RES 12 – The journey so far and the journey to come


I have been in touch with a few of the Resolution 12 guys this week, and ‘Brogan, Rogan, Trevino and Hogan’, offered to write a synopsis, as some of the matters which have appeared on social media in recent days required clarification.

Thanks to the BRTH, and the rest of the guys, who I understand all approved the article. It reads:
“There is a great deal of chat on social media this week about Res 12 which was tabled and adjourned at the 2012 AGM of Celtic PLC, and so I want to clarify a couple of things which Paul has allowed me to do here

As a reminder, the exact terms of the resolution are to be found here:

This AGM requests the Board exercise the provision contained in the Procedural Rules governing the UEFA Club Financial Control Body Article 10 with jurisdiction and investigation responsibilities identified in articles 3 & 11 (Note-1), by referring/bringing to the attention of the UEFA Club Financial control Body (CFCB), the licensing administration practices of The Scottish Football Association (SFA), requesting the CFCB undertake a review and investigate the SFA’s implementation of UEFA & SFA license compliance requirements, with regard to qualification, administration and granting of licenses to compete in football competitions under both SFA and UEFA Jurisdiction, since the implementation of the Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations of 2010.

While the Celtic PLC Board originally viewed the resolution as unnecessary, once further consideration of the issues raised by the shareholders had been examined, the Celtic board changed their mind and agreed to adjourn the resolution with a view to working with the shareholders representatives by investigating the procedures complained of and making enquiries of the SFA.

In the intervening period of time, there have been numerous meetings and consistent correspondence between those shareholders and officials of Celtic PLC, all with a view to furthering the aims of Res 12, and there is no doubt that the Celtic board have played a full part in taking the resolution to where it now stands.

Whilst the investigation process was slow, both shareholders and the board were satisfied that there was merit in seeking answers from the SFA, as previous responses to earlier enquiries from Celtic PLC were not convincing or sufficiently detailed.

Working together, the board and the shareholders have seen to it that formal letters of enquiry have been sent to the SFA, together with various pieces of documentation and supporting evidence.

Through the shareholders’ lawyers, the SFA were asked to answer specific detailed questions in relation to their procedures, however the SFA responded by saying they would not answer any questions other than through the “member club” i.e. the board of Celtic PLC.

This raises an issue for all football supporters – especially those who are shareholders in a football club – and it begs the question whether or not supporters and shareholders should be able to hold a governing body to account in the event of maladministration.

I believe they should but that is a bigger issue for another day and it will be revisited in due course.

However, what is most important for everyone to know is that there can be no doubt that serious questions have been asked, were asked of the right people and were backed up by documentation prepared in conjunction with the board of Celtic PLC.

I have seen speculation yesterday that perhaps Celtic did not fully know of what was going on or that somehow there had not been full and forensic research completed into the matters concerned etc, or that Celtic PLC have done nothing to back the resolution. All of that is simply not true and at all times the Celtic PLC board have been party to, and have played their part in, the entire process.

The whole purpose of writing to the SFA in the first place was to afford the powers that be within Hampden the chance to avoid a potential enquiry by UEFA into the way that they handled UEFA licence applications in 2011.

The SFA did not take that chance and ducked answering the detailed legal questions put to them by the Shareholders’ solicitors and instead chose to respond saying they would only explain matters to Celtic PLC and their board.

It would now appear that the SFA are prevaricating (again) in giving any meaningful response to Celtic PLC and so, after a period of silence, the obvious next stage in the process is to make formal enquiries and investigations through UEFA.

At the outset, both the board and the shareholders agreed that this would be the inevitable outcome if the SFA were not full, frank and forthright in providing any response.

Both the Celtic PLC board and the shareholders wish the matter to be referred to UEFA at this time, that is agreed, especially as there is a need to ensure that there is no prospect of any investigation being time barred by the UEFA rules which place a five year time limit for proceedings.

However, it is here that there is a divergence of opinion between the board and the shareholders. The shareholders believe that any reference to UEFA should come from the club, while the club would prefer the shareholders to refer the matter to UEFA in line with the previous enquiries made to the SFA.

However, I stress both parties have stated they want the matter placed before the appropriate UEFA committee.

As of yesterday, it was agreed that the Shareholders will formally write to UEFA via their solicitors, but they believe that ultimately this will be, and should be, a matter for the club as it is undoubtedly the case that any complaint to UEFA will have to make reference to the correspondence and answers already provided to Celtic PLC via the SFA.

There is also no doubt that whoever refers the matter to UEFA, that same body will end up having to make enquiries of Celtic PLC as it was to Celtic that the SFA said they would reply, and it was to Celtic PLC that the SFA gave previous replies by way of correspondence.

Accordingly the board will have to advise UEFA quite clearly what those replies entailed, comment on the matters raised in the shareholders letter, and whether or not they, as a board, are satisfied with the replies provided to the board by the SFA.

Accordingly, once the matter goes to UEFA there is no prospect of the Celtic Board not being further involved.

What is also quite clear is that once the shareholders have referred the matter to UEFA, there is very little else they can do as an independent body. They have taken this as far as they can, have worked with the PLC board, engaged independent solicitors and formally presented questions to the SFA together with supporting documentation and all with the help and support of the board of Celtic PLC.

If there is a clamour for greater representation and accountability for the ordinary football fan then they can lend their support to that – irrespective of what team the fan may support.

However, in relation to the particulars of Res 12, the shareholders have approached the board, worked with the board ( and acknowledge that the board have worked with them ) but ultimately it is for the PLC to take these matters to their final conclusion as the board of directors represent the whole PLC and speak with a far stronger corporate voice.

That was the whole purpose of the resolution in the first place.”

If I (Paul67) can add a few comments….

People in public or quasi-public bodies don’t get sacked as often for making mistakes as for the subsequent cover up.  I have seen evidence which suggests the SFA was duped (to borrow a term) by a member club in 2011 regarding their Uefa eligibility application.

No information was available to the Association at the time which could have substantiated this, but evidence has come to light since through legal and liquidation processes, and more will be presented at court in due course.  The SFA’s failure to critically assess what happened in 2011 feels like a cover up.  When you start a cover up, you better be in total control, or you end up getting sacked.

The Resolution 12 guys have done a magnificent job (as did one significant other person in bringing information to the attention of the police and other authorities).  In the early days they worked blind, but they have become the most effective pressure group in Scottish football.

At the start of this process no one expected anything better from the SFA, it was always a process which was going to end up with Uefa, or an actual court of law.  Despite the wishes of those at Hampden, the ball is still in play.

Leave your suggestions on better communications below, I’ve heard little else over the last 24 hours and agree entirely.


CQN is moving onto a new server structure at around 22:00 tonight.  The site will be unavailable until we are across, which will take at least an hour.

The purpose of this is to improve performance, which is currently unsatisfactory.  The new system will allow WordPress to operate more efficiently, and will allow me to up the resources available in future more easily.

Even after the new servers are active there will be a delay before everyone can find the site through the celticquicknews.co.uk domain name.  I’ll post updates on Twitter ( @cqn ) and Facebook, with the IP address (a series of numbers and full stops which can be used instead of the domain name).  This will take you straight to the site once we’re through the other side.

Fingers crossed.

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  1. Philbhoy on 11th March 2016 11:30 am



    Is wee Jamesie’s name on the team sheet already?



    Is Scott Allan left out……..again?



    Will we play with a defensive midfielder?



    Is big Gordy Bhoy due a rest?



    Has Carlton returned fro his “personal reason’s” break?



    And if so do any of us give a monkeys?



    Will Lustig be left out pullease?!



    Will the mib influence the game as usual?



    2 upfront?



    Mibbe naw.



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!


  2. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    Thon Sevco entity is very similar to a roach – The damn thing thinks that it can fly like a bird, just because it has wings – then bang! It inevitably flies straight into a wall, then reverts back to skulking around on the ground again.



    Pathetic zombies.




  3. FourGreenFields on

    Thanks to all involved with Resolution 12 , your hard work and perseverance is appreciated .

  4. Weeminger- Hiding behind the ‘civil unrest’ banner won’t wash,nor will the catalogue of assaults and worse on Celtic supporters. In saying that I mean no disrespect to any ,who have been subject to the Hun hordes. These are matters for the police,we should stick to the football facts,and pursue vigorously. The lack of statements at the start of the Newco circus,is haunting the Board now IMO HH – See more at: uhttp://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/doing-your-talking-on-the-park/comment-page-16/#comment-2793257

  5. Good Afternoon.



    That’s a really good and helpful update Paul. Thanks for setting things out so clearly.



    Meanwhile [“shameless plug” alert!] here are my two pieces on this issue. One about the SFA’s stonewalling.





    And one about the Celtic Board, who it seems are more engaged than it appeared, but who I still believe should be writing to UEFA.





    Have a great Friday!

  6. glendalystonsils on




    Agreed. We are fortunate to have people with such skills and commitment working on behalf of all Scottish football supporters. (Well all except one mob).

  7. If the Celtic Board had taken the bull by the balls at the start,there would be no need to be in this position. The more the SFA try to hide and deflect,the more vigorous we should have become in pursuing the truth……you would have thought…

  8. FourGreenFields on




    I just checked in for an update on Res 12 and there it was 0 comments


    Pure jammy

  9. The Battered Bunnet on

    Every undertaking reaches a critical moment. This is the critical moment for Res 12.



    I applaud the folk who have taken it this far, but it seems to me, not least given the imminent time limitation, that the Club now needs to take ownership of the matter, as was requested of them in the Resolution, and ensure due process is applied.



    Asking the supporters to write to UEFA derogates responsiblity and exposes the process to entirely unnecessary procedural risk. It’s reckless.



    If formal progress of the resolution is time-barred because the Club elects now not to act formally, the breach of trust between the Club and many supporters will be profound.



    It would be a terminal ignominy if the circumstances surrounding the coordinated (and ultimately futile) attempt to keep Rangers FC solvent resulted in the longterm diminishment of Celtic.



    Regrettably, that’s now a feasible destination for this issue.



    Over to the Club. Let’s be hearing you Peter.

  10. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    Mountblow Tim – Sorry to read the sad news about your dear wife.



    Condolences from Beal Feirste.




  11. FourGreenFields on




    I responded to the appeal for shareholders to back Res 12 in the beginning but did little else ( apart from a few emails ) but the Bhoys who have carried it to this point deserve our thanks .

  12. If the Celtic board are serious about tackling the res 12 issue then there is not a single credible reason why they aren’t taking the issue to UEFA. None.



    The board are in no way serious about it and are effectively stonewalling all of us (in conjunction with the sfa).



    Their silence is absolutely remarkable.



    Or not. When you realise what they are doing.



    As per the previous post we need to starve them of the money that is their sole desire.



    No change will occur unless we do.

  13. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    Paul67 I have a question – why did the board wait for two months before telling the RES 12 guys they were not going to UEFA?

  14. PHILBHOY on 11TH MARCH 2016 11:34 AM



    I think we need a bit of continuity in selection and not the usual 4 or 5 changes from the Tinke Man. Tomorrow’s line up should be the same as Morton in formation, 4-3-3, with the only changes those enforced due to injury, ie a replacement in the midfield for Johansen (probably Bitton if fit).

  15. So, there will be a UEFA investigation, the truth will out, the SFA will get the sack and the club formerly known as Rangers will get their knuckles rapped (to absolutely no avail).



    And then we will fill the vacant SFA positions with a load of huns.



    As per.



    What’s the feckin point of all this?

  16. Got to agree with everything FGF has said about the guys involved in


    res 12,can only imagine their frustration.


    I also agree with BB that the board shoul have taken the bull by


    the horns, but that would be LEADERSHIP something we seem to


    be short of!!

  17. The Board are duty bound to represent the concerns of the shareholders…..Evidence has been presented (at great and heroic effort – thanks guys) to the Celtic Board that rules were knowingly broken which directly affected negatively, the income of every other football club in Scotland – bar one.



    I would like the Celtic Board to comfort us with a statement that Res 12 will be attended to post trials of individuals who may be implicated.

  18. Paul and the RES 12 bhoys


    Thanks for the update, but are we not back where we started ?


    You all know and we know that uefa will NOT entertain fans/shareholders, they will not even reply, and the time bar will kick in, No.


    If the club in reality do want this to go before uefa, why are they not contacting them directly ?



  19. AULDHEID @3:08 am




    Thank you for your answer and first class explanation – much appreciated HH

  20. Paul67 Et al,



    As you finish the article asking for comments regarding better communication .


    I understand from your article and previous dialogue on here that there has been numerous discussions between the applicable shareholders and the PLC.



    However the content of progress ,if any has largely been kept between the two parties. For example I knew nothing about imminent time barring until two days ago.



    I would suggest we raise this from being predominantly a cyber discussion to involve the MSM. Bring this to the attention of a bigger and widespread audience. This could be easily done.



    We have been on the receiving end of Ridiculous Press Conference questioning. Questions have been asked of us that we’re not scripted and were totally out of context. In short we have been played many times.



    Turn the tables. Bring the whole issue up at the next press conference. Use the press for a change and let our spokesperson set the agenda.



    This would ensure better, clearer communication to as large an audience that is practicable.


    This would remove our silence and thus the allegation of complicity.


    This would demonstrate that the club listens and works in tandem with the wider support.



    What have we got to hide? What have we got to lose?


    This action could galvanise our fortunes on and off the park. Renewed ST, etc.



    Yours in Celtic and HH.




  21. FourGreenFields on

    If as expected UEFA refuse to deal directly with supporters then that should be quickly relayed to the supporters with the recommendation that the Club contact UEFA .


    The Club should immediately contact UEFA and start the ball rolling , hopefully all achievable before the end of March if that is indeed the deadline , as long as the issue is raised before the deadline the any investigation can carry on after the suspected deadline .

  22. tomtheleedstim on

    BRTH – what happens if UEFA ignore the letter because, like the SFA, they will only deal with member clubs?


    As much as I try and see the logic behind the Celtic’s boards stance in all this I keep coming to the conclusion that, despite what they are saying to the Res12 guys, they would prefer the matter to lie.



    Incidentally, i think the work the Res12 guys have done is brilliant. Celtic, not so much.

  23. Coolmore Mafia


    From last thread.


    The dislike of the trust only comes from the cap doffers, they have this inbuilt fear that the Trust is the bogey man, when in reality the real bogey men are the board.


    They only reason the board do not want any fan representation on the board, is that they will inform the fans of what is going down, the shady deals, the cover ups the collusion et all.


    They also believe that fan representation will be a disaster for the club, far from it, it will enhance the club no end, they are so thick that they seem to forget that when a decision is made on a board, there is a vote, and any vote would undoubtably go against the fan on the board, but as I said they are so thick they can’t see that, no, the fear is accountability and transparancy, they can’t have their wee secret cabal disturbed.






    Would that mean we have to by newspapers?



    To get the truth?



    That’ll never catch on.

  25. Paul67,



    “However, it is here that there is a divergence of opinion between the board and the shareholders. The shareholders believe that any reference to UEFA should come from the club, while the club would prefer the shareholders to refer the matter to UEFA in line with the previous enquiries made to the SFA. ”



    “However, in relation to the particulars of Res 12, the shareholders have approached the board, worked with the board ( and acknowledge that the board have worked with them ) but ultimately it is for the PLC to take these matters to their final conclusion as the board of directors represent the whole PLC and speak with a far stronger corporate voice.”



    Struggling to reconcile these two paragraphs.



    Surely if it is the responsibility of the PLC to take this forward, why do they want the shareholders to refer the matter to UEFA?




    Árd Macha


    Ard Macha

  26. If the SFA’s sole defence is that they were DUPED and Celtic are willing to accept this….then the game is truly UP. No way can this be acceptable to anyone.



    If the board refuse to stand up for the fans then it will have long term consequences for the club..people have long memories.



    Great praise to the res. 12 guys for forcing this issue too many seem to want pushed aside.

  27. PHILBHOY on 11TH MARCH 2016 11:50 AM


    So, there will be a UEFA investigation, the truth will out, the SFA will get the sack and the club formerly known as Rangers will get their knuckles rapped (to absolutely no avail).



    Where did you see evidence of an UEFA investigation ?



    Will that ever happen ?



    I cannot see any circumstances in which UEFA will investigate and bin the exec of the SFA



    That doesn’t excuse Celtic’s board from taking this case to UEFA, communication to UEFA should have been done 4 years ago by Celtic informing UEFA of their concerns over 5 way agreements and licensing issues, the issues have became clearer and more bona fide evidence has seen daylight on social media, shamefully Celtic’s board have been weak and sorry to say cowardly in their dealings, unless they take up the baton from Res 12 guys they have betrayed Res 12 shareholders and supporters of the club

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