Reo, Alexandro: Brendan gets managing


Finishing third last season, Aberdeen go straight to the Europa League playoff round, so their only competitive game since losing 5-0 at Celtic Park at the end of last season was Saturday’s 0-0 draw at Livingston.  They prepared for the season with only four friendlies, meaning they have seen less game time than anyone else in the league, perhaps in the country.

Our record at Pittodrie is excellent.  There have been 11 wins and two draws since the last defeat, under Ronny Deila, still, for my generation, this is always a daunting fixture.  We were conditioned during more difficult times.

What happened last season to Aberdeen remains unexplained.  Jim Goodwin had them performing well, but letting a two-goal lead slip late on against Newco derailed them.  Form disintegrated amid humiliating defeats to Darvel, Hibs and Hearts.

Barry Robson took over as interim and effected an immediate turnaround.  From an unlikely position, they climbed the table into third position, sweeping aside Hibs and Hearts without trace of their earlier defeats.  Barry’s status as a winner is without question among the Celtic support, I hope he succeeds at Aberdeen, although not for a few more days.

I was a bit surprised to read Brendan Rodgers suggesting that Reo Hatate “has to prove himself”.  This is no more true for Reo as it is for everyone else in the squad.  Managing a couple of dozen young athletes will require various techniques, I hope this is merely a way to tweak Reo’s role.

One technique all managers like to employ is making an example of a miscreant.  Alexandro Bernabei missed a team meeting and put his own neck in the stocks.  If there is a serious athlete in there, he had better show himself quickly.

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  1. JACKIEMAC on 11TH AUGUST 2023 3:16 PM




    CQN offers plenty of evidence to support John Suler !!

  2. ” KINGLUBO on 11TH AUGUST 2023 3:29 PM


    Like the majority on here , I do not have a clue as to what goes on behind the scenes.”



    A very big majority I would say :-))



    Cheerio for now

  3. bigrailroadblues on

    Good evening all from the Doublet. Always an interesting collection of eccentrics in here. A bit like CQN. 😂

  4. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Caicedo says he wants to go to Chelsea.



    Chelsea bid for Caicedo.



    Liverpool bid for Southampton’s Lavia



    Chelsea bid for Southampton’s Lavia



    Liverpool now offer funny money for Caicedo.



    If Chelsea want him, they’ll need to match funny money bid.



    After which they’ll likely drop interest in Lavia.



    Strengthening Liverpool’s leverage with Southampton.



    Sneaky business this football.

  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Man City’s declaration of interest in Declan Rice pushed his price to Arsenal up £10m.



    You can weaken an opponent off the field as well as on it.

  6. Back to Basics 4.07 4.08



    Good point



    I think Celtic and Rangers are at the poker hands with Leicesters Harry Soutar.




  7. I think among other transfer work, we need to be thinking about a Reo replacement.



    Reo may want away and I’m not sure his tendency to give the ball away will work well in a BR side.



    We could be facing a situation where GG, Jura, Starfelt, Jota and Hatate could all be away within two transfer windows.



    I’d only be confident in AJ being a good level replacement at the moment.



    Lots to do and precious little time to do it. Back Brendan, Celtic.

  8. Abada may still go as well .


    The club have bought Yang and Tillio to replace Jota and Abada.




  9. TINYTIM on 11TH AUGUST 2023 4:34 PM


    Abada may still go as well .


    The club have bought Yang and Tillio to replace Jota and Abada.





    Yang and Tilio should replace Forrest and Haksa. Hopefully Abada stays now he’s got Rodgers ear.




  10. Everything Celtic






    🍀 | 𝗖𝗲𝗹𝘁𝗶𝗰 𝗙𝗖 – 𝗧𝗿𝗮𝗻𝘀𝗳𝗲𝗿 𝗧𝗮𝗿𝗴𝗲𝘁𝘀



    Brendan Rodgers will look to add to three further areas before the transfer window closes:



    – Goalkeeper


    – Left-Back


    – Left-Winger



    IF a central-midfielder leaves this will also be looked at.







  11. glendalystonsils on

    BIG WAVY on 11TH AUGUST 2023 4:44 PM



    we’ll need more than three positions filled as we’ll have naebody left if the ‘possibly , mibbe , perhaps , might , may , could , doom mongers turn out to be right -)))

  12. THE EXILED TIM on 11TH AUGUST 2023 5:22 PM



    When I looked at the article summary it does seem to have bagged the CH as number 4 but don’t know why that wasn’t included.



    GK, CH, LB & LW.



    Still think a CM is needed but that may come of RH leaves, not in addition.




  13. TET


    You heard the same as me :)


    So much speculation, and lets be honest, if you make enough claims you will probably be right eventually. Football clubs are just transit camps nowadays. Players only have loyalty to cold hard cash. Trying not to laugh at Jota but someone once said it is the root of all evil so lie in the bed you made.

  14. BW-Markie


    It was said a bit tongue in cheek, but the point remains, it’s as it with everything else all about the money.


    The likes of us, in the main poor working folks who struggle on a daily basis yet we support in one way or another a bunch of millionaires strutting their stuff, it’s really quite sad when you get down to the brass tacks, they don’t give a munkeys about us, yet we are the opposite, strange but true.

  15. Cal Mac and Maeda are certain departures too according to Owen Coyles close family.



    What a fun place.



    I go into hospital for a bit of surgery and come back round after GA and most of our decent players are leaving.



    I hope I didn’t wet the bed or worse when under the anesthetic !!!!!

  16. Despite some indifferent results and hun blogs ready to go over the edge if they go out this week, the good ol SMSM dutifully stick by the Mooch.



    I was thinking back over their treatment of Venglos, (Euro winner 76 and spoke six languages) Janssen, (WC winner 74) TB (told him to respect Walter), WGS (a coronation st lookalike), Deila (lampooned from day one) and Lennon especially (he brings if on himself ).


    Even Ange ( out by Christmas and ‘absolutely not good enough’)



    So up comes Cockney barrowboy with nothing but a semi decent coaching record and an average six month period in the Championship…and he can do no wrong.



    Our media really are a disgrace.

  17. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    TINYTIM on 11TH AUGUST 2023 4:23 PM



    I think Celtic and Rangers are at the poker hands with Leicesters Harry Soutar.






    Lol TT.



    I hear you.



    If Sevco are indeed at the table?



    They’re holding a pair of deuces.

  18. Tom McLaughlin on

    We should all know by now that Celtic would never discuss contract terms with a replacement for Starfelt until Starfelt has officially signed a contract for Celta Vigo.



    You can never know whether the player might not agree terms or simply change his mind and decide to stay. Only when Starfelt was officially gone would contract talks with his proposed replacement commence.



    Yes, you can talk to the incoming player’s club and get permission to speak to him. You can gauge interest from the player or his agent, but you can’t start negotiating contracts with him while there’s the slightest chance, however unlikely, that you then have to say — Sorry we don’t need you now. It’s not the way Celtic do business.



    As soon as Carl signed a contract with Celta Vigo, Celtic will have sprung into action. I expect the new centre half will be paraded next week.



    Remember, it took Starfelt a week to negotiate a deal with his new club. Why would we expect Celtic to complete a deal with his replacement in a few hours?

  19. Aloysius Gonzaga



    Jesuits were always renowned for thinking several steps ahead and being extremely pragmatic in pursuit of their long term goals.



    It’s why various monarchies feared them and went to extreme lengths to neutralize their efforts.



    But if you really do connect with your moniker then maybe you will know this.



    As for the sudden desire, on your only 2 posts on here, to show how educated you are as to who is leaving Celtic. This does not ring true with the moniker in my very humble opinion.



    More of a John Ogilvie man than an AG chap myself anyway.

  20. Some of the comments re are we stronger or weaker, in the main weaker seems to be the prevailing theme, I am not so sure personally, aye we have lost Jota, who in the beginning was a punt, hence his loan deal, Carl was for many a convenient escapegoat, Mooy was always a stop gap, a bloody good one when fit right enough, but a stop gap all the same, we have brought in some who look to be very decent players who with top coaching will only get better and we have a top coach who will make them better IMO.


    We could spend 20-30-40 mil and still not make a dent in the CL, I believe this is the thinking of the suits, just a guess obviously, but going by what I see an decent guess.


    As with everything else, time will tell.


    I don’t wear panties so won’t be wetting them >:)

  21. bournesouprecipe on

    3) Celtic Glasgow do not ‘buy’ or ‘sign’ players they ‘finally complete’ deals.’ The hugely dull nature of this event should be emphasised at all times by using at least one of the following terms – ‘protracted’ ‘long-running’ ‘drawn out ‘

  22. Burnley78






    Was a personal nod and wee private joke to friend who is seriously ill and lurks .



    His favourite song was the Coronation Cup song .



    Sadly there will be no need for any further appearances in the future .




  23. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Legionella on the barge.






    At least the Nazis were efficient in executing their evil.



    BBC Six o’clock news ran with Legionella on the barge as first story.



    Lasted 3 minutes. Then they ran a squirrel about fires in Hawaii.



    Now onto a puff piece about the economy picking up. 0.2% percent – woo hoo.



    It’s wonderful news.



    Desperate stuff that would make Goebbels blush.



    PS – BBC One o’clock news pitched the same story proportionately.

  24. TinyTim



    I do hope you friend takes care and is comfortable.



    I thought it was kevj tbh.




  25. fourstonecoppi on




    aye mate this westmonster crime syndicate are on a scorched earth policy before the go!

  26. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Big Billy regularly fined Frank McAvennie for turning up for Monday morning training on Tuesdays.






    Shameful, slanderous calumny BSR.




    I can say with total confidence Frank was the first player to arrive for Monday morning training …. routinely turning up at 7am.



    Nightclubs closed at 6am.

  27. Tam 17.57



    That is how I see it as well.



    I expect that Celtic will have a few irons in the fire to replace Starfelt .



    I have noticed that since last season Celtic have endeavoured to get ahead of the game and identify and sign replacements for players who may leave ,when possible.



    We were looking at the 2 South Korean centre forwards before GG went ,and eventually signed Oh .


    Johnston was identified before Jura went .



    I believe that we were forward thinking in bringing in Yang and Tillio ,with an eye on the potential departures of Jota and Abada .



    The new deal for Kyogo was a win win .


    If he stays we have a player who is happier with his remuneration.


    If he goes we are able to negotiate a better transfer fee with the buying club .



    The club is due praise for its forward planning .


    As it stands Abada and Kyogo have remained .


    I’m guessing that Hatate was offered contract talks and has declined them .



    Hopefully nobody comes in for Hatate ,Kyogo or Abada,and the players are settled.



    I also believe that all player agents agitate for a move when there is the slightest sniff of more money .



    It would be naive to think that the agents are not continually looking to make money for their clients and themselves .


    I’m not criticising them ,it how they earn their living .




  28. Echo chamber of negativity on here now.



    Zero evidence for anything but everyone is going and the sky is falling..



    Don’t bother turning up on Sunday Celtic, your so called supporters have all chucked it like spoiled weans that can’t get the new model phone they want.



    Goodness me different breed on here now.






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