Reo, Alexandro: Brendan gets managing


Finishing third last season, Aberdeen go straight to the Europa League playoff round, so their only competitive game since losing 5-0 at Celtic Park at the end of last season was Saturday’s 0-0 draw at Livingston.  They prepared for the season with only four friendlies, meaning they have seen less game time than anyone else in the league, perhaps in the country.

Our record at Pittodrie is excellent.  There have been 11 wins and two draws since the last defeat, under Ronny Deila, still, for my generation, this is always a daunting fixture.  We were conditioned during more difficult times.

What happened last season to Aberdeen remains unexplained.  Jim Goodwin had them performing well, but letting a two-goal lead slip late on against Newco derailed them.  Form disintegrated amid humiliating defeats to Darvel, Hibs and Hearts.

Barry Robson took over as interim and effected an immediate turnaround.  From an unlikely position, they climbed the table into third position, sweeping aside Hibs and Hearts without trace of their earlier defeats.  Barry’s status as a winner is without question among the Celtic support, I hope he succeeds at Aberdeen, although not for a few more days.

I was a bit surprised to read Brendan Rodgers suggesting that Reo Hatate “has to prove himself”.  This is no more true for Reo as it is for everyone else in the squad.  Managing a couple of dozen young athletes will require various techniques, I hope this is merely a way to tweak Reo’s role.

One technique all managers like to employ is making an example of a miscreant.  Alexandro Bernabei missed a team meeting and put his own neck in the stocks.  If there is a serious athlete in there, he had better show himself quickly.

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  1. It looks like we are trying to manage our



    Development/B team prospects better



    Ben Summers, contract extension, loan deal to Dunfermline Athletic



    Rocco Vata, no contract extension, no loan deal



    Hail Hail

  2. Emerald Bee



    Well corrected my friend 👍,had a wee dander round Bridge of Orchy Wednesday,great getting out.



    There is a good trail/walk starting&finishing Arrochar,the Glen Loin loop,some 18km would be a suggestion



    Roll on Sunday and another 3 points




    Hail Hail

  3. Chairbhoy I see zero benefit to our supposed 1st team prospects playing in the Lowland league…how to improve them is not there….a comprehensive loan scheme may be an answer but it’s not ideal…not sure there is one




  4. CCB – Well, it’s wonderful to hear from you on here….and still talking so much sense. Say hello to that Bhoy of yours. Maybe one day………

  5. D66…coming on to an internet site and spouting nonsense don’t need permissions…as your posts prove ;-))




  6. THELURKINTIM @ 9:21 PM,



    Yes, saw a couple of pre-season B team games, they were depleted but it didn’t look great.



    So the loan route seems best, yet it is important that we make decisions about these bhoys, develop them by first team game time or let them go.



    We obviously need players that know what Celtic are about but I’m not sure how we’ve managed Mikey Johnstone, Stephen Welsh is the best for the Club or player.



    The fact is that Brendan Rodgers is among the best in the business at that, he has stated he see’s himself as a development coach.



    That’s huge, it is great for the potential first team players and it is great for Celtic, it is the only way we are going to get the quality we need to compete at our targeted level.



    We have McPherson and Summers out on loan now and they are cracking prospects.



    Hail Hail

  7. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 11TH AUGUST 2023 7:21 PM


    I still believe Croatia keeper Dominik Livakovic will join Celtic before the end of the transfer window.




    Let’s hope so Tom. That could make the biggest difference to our season and how Brendan wants the team to play than some of our other signings/potential signings.



    Only need to look at the money keepers are going for now, to see how vital they are for fast-paced, high-pressing football.



    Like big Joe as a shot stopper and seems a good person, but that’s it tbh. Not great with crosses, doesn’t command his box, never seems sure when to rush out for the ball and can’t play with the ball at his feet.



    Won’t do in this modern age of football.

  8. Someone threw a lighter tonight at Burnley at a City player.Culprit already arrested.


    Funny how some Police Forces work.

  9. BSR,



    Me,in a Taxi,driven by a Turk,with my reputation.Are you mad ?



    Fast Show CSC.

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  11. If Martindale gets his tactics right tomorrow,they could drop more points.A team with no wingers,trying to force everything through the middle,custom made for Livingstone.Aberdeen did not get a shot on target last week.That’s taking the Refs out the equation right enough.One up near the end last season till VAR stepped in and Golum changed his yellow to a red.

  12. Just checked Superbru…there’s 60 players….but am sure that the prizepot will eclipse the min £600 we hope to raise….be generous Bhoys n Ghirls…it’s a bit of fun for a good cause…








    Just paid £20.


    Ref. Melvin Udall




  14. I’d imagine if the Sevco had interests in the Swedish player it looks like we’re about to sign how quickly would the Daily Record change the 40m kronor to pounds?

  15. P67


    “ Our record at Pittodrie is excellent. There have been 11 wins and two draws since the last defeat”




    Those stats could be interpreted in such a way as to think we will win without much trouble. Optimism from Paul?



    In a parallel universe, it could have been pointed out that our last 6 matches at Pittodrie have resulted in 4 wins and 2 draws – with every one of those 4 victories being achieved by the odd goal.



    I hope we buck that 6 match trend, and win by 2 goals or more 🤞though I’ll take any win.




  16. D66…simple answer is no-one asked…am an intrusive thought you should dismiss ;-))




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  19. Good morning all from a dry fine morning in the Garngad.



    Big Jimmy – How are you?



    TLT – Hope you are well.



    BRRB – Enjoy.



    Where is Melbourne Mick these days?



    D :)

  20. COSY CORNER BHOY on 11TH AUGUST 2023 8:26 PM




    Cheers CCB for your concern in your Post above, however I do have to correct you on one ” ISSUE”….I have NEVER ” tilted any Bet in my favour” in any Post on here to regarding Winning Bets.


    Quite the contrary in fact.


    For Example….I had the CORRECT SCORE of the HIBS V LUCZERNE game ( 3 – 1 to Hibs ) @ 20/1 on Thursday night.


    I wasnt shouting it from the rooftops, nor did I try and ” Put a Different SLANT on it ” etc.


    Yesterday, I had some good WINNERS at the Horses with EARLY PRICES of 8/1, 9/2 and 6/4 for example…… I did NOT Post anything about those Winners…til now of course. In recent months, Ive had other Bets come up, and I havent mentioned them on here or anywhere else, as I havent left my hoose since 31st MAY, so NONE of my mates in my Local know nothing either, because Ive been AFF the Drink since 31st May…..



    ( APART from One Day in mid June when I ventured oot for One Hour or so and had Two or Three Pints in my Local ), but even THAT particular Day, I didnt speak to anyone about Horses or Fitba Bets etc ).



    I really couldnt give a TOSS what others think, but I draw the line when some CHUMPS ( Like HAIRLIKESPAG), accuse or imply that I am a LIAR, as he did a few moments ago on here, when I was on a Lucky Streak with some Winning Bets.


    Anyway CCB, I hope that you are good and healthy mate.


    All the best.



  21. SIONNAIGH on 12TH AUGUST 2023 3:58 AM


    Were the Protestants right after all?


    Ciaran Murphy, Henry Joy, (faithful to the last).





    I don`t know what they were right about?


    If they think that all religion is lies written by liars who lie about everything then yes they were right.