Resist or wither like Miss Havisham


Defining Cruyff is not easy but there are some objective facts to assist: three times European Champion, three times Ballon d’Or winner, voted Europe’s Player of the Century in 1999, and third place in the World’s Player of the Century at the same time.

On the field, the most damming criticism of him is that he wasn’t Pele or Maradona, both of whom won World Cups, but neither changed the direction of travel in the game as Cruyff did. Pele’s Brazil seemed out of sight as they strutted their stuff at the 1970 World Cup. By 1974 the Dutch, with Cruyff pulling all the strings, had tactically moved the game on a generation. It would be decades before Brazil won the tournament again.

The Dutch know all this and, rightly, place Johan at the pinnacle of the game, but there was more going on in the Netherlands at the time. Feyenoord beat Cruyff and Ajax to the European Cup by 12 months as a generation of players matured together.

While the Netherlands took hosts Argentina to extra time in the 1978 World Cup final, Cruyff was watching on TV. Of course they would have won had he played, but that they came so close without him is a testament to the rest of his Dutch generation, forever in his shadow, but great nonetheless.

So would the Dutch revolution have happened without him? Something would have happened, Luxemburg would not have beaten the Netherlands in the 1970s, as they did in the 60s, but it would have been a revolution you might not have noticed. Ajax’ European Cup adventures may have ended with the 1-3 home defeat to Benfica in the 1969 quarter final. Feyenoord may not have edged extra time in the final the following season.

Allied to his skill, speed and strength, Cruyff opened the eyes of all who played with and against him. After Cruyff, opponents knew the old rules didn’t apply anymore.

Yesterday’s story in the Guardian, citing “sources at a major Premier League club” would signal the end of the last pretence of meritocracy in football, where the most wealthy will only play each other in European competition.

Resist of wither like Miss Havisham.

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  1. Big Peat of Islay on

    Green Man



    No I’m a Tim through and through. I’m a monarchist. I would prefer we had Stuarts, Catholics, but if not we have to go with what we have. It’s the best form of Government. What we have – a puppet Monarchy – is NOT a monarchy.

  2. Y NOT67 on 25TH MARCH 2016 12:22 PM


    The green man







    This your blog now? You taken over like?





    I can post any time I like and on any subject I care to chose, as of the Irish not giving a feck about me that’s fine, PS last time I looked this wasent your blog, ignore my posts would be your best choice, please don’t get personnel and keep it civil, that’s what I’v been told, so I’m sure that goes for you too, another personal attack on me and you leave me no option but to inform the blog owner, you have been warned.



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/deciding-to-win-talking-a-good-game/comment-page-12/#comment-2800488

  3. I hope everyone in Dublin is having a great time. Sair heids in the mornings notwithstanding :-)



    Paul, I enjoyed you alluding to Quantum Physics in the last blog in that “deciding” to do something with faith and certainty is the secret to success.



    Wouldn’t it be great if, in Scotland, the media would encourage and support young players as they do in Oz. Just read the Aussie articles concerning Tom Rogic’s form- pure, positive energy. In Scotland the gutter media wants hysteria, scandal, smut and negativity. Apparently thats what sells.

  4. BEst wishes to all those going to Dublin today. Hope you have a great time.







    Mr party’s and ynot67 are simply appeasing racist Scotlands need to make anything about Ireland and Irish republicanism as sectarian.







    However it is surreal that we have the usual bullying Scottish nationalists back to try and castigate those of IPAs who would prefer not to cosy up to racism in Scotland. Turkeys voting for Christmas indeed.



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/deciding-to-win-talking-a-good-game/comment-page-12/#comment-2800489

  5. As for Paul’s posting if the guardian article. Mmmmmmm. But football is already fixed in Scotland. Funny how Paul doesn’t want to talk about Celtics role in that.

  6. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    BIg Peat



    Im truly staggered.


    Almost lost for words…but not quite:)


    You are a rare case indeed.


    A Catholic Stuart monarchist….in 2016.


    Have you been lying down in Sleepy Hollow?


    Absolutism went out in 1789.


    But….Hail Hail anyway:)

  7. ” We Don’t Care


    What The Animals Say………..”





    CosThere’sAlwaysGonnaBeAshow CSC

  8. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    No i will not ignore your posts…especially when you are talking s***


    What is it…dont you like Irish people?


    Feck off with your racist bs

  9. Big Peat of Islay-






    Don’t make laugh pal. The Windsors are nothing more than jaded Prussian playboys/girls who were artificially installed by the Rothschilds. Look at the behavior of her spawn over recent decades. Do they seem royal to you?



    Ole Lizzie could end world poverty and hunger with her wealth a dozen times over and still be left with billions in change. Curiously she still wants tens of millions in tax payers money every year to “maintain” her real estate.

  10. To the Bhoys and Ghirls who have gone to Dublin have a great time, but could you not have picked a weekend when you are not going to lose an hours drinking time? ;-)) Presently sitting in Weeze airport waiting to head to Nerja for a week’s holiday with the wife – the only problem being is the wife is not going now as she started a new job in Brunei 3 weeks ago. What is an old Bhoy to do for the next week ?……… Let me see :-)

  11. Good Afternoon.



    Personally, I think any ‘unmeritocratic’ proposals from UEFA would pale in comparison to the footballing sham that has passed for a ‘sport’ in Scotland over the past two decades. I hope the Celtic board is prepared to put as much effort into addressing that as it is any proposed changes to the Champions League. I won’t hold my breath!



    Meanwhile here is a new Bond-themed piece about the ‘secret’ spying of Mark Warburton…




  12. Big Peat of Islay on

    The Green Man



    We all have choices to make. On preferences of how to be governed. I prefer to have a King, may be even a Queen. Catholic first choice. Even Jesus, The Son of God, deferred in secular terms to Caesar.


    Hail Hail.

  13. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Im not going to put up with the disparaging remarks about Ireland and Irish people.


    Its racist.


    No way.


    I dont mind being barred.


    But i will be calling it out every time i see it.


    Its not me thats out of order.

  14. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Big Peat



    If thats what you believe…fair play to you.


    Dont take offence….but its total nonsense.


    The aristocracy are parasites, in every country they reside in.


    The French had the right idea imo:)




  15. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Listen you…i could not care less.


    Do what you like.

  16. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    All the snide comments ive seen on here about Irish people.


    You would not say that to their faces…i can assure you of that.


    If anybody said those things in my presence, i would not stand for it…no fecking way.


    So if anybody thinks im just going to accept it on CQN.


    You better think again.

  17. Paul, I liked your reference to Miss Havisham…



    She reminds me of a certain football club. She spends long hours in her tattered garments dreaming of what could have been, As she brushes the webs from her rotting cake she remembers past glories gone forever and in quieter moments realises her present state is all her own doing and not the ex who is easily blamed for everything. A sad case.




  18. The Green Man, two comments deleted, personal abuse is not allowed on the site, please desist.



    For the record, I know one Belfast-born-unionist-former Celtic season ticket holder. Went to CP with his friends and always felt welcome.



    Stuff like this happens when you’re open to all. The alternative isn’t so attractive.

  19. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Fair enough Paul.


    But what about the ant-irish posts.


    Will you be deleting those as well?

  20. Tgm,



    Where are these anti Irish and racist posts?



    If td saying he won’t be back in Dublin is anti Irish and racist then I must be mates with dozens of racist anti Irish.



    And a few of them were born in the country.

  21. THEGREENMAN@..well everywhere on the blog.




    You are monopolizing this site and getting very close to repeated abuse.



    If you disagree, that’s fine – put forward a counter-point, or, argument – but don’t just dismiss other peoples’ views and opinions in such an aggressive manner.



    As YNOT67 pointed out, this is NOT your site, although you seem to want to dominate it and everyone on it, except of course those that happen to agree with you.



    You are not the ‘font of all knowledge’ and have no right to call other peoples’ opinions s****.



    I suggest you came down and take a break from your fourteen hour shifts – they are obviously getting too much for you.

  22. I never posted anything anti Irish? Just said I wouldent be back, and that CFC supporters in the republic is a myth, I’v even heard Irish guys agreeing with me, not that they needed to, I knew it was. That’s racist? Lol.

  23. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Geordie Munro



    So because you judge it not to be racist…ive to concur?


    Look at Mr Pastry’s post earlier.


    As for those complaining about the Irish….what is all that about then ?


    If anybody wants to say anything disparaging about Irish people…im only too happy to respond

  24. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Mr Pastry



    I will have no lectures from the likes of you.


    14 hour shifts….bs


    I have CQN open as i work.


    You are anti-irish

  25. “Thurs anurra flurry o’ flooooonceez in the……… *cough*….. Eire”





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