Rennes a yardstick against undefeated Lille


Lille are the only undefeated team in Ligue 1, sitting joint top with PSG, by any measure, this is their high watermark.  By contrast, Celtic go into tonight’s game without a win in three outings, having lost their place at the top of the domestic table.  With an important Scottish Cup tie ahead, this is a game some tired legs could well do without.

The final Champions League qualification spot in France last season was taken by Rennes, who had one of their most memorable seasons in decades, but managed only one point from two Europa games against Celtic.  Rennes continue to shadow Lille this season, this time from one place below.  Our achievements in France last season will be a good yardstick for the manager going into tonight’s game.

I don’t know anyone who expects a result tonight, a point would feel like a victory, but most of all, I want the players home fit and healthy tomorrow morning.  They have a big weekend ahead.

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  1. Don’t know what I’d do if I was in charge………


    I’d like to see those needing fitness and game- time given a run-out.



    A few decisions on placement and formation should now be reached and hopefully stuck with.



    I wouldn’t allow a family member to travel at this time and I’d have thouight it mad to have our Bhoys travel to a Covid hotspot……..


    but heyho – we travel in hope.




  2. Bain



    Ralston>>>>> Duffy>>>>>> Ajer>>>>> Taylor










  3. Big Wavy


    No arguement with that team.


    Then let the defenders defend, not be auxiliary forwards.


    Might give Duffy a chance to play his own position.

  4. !!BADA BING!! on 29TH OCTOBER 2020 11:22 AM


    🍀Good post from the Huddleboard🍀







    Neil Lennon and the Scottish media.







    When I think back to the period when Lenny, along with other Celtic employee’s and prominent fans, were recieving death threats and bullets in the post, it still leaves me with an uneasy feeling.





    There’s no doubt Lenny was the Loyalist Hun supporting bastards main target, and that opinion was confirmed when Celtic had to actually hire a bodyguard to protect him. Even worse, was when the Police had to move his family from their home because they considered there was a definite and viable threat against Lenny’s life.





    If further confirmation was needed it was certainly confirmed when he was actually assaulted at the side pitch during a game at Tynecastle.





    Again thinking back to those dark times, memories come flooding back like, do you remember the tone of the media reports regarding these incidents at the time? Do you remember some reporters/pundits from TV/radio and print wanted Lenny done for supposedly retaliating when the nutter at Tynecastle attacked him from behind?





    Do you remember the collective media narrative of “He brings it on himself”?





    Do you remember the print media and official web sites constantly using photographs of a snarling Neil Lennon for virtually every story regarding Celtic?





    Do you remember the Clyde SSB, the Real Radio phone in’s, and Jabba’s “Your call” slot on BBC radio Scotland, all allowing Hun callers a free reign to spit vile abuse in Lenny’s direction, whilst trying to sell the agenda that the uppity Fenian bastard brought it all on himself?





    Do you remember when Lenny was lied to by a referee, and when the club rightfully complained to the SFA Lenny was blamed as main villain when Referee’s and officials went on strike





    Worst of all, do you remember when ex players and supposed Celtic fans in print, on the radio, and on TV agreeing with the campaign narrative that ” Yes, Neil brings it on himself”?





    Lenny didn’t do the easy thing by turning tail and running back then, and I don’t expect him to do it now.





    So instead of focusing on our fear of not doing the 10, it’s time to get right behind both him and the players. We need to try and find ways to send all of them our messages of support. We need to stop doing our enemies work for them and try to promote an air of positivity.





    We can’t afford to be fractured this season more than any other.

  5. I am interested as to how the view emerged that Neil Lennon does not rate tactics and is not interested in team shape. A kind of Chinese Whispers translation(s) process has occurred between what Neil actually said and what he is now reported as saying.



    Back in September 2019 he was quoted as saying :-




    ““We work a lot, John Kennedy particularly, on the tactical side of things and the shape of the team,” said Lennon. “It’s a case of us just doing what we normally do, but I also want us to be a bit more pragmatic away from home at times. Instead of encouraging the opposition, we need to manage the game and we’ve been doing that very well.”




    I have tried to locate the other actual quotes made by Neil on tactics and team shape which gave rise to this mis-translation but I haven’t found them yet so I will have to rely on my memory and risk being proven wrong here.




    My recollection, which chimes with Hamilton Tims ‘s from the night shift, was that he said people over-rate the importance of tactics. N.B.- he did NOT say that tactics were unimportant or trivial or to be dispensed with.





    I also recollect that he said he left the final work on team shape to John Kennedy and the other coaches on Friday. Again, he did not say that he thought team shape was unimportant or trivial. He did not say that he was personally uninterested in these matters.




    Anyone reasonably well disposed towards the man might assume that he meant that he had done the collaborative work on tactics and team shape with the coaching team, had set the overall tone and strategy with the players earlier in the week and was leaving the final tedious practice drills to his coaching team.




    All coaches need to avoid becoming “background noise” to the players by their constant presence and inevitable repetition. They strive to have an omnipresent air without being actually omnipresent. When they speak they want to be listened to, so they set the outline strategy. leave their coaching team to drill this, under their guidance, and intervene only when this is going wrong or if players or coaches are not doing as they ask. MON restricted his visits to the training ground and let Chris Davies handle this aspect of coaching and lots of coaches do likewise. The top man wants to speak rarely so that his words are listened to carefully.




    The distortion of Neil Lennons views, did not take place in the dreaded columns of the ReKKKord or the Herald or Scotsman. It has happened on CQN, Sentinel Celts, The Huddleboard, Kerydale Street, e-tims and the Celtic Star sites.



    People have the full right to disagree with the choice of Lenny as manager, the form and results of his team and all else that they see going wrong at the club.



    But I think it is fair to hang him only for what he said and not what we imagine he said.








    On a seperate note- Here’s what some managers have said about these issues:-







    “Players lose you games. There’s so much crap talk about tactics by people who barely know how to win at dominoes” Brian Clough







    ” Losers complain. Winners train” & ” You win by effort, by commitment, by ambition, by quality, by expressing yourself individually but in the team context” Jose Mourinho







    “In football, the result is an imposter. You can do things really well but not win” Xavi







    The game of football IS one of strategy and tactics” Woody Hayes ( But he played American Football)

  6. glendalystonsils on

    To come back with no positive tests and no isolations is more important than the result tonight .


    The second thing which is more important than the result is the performance . We need to turn that corner PDQ.

  7. Reviewed every 7 days from 2nd November, but will monitor North and South Lanarkshire on a daily basis.,placed in Pot 3….

  8. “In football, the result is an imposter. You can do things really well but not win” Xavi







    Sounds like something Camus could have said.

  9. BIG WAVY on 29TH OCTOBER 2020 12:13 PM









    Ralston>>>>> Duffy>>>>>> Ajer>>>>> Taylor
























    Would rest Rogic and play Turnbull. What have we got to lose.

  10. After that article; consider expectations well and truly managed.


    We can be group whipping bhoys cos it’s all about the 10 ?


    Bamboozled that after such an acclaimed recruiting windae, we dont even seem to have Euro 2nd tier ambition anymore?


    KTF or WTF ?

  11. onenightinlisbon on

    Our achievements in France last season will be a good yardstick for the manager going into tonight’s game.



    So what will that mean if we lose heavily?



    Hope we don’t but on current form…..

  12. I disagree. Playing for last season’s Scottish Cup (and creating more fixture congestion) is the game(s) we could do without.

  13. No problems with the team being mentioned,except for Ralston.Did not even know he was still with us.Surely Welsh would be in front of him?Anyway,I would be delighted to see Big Nir back.Outstanding for Israel playing RB.Had a great game there also in the qualifiers.The bigger benefit is,if Duffy does not improve his form,he can play CH,so game time required.

  14. Comparisons with other teams is so last season. We’re on a poor run of form which is the most relevant statistic.

  15. Quadrophenian



    If someone says we are going to win in France tonight or we are going to win the Europa, are they managing expectations or are they just giving their opinion, however unrealisti it may be?



    Are you confident that a majoeity of Celtic Supporters would rate the game tonight as being as mportant or of equal importance to a league game in our 10iar season?



    I am fairly confident that the quest for the ten is the highest priority task for the club this season. It doesn’t mean we won’t rejoice at a draw or a win in France; just that it is a bonus.



    So, I stand with Paul in ranking My expectations of tonight.



    1. Come home safely without further injury or Covid cases


    2. Avoid a humiliating defeat to depress team morale further


    3. Sneak a draw if you can get one, like we did with Rennes twice recently.


    4. Produce more encouraging form in creating chances and a better defence


    5. Win the game if the opportunity arises. I will be our first win in france since 1967.




    That is me managing my own expectations.



    It is your responsibility to manage your own and not feel that people are bullying you (managing your expectations) because they have different beliefs on what is possible and realistic for Celtic.

  16. BANKIEBHOY1 on 29TH OCTOBER 2020 12:20 PM


    !!BADA BING!! on 29TH OCTOBER 2020 11:22 AM



    🍀Good post from the Huddleboard🍀



    Neil Lennon and the Scottish media.






    Gents – all of this historical narrative is undoubtedly true. How much of it is relevant in determining who wins this year’s (likely to be curtailed season) is highly debatable.



    SFTB – in the immediate aftermath of Ferencvaros winning the tie that would see them face us, several guys on here had already done their own scouting reports. Each highlighted the tactics used and how we’d potentially vulnerable. They were correct.



    By contrast, NFL’s words on having them analysed were pretty desultory I’m afraid to say.



    HH jg




    CALMAC for Rogic and Turnbull for Calmac position wise..



    We have to start playing well sometime or our season will bo over.(10iar)

  18. ernie


    Here is something Camus did say:



    ‘Everything I know most surely about morality and duty, I owe to football’.

  19. SFTB – I hear you.


    Was aiming for elements of irony and sarcasm, but that might have been missed.


    I have learned to think for myself – handy skill in life.


    Which is why – despite understanding the points you raise, agreeing with a couple yet wanting the very best for Celtic – I’m puzzled that with such a good squad, we’re talking about EITHER/OR as far as our ambitions go, even this early in a new season. I wonder what Neil, Scott, Cal et al’s expectations are for le trip a Lille?


    My expectations? We’re well-resourced, with some experienced and emerging talent and on the verge of an historic season. Our tails should be right up – as Neil’s was in his last interview – but caution/fear prevails.


    I heard that expectations are a resentment-in-waiting, yet all I can say for my Celtic is, here’s hoping HH

  20. re is anothe Camus quote that might help some on here who are despondent about the possibility of not achieving the Ten:



    “In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer. And that makes me happy.”

  21. Despite the reminder of the high esteem Neil is held and the crap he’s been through, I’m looking to him for some competent tactics, coaching and game management, regardless of result tonight.




  22. Personally,I am delighted the SFA have brought last seasons SC forward to this season.Maybe some getting a bit blaise at the amount of trophies we have won.Not me.To win these 2 games will give us 4 consecutive trebles,something that would have been lost,probably forever,to us. Who knows about this season,but it will take care of itself.We have plenty of 1st team players,who have had very little game time,for one reason or another.With some overdue luck,they should soon be raring to go.



    All those comments,and still found time to make a rerr wee Brandy.No end to the man’s talents.

  24. Big Wavy,


    A prediction:


    If we win tonight,the general view will be that we displayed `competent tactics, coaching and game management,`


    If we lose tonight,the general view will be that we did not display `competent tactics, coaching and game management,`



    The tactics,coaching and game management could be identical but the result will determine how people view the deployment of those aspects you mention.

  25. Paul 67 & SFTB,



    Managing expectations.



    Three teams who were in the CL group stages were put to the sword by ourselves only a few years ago.


    An undefeated team of superstars came to Parkhead in trepidation a few years ago. Man City escaped with a 3 – 3 draw and could not defeat us at their own patch.



    At Parkhead or fortress Parkhead as it was called, our record in the CL from 2001 to 2008 was :- 31 matches,


    23 wins


    7 draws


    1 loss.


    54 goals scored


    16 conceded


    19 clean sheets.



    I doubt any team are ” scared ” when they pull Celtic out of the hat nowadays.


    How times have changed.



    If we had low expectations for only one game then fine, but we do not.



    We have undoubtedly regressed, in results and expectations.



    Time to impress Celtic.



  26. Turkeybhoy,



    He can contact the ghost of Terence McSwiney for all I care. People are entitled to scratch their heads at tactics we have seen, for example at the end of our last game, the Hun fiasco or the Ferencvaros debacle, etc etc etc….this season.



    Lots of talk from Neil in the last few days. Let’s be having you now Neil. On the pitch.




  27. TB


    Did he make brandy?Id din`t know that !


    Goalkeeper,writer,philosopher and maker of brandy.


    Some man and only outdone by some of the geniuses/genii on CQN :-)

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