik are up there too in terms of playing at a really high level at the moment. Good luck to teams in this land coming up against the midfield trio of Broonie, Rogic and Stuart. And once they’ve been ran to into the ground McGregor will come on and pick more holes.

  20. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Player of the year so far






    Closely followed by Scott Sinclair, James Forrest, Kieran before his injury, Erik, Moussa for his goals, and I would fling in Craig Gordon ………..I quite like the fact we can mention over half a dozen players and we are in December

  21. BMCUW.


    Lovely wee sketch. I do knew w that one, hence my borrowing that line.


    I saw Billy in the Pretty Green shop on Buchanan St last Friday. He looked magnificent, resplendent in a Harris tweed jacket , jeans and boots.


    I met him twice on the Seville trip, on the second occasion, he indulged myself , my son and my dear Dad with a photo and a wee chat at Jerez Airport . I was too afraid to chat to him last week. A lovely man but I am in awe of him.

  22. Gerryfaethebrig on




    You are a bad man, I will now think of Jmccormick as Billy Connolly ordering a Campari & soda



    Jmccormick each to their own :-)



    Got a feeling Higuain might notch a winner for Juve

  23. GFTB





    I actually enjoy a Campari and lemonade, I am also of similar physical appearance to Billy although I envy his head of hair.



  24. VFR



    I tried to acknowledge your “smiley” with my exclamation marks and the nod to Monty Python.



    It’s just that I’ve adopted the hungry vulture’s approach to the problem:



    “Patience, my ass! I’m gonna kill something!”



    I’ll say “Keep up the good work!” minus the sarcasm this time!



    Hail! Hail!

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