RESOLUTION 12 is all about what happened during season 2011/2012 with regard to the administration and monitoring of UEFA licenses in Scotland.

It is the football and governance topic some want to ignore, deflect and cover up at all costs. It makes them uncomfortable. It asks awkward questions, some of which have now been answered by UEFA in a formal letter addressed to solicitors acting for a group of Celtic shareholders.

Had the letter been addressed to a football association or indeed a member club then there would have been no need to take the counter measures we saw yesterday.

Today  Resolution 12 is in the news.  Apparently it is over.  Apparently it was about Rangers. It’s not and it wasn’t.

Resolution 12 is about the SFA administration of licensing (as we should all know by now).  The same friends in Glasgow media circles have been used to try to spike what is coming.  Jaws would have been on the floor when Uefa’s letter was read. The PR panic button would have been sounded.

Damage limitation was the order of the day.  They had no means of controlling or attempting to control those with the letter and with a right to reply to UEFA.

Yesterday the Resolution 12 guys could have responded. They nearly did but it wasn’t the right time. They were helped by the reaction from a Celtic support, and indeed supporters of many other clubs, who are now seeing this stuff for what it is.

They have posed legal questions to legal people and have formally received answers which have led to further ongoing communication.

Imagine for a moment that the following has been established, so far, with more to come:

If UEFA have refused to back Stewart Regan’s formal stance to Celtic.

If UEFA contradicted Regan’s publicly stated definition of the duties of the SFA.

If UEFA have failed to endorse the SFA’s stance on being unable to report.

If UEFA refused to say that Rangers were compliant at 30th June and 30th September and instead identify compliance requirements but stopped short of saying they complied.

If UEFA have stated clearly that there is an OLD CLUB and a NEW CLUB and that the two are separate legal and footballing entities!

If UEFA have stated clearly that during season 2011 Rangers did not comply with the necessary criteria to hold a UEFA licence.

If UEFA have stated clearly that during season 2011 Rangers were non-compliant with UEFA licensing requirements, but refuse to identify, when the non-compliance was identified, when the SFA reported they were non-compliant, and merely sum up by saying they were not granted a licence for season 2012/2013?

Imagine all that! In ONE letter from UEFA! The first, we suspect, of many.

What a story that would be!

Just remember, Persistence Beats Res12tance!

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