Rest Brown, Tierney and others for Tynecastle, Ben Nevis Huddle


Sunday’s game at Tynecastle is a bit of a dead rubber for both Hearts and Celtic.  The home team cannot finish higher or lower than sixth place, while the Champions will be rested after a few days in Tenerife.

I know you want to rattle a few goals past Hearts; make up for the defeat there earlier in the season and, well, because they are Hearts, but this should not be a priority.  We are two weeks away from a Scottish Cup Final and the opportunity to become the first team in Scottish history to win back-to-back trebles.

Neither Motherwell nor St Johnstone have much to play for in their game this weekend, but you can be sure Motherwell will have an eye on the Cup Final.  They will rest players and allow strains to recover.  We must do the same.

I would rest the captain, Ajer, Boyata, Tierney and Forrest.  Set the priority right and be ready for Hampden.

Celtic FC Foundation, Ben Nevis Huddle

After a three year gap, the Celtic fans will be back on Ben Nevis on mass on 30 June, to raise funds for the Foundation.  This is a rare opportunity for those of us unfamiliar with mountains to ascend Britain’s tallest in the company of supportive Celtic fans.

Participants are asked to raise (only) £130 for the Foundation.  It is a great opportunity, see here for more details and to sign up this weekend.

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  1. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Brazil to McCoist and White’ it’s just a pity it’s another Celtic fan…’

  2. The Ben Nevis huddle scheduled for the day after the CQN Open at Aberdour. We’re not machines you know!

  3. Yes,Paddy,Kouassi,Armstrong,Simunovic,Sinclair,Griff,Hendry,Bain,Musonda,should all get game time.


    That’s some reserve line up when you look at it.


    FAVOURITE UNCLE on 4TH MAY 2018 10:07 AM


    SKY ticker tape reporting GERRARD has accepted deal.







    he will be home for CHRISTMAS.







    ps does he know they don’t DO christmas.




    the notice is no longer there.is there a problem.?????????????????? HOPE NOT.

  5. Bain, Roberts, Musonda, Kouassi, Griffiths and Sinclair should all get a start on Sunday.

  6. Agreed. My team:



    Bain, Gamboa, Hendry, Compper, Miller, Kouassi, Ncham, Roberts, Sinclair, McGregor, Griffiths



    Bench: Gordon, Musonda, Jozo, Edouard, Lustig, Forrest, Brown

  7. 50 shades of green on

    Batter the gorgie scum, then rest one or 2 v the Ayrshire huns, then rest the lot of them v the sheep and allow Christie to play, that would give the Zombie hoards something to shout about.




  8. Davidopoulos on

    A propos of nothing, a wee point on the role of Compliance officer at the SFA…



    Vincent Lunny was the first full-time Compliance Officer when he was appointed in October 2011. He did a 3 year “tour” and then stepped down.



    His replacement was Tony McGlennan, who is still in position at this moment in time.



    Maybe that will change over the summer (or whenever the mythical CO Report on the 2011 UEFA Licence is released).



    However, my point is that the CO should change every few years to bring in fresh eyes to the compliance problems we have in our game. It would also help with reducing the risk of the incumbent just falling into the “old ways” of doing things at Hampden. If we are to get change at the SFA we need the occupants of certain positions to change at fairly regular intervals (every 3 years maybe?). I’m sure Mr McGlennan has done a grand job but I think he should be replaced to bring freshness.



    I think that goes for Rod Petrie and that bumbling buffoon McRae too.



    We won’t reform the SFA if we have the same people hanging on year after year. And if we do reform it, it won’t stay reformed for very long unless we continually shake things up.

  9. Davidopolous



    you suggestin a laid down in law time template?… a virtual blazer whose powers expire :-)



    would be interestin,the b/politicing say the 3/4 tenure had been up say(for badness:-) early 2012



    hope your good:-)




  10. Davidopoulos on

    An Tearmann



    It’s funny you mention such a date, as when I looked up when Lunny actually started I was surprised to see how little time he had at the desk before having to deal with all that carry on, like having to act as the prosecution in the Nimmo Smith farce. Then again, the guy had been part of prosecutions in the Hague. Shoulda been a total skoosh for him…



    All good here mate, you?

  11. we’ll probably leave half the probable cup final team out in each of the next two games and play the majority of them v Aberdeen.

  12. South Of Tunis on

    Red Bull



    Asked about reaching a Final courtesy of a goal from a corner which should have been a goal kick .. The Manager of OM Marseille said this —



    “The first game was littered with refereeing errors . This game was littered with refereeing errors . .One of their goals was offside , we were denied a stonewall penalty..The problem is that many of the Refs are simply not good enough . . UEFA really have to think about VAR “

  13. With CL qualifiers in mind hopefully we look at an Ajer/Hendry partnership in central defence and an Edouard/Griffiths partnership up front over the next two games. Even if we sign new players they won’t necessarily be ready for early games in qualifiers.

  14. Paul 67



    keep the cadence Paul,i would not alter to much as it seems to effect our power,


    i would say after a week in Tenerife ,same 11 who started against new club and change alter/ from there.







  15. Davidopoulos on

    And as an aside…if the independent review (which should cover more than just the 2011 UEFA License – it should review everything including the Nimmo Smith commission) ever takes off then guys like Lunny need to called to answer questions – still takes part in the SFA Licensing Committee so he should earn those free lunches by obliging.



    Another person from the Nimmo Smith whitewash that should have input into a review is Charles Flint QC – sat on the Nimmo Smith panel (agreed with all the findings btw) and is a member of the UEFA CFCB. A very useful person to have on hand to question…

  16. Davidopoulos on

    Sorry whitewash was the wrong term there – they did find Deidco a bit guilty…just not so guilty that they could be bothered properly punishing them…

  17. DAVIDOPOULOS on 4TH MAY 2018 11:05 AM


    An Tearmann



    It’s funny you mention such a date, as when I looked up when Lunny actually started I was surprised to see how little time he had at the desk before having to deal with all that carry on, like having to act as the prosecution in the Nimmo Smith farce. Then again, the guy had been part of prosecutions in the Hague. Shoulda been a total skoosh for him…



    All good here mate, you?




    Yeh all good, Champion in fact :-)



    i am sure we will read bout it in the handover(knuckleover) by the compliance officer:-)….or do you think they will invent again lol.



    aff oot as kevj says.





  18. If John James site is correct – Gerrard wanted £20 a season for players – something strange going on or is he talking…………….

  19. South Of Tunis on

    Liverpool pal sent me this text –





    Bryan Robson




    Bobby Charlton .


    David Platt


    Lothar Matthaus.



    It took me a couple of minutes and then it clicked —

  20. Davidopoulos on




    John James of “Dave King will spend Christmas in BarL” fame?




  21. SOT –


    Was sitting here starting to think European Players of the Year who failed at management but David Platt?

  22. PS if he was a Celtic fan he would never sign for them.. no Celtic fan could

  23. Wipe the floor with Gerrard and the hun from Newarthill, I hope BR does not get caught up in making any comments on this,it will only be used as publicity, SKY in overdrive, Im off to the Golf.

  24. South Of Tunis on




    David Platt was given the Manager’s gig at Sampdoria . There was a furore re him lacking the qualifications /experience to be a coach in Serie A . Owner of Sampdoria stated that Platt was ” a tactical expert ” and cited Platt doing tactical analysis for the English media and 4 4 2 magazine as evidence He was a disaster .He lasted 6 games.. ” Doing a Platt ” entered the Italian lexicon -means – talking as though you know what you’re talking about but when it comes down to reality —





    Yes,I agree. Maybe BR has been correct to offer support to former Sevco managers,and condemn their treatment by that club,but I don’t think he has commented on any appointments made by them.



    I don’t think he should,either.



    He has four games from now till the end of the season;none are against Sevco. No need to respond to any loaded questions about them.

  26. Taurangabhoy on

    At least Stevie g will get the best walk on in the world at least four times a season , if he can stomach it that long.

  27. weebobbycollins on

    I guess cardinal heenan will be turning in his grave at this appointment…


    (someone will now tell me he’s no deid yet-if that’s the case, sorry)

  28. As a side note heard on radio this morning SOuthampton


    will get a £10 million if Liverpool win CL.



    Add on I guess for












    and of course VVD



    Wonder if any will see its way back to us

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