Respect deserved


We’ve seen a few difficult games against Hamilton Accies in recent years, including what proved to be a costly draw after being denied a late winner at New Douglas Park, but we’ve never met them in this form.

Hamilton have the longest unbeaten run in Scotland.  They lost their opening league game of the season, at home to Inverness, but have won seven and drawn two of their subsequent nine games.  Their 0-4 win away to Motherwell last week was a display of sharp, organised football – and remember, Motherwell took at point at Celtic Park the previous weekend.

Alex Neil will have no intentions of leaving pointless tomorrow.  This is the game he and his players will have been waiting for since the fixtures were announced four months ago.  Their four SPLF away games: wins at St Mirren, Partick and Motherwell, and a draw at Tannadice, has been preparation for Celtic Park.

If Celtic have a Europa League hangover, Accies will boss them.  Forget the lowly status of the club, respect is needed if we are the get the desired result and performance required.

I’m running the Great Scottish Run in aid of Celtic Foundation tomorrow morning, which presents a, erm, personal hygiene challenge for the game.  It’ll be a full can of deodorant day.  If you have a £1 or two for the fundraising, you can help here.

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  1. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    GMunro- dunno.



    PLawwell has one, though. Must have paid for it with his mega-bonus.

  2. Dbia,



    I’m no sure what one is either.



    Ive never been called one before.



    Been called something very close once or twice though :)

  3. All the best for the GSR tomorrow Paul67. 10k or the half?



    This is the 1st time in 5 years I’ve missed the half marathon. Gutted :(



    Could probably have shuffled round but physio has given me an emphatic NAW.



    Good luck to all bhoys and ghirls, conditions are looking perfect. Remember to make the 1st mile one of your slowest miles.




  4. glendalystonsils on

    One of the main reasons to be confident of winning the league is that all the other teams will take points off each other.


    If we fall into that category by shipping points to the Motherwells and Hamiltons then it’s


    going to be a long, fraught season.

  5. roy croppie



    13:06 on 4 October, 2014





    Was hoping you would hear them.. Deckys excellant, usually plays b4 gary og and damo dempsey when there in Derry.



    Does alot of good work in the community aswel , bogside man.

  6. OK Its from the Daily Record so scroll by if it offends but I found this piece by Chris Sutton very interesting, particularly in the light of some after match posts on here.



    ANY Celtic fan who didn’t see the Europa League win over Dinamo Zagreb missed out big time.


    It was a classic Euro rollercoaster at Celtic Park.


    And, fingers crossed, it may end up being the pivotal night for Ronny Deila.


    It was a performance full of passion, guts and skill. Yes, the usual odd gaffe and moment of naivety but I was won over.



    Ronny should soak it up, he and the players should take all the credit they deserve because if that doesn’t enthuse Celtic fans I don’t know what will.


    It was a brilliant result and, hopefully, rather than focus on what players eat, he’ll keep looking at the set-up of the side and the positive aspects.


    After this midweek I can see a bit of a change in the way fans see him.


    I wasn’t there so I can’t say if Ronny had a rant in midweek but it sounded like one to me and that was nice to see.


    A passionate guy coming out fighting his corner. That’s a good thing, even if I thought some of it was ridiculous and he was barking up the wrong tree.


    Ronny said the fitter you are the better chance you have of playing Champions League football or at the highest level and made the reference that if Louis van Gaal was saying what he said everyone would nod their heads in agreement.



    That’s obvious. If a guy in the pub who had just drank 12 pints said that you would also nod your head because it stands to reason.


    I don’t know if it came out of frustration but I don’t see the point in going to extremes.


    When I first started at Norwich and we went away on trips we’d have fish and chips on the way home with a crate of lager on the coach.


    If it was a long journey we’d be slightly merry when we got back to Norwich. Obviously, although it was enjoyable, it wasn’t the right thing to do. We didn’t need to be told.


    But our team at that time had superbly fit players. Ian Crook used to run the midfield and he smoked 40 fags a day. He couldn’t run but he was superbly talented and had Jeremy Goss to do his running.


    I’m not saying Ronny isn’t right because he is and players over the years have realised and adapted. But he can’t change players. He can try to educate them and there is nothing new in that.


    Do football clubs need a dietician? It’s a waste of money. Players just need to be sensible and it’s all about balance.


    Henrik Larsson, who was arguably the greatest Celtic player of all time, ate chips, so I just don’t buy all this stuff to extremes.


    Saying that being four kilos overweight is not going to help you against Cristiano Ronaldo is obvious.



    To me Ronny should concentrate on the real issues and look to positives.



    He left Kris Commons out of the European games earlier in the season and we all saw the value of him against Zagreb. I was pleased Anthony Stokes started with Commons as they link well and I was delighted Aleksandar Tonev, who also did well, started.



    Callum McGregor has done well but he’s been ineffective in recent weeks and Tonev was a ball carrier which took Efe Ambrose out of the equation in forward areas.



    Ronny has a set way which he wants to play but you can’t press the ball for 90 minutes the way he wants.



    I’ll give you an example, Manchester United v Barcelona, Champions League Final at Wembley.



    For the first 15 minutes, United pressed the ball magnificently and Barca couldn’t get out of their half. But you can’t keep it up for an entire 90 minutes and, when the United tempo dropped, Barca picked them off to win comfortably.



    Celtic were superb. It was a tremendous game, just as Salzburg was. If you’re being totally honest there was naivety. In the last minute when Leigh Griffiths was running towards the corner flag killing time, Celtic had three runners heading for the Dinamo box. I wasn’t the only one thinking, “What are you doing?”



    These are international players and it was incredible decision making. Stefan Johansen was also sucked in during the second-half and Craig Gordon made a fantastic save, but I’m not going to be picky.



    Celtic got into the interval at 1-0 up, yet the first 15 minutes of the second half were a disaster. Credit to Ronny because he put Beram Kayal on and shored up the midfield and that was


    a smart move.



    They looked more secure and, even though Zagreb created chances, there was no shame in that because they’re a top side. Ronny’s team saw it through and big credit. Jason Denayer was fantastic so was Virgil van Dijk.



    Celtic did exceptionally well. It was a fantastic result and that’s what Ronny should concentrate on as the next two ties should see them qualify for the next stage.



    I liked Ronny coming out fighting. It shows he cares. More importantly his team did their talking on the pitch and this gives Ronny real credibility.



    The team got it right and performed for him when it mattered. Deila has earned his stripes and surely the two remaining home Europa League ties warrant a top tier or two full up to give the players and manager the support their campaign has warranted.



    You never know where it may end.

  7. corkcelt



    13:12 on 4 October, 2014





    Daily record praising the team more than some of our fans .. Hopefully this makes people realise we are in massive transition phase… Really hope ronnie proves the doubters wrong, few changes from the bottom up can only be good for the club long term if it improves fitness etc.. The results and performances will come.



    Keep the faith

  8. richie #teamoscarforever



    12:51 on 4 October, 2014





    Howzitgaun Andy :




    HH Richie!!


    Doing well mate. Been off radar for a wee while. Travelling in that glorious garden spot of the world better known as West Africa. Oh joy!


    Back in H Town until late October and getting to enjoy some cooler temps!


    How you doing mate? Any plans for a wee sojourn down SE Texas way?


    Wee celebration today… Grandchild # 6 arrived Monday

  9. mullet and co 2 on

    I might have a couple of corporate tickets for tomorrow. £150 for two at Cafe 1888.


    If anyone is interested I believe they can get my email address from Paul.

  10. Corkcelt,



    Interesting, but this line irked me early on



    “It was a brilliant result and, hopefully, rather than focus on what players eat”




    It’s the focus on the diet from outside CP that I find tiresome.

  11. Theres couple of great songs on youtube from Gary og



    Dogs of war and believe.. Decky wrote them and as far as i know Gary will be recording them. Great tunes



    Enjoy your weekend.



    Lights out time in oz







    Keep it clean, mind!



    …and don’t be too hard on the huns present!



    Aye, allright then!



    Have a great day.



    Have a wee greet as well. It’s allowed.




  13. If a team with the resources of The Hamilton Huns are capable of providing Celtic with a local difficulty, then we really have problems.



    Not buying it Paul……



    Bet 3/0,4/0,5/0……….collect from the fat bookie with confidence.

  14. Hrvatski Jim.



    Just read back on some posts from last night, sorry to hear about your recent break in, neighbour two doors down got bugled a few weeks back, happened to me a just over a year ago so I know how you feel. It is a bit disconcerting initially but you soon put it behind you.

  15. patmcgrathtakesapenalty on




    Glad of the correction. Being assaulted with a wind instrument isn’t pleasant. I know from personal experience.

  16. Martybhoy59


    Thanks for the note.



    We only got burgled so not as noisy as being bugled!



    Police said that there has been a spate recently in the area so keep alert.



    We move on.

  17. GivehimthemoneyPeterCSC on

    I must admit that I used to be a big fan of Sutton but I am changing my opinion on him as he is becoming a hack. First his ship Berget off to hibs and the this article he started off positively and then bangs on about the diet.



    Only in scotland would this continue to be talked about…Are our team as fit as they can be? No. Will a better diet help them, inevitably yes. Will all people in the team react positively? No Tough! either adjust or get yourself a loan to hibs

  18. Off to watch Whitehill Welfare v East Stirling in the Scottish Cup shortly.



    Welfare are a tempting 3/1 so will grab some of that. My son plays for them, so what better reason to have a wee punt?



    Hail Hail.

  19. I can easily understand why many of us have doubts about Ronny Deila. Results and performances have been poor and there have been only glimpses of the high pressing, high tempo football which he promised when taking the job.


    We have had several important players injured for crunch games already and it’s difficult for us to discern what the long term game plan is.


    I am pleased that Ronny has spoken out about fitness, diet and conditioning. He accepts that established professional players will take time to adjust to his changes to our pattern of play and his insistence on a strict dietary regime. We also must accept this.


    The alternative is to sack Ronny, revert to the “boring” old ways, win our domestic games in a canter but forever to be consigned to the lower reaches in European terms. Our players do not currently match the fitness and conditioning levels of the top teams. Look at how Gareth Bale, for example, has bulked up in just over a year at Real Madrid. Ronaldo is now a far better athlete than when he was at Man U. We must strive to reach those levels and it won’t happen overnight.


    We still will never retain players with the skills of the very top players under the current finance/tv/seeding arrangements but our players will be better athletes, more suited to the demands of the high tempo football being played by the top teams.


    I know that stars of old like Cruyff, Socrates, etc smoked like lums and that Best, Jinky etc drank like fish and they still produced the goods on the park. Those days are long gone.


    Whilst some of Ronny’s tactics bemuse us all, I am prepared to see what he produces over the season before making a judgement. If we were such great experts on football management, we wouldn’t be blogging on here, would we?


    I see Ronny has been dismissed by some already as a fantasist. I think he is being realistic. It is fantasy to think we can produce a competitive side with players who do not match up to their opponents in fitness and conditioning.


    Ronny is the Celtic manager. Celtic fans must back him 100% while he is in post.



  20. patmcgrathtakesapenalty



    13:36 on 4 October, 2014





    Glad of the correction. Being assaulted with a wind instrument isn’t pleasant. I know from personal experience.






    The mind boggles -:))

  21. Is that clown Ronald McDonald still the owner at Accies?



    Does he wear a clown costume like his famous Burger Man namesake?



    Fat Hun and best mates with Barry Fannyboz Ferguson…….



    Come on Celtic ….wipe the daft smile off his face.

  22. Remember a game v Hamilton about 25 years ago, 8-3 to Celtic. Some great players in our team bonner, mcGrain, McStay, McClair. A very low crowd if I recall.

  23. 3 win in a row & Guidetti coming back into the squad.



    Hamilton have had a great start but if we don’t build on the last three games it will be very disappointing for the Hardcore CSC that will once again head to Celtic Park tomorrow.

  24. Richie #TeamOscarForever on




    All good mate. There’s always a chance of a visit to Houston in our game and I’ll be in touch if it happens.

  25. ger57



    Good post mate agree with every word, some of Ronny,s decisions have baffled me but beginning to see green shoots, the effort from the players to hold onto our lead was a joy to watch, evidence to me that the players are buying into his ideas.

  26. JJ



    I remember that one too, the crowds where very sparse in the ’80’s. Our hardcore was about 50% of what it is now.



    We scored 8 against Hamilton a few times will settle for 4 tomorrow!

  27. JJ Kevtic



    crowd was reported as 16,380… I was one of them.



    8-1 up as well, McClair scored 4.





    I know R McD from a long time back.



    My opinion hasn’t changed in 25 years.



    His pet manager at every club was a smashing fella,but a puppet. And the accountant for his other companies.



    Couldnae believe his luck so did what he was told.

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