Rennes a yardstick against undefeated Lille


Lille are the only undefeated team in Ligue 1, sitting joint top with PSG, by any measure, this is their high watermark.  By contrast, Celtic go into tonight’s game without a win in three outings, having lost their place at the top of the domestic table.  With an important Scottish Cup tie ahead, this is a game some tired legs could well do without.

The final Champions League qualification spot in France last season was taken by Rennes, who had one of their most memorable seasons in decades, but managed only one point from two Europa games against Celtic.  Rennes continue to shadow Lille this season, this time from one place below.  Our achievements in France last season will be a good yardstick for the manager going into tonight’s game.

I don’t know anyone who expects a result tonight, a point would feel like a victory, but most of all, I want the players home fit and healthy tomorrow morning.  They have a big weekend ahead.

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  1. Hot Smoked,



    That’s a good point. We’re rightly underdogs, I’m not expecting much and I’d judge this with a lot more latitude than a game against Livi for example.



    I’d take a draw and a good performance but seeing us being competitive is where we are at tonight in terms of our fragile state of mind at the club.




  2. James gang



    “in the immediate aftermath of Ferencvaros winning the tie that would see them face us, several guys on here had already done their own scouting reports. Each highlighted the tactics used and how we’d potentially vulnerable. They were correct.



    By contrast, NFL’s words on having them analysed were pretty desultory I’m afraid to say. ”





    You have the advantage of me in recalling some predictions of how Ferencvaros would beat us being made before the game. I must have suppressed that memory (did they tell us what Celtic needed to do?) but I would point you to the quote of Xavi’s that I used




    As for Neil being desultory in his expositionof the tactics after the game, I would expect no less. Which losing manager speaks about the tactics, after a game is lost? Would he have got any sympathy if he had said something like “Those guys on CQN were right and I wished I had listened to them”. I’ll be shouting for his head once he starts blowing smoke up the support like that.



    Anyways, the last few hours of work are calling me-



    Catch you behind the sofa at 6.

  3. “Faithless is he who says farewell as the road darkens”.



    Gimli the Dwarf.



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. A night for slowing the game down and keeping our shape.



    While tonight won’t matter come the end of the season, we really could be doing with a competent defensive display.

  5. Big Wavy



    `in terms of our fragile state of mind at the club.`


    I have to go now but I would like to ask : Do you think the fragility IS at the Club or only in the minds of the support?


    I`ll see any reply later.


    Nice chatting.


    Cheerio for now

  6. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    School vPubvSupermarkets:


    I think the problem on here is not comparing like with like.Most posters here I think are in the category that goes to pubs during the day. The rules are rigorous..Temp test, masked, name and telephone number and time of arrival recorded,


    escorted/directed to seat, drink delivered.


    Go to supermarket, might have to queue to get in, free for all inside, no details taken, no time recorded.


    Which one gives YOU the chance of finding that you may have been in contact with a person with Covid 19?


    Going by television the restrictions in pubs seem to disappear after 6pm.


    Just my take on it.

  7. Hot Smoked,



    Another good point fella. I can only speak personally and say I have indeed lost my nerve, as I see little material change in direction from Neil and have therefore little trust in what he says and does that gives me confidence. I’m in need (as I’m clearly a needy bugger) of some tangible signs from the bench, the team, the players, etc.



    I equate a poor level of performance all season (mostly), coupled with a bit of recency bias (last week’s 3 shockers), comments, demeanour, etc etc and conclude there’s a state of fragility in evidence beyind the words at press conferences.



    Starting tonight, maybe the comeback is on….




  8. SFTB



    To clarify. I was referring to NFL’s comments when they’d won their previous tie and had been confirmed as our next opponents.



    Stay safe and erudite youngster.



    HH jg

  9. onenightinlisbon on

    AN DÚN on 29TH OCTOBER 2020 1:29 PM


    A night for slowing the game down and keeping our shape.



    Our ponderous build up play can’t get much slower…..

  10. In 1888 a Club was born…to help feed the poorest in society….132 years later…there are still food drives to help feed the poorest in society….so where did it all go right?







  11. jeremy corbyn suspended from Labour party.


    sad day.i suppose ‘we are all middle class’ now.




  12. Paul the Spark….sincerest condolences on the passing of your mother…thoughts with you and yours…You’ll Never Walk Alone



    Hav we met each other…through a certain GD kitchen? My mind boggles




  13. When the leader of the workers’ party is called, ‘Sir’…..then I think some of the answer becomes apparent quickly.



    HH jg

  14. Can anyone who wants Olivier Ntcham to start tonight explain why?



    Is it that you have lost faith in Brown and think he is the next best player on the list?



    Or more worryingly have our standards dropped so low that he deserves a start due to recent performances?

  15. Timmy7



    Am gonna drink sum beers and hope the resulr isn’t too embarrassing….I had no expectations of a result against Milan and the same goes for tonight.




  16. Re Last Thread.



    I really enjoy having numerous Beers and Music and GOOD Conversation especially in my local Pub.


    I NEVER Drink in the Hoose, unless I had female company and she (whoever she may be, wanted a Kerry Oot ) LOL ?


    Long before Covid, I was perfectly happy to give any Pub a miss for weeks, sometimes Months, and again NOT Drinking at home. Giving Pubs and Beer a complete miss was/is entirely my own decision in normal times.


    When the Pubs are open, I can go daft and drink for 3 or 4 days in a row, but I usually limit my time to around 2 or 3 Sessions per week, depending how fed up I may be at home ?


    Does that make me a “Bevvy Merchant” ?


    Being in Glesga, and in TIER 3…Most Pubs will remain close I think ? My Local Pub serves “Meals” such as Pies and Beans/Peas and Toasties…..are they ” Classed ” as Meals by the Scot Gov ?


    Right now, I dont know IF my Local WILL Open, especially as they cant serve Alcohol in the restricted opening times…MAYBE my mate the Owner, WILL decide to reopen…but I seriously doubt it ?


    IF he DOES decide to reopen, I MAY go in once a week and drink NON Alcoholic Beer…but how viable will that be for ANY Pub to reopen, as many Punters want the REAL Beer etc ?



    IF he does reopen and I go in once/twice a week and drink NON Alcoholic Beer…


    Does THAT make me a “Bevvy Merchant” LOL ?



    As far as I know, NON Alcoholic Beer can cost the same…or even more than Real Beer, but I still wouldnt imagine that it would make any Pub re opening viable…as I certainly wouldnt be drinking as much NON Alcoholic Beer as I would drinking real Beer…so I wouldnt be spending any where as near as much…and I suspect other Punters would be the same ?


    I just cant agree with the Scot Govt and this ” NO Alcohol” Restriction…maybe its just me ?


    I could catch Covid…NO MATTER what I was drinking !



  17. THELURKINTIM on 29TH OCTOBER 2020 2:31 PM









    Am gonna drink sum beers and hope the resulr isn’t too embarrassing….I had no expectations of a result against Milan and the same goes for tonight.





    I will be on the Coca Cola tonight…


    Does that make me a “Bevvy Merchant” LOL ?


    HH Mate.

  18. CaddingtonCommon on




    Very powerful post about the disgraceful things Neil Lennon has had to endure whilst manager of our great club. Thanks for reminding us…….lest we forget.



    PS Is the cup semi on tv ?



    Hail Hail


    Stay Safe

  19. Good luck to Celtic tonight…just come home safe and sound Bhoys….Thats the main issue imho.


    I will put a wee bet on Celtic to win 2-1 methinks, as the underdogs that correct score should be a good price !



  20. Bankiebhoy



    A good memory jogger for those of us who forget what Neil has had to go through to be at Celtic.



    Remember in addition Neil was captain of Northern Ireland when viable death threats were issued to him by their own supporters after 40 caps and 6 years as an Internationalist. It was only as a Celtic player this became as issue.



    Remember also at Ibrox the vitriol poured out at him resulted in Martin O’Neill singling Neil out for support and putting his arm around his shoulders in support of the Bhoy.



    I can remember on this very forum posters changing their names to support Neil Lennon.



    If anyone deserved support then it is Neil. It has been astonishing that so called supporters have been


    conned into supporting the MSM narrative.



    One of the facts that posters on here need to understand that while they want new players then they often need time to settle in a team. There are new players who have not successfully been bonded into the team and the covid bubble has affected the situation.



    I feel Neil should be supported in the job until he is no longer there. He deserves it. If the 10 is gone then so be it.

  21. bigbhoy on 29th October 2020 2:52 pm



    Agreed. Get behind him, circle the wagons and win ten then I’d let him move on on his own terms.

  22. TIMMY7_NOTED on 29TH OCTOBER 2020 2:23 PM


    Can anyone who wants Olivier Ntcham to start tonight explain why?



    Shop window, good chance he will go back to France, I would try and sell him in January, time to get Turnbull into the team IMO

  23. I may be in the minority, but I am expecting a decent performance tonight.



    The players will be aware of the all round criticism this week and I fully expect them to prove a point.



    So it’s a win for me tonight, but remember to tighten things up when we go 2-0 up!



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Hot Smoked,



    I think that’s being harsh on most on here.



    If we lose in the manner of the recent Rangers game or in the manner of the Lyon 2-3 game (that SFTB mentioned earlier) I think the general opinion of our performance would be quite different.

  25. CIGALASPORFAVOR staying in the Argyle Arms Hotel, please make my weekend by telling me we’ll get beer??? HH

  26. Timmy7



    I agree if I was a Manager and I was Celtic manager then if it was time to go then I would put my hand up. If I had enough money i wouldn’t want to manage anyone else. I would not be alone.



    Neil might go after this season, win or lose. I think there will be a lot of the board going including Peter Lawwell and Ian Bankier. Maybe Peter Lawwell might go non executive but remain on the Board

  27. Cameron MacGregor on

    This is my very first time to post here, and NO, I am not a hun.Been lurking for years.


    I’ve been a Celtic supporter since Donald Duck was an egg, so I’ve seen the lot, believe me!



    Over the years there have been some wretched times, and I mean bad. Before Big Jock came along we hardly did ourselves many favours, but then, in he came. His arrival meant, an entire new thinking mentality and a new confidence, which in the main, is still with us today.


    Sadly, the forces of evil that exist in Scotland, the SFa et al mean we will always have our backs to the wall for sure. But against all the odds, we are doing pretty damn well, are we not???


    As is the case with this pandemic, we seem to be in a state of hysteria with regards recent results and form, but we are doing very well.


    As I see it, we are a far better team with Rogic and Christie in the side, we saw that at Aberdeen on Sunday, did we not.


    If we win 10 in a row that will be the icing on the cake for me, but I just want us to win the league again and take whatever comes with us achieving that.


    So, during these troubled times, I am confident we will survive, and survive well.



    Briefly, I remember big Jock losing 2 games on the bounce, no-one cried for him to be gotten rid of, funny that



    Stay safe and remember, we are all supporters of Celtic FC and some may have differing opinions to others, BUT, we all love CELTIC.




  28. TIMMY7_NOTED on 29TH OCTOBER 2020 2:23 PM


    Can anyone who wants Olivier Ntcham to start tonight explain why?



    Is it that you have lost faith in Brown and think he is the next best player on the list?



    Or more worryingly have our standards dropped so low that he deserves a start due to recent performances?






    I’ll have a go.



    1. As we are all preaching redemption from our lofty heights this week, does this extend to the players or just the manager?



    2. He’s a terrific talent.



    3. On his game, he is a great asset for us in a tough away game in Europe with his possession.



    4. Remember Lazio away? Not many in our team could do that.



    5. He’s better suited without Scott Brown holding him back in midfield (I like Scott but wouldn’t play him tonight as the opposition is too fast, mobile, talented for our aging club legend).







  29. I would like to see a good defensive performance and aim for a clean sheet.


    That would mean not playing Frimpong at right back , maybe play Welsh or even Ralston , as they


    both are defenders, which Frimpong isn’t.

  30. Big Jummy…I may b on more edge than I thought…guy cut in line at ma local…long story short…a put the nut on him…he’s fine….but am no sure I am…am 49 ffs










    I hope you were wearing a mask when you nutted the effer!



    Hope you are well!

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