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  1. Wee BGFC…they had a half chance and 1 shot on goal before we gifted them the penalty…the better chances were ours…so yep lol

  2. glendalystonsils on

    Well that’s the first part of Charlie Nick’s forecast oot the windae . Ha ha. He had it 2-1 Rennes.


    He also had Sevco 1-1 with Feyenoord so gie us a double Charlie! Sevco 1 Feyenoord 2.

  3. Superb game. Both teams going for it. Spoiled by shocking referee.



    Before the game I thought we’d get done 2-0 based on no evidence whatsoever.



    1-1 was a great result away from home. Ask Lazio.

  4. Murder for me to listen to on celtic tv. I’ve the all singing all dancing version HD etc, but still the game is only available on audio despite my £170 or so per year. Still, I guess it balances itself out because I’ve also a seat in club celtic and you get free pie at half time. Still delighted with the result tho.

  5. AuroraBorealis79 on

    Fantastic performance tonight. Big Fraser & Julian give the team around them so much confidence.


    Big Kris will make a great player yet.



    El Hamad & elyounoussi also looking like a couple of gems. With the latter showing some outstanding skills tonight

  6. Enjoyed that more than any ‘performance’ under the previous incumbent



    Well done Celtic and Lenny




  7. Well done Celtic. One brainfart apart from big Kris (stop going to ground big lad) that was imperious. Well done Neil and the bhoys.



    Referee an absolute fud. Bayo sending off ridiculous.



    Cluj winning will mean a big performance for Lzio in Rome. Chance to top the table 2 games in.

  8. Well done Celtic, Well done Lenny. When I remember the pages of abuse after the Cluj result it makes my blood boil.


    For anyone in any doubt we played without fear, and with no little skill.


    Jonny is fast becoming a hero, Julien was pure class, head & shoulders the best player on the field.


    Ghuys we have a team & a Manager to be proud of.

  9. WEE BGFC on 19TH SEPTEMBER 2019 7:55 PM


    Hands up who thought we were beat after their penalty. Me.





    That was brilliant!



    AWAY you and get the banjo tuned for the HOOT and leave the chit chat tae the MUGS.

  10. El Hamed was really good tonight, though he had me jittery in the 2nd half by playing so far up.



    Julian was excellent, as was Brown.



    Not forgetting Lenny, we’ll played sir

  11. We’ll be in Machuills at 1 o’clock. Me on the guitar, Cuz on the bodhran, Da on the singin, Cha on the squeeze box. :)))))))))))))))))))




  12. See Feyenoord have a guy playing upfront called Larsson. That sounds familiar. No dreadlocks though

  13. prestonpans bhoys on

    Watching hun game, thought there was to be 3000 empty seats? If so uefa should have a look at the stands




    If you think I’ve paid all that money for a fake tan……………………….



    See you Saturday!

  15. We played well tonight regardless of the score,but still some folks can’t help them selves 😉


    Ryan was pilloried on here today but it was him that got us our point


    Who do you moan about now

  16. Soz on 19th September 2019 8:07 pm




    Accepted, don’t fret. I’m still top of the CQN table on here for having to say sorry.

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