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  1. We were brilliant tonight in what was a brilliant game of football. They were up for it and we more than matched them.



    Thought Ntcham should have played Bayo back in… he’d done a brilliant give and go, defender sucked to Ntcham. One two was the better option than shot



    Lenny mentioned about Ajer too… that is definitely one part of his game he needs to work on – he likes a tug at the jersey – cut it out



    The played just can’t get enough over the tannoy when they scored…..



    Let’s show them how it’s done in paradise…. rocking 😁💪🏼




  2. Good morning CQN from a lovely Garngad



    Well what was that feckin Referee all about??



    What was big Kris thinking as well??



    Back to the Ref, I am actually beginning to think some of the refs we get in Europe take bribes for the teams we play.. How can you explain the possibilities of getting shit referees constantly.



    The Rennes team are another bunch of cheating fuggers.



    We could have and maybe should have won that game, but a draw is a great result all things considering.



    Let’s hump Kilmasonic on Sunday






    D. :)

  3. The Ref made 2 terrible decisions, not giving us a penalty when Christie was obviously fouled and the second yellow for Bayo when the Keeper conned him into thinking that Bayo had made contact with his head.


    Whilst I thought the penalty we were given was a correct call it was by no means as clear cut as the first, the Ref gave it instantly without any consultation and it looked to me there was a bit of making amends for the Christie one. Overall I reckon the Ref was more incompetent than a cheat.


    Overall thought we played well and at the very least deserved our draw & maybe more.


    The nature of where we are at this season means that there is no time for dwelling on achievements, we kick off again in 54 hours time, and the focus now is 100% on the Killie game.

  4. `Overall I reckon the Ref was more incompetent than a cheat.`



    That is my default position re poor refereeing in Europe. Scotland, however, is a very different matter.Even so, I think a slight improvement is in evidence re the latter.


    Friday golf beckons.


    Cheerio for now.

  5. Henry Joy, Must say I love your music links, Liam Clancy singing For Ireland I;d not tell her name was simply enthralling. Absolutely loved it.

  6. My belief is that every country has it’s share of corrupt referees.



    Scotland for instance.



    Also, the Cluj, AIK and Rennes players all cheated.



    Who will cheat against us next?



    Answers on a postcard.



    Looking forward to the HOOT tomorrow!

  7. I also believe referees are incompetent rather than cheats.



    Obviously others agree otherwise we would not have had the introduction of VAR.




  8. Drop Callum McGregor was the discussion the other day



    Wow. 🤔



    NFL 1 v Some CQN’ERS 0



    HH to all, the journey continues.




    VAR has not been a resounding success in England.



    I read a report last week that said some of the VAR decisions had been incorrect .



    Of course if we ever use it in Scotland, the decision makers will not be Ran*ers supporters or anti Celtic, so we will get a fair deal.

  10. Paddy said to Mick, How did ye get on with that Faith Healer last night, Mick replies he was absolutely shite even the fella in the wheelchair got up and walked out,

  11. What their keeper done was simulation….



    We should appeal and the red card rescinded and their keeper booked for simulation.



    Surely feigning injury is just as bad as diving?



    We were the better side last night. Big Hatem is a player too. Broony \0/ immense. Pass marks to all.



    We will only get stronger💪🏼



    Hail Hail 💚🍀

  12. PHILBHOY on 20TH SEPTEMBER 2019 8:35 AM



    I agree VAR has not been an unqualified success and there have been mistakes.



    However it was introduced as an acknowledgment that the footballing officials do not always get it right.



    Cheers and HH.

  13. Jullien, Brown and CalMac were brilliant last night. Hayes didn’t put a foot wrong when he came on.



    I don’t think we underestimated Cluj last time out. We simply got our set up wrong. Horribly wrong. That won’t be repeated.



    I hope our lads can still hear the Cluj players roars and celebrations from the Celtic park game – it’ll do them no harm at all.

  14. GREENPINATA on 20TH SEPTEMBER 2019 8:34 AM


    Drop Callum McGregor was the discussion the other day


    Wow. 🤔






    Yep. Guilty as charged. Confrimation, once again, I know eff all :)



    Well played Callum and the bhoys.

  15. There were no real duds last night. I know Ajer was awful for the penalty but he recovered and played well for rest of game. Boli probably the weakest but he did a lot of work as well, Eddie didn’t shine but they obviously had him targeted and he made a nuisance of himself and kept them tied up at the back.


    The rest of team played very well. with Elhamed,Brown & Christie superb, No need to big up Julien & Jonny they did that for themselves.

  16. BIG WAVY on 20TH SEPTEMBER 2019 9:36 AM





    Drop Callum McGregor was the discussion the other day



    Wow. 🤔





    Yep. Guilty as charged. Confrimation, once again, I know eff all :)



    Well played Callum and the bhoys.






    Ntcham was also great when he came on.



    It’s good to have competition for places!

  17. Any comment from Rennes on the conduct of their goalkeeper, it was disgraceful play acting, plenty comment here on the penalty we were given, there was also 2 hacks by the same player on Mcgregor by the same player, he wasnt booked on either occasion but Brown quickly sees yellow, Edouard I dont want to see you doing that again , you are far better than that.

  18. The referee was an incompetent buffoon.



    The authorities will circle the wagons.



    Two big home games coming up – we move on. 6 points would be lovely.



    Like the look of Mo, who will only get better with games. Wonder if Taylor, a more natural defender, is a better choice in the long run in these away games. Good choices to have.

  19. DESSYBHOY on 20TH SEPTEMBER 2019 10:19 AM



    I saw some Rennes fans on Twitter claiming that the referee was on our side



    ie. Forrest was a dive, Christie was a dive & Bayo should have had a straight red.



    I’d say I’d have sympathy on Bayo’s first offense. He caught one of their players with an elbow who ended up having to go off. I’d expect a straight red for that.

  20. Last night confirmed that we need a left sided central defender to play alongside Julien. Ajer is not good enough

  21. ST TAMS on 20TH SEPTEMBER 2019 10:48 AM


    Last night confirmed that we need a left sided central defender to play alongside Julien. Ajer is not good enough.






    Confirmed he has more to learn. He’s 21 years old ffs. Thought he kept his head and played well after it. Knew at the tme he’d made a balls up.

  22. Timaloy


    Both had their arms up to protect their faces, Bayo was up higher and coming from the side, yellow is fine, whether he had to go off is not the issue, its intent ,both seemed to go for the ball and clashed, no chance that was a red card, accident the guy got injured could easily have been Bayo and still not a red card.




    You are right to say it is not about intent



    Fifa rules on elbows in this situation say its a red card if it is carried out with “excessive force” or was done “in a manner considered to be careless or reckless”



    The point remains, Bayo was in a position that made him second best to win that header. He catches the player hard enough that he can no longer continue.



    It’s down to the referee to interpret the coming together and he didn’t believe that it met that criteria.



    I’ll be honest if Celtic have to finish a match with 10 men due to an elbow from an opposition player I’d be wanting a red card.

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