Reports of Roberts loan to Celtic denied


Celtic have NOT agreed a deal to take Patrick Roberts on loan next season.  Sources within the club expressed surprise at reports claiming as much. The club have been working with Manchester City and the player for some months, in an attempt to secure the services of the England youth international.

A loan deal is only one of the options being discussed.  But while Celtic look the most likely destination for Patrick, there is still work to be done.

Celtic, who will soon be able to offer guaranteed Champions League football to prospective players, are active in a number fronts.


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  1. SOT



    If England declare around tea (500+) and put them in they could be out twice before stumps tomorrow.



    Cook scores 200 after an awful bit of fielding – really poor from WI



    Michael Holding must be embarrassed

  2. sixtaeseven - 67 trophies in my lifetime on

    Oh well.. it was too good to be true…


    Not over yet though.



    Re: Armstrong.


    I read somewhere that he will be doing his final year at Uni (Law?) next year.



    Don’t know if that had any influence in the final outcome.


    I think stability in the foreseeable future (2 years) might have been a factor in this mind.



    Not just a pretty haircut…



  3. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Tell her it’s not a loan deal, maybe BR wants Paddy on a permanent deal P67s article is just dissing the 1 year loan rumour :-)

  4. Still work to be done. Looking positive, but with negotiations at a delicate stage a ‘Patrick coming’ headline won’t help.

  5. Gerryfaethebrig on

    David0 3.47pm



    You are in a bad way if you are thinking along the same lines of my post at 3.47pm :-)




    As long as you didnt say it was Roberts go out and get a pet called Paddy. I recommend a dog that will embarrass you at every opportunity as per Bmcuwp’s and my conversation…

  7. Paul67


    But it’s on the BBC site yes the BBC so it must be true







    I’m in a bad way at the thought of Paddy not coming home!!!




  9. PAUL67 says


    Celtic, who will soon be able to offer guaranteed Champions League football to prospective players, are active in a number fronts.



    This is good to hear.


    Hopefully we have learned from past mistakes and are now operating the football side with the same diligence we give to financials.


    The coaching across the entire club in preparation for today, tomorrow and the day after is bearing fruit in all aspects of the club.


    If Paddy comes it will be because he is right for us at present.


    Still want to see young Mikey Johnson get game time when he is fit again.

  10. mike in toronto on

    I hate to be the skunk in the rose garden …. but …



    ‘Sources within the Club’ …..






    time for the club to grow a pair, stop hiding behind CQN … and, if they have something to say, say it.



    This ‘we are not saying anything, because we dont comment on stories, but we will tell CQN, which is our unofficial spokesperson, who will leak it for us’ is absurd …



    in my opinion, it undermines the credibility of both the club and CQN …




    Wit? not even sustainable, locally sourced, hypoallergenic labradoodle noodle soup???

  12. thomthethim for Oscar OK on



    Armstrong’s new contract is good news for Celtic.



    He is more vital to us now than perhaps in a year or two’s time.




    Apart from the ability he has shown, his age profile in the team is important.




    Him, Leigh, Bitton and Forrest, in their mid twenties, bridge the gap between Brown, Lustig and Gordon and the likes of Jozo, KT, N’tChamp etc.




    Olivier won’t play every game, he has still to gain match stamina, as he has not played much top team football and as we know, form fluctuates with young players.




    Armstrong is a vital part in transitioning our young lads’ development.




    Also, as a professional, when he reaches the age of 27, he will be looking for his last big contract and as a working man, he is entitled to seek the best deal on offer.




    I’m away back to my corner now.

  13. Cook is a very Good Cricket player.



    Being Capitano isnae Easy.



    Brendan said what he said about KT for a Reason.



    All the Youngsters trying to break through.

  14. HRVATSKI JIM on 18TH AUGUST 2017 3:58 PM


    MIKE IN TORONTO on 18TH AUGUST 2017 2:42 PM



    JIMMCI … that only applies in certain parts of Scotland, evidently …





    Hrvatski … Matthew 22:35, Luke 10; 25-37 .. I’m no Biblical Scholar, but even I know we lawyers dont come out of that Book looking good! And, I think we made the 9th level for Dante, so I know where I am likely going … (although I have it on good authority that St. Peter (named after Lawwell, apparently) is a tim, so I may have a chance!







    Matthew was an tax collector and is the patron saint of accountants/bookkeepers etc. Looks like the war between lawyers/accountants has been going for a long time.




    Maybe if he had been a lawyer, the questions and the parables in response would have different and we would have been on Dante’s list! Phwe!!!




    Need to go for now.

  15. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Oh Dear, Its like Supermarket Sweep, hun meeja doing all our deals for us:)


    What next? Steven Fletcher:)






  16. mike in toronto on

    Hrvatski … yes, the miracle of the loaves and fishes would likely never have happened … that bloody lawyer would have taken his 35% of the fish and bread off the top, and a lot of people would have left hungry! would not have made nearly as good a story!

  17. I get the feeling if it’s down to Paddy he’ll come back.



    Playing in paradise for a support that adores you under a top manager , continuing the bromance with Kieran. Chance to play in CL.



    I can’t see a negative in any way for him in coming back to Celtic.



    See you soon wee man…






    How dare you cast aspersions on such a noble and generous profession.


    The missus is one and just last week made me a whole fish for myself.


    Though was probably due to her Juice Tiger diet.




    Aye but the accountant would have amortised the additional loaves and fishes over future miracles and hardly anyone would have been fed…

  20. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    HEBCELT on 18TH AUGUST 2017 12:09 PM


    My fellow CQNrs my pal Johnny Macdonald will be laid to rest in his home village of Bragar in Lewis this afternoon. Iwould lke to thank all those wholit candles,said a prayeror sentvtheir condolences for Johnny and his family, sincee thanks. I will be pasing on all messagesto his family, who I know will takeGo blrss your pal great comfort from them. Thank you all once again. CQN a blog like no other. Hail Hail Hebcelt






    May God bless your pal , Johnny .

  21. FAN-A-TIC on 18TH AUGUST 2017 2:52 PM




    Agree with your point about runners.




    With any combination of three from Sinky, Griffallo, Moussa, Paddy (AN Other), Jamsie, Tam, or Stuart, I don’t think that will be an issue.

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