Reo, Alexandro: Brendan gets managing


Finishing third last season, Aberdeen go straight to the Europa League playoff round, so their only competitive game since losing 5-0 at Celtic Park at the end of last season was Saturday’s 0-0 draw at Livingston.  They prepared for the season with only four friendlies, meaning they have seen less game time than anyone else in the league, perhaps in the country.

Our record at Pittodrie is excellent.  There have been 11 wins and two draws since the last defeat, under Ronny Deila, still, for my generation, this is always a daunting fixture.  We were conditioned during more difficult times.

What happened last season to Aberdeen remains unexplained.  Jim Goodwin had them performing well, but letting a two-goal lead slip late on against Newco derailed them.  Form disintegrated amid humiliating defeats to Darvel, Hibs and Hearts.

Barry Robson took over as interim and effected an immediate turnaround.  From an unlikely position, they climbed the table into third position, sweeping aside Hibs and Hearts without trace of their earlier defeats.  Barry’s status as a winner is without question among the Celtic support, I hope he succeeds at Aberdeen, although not for a few more days.

I was a bit surprised to read Brendan Rodgers suggesting that Reo Hatate “has to prove himself”.  This is no more true for Reo as it is for everyone else in the squad.  Managing a couple of dozen young athletes will require various techniques, I hope this is merely a way to tweak Reo’s role.

One technique all managers like to employ is making an example of a miscreant.  Alexandro Bernabei missed a team meeting and put his own neck in the stocks.  If there is a serious athlete in there, he had better show himself quickly.

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  1. Good morning from an overcast North Staffs – looks like rain is coming as Mow Cop has disappeared.


    Vale later today – need the 3 points after last week’s drubbing.

  2. Good morning from a glorious morning here.Lovely wee breeze.8 for dinner at the Beach this lunchtime.Few beers then hopefully see them drop points.


    The madness of the EPL continues.£111 million for Caciedo !!!!.I like watching Brighton on TV,but never thought this guy,good player,was anywhere near that kind of money.Madness.

  3. DAVID66 on 12TH AUGUST 2023 7:31 AM




    I am preparing myself for some ” Routine” Health Centre and Hospital appointments in the coming few weeks.


    I havent been Drinking in recent months, but hopefully that will change sometime soon ?


    Ive been watching and Betting on the BURDS World Cup….I havent been too successful so far…


    Ye just canny trust those DAMES to get it right….can ye ?





    However, there is some EYE CANDY on view…APART from that Engurlund MOB…..and the BBC Pundits…they are just all UGLY Huns….





    HH DAVID Mate, Hopefully we can meet up soon for a wee/BIG Bevvy ?

  4. Hopefully Hatate plays tomorrow.Although all three midfielders played well last week,it was individually,not as a unit.Spark was missing.Turnbull and O Riley together,not convinced about that.

  5. Turkeybhoy


    Would think Turnbull was a cert to start tomorrow so if Hatate starts it’s probably Matt that will drop to the bench.


    Think Brendan will stick with last week’s line up

  6. fourstonecoppi on

    Ghuys…….i need a joiner, no seriously, a good one too to fit a front door



    i’ve been let down badly by a fandancer who promised this and that so i need to move on and get it done asap.

  7. paulsthroughball88 on

    VAR got its first big decision of the new EPL season correct last night ( not that JINKYREDSTAR cares!!)



    Serious foul play by Burnley sub punished originally with a yellow card quite correctly upgraded to a red.



    Could have been awarded for stupidity too. Well into stoppage time, game over at 0-3, yet player decided a violent lunge high on Walker’s calf was in order.



    Hope the message goes out early to the cloggers happy to risk seriously injuring their fellow pros. If the ref don’t get you, the VARman will, down south at least.

  8. TurkeyBhoy – £111 million for Caciedo seems like madness, they must see some amazing potential in him. Klopp could just about get any midfielder from anywhere in the world outside of the EPL for that kind of fee.



    Even more galling, Brighton could look to replace him with Hatate and probably expect to get him for 10-15 million max.

  9. BIG JIMMY on 12TH AUGUST 2023 7:16 AM








    I tried to PAY my SUPERBRU FEE by Bank Transfer, however I was asked whether the Account ” Walk With Shay” is a PERSONAL or BUSINESS Account, and I didnt know what to chose.



    Can you CONFIRM ASAP ?



    Cheers SFTB Mate.




    Hi Jimmy, it’s a business account. 👍

  10. Tom McLaughlin on

    Liverpool and Chelsea were battling it out for the signature of Brighton’s Moises Caicedo. The Seagulls eventually accepted Liverpool’s offer of £111m — a new English transfer record even eclipsing Kane to Bayern.



    Only one problem. The player says he only wants to play for Chelsea and has refused to speak to Liverpool. Brighton say they have not accepted a bid from Chelsea and have refused him permission to talk to the West London club.



    Crazy or what?

  11. Tim Malone Will Tell on




    Don’t think Caicedo and Hatate play in the same position.


    Hatate may well end up at Brighton – but not as Caicedo’s replacement.



    P.S. I would be amazed if Kyogo features in Spurs plans.

  12. The French ladies are certainly up against 15 women in this tie.



    Refs and VAR have a real dislike for them.



    Homer folk would say back in the day.

  13. Tom McLaughlin on

    Celtic to go ahead with £20m redevelopment of Barrowfield. Work to commence in 2024.



    Facilities will be used primarily by B Team and Women’s Team.

  14. Tom



    When you get £4.5m for winning a treble like Celtic did.


    And you get £104.7m like Southampton did for finishing bottom and getting relegated,there is logic in their craziness…they can afford it.


    Every sky subscriber in Scotland makes a transfer payment out of Scotland in support of the £7 billion league,and Sky have the arrogance not to give subscribers numbers in Scotland.They could not give a shit about the Scottish game and are only in it to promote the world renowned hate fixture that somehow misses bottles being thrown,injuring Celtic staff and others of glass being strewn bout penalty areas.


    the epl is NBA equivalent sucking the life out of no only Scottish football,nigh on every league is a feeder to it.


    Meantime football as a progressive aspirational competitive sport is lost to its £billions,just ask around here how many are happy with a europa league spot?


    Is that real or has ambition been stinted and limited to that.



    Anyway Taam


    Excuse the girn,cgaf bout how silly or stupid the money is there.




  15. Tom McLaughlin on




    How can you say that? The French winger crossed a ball that was well over the line and the cross resulted in a corner from which France scored. Luckily the goal was cancelled due to a foul on an Aussie player.

  16. Astonishing if the French do go out and Engerland get to a world final playing none of the top 8 ranked teams in the world en route and 3 not even in top 25.



    Credit to the Aussies for hanging on in there though. It’s not their fault the ref team are on side.

  17. Tom McLaughlin on




    What happened to all those top 8 teams?



    Oh that’s right. They were knocked out by better teams.

  18. The ref was at it there,probably been told it wasn’t a corner, and didn’t want a goal from it

  19. I heard a rumour we are interested in buying the Emirates Arena, very few events in it……probably costs money to run…

  20. Tom McLaughlin on




    It was a clear foul on the Aussie defender.



    If she didn’t want a goal from the corner, why award the corner?

  21. She couldn’t overrule the corner,as VAR doesn’t cover that,you see shoves like that every time a cross goes in the box,4th official would have seen the replay, and told the ref it was a goal kick

  22. Tom McLaughlin on




    I’m not talking about over-ruling the corner. She could have given the goal kick as thevball was over the line. If she didn’t see it, then why would she be looking for an excuse to cancel the goal?

  23. TURKEYBHOY From earlier



    Agree re O’Reilly and Turnbull, but to be fair they did ok last week. Much prefer Hatate in Turnbull’s spot