Respect deserved


We’ve seen a few difficult games against Hamilton Accies in recent years, including what proved to be a costly draw after being denied a late winner at New Douglas Park, but we’ve never met them in this form.

Hamilton have the longest unbeaten run in Scotland.  They lost their opening league game of the season, at home to Inverness, but have won seven and drawn two of their subsequent nine games.  Their 0-4 win away to Motherwell last week was a display of sharp, organised football – and remember, Motherwell took at point at Celtic Park the previous weekend.

Alex Neil will have no intentions of leaving pointless tomorrow.  This is the game he and his players will have been waiting for since the fixtures were announced four months ago.  Their four SPLF away games: wins at St Mirren, Partick and Motherwell, and a draw at Tannadice, has been preparation for Celtic Park.

If Celtic have a Europa League hangover, Accies will boss them.  Forget the lowly status of the club, respect is needed if we are the get the desired result and performance required.

I’m running the Great Scottish Run in aid of Celtic Foundation tomorrow morning, which presents a, erm, personal hygiene challenge for the game.  It’ll be a full can of deodorant day.  If you have a £1 or two for the fundraising, you can help here.

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  1. Living_in_the_Love_of_the_Commons_People on




    All the best with your run. As a half-baked, amateurish, part-time triathlon enthusiast myself I can confirm you will reek to high heaven. It’s just the body exhuming all those nasty acids that we accumulate in our modern lifestyles. So it’s really a very good result.



    Just ask outstanding Scots athletes like Chris Hoy and Danny MacAskill if they honk a wee bit during performance sweating. Nae worries and nae bother.



    Celtic to show Hamilton a thing, or two tomorrow. New Bhoy Guidetti to shine again.

  2. Hamiltons finest moment (in my eyes anyway) was when they beat the big spending huns in the (league?) cup Adrian Sprott scored the goal



    A massive upset (that i dont envisage tomorrow) but i did later have a tee shirt with the front of the evening times, (from the days when the times actually came out in the evening!) proclaiming or gloating about, the accies victory



    the huns should have sacked souness after that!!

  3. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Tamrabam, it was the 2 each game v them in March 1977. Roy scored his second after the dearly departed John Doyle fired in a quick free kick towards his fellow Ayrshire tim.



    Bid Shuggie did it the following year in the League Cup final when he headed the equaliser from an Alan Sneddon cross.



    On each occasion they were singing that U** all the way mince to the tune of sailing.



    PS I wasn’t allowed to go games v them at that time. The day of the above 2 2 game, I was at the La Scala in Sauchiehall Street, now Waterstones, to see Blazing Saddles.

  4. Living_in_the_Love_of_the_Commons_People on

    kilbowie kelt



    17:40 on 4 October, 2014


    I am really surprised that the very obvious TROLLS on this CELTIC site are allowed to disrupt something special.






    Agreed. I have compiled a list of my own: those contributors who’s views I respect and consider. The rest are an irrelevance.




  5. Roy


    mibbees you are right, my failing memory and all that but definetely one of the greatest GIRFUY moments (as lenny bhoy states!)



    but Roy was a genuine leader and a great inspiration, A real Celtic captain.


    i could weep when i think of some of the players/impostors who have worn the captains armband since then. (Steven Pressley for one!)

  6. Why The DIET.. RIOT?









    Ah am Gled that Ronnie, has Initiated the Move ..



    Tae Bring Celtic inta the TWENTIETH CENTURY!



    Twentieth Century?



    Och , Aye!



    Ronny Knows that .. The Twenty FIRST, yin..is quite Beyond Us.. Fur the Time Being..



    Indeed…Wan Step..at a Time! ( Is guid Fishin’… Right?..ed)






    Next move?,,.



    Well.. Ah thought ye wid Never ask…



    N.. Sure Enuff.. Ye Hivnae!



    Well… Ah wull Break the Noos.. as gently as Ah kin..



    Ah will Whisper it…



    “nae . drinkin’!!”



    Yes, Virginia.. Nae Mair Alcohol…Booze.. Ye know..Jungle Juice..



    Ah hiv bin Advocatin. it’s Ban fur Donkeys..fur oor Celtic.. oan Here..



    Drink ..n.. Athleticism ur No Happy Bed Fellahs.



    Drink is the Devil’s Juice . tae An Athlete..



    It Stunts yer Mental Growth.. in a Growing Lad.



    The Time Has come.. like the Walrus Said..



    Tae talk of Many things..



    Like.. Taking The Pledge…. fur it wull Sharpen Yer Edge



    n..Beaucoup Success…it wull Bring!



    Nite Clubs?



    Aff Limits.



    Beddy Byes ,by Nine..



    That wull Dae Fine!



    ( N.. while Ah am at it..



    NAE MAIR.. Cockamamie.. TATTOOS!,, EETHUR!!)



    Go oan ,Ronny..



    Straighten oot these Nitwits..



    Ye hiv Ma Backin’… Wan Hundred Per centtum.



    Noo Ye Know..






  7. Tamrabam, You are moving the goalposts. I do expect Celtic to win tomorrow providing they play well. What I am saying is, if the attitude is not right and if there is a lot of slackness, we may not win. For the record I expect Celtic to win every game they play but quite obviously they don’t.

  8. !!bada bing!!



    17:54 on 4 October, 2014


    EDB-Loved Still Game mate.HH






    My son and daughter went last night with their friends, both were still in hysterics about it by the time they got home…think they may have been led astray drink wise though :)(

  9. Dallas Dallas


    Johnny Doyle! i wonder how many of the celtic players in the last decade or so felt privileged to play for Celtic in the way that Johnny Doyle or Paul Mcstay did



    i know we like to say that Big Sutton etc got Celtic, now i loved big Sutton, but im talking about guys who actually lived the dream, guys who really were celtic fans and had decent careers as celtic men



    guys who ran home from school dribbling and kicking stones into the huns net (or was that just me?) and then grew up to make that come true

  10. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on



    18:26 on


    4 October, 2014



    Enlighten us,whose on what list.

  11. From Celtic Wiki



    “In March 1977 he was the Celtic hero in a 2-2 draw at Ibrox by scoring twice, the second of which was a never to be forgotten spectacular crashing volley from a John Doyle free kick as Rangers fans were singing prematurely of a 2-1 victory.”




  12. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Tamrabam, those Humiliation t shirts were fantastic as were the Souness sent of ones later that year.



    Matt McGlone, from the Celts for Change group, printed them.



    I still have my Humiliation t shirt but around two stone later, wearing it is just a memory.



    Mat also printed the Willie Molloy t shirts. Arhur Haggerty who started the Willie Molloy stuff was from Clydebank and Matt’s t shirt printing business was there also.



    I was a green Willie but if you were a pink willie, you were one of the original willies.

  13. Living_in_the_Love_of_the_Commons_People on




    16:46 on 4 October, 2014


    Geordie Munro






    Thanks, fascinating piece about Cathro, looks like one to watch.

  14. Cork celt


    i never moved any goal posts. for me P67 is being very cautious and sounds very nervous about facing accies. I guess he could write that leader before each and every match, but hamilton accies?



    Paul sounds like he is getting his excuses in early come on! there would be uproar if we dont win tomorrow.

  15. Syd Negakev



    18:38 on 4 October, 2014



    The grumpy and humourless old men seem to be out in force today. :-)




    I know I’m ready to give up lurking it’s that bad :o)

  16. Dallas i still have the humiliation tee shirt too and one or two others as well, including souness off in paradise!



    Clydebank man maself! i have a very interesting video tape of a night in clydebank town hall organised by AH himself

  17. I was at ipox that day when big Roy scored both our goals in a 2-2 draw. The zombies were still celebrating thems taking a 2-1 lead with the vile song described above when Roy scored. They went quiet but their scarves were still held up as we all went mental at the Broomloan end. I was with my dad in what they called the centenary stand; benches screwed into the old terracing steps. Great memory.

  18. ger57…



    Fantastic memory.



    Was really buzzing when that flew in.



    Happy day.



    Sooo long ago. :-(

  19. Villa playing well, though they’ll probably lose one.



    Delph playing really well, Bentke now on

  20. Living_in_the_Love_of_the_Commons_People on

    nye bevans’ rebel soldier



    18:36 on 4 October, 2014




    18:26 on


    4 October, 2014



    Enlighten us,whose on what list.






    Sure, I though I had explained fully.



    I live on the West Coast USA, and as a result I’m eight hours behind the blog and tend to lurk mostly as a result.



    Also, being that my spare time is precious, as I’m very busy building my business I scroll past the multitude of posts from hunterlopers and wallopers, looking for contributions from the likes of Battered Bunnet, SFTB, Hamiltontim, Corkcelt, BMCUWP, SteinReigned and others who’s views I appreciate reading.



    Hope that helps.

  21. That 2-2 game- did Alex McDonald not make a spectacular one handed goalline save at the Celtic end, as clear a penalty as you will ever see.


    Maybe Gordon will confirm.

  22. Ger57


    it wasnt that long ago that the celtic fhans got half the main stand, half the wee enclosure and a bit of the cemetry stand as well as the traditional celtic end



    in the match where macca was sent off along with butcher and woods – i was in the enclosure



    our attendance only became restricted once Murray and souness got their teeth into the huns.



    i can also remember watching a young charlie nicholas it what turned out to be one of his last games score a brace (in a 4-2 win?) from the old cemetry stand



    In my first visit to ibrox, i actually sat on the running track on the foot rest of a disbaled fans wheelchair- i think celtic scored two second half goals (lennox and another) then the huns invaded the pitch. This meant that i was a 10 year old kid in the frontline of the celtic end as the marauding huns approached



    fortunately they stopped somewhere around the halfway line!



    nae wunder ma maw didnae want me to go!

  23. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Tamrabam, I worked in Clydebank at the time and used to see Arthur in the Atlantis now & again,



    I used to think he was a weird looking guy with top of heid bald but a pony tail also along with his out of the ordinary dress sense.



    When I got to know him, he was a likeable chancer. He made a good wad out of the Willie Molloy stuff. I still have the Willie Molloy EP with the McLuskey brothers from the Bluebells playing on it.



    About guys who lived the dream, Tommy, Jim Brogan, Harry Hood ( his song is the best we ever had for a player), George McCluskey, Franks McGarvey & McAvennie, Peter Grant, Anton Rogan, Jimmy McGrory, Bobby’s Lennox & Murdoch, Jinky, Pat Crerand, to name a few

  24. tamrabam



    18:29 on 4 October, 2014



    Aye, indeed Big Roy and the evergreen Johnny Doyle certainly had the passion, drive and desire. Oh to have two of their ilk today would be fantastic. Remember Johnny coming off the Bench in the game we beat beat Real Madrid 2-0 at Celtic Park. From the moment he came on you could see he was telling the Madrid Players he was on and he was the Mhan…and it came to pass that night that he was indeed the Mhan. Another GIRFUY moment…they were the days.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  25. Ht



    I’ve spent most of my day figuring out how to cook an omelette. Please ask H to respond:o)

  26. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on







    Where in the west coast?



    Not in anyway looking for a fight,lot’s of differing opinions on here,


    just don’t like fholks being called huns for having a different opinions.



    Hope you and your’s are doing well and wish you every success.