Respect deserved


We’ve seen a few difficult games against Hamilton Accies in recent years, including what proved to be a costly draw after being denied a late winner at New Douglas Park, but we’ve never met them in this form.

Hamilton have the longest unbeaten run in Scotland.  They lost their opening league game of the season, at home to Inverness, but have won seven and drawn two of their subsequent nine games.  Their 0-4 win away to Motherwell last week was a display of sharp, organised football – and remember, Motherwell took at point at Celtic Park the previous weekend.

Alex Neil will have no intentions of leaving pointless tomorrow.  This is the game he and his players will have been waiting for since the fixtures were announced four months ago.  Their four SPLF away games: wins at St Mirren, Partick and Motherwell, and a draw at Tannadice, has been preparation for Celtic Park.

If Celtic have a Europa League hangover, Accies will boss them.  Forget the lowly status of the club, respect is needed if we are the get the desired result and performance required.

I’m running the Great Scottish Run in aid of Celtic Foundation tomorrow morning, which presents a, erm, personal hygiene challenge for the game.  It’ll be a full can of deodorant day.  If you have a £1 or two for the fundraising, you can help here.

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  1. bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts



    Blood pressure levels go through the roof in the blue part of Glesga..



    Well done Livi, this whole charade has got to stop…

  2. I’m confused.


    Are there different types of liquidation?


    Richard Gordon on Sportsound has mentioned Gretna 2008 .


    Why not Rangers 2012?

  3. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    Bognorbhoy – I tried to post that an hour ago but posted a Beatles song instead.



    Does anyone know how one can buy that Livi programme?

  4. mullet and co 2 on

    Posted a wee message on page 1. If anyone wants corp hospitality tickets *2 for cafe 1888. Leave a message here and you can get my email address. 2 for 150. Normally 300. I can’t go.

  5. Re Gretna 2008



    The name of this club is ACTUALLY Gretna 2008.



    Richard G should of course say ‘The Rangers’ to give due honour to this new club.



    Actually that wouldn’t make me feel any better about it.

  6. A win tomorrow and we go second to DU, 2 points behind with a game in hand.



    Hope we’re up for it enough to put on a show!

  7. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Kevj, it is Not the view and fellow Drumchapeler, Average Joe Miller, fine man that he is.



    Joe’s a great guy.



    Nice to see the excellent Paul Larkin wearing his Fidel McGrain t shirt. Danny does like the t shirts for some reason.



    Paul’s Celtic books are great reading but not for sensitive types.

  8. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    I should have typed Danny does not like the Fidel McGrain t shirts for some reason.

  9. I am really surprised that the very obvious TROLLS on this CELTIC site are allowed to disrupt something special.

  10. ElDiegoBhoy


    You came into my thoughts today sir


    See you next week for a while, i will be the one keeping an eye on yon lennybhoy fhella :))))

  11. leftclicktic



    Eh was that a compliment? Looking forward to catching up next week. Take care.

  12. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    A few years ago, the Livi owner was quite scathing in the way the defunct club tribute act had been treated in relation to the hammering Livi took from the league and SFA during their financially troubled past.



    Maybe today’s game was the chance to say what we all know about the tribute act.

  13. Geordie Munro


    look Geordie bhoy, im sorry you dont reckon that a team with the budget of celtic should walk all over Hamilton accies.



    however I do.



    in fact i will take it a bit further for you, i also expect that some of the worst celtic sides i have seen in the last 50 years would walk all over hamilton accies



    Cork Celt


    you make a point about accounts, well we are repeatedly told on here that we cant win the Champions league because the other teams have too much money. I cant/dont disagree with that. Thats why i reckon we should EXPECT to easily beat hamilton.



    we spend more that every other SPFL team combined.






    however its all about opinion and if you and Geordie are not expecting an easy victory tomorrow then your opinion is valid as mine.

  14. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas



    I’d the pleasure of Average Joe’s company for a couple of days during the trip to Teplice a few years ago, with a night in Berlin flung in…some ghuy!




  15. tamra…



    You’re right of course.



    Would imagine fans of AC Milan, Barcelona, Manchester United etc. would have had the same thoughts before meeting us.



    The thing is, it is not always about money or size (allegedly).



    But you’re right.

  16. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Roy, I had seen Joe around the Drum when I stayed there but didn’t know him.



    I got to know him in the late eighties as we have a lot of mutual acquaintences.



    We bump into each other now & again and he’s still the same as he was when I first met him. As I said, a fine man.



    Both him and Gerry Dunbar are huge Clash fans and would approve of your song choices on here.

  17. Still Game ??



    If I was forced to watch either Still Game,.. OR a reserve game between Rangers & Linfield , I would choose the latter.



    At least these two horrors can suffer the company of one another.

  18. justafan


    naw youre right! and its size doesnt always matter!


    but 9 times out of ten the big bhoys win…..



    on the subject of joe miller, he was always a favourite of mine, due to his effort (we didnt have so much cash in those days) in fact i named a scottish cup final after him. Maybe i should have named it after big roy aitken though, who stole a throw in from the huns


    I think i can also recall him destroying hearts at tynecastle during a period when we were at (or near) our worst. i think we won 4-1 or 4-2?

  19. Tamrabam



    9 times out of 10 best players win. I coached a team of 12 years old who were small for their size but fantastic footballers. It was great watching them out play teams who put their eggs in the big boy basket…

  20. justafan,



    Is that why they split up because they could not bear to even suffer to speak to one another ?



    At that point, I had to agree with BOTH of them.

  21. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Kilbowie Kelt


    18:04 on


    4 October, 2014


    Still Game ??



    If I was forced to watch either Still Game,.. OR a reserve game between Rangers & Linfield , I would choose the latter.



    At least these two horrors can suffer the company of one another.





    KK………….I thought I was the only one,just don’t get it.

  22. justafan


    big roy was another celtic mhan to the core and very few who have followed, have lived up to him..


    a wee bit of feed the bear trivia



    In March 1976 Celtic had to ‘adopt’ Roy in order for him to gain entry into communist East Germany to play against Sachsenring Zwickau in a ECWC quarter final game as he was only 17 years old and not considered an adult by the East German authorities..



    The highlight of big Roys celtic days might have been when he detsroyed the huns at the piggery in a 4-2 match (i will never forget the sight of 40,000 hun scarves all dropping simultaneously)

  23. Cultsbhoy





    when i said big i was referring to the size of the club and not the size of the players



    definitely agree its about the best players (and not so much about fittest)


    without a shadow of a doubt in my head anyway!

  24. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Roy, one of the great things about being a Celtic supporter is we have get to know so many guys who are terrific company and all round good guys.



    What’s happening to Dortmund, Hamburg, who have been absolute garbage this season, beat them one nil at the Signal Iduna today. I know Dortmund have a big injury list but they should have been too good for the sticky buns’ favourite european club.

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