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  1. Hoi Henry Joy…am a southsider…my old man was born in Brigton…brought up in govania…but we’re smarter than the average bear…which, thinking about it, aint much of a boast lol

  2. TheLurkinTim on 19th September 2019 9:48 pm




    Was just sayin. Imagine trying to post from enemy territory and expecting a quick response ffs :-)

  3. Our win and performance at Ibrox looks even better having seen how bad they’ve made Feyenoord look tonight.

  4. The criticism was about CQN and the time taken to post…nowt about response…as the scum get 3 points…Feyenoord were shockingly sh*te

  5. Ian McCall must be gutted…the best striker in Scotland, according to him, Defoe…never got any time lol

  6. A few comments earlier about away goals.



    If 2 teams have the same number of points, then i believe it’s head to head so if us and Rennes are level, a 0-0 draw at CP will see us through and a 2-2 one would suit them.



    Unlikely but certainly a 10-15% chance of it happening.

  7. TheLurkinTim on 19th September 2019 9:54 pm




    Depends where you’re trying to post from. I’ve no gripes with Govan, played my best football with St Ants.

  8. Feyenoord are seventh in the Dutch league and they would have got a draw had McGregor not pulled off a few very good saves in the second half

  9. Well done bhoys…well done Lenny…fantastic result away from home in Europe…our team has grown up tonight…am proud and hope that we can kick on from this to help our reputation

  10. It’s been a long time since I felt as confident about a Celtic team away from home in Europe as this one.



    The result tonight really sets the group up for us. We know all about Cluj and having seen the results of Italian teams this week in Europe, 6 points are there for this us in the next two games.



    Next up Killie, rest Brown, CalMac, Eddy, Forrest and Christie.

  11. An Dun on 19th September 2019 10:11 pm




    No chance of anyone asking Broony to take a rest unless he wants one.

  12. Scotland 5.250


    Netherlands 5.000


    Belgium 4.400



    Euro ranking looking good again this year. Based on past two year’s coefficient we will have automatic qualification into CL by 12 in a row year. As much as it sticks in the throat, and I know – I fecking know – we need at least two scottish teams in group stage in europe for us to remain relevant in Europe. And the only other team with that level of confidence to chum us are the huns. Old Firm – unfortunately actions make those words more relevant than we would like.

  13. Great performance tonight – from what I saw – and delighted with the result.



    How did Elyounassi play? Most of the play I saw was going down the right. He may not have built up an understanding with Boli yet.



    Also thought Bolingoli gave the ball away a fair bit/enough to be noticed in the second half.



    Am I allowed to say that on here?…. :)



    Scott Brown was immense, from getting pelters on here after Cluj I was thinking that the French viewers must have been in awe of him.



    I’ve not felt as good about a Celtic squad I’m years.

  14. QF



    Everything you sed was reasonable…but can you explain to me, out of curiosity…what’s this Old Firm you’re talking about?

  15. TheLurkinTim on 19th September 2019 10:32 pm




    They know not what they say.

  16. Lurker


    I’ve always been a pragmatic action-based person. Words for me are over-rated. Glasgow derby/ old firm. Makes no difference to me. Actually I find the pedantic moderation of the use of old firm slightly embarrassing and a bit eighteenth century. A bit like that “brits out” chant when brexit has totally changed the relationship between everyone on the island of ireland. Just my opinion.

  17. Words (and meaning) are over-rated…just like pedantic moderation?…I’ve read some nonsense on here…you make my top 10…please don’t respond…as you’re words will have no meaning

  18. QF on 19th September 2019 10:43 pm




    “Brits Out”, embarrassing chant the weans are prone to use that has got fcuk all to do with Rangers being liquidated in 2012. Reality lost in pragmatism with words you’d rather not use but do so anyway. Have you considered a career in the Brits Civil Service?

  19. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    TIMHORTON on 19TH SEPTEMBER 2019 11:52 PM




    jamesys was dodgy but christies was a sure penalty.





    Said as much earlier – Jimmy maybe had contact (I’m not sure that it is clear) – clever movement either way – tempted the defender into a clumsy, mistimed tackle either way.



    Christies was a stone-wall penalty. Possibly not awarding the first influenced the awarding of the second.






  20. IMHO…both were penalties…the ref bottled it (or cheated) for Christies…Jamesies was not so blatant…but was a penalty…to sit here saying that we should have won this game is not something I envisaged prior to kick-off

  21. rangers2012



    Wee Rob on by highlights


    Undefeated at home since malmo 2011







    Away back to work laughin