Res 12 donors feed 650 kids in Liberia with Mary’s Meals


In May this year Celtic fans advertised in the Swiss media issues regarding the licensing of Rangers FC for Uefa competitions in 2011, when the club was in the hands of Craig Whyte.  The suspicion was that Mr Whyte made less than full and frank submissions to football authorities about his club’s tax and other financial affairs.

Perhaps as a consequence, two weeks later Uefa responded to a letter from Celtic shareholders on the matter, in which they confirmed the status of the “new club/new company” operating out of Ibrox.  Dialogue continues on the matter, which is why we have heard little directly from the anyone on the subject.

Hundreds of subscribers stepped forward to fund the advertising campaign, so much so that it returned a surplus of £7900, which was earmarked for Mary’s Meals.

Celtic Quick News has funded four school kitchens for Mary’s Meals in Malawi, but when we approached them this time, they asked if we could buy food instead.

That money is now with Mary’s Meals and will be used to feed primary children at two schools in Liberia for the next 12 months.  The Light of Islam Primary has a population of 350 and Siafa Dugba Public School has 300 pupils.

Mary’s Meals were delighted with the donation, commenting:

“We’re very grateful to Celtic supporters for this generous donation, which will be used to provide nutritious meals to 650 children every day they attend school in Liberia.

“Many children receiving Mary’s Meals in Liberia have been affected by the aftermath of the country’s civil war and, more recently, the devastating Ebola outbreak. A daily meal in a place of education provides stability for these children and encourages them to come to school and learn.

“On behalf of all the children attending Light of Islam Primary School and Siafa Dugba Public School in Liberia, thank you for this continued backing from Celtic supporters.”

Putting food on the table at a place of education for chronically deprived children is one of the most productive uses of aid we have today.  Not only does a nourishing meal build fitter, healthier, children, who are more capable of fighting disease, Mary’s Meals see a pickup of school attendance of 30% after their meals start.

This means kids who would not previously had access to schooling for a variety of reason, now get the basic primary education most of the world takes for granted.

So there’s a second wave of benefit in feeding children living in subsistence communities at school.  Not only are they stronger and healthier, learning to read and write, they will have better life opportunities as adults.  Primary education provides a lifetime’s worth of benefit.

Mary’s Meals are a remarkably efficient charity.  93% of funds raised reaches the end recipient.  They work in communities which are not only in need, but where their work can be of genuine benefit.

Liberia has had peace for a decade now.  It recently became the first African country to elect a female president, and established a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to help it emerge from a cycle of civil war, the most recent of which cost 300,000 souls.  As a consequence, it is fertile ground to build the structures of state, education and life.

Ebola closed the country’s borders two years ago, which is a huge deal for a nation which imports 90% of its staple foods, and caused already-chronic childhood malnutrition rates to rise beyond the calculation.

Food is already on the table at Light of Islam and Siafa Dugba schools.  Mary’s Meals will send us photos in due course.  A sign will be erected at each location to mark your donation, the impact of which, we’ll never know.

Thank you, you are just wonderful.  But you knew that anyway.


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  1. Great to see support for the café growing. When do you think the club will act on it? We do have some cash in hand and plenty of land to build it on.


    Due to a breakdown in communications,my Dad has ended up wi THREE spare seats for Saturday.



    The padded ones behind the goal in The Jock Stein Stand,aye posh.



    Anyway,one full-price at £31 and two concessions at £22.



    Anyone interested please drop me a line at






    They can be picked up at The Crown Creighton or if needed The Coarnir!






    bmcuwp @ gmail.com



    without the spaces

  3. A remarkable charity doing remarkable things. This is a wee tonic, well needed for anyone who watched the BBC report on Yemen on last night’s news.



    Not since Michael Buerk sent us those first images from Ethiopia 30+ years ago have I seen such human horror, and with war rife so difficult to even imagine how anyone can help.



    Perspective in spades.

  4. Perfect story about supporters of a club set up to provide a daily meal for hungry children – that’s what I call symmetry!!!



    More than a club




  5. A tremendous achievement again.



    Marvellous effort from all those involved.



    “It is much better to give, than to receive.”




  6. It’s stories like this make me proud to be a Celtic fan.



    The remarkable values of our fans improving the lives of others

  7. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on 21st September 2016 12:12 pm






    The club wanted Res 12 buried







    WE are the Club; the Board may have wanted Res 12 buried. The rest of the Club didnae.



    FAC the Act




  8. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    The abuse that was GIVEN to the Resolution 12 bhoys from fellow Celtic fans was not gratefully received and a lot of it on CQN. The PLC let the support. down badly.They are not fit to represent. us.




  9. Paul67,



    Brilliant news and again a big well done to Res12 guys, winning Captains for organising this and yourself for providing them with the vehicle to raise Res12 & funding.






    P.S. I hope you have told the State Aid guy. I know he is tying himself in knots on this very matter wondering were you hid this cash. :’-(, word riming with mucker, that he is.





    You are far too modest and humble to realise it,but your sign-off summed you up.



    ‘Thank you, you are just wonderful. But you knew that anyway.’



    Without this site,this-and so many other great things over the years-would never have happened.



    Some man,bud. Some great people you have brought together.




  11. And in even more good news the Green Brigade’s fundraising has now reached £171,000 of their £188,000 goal.

  12. Babasonicos



    Thanks for the clip. Great film.



    Tony Soprano also told the joke to Uncle Junior in one episode of the best tv series ever.



    But neither he nor Duval tell it better than me, as they didn’t have the benefit of the verb which is a homonym for a dark, long -necked, seabird, similar to, but smaller than, a cormorant.



    They’dve probably struggled wi’ the Cindy Crawford shipwreck joke anaw!

  13. The Battered Bunnet on




    Stadium construction costs are bound up in the spec, naturally enough. Let’s assume Celtic, in rebuilding the old main stand, dont specify a retractable roof, floating pitch, hoverdome, and that the objective is simply to build a mirror image of the North stand, with comparible facilities.



    That’s 27,000 seats, plus assorted hospitality areas, exec boxes, concourses and whatnot.



    Conservatively, and assuming no issues with groundworks, you’re looking at £3000 per seat. The SA Olympics built 4 stadia for £2,900/seat



    Up the spec, and £5000 per seat is not untypical. TheEmirates was £6500/seat in 2009.



    Drop the spec, you might get away with £2000 per seat.



    Also, factor in the loss of revenue from the existing 8000 seats during the build period – maybe £4M.



    In the round that’s an +£80M project, with a 25 year ROI period.



    What’s the income benefit?

  14. TBB



    So on this premise any new south Stand could be upwards of your estimate as the club would require upgraded seating for Directors, Players, WAGS, the press and all their electronics, board room, trophy room, corporate dining and entertainment facilities and a heated drive way.




  15. Dreamer in the North Stand on

    This is an inspiring outcome. Congratulations to all involved. The ethos of Brother Walfrid is being maintained and renewed across the generations at our great club.

  16. FR800A8 on 21ST SEPTEMBER 2016 12:03 PM


    Fantastic news this!




    Who commented last night about not being more than just a club?



    Dont worry,they will be on soon to rubbish your statement by telling you it was the fans who raised this money,not the club.


    Wonder what happened to that old chestnut”The fans ARE the club”.


    Was it Jock Stein that said it,I cant remember.Anyway,someone will have a rant at the Board.

  17. Firstly, what a fantastic achievement. More than a Blog!



    Secondly, the most recent clever in-joke is clearly passing me by (and doing my nut in) so if anyone can explain the ‘same old Alloa’ patter I’d be very grateful.

  18. Jobo


    A zombs fan was caught on video with the immortal chant “same old Alloa, always cheating”


    It’s a thing of beauty, must be on YouTube somewhere.

  19. traditionalist88 on

    Jobo Baldie on 21st September 2016 1:27 pm



    There is a video of a hun on his lonesome, fantastic/pathetic in equal measure, singing ‘Same old Alloa, always cheatin’ in a high pitch voice, during a Sevco vs Alloa tie at Ibrox :)




  20. I see Polis Scotland are appealling for people to supply evidence of the toilet smashing by the Huns.Even a drug and booze addled Inspector Clousseau could find enough evidence to convict plenty for this crime.Its all over social media FFS.Twitter,Facebook,you name it,its there.


    Comedy Gold.


    The Record though are not content with this story,no,not at all.They include in their headline,a man has been arrested for the “Shameful”hanging sex dolly,demoting the 10s of thousands of pounds damage done.Funny that in their statement,Polis Scotland only mentioned a man has been arrested.Nothing about any crime.Still,we cant have any bad stories about the Huns,can we?.

  21. 50 shades of green on

    Wonder what the charge sheet reads like for hanging blow up dolls from the top-tier?



    Probs the old catch all wan eh.

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