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  1. Huns deservedly ahead at half time.



    They’re dominating Feynoord physically and are faster to every loose ball. Should be further ahead that 1-0.



    That said, I don’t think much of the Dutch. Hope they smarten in up I. The 2nd half

  2. glendalystonsils on

    Feyenoord look a spineless bunch , spooked by the baying hordes of neanderthals . McLean and McCoist making the commentary sound like Rangers TV.

  3. WEE BGFC on 19th September 2019 8:48 pm




    Cork didn’t turn so easily back in the day :-)




    The bt3 commentary is embarrassing






    I cant believe how many times we are on TV commentators always want to highlight how the opposition are pressing us or stepping up. Especially in Europe



    Meanwhile over at skint FC they are pressing, attacking , no pressure etc



    Obvious as fk

  5. Great results for Celtic and Cluj tonight. Referee was appalling. Bayo should never have been red carded. We were the better team. If we can keep our heads and play to our capabilities then we can win this group. I thought it was a fantastic end to end game. Well done Neil and the Bhoys.

  6. Could you imagine if your team were called RC Pellets WAC even if they are leading Munchengladbach 3 nil away from home,

  7. TheLurkinTim on 19th September 2019 9:04 pm




    Makes a mockery of their sanction.

  8. Feyenoord being outmuscled by Sevco.Look very weak.I see the ” No surrender”mob,have quickly surrendered to UEFAShaming the fekin SFA ,once again.

  9. prestonpans bhoys on




    Had to google them this afternoon, Austrian team known as Wolfsberg, not to be confused with Germany’s Wolfsburg

  10. Henry Joy…aye…it’s all political…UEFA are being seen to be doing something…the huns are being seen to be complying…everybody is happy…and the underlying problems aren’t being addressed

  11. Turkeybhoy on 19th September 2019 9:09 pm




    Feyenoord have missed three gilt edged chances so far.

  12. TheLurkinTim on 19th September 2019 9:15 pm




    Wouldn’t have though der Hun would ignore the sanction conditions. Strange all the same.

  13. Doc…how’s that David Cameron documentary going? or was it cut due to austerity 🤣…if I wasn’t laughing…I’d be crying

  14. Gregg Taylor debut on Saturday? I’m assuming he’s fit (wasn’t on the bench tonight).



    He will have a chance to take the jersey away from Boli I reckon, if he does well. Looking forward to seeing him play for us.



    Couple of changes for Sunday wouldn’t go amiss. McGregor and Forrest maybe sitting out.

  15. Accomplished performance from Celtic tonight. Two observations – Forrest looked better on the left, and Ajer is going to have to stop holding his opponent in the box. He does it every week, and tonight he had the French player’s jersey by both hands, making it really obvious. Worryingly, he continued to do so the rest of the game, even after conceding the penalty. This is exceedingly short sighted. Try that on a Lazio player, and he will go down as if shot.

  16. Seem to remember Elhamed saying he could play right or left back. Maybe worth trying switching him and playing Bauer right back.

  17. Tuned into Radio Scotland. Not covering der Hun match…..presently talking about how Celtic’s second XI would be too good for anyone in Scotland lol.

  18. A big Thank You to the 27 folk that have already emailed me with you votes for the top 3 players from the Rennes game. Still another 24 (and a half) hours to vote so keep those emails coming. Votes have already been spread across 10 different players so it certainly is all about opinions! I have a busy day tomorrow so I’m unlikely to bother you with any more reminders. So the message is – do it now ;-)


    Emails, as usual, to CQNPOTY@GMAIL.COM


    Hail Hail!

  19. Very decent result against the second placed team in Ligue 1.


    Ref performance didn’t help us.


    Jeezo, posting on here tries the patience. Hard to believe this took ten minutes.

  20. southside on 19th September 2019 9:35 pm




    Hardly our fault yer posting fae der Hun territory.

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