Rest Brown, Tierney and others for Tynecastle, Ben Nevis Huddle


Sunday’s game at Tynecastle is a bit of a dead rubber for both Hearts and Celtic.  The home team cannot finish higher or lower than sixth place, while the Champions will be rested after a few days in Tenerife.

I know you want to rattle a few goals past Hearts; make up for the defeat there earlier in the season and, well, because they are Hearts, but this should not be a priority.  We are two weeks away from a Scottish Cup Final and the opportunity to become the first team in Scottish history to win back-to-back trebles.

Neither Motherwell nor St Johnstone have much to play for in their game this weekend, but you can be sure Motherwell will have an eye on the Cup Final.  They will rest players and allow strains to recover.  We must do the same.

I would rest the captain, Ajer, Boyata, Tierney and Forrest.  Set the priority right and be ready for Hampden.

Celtic FC Foundation, Ben Nevis Huddle

After a three year gap, the Celtic fans will be back on Ben Nevis on mass on 30 June, to raise funds for the Foundation.  This is a rare opportunity for those of us unfamiliar with mountains to ascend Britain’s tallest in the company of supportive Celtic fans.

Participants are asked to raise (only) £130 for the Foundation.  It is a great opportunity, see here for more details and to sign up this weekend.

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  1. !!Bada Bing!! on

    I’ve been told that we need to offload Sean Goss before I can get my training gear.

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Listening to TalkRadio in the motor there.


    George Galloway – “The father of Lourdes is now the manager of rangers!”


    Eamonn Holmes – “…Eh?”


    Galloway – “His daughter is called Lourdes. And, to be honest, it’s Lourdes they need if you saw how bad that last derby was!” ???

  3. saint stivs



    I seem to remember taking part in a GCC survey re parking restrictions around Celtic Park/Emirates last year. Maybe the response didn’t suit their agenda, so ignore and start again. Wouldn’t place too much hope on the Celtic Board being too concerned about it , they now have their own Corporate Car Park after demolishing the old Glasgow School. Once again football fans treated with contempt. Wonder if they will apply to concerts at Hampden, Glasgow Green etc?

  4. Lots of chat about the Gerrard situation. Is he a front for larger investment? Is this a cunning Scouse plan to turn Sevco into a feeder club?



    People are asking the question: why would he be so stupid to join such a wreck? Implication: there must be something else to it.



    In these situations, I think the simplest explanation is usually the most accurate. To wit: Steven Gerrard is pure thick. End of.



    I’ve met a few footballers in the course of various jobs I’ve done over the years, and, to a man, they are really not very bright. The ones that are, stand out: MON, BR, Lenny. But most are very stupid. Coccooned by their clubs’ since their teens, cosseted by wealth and sycophants, they have never felt the need to develop independent thoughts. And they have been told, again and again, how great they are.



    Gerrard has had 20 years of this. His ego will be huge. His critical faculties dull.



    But what about Gerrard’s agents? Surely they know the true nature of Sevco’s plight? Well, yes. But agents and advisors advise. They don’t decide. The fact he has a 4 year contract I think indicates his agent is already building in a pay out when the inevitable happens.



    This is a desperately silly decision by a desperately silly former footballer.

  5. The ole Hugh Keevins gets a bad rap on this site, rightly or wrongly, he was just putting Family first.



    I sense he is enjoying the Celtic dominance.



    Celtic is Big and Beautiful enough to Flourish without any Wan Dude derailing it.



    Bring it on.

  6. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    Good Morning All.



    I am rubbish at painting and decorating or doing anything that is practical. I am only “handy” if I am round the corner. Accordingly most folk know not to let me near things like a hammer, a screwdriver, a paintbrush or anything like that.



    My skills lie elsewhere apparently — though I have never been too sure where that might be or what that skill is.



    Anyway, this is a long way about saying that I am going to Malawi in June with the Celtic Charity Foundation and Mary’s Meals where, God help us all, I will do my level best not to make a total mess of painting schools, putting up shelves, clearing yards or completing whatever manual tasks I am given in support of the 67 Kitchens project supported by the Celtic Charity Foundation through Mary’s Meals.



    Honestly, someone else was meant to go. Someone who would actually have been of some practical use, but unfortunately they had to withdraw and so the foundation were left with a place they would have to pay for and with no one to fill it.



    So, when no one else was available I said I would go instead.



    I will pay all my own fares and accommodation (I don’t believe in raising funds for any of that) and I will do my level best not to make a total horlics of whatever I am asked to do.



    However, these 67 kitchens will initially feed 80,000 children and the money is there to set up the kitchens and feed them for the 1st year. But kids don’t just need fed for one year, they need fed EACH year.



    To feed a child for a year costs £13.90 and so 80,000 x £13.90 = £1, 112,000 – and that is needed every year.



    Before Brother Walfrid had ever seen any football team play under the name Celtic he wrote those inspiring 17 words ” A football Club will be formed for the maintenance of dinner tables for the children and unemployed.”



    No words have ever been spoken or printed about Celtic Football Club that are more important and more fundamental than those 17.



    I am trying to raise what money I can to help further the aim of those 17 words in 2018.



    The majority of the funds raised at the One Night in Lisbon Dinner on 25th May will go towards this (the balance will support some other local charities) and there will be One Night in Lisbon Shirts on sale soon which will also support this project.



    However, in the interim, if you feel like supporting this effort then please make a donation.



    Mother Theresa once said that if you can’t feed a hundred people then feed just one — and that one is really important.



    £13.90 feeds one person. £19.67 feeds more than one.



    Equally pledging £3 for every goal Celtic score against Hearts on Sunday will help feed one person for at least part of the year.



    Lastly, can I say to everyone who contributes to this blog, and to the thousands of people who read it but who lurk in the background, a great big thankyou for all the support you have given to me and my charity efforts over the years.



    There are many great people who post here and who do things for charity and I realise that not all of them can be supported at all times. I just want to say thankyou for past donations, support and help and to reiterate that any future assistance is greatly appreciated and recognised.



    I will honestly try not to make a complete arse of things in Malawi and to record as much as i can to post back onto the blog so that you can see what is being done, why it needs done and what a difference the foundation and Mary’s Meals can make with our help.



    If you want to make a contribution then please do so here:






    I will post more info in the coming days.



    Lastly, if you have an item, or tickets for something, or run a business that could give a raffle prize or an auction item for the dinner then, as always, I can be reached at jjoe88@hotmail.co.uk



    HH & God Bless.




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