Rest Brown, Tierney and others for Tynecastle, Ben Nevis Huddle


Sunday’s game at Tynecastle is a bit of a dead rubber for both Hearts and Celtic.  The home team cannot finish higher or lower than sixth place, while the Champions will be rested after a few days in Tenerife.

I know you want to rattle a few goals past Hearts; make up for the defeat there earlier in the season and, well, because they are Hearts, but this should not be a priority.  We are two weeks away from a Scottish Cup Final and the opportunity to become the first team in Scottish history to win back-to-back trebles.

Neither Motherwell nor St Johnstone have much to play for in their game this weekend, but you can be sure Motherwell will have an eye on the Cup Final.  They will rest players and allow strains to recover.  We must do the same.

I would rest the captain, Ajer, Boyata, Tierney and Forrest.  Set the priority right and be ready for Hampden.

Celtic FC Foundation, Ben Nevis Huddle

After a three year gap, the Celtic fans will be back on Ben Nevis on mass on 30 June, to raise funds for the Foundation.  This is a rare opportunity for those of us unfamiliar with mountains to ascend Britain’s tallest in the company of supportive Celtic fans.

Participants are asked to raise (only) £130 for the Foundation.  It is a great opportunity, see here for more details and to sign up this weekend.

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  1. TheLurkinTim on

    Wonder if some hack at the presser will ask why a bang average under 18’s coach is an improvement on a bang average under 20’s coach?



    Naw, me neither ;-))







  2. weebobbycollins on

    And Dave pulls a rabbit from the hat…’well, I think it’s a rabbit, though it could be a rat with stickie-on-ears…and is that a hat he’s pulling it from? You just never know with Dave!’

  3. I have to admit I would have been more worried had the Sevs announced a proper football manager(remember them Glibby).



    I can’t imagine any conditions that would tempt me into a job over there but then I’m a die hard Tim not some Scouse ex-player.



    High Profile Bling can’t replace football management experience in my humble opinion, he’ll have learned a lot of good stuff at Liverpool if he can transmit that remains to be seen.



    When it was first mentioned I thought no way but there ye go:))



    What did pop into my mind was Bryan Robson, thought by many to be perfect for management before he crashed and burned.



    Bring on the Hearts…



    Has Eddie signed yet:)))

  4. We have a share issue coming up very shortly to generate funds !!!!!!!!!!!!,.


    He just can’t help himself,can he.Surely Gerrards advisors had all this crap checked out?.


    Just wait until he walks in that hole in June,has a look at the dross he has as players,how long he has them for,their wages,and what he I’ll be getting to improve them.As we all know,it just does not add.Disastrously so,but Shhh,don’t mention it.

  5. Another belter from King,


    Now is not the time to talk about the finances.

  6. Alasdair MacLean on

    Give King(y) his due….


    Five days after the biggest humiliation “the people” have endured, in two lifetimes, he has them back as trumpeting worldbeaters….



    I’ve just read the “Timplosion” is just about to erupt!




  7. mit



    i think he has been offered enough money that he thinks he can stop us, otherwise why would he sign.



    where the money is coming from we will soon find out. if its not above board we might never know.



    cant see our club or anyone else challenge them on the money issue. imo

  8. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    A truly weird appointment UNLESS you consider the possibility that Gerrard was part of a deal for KING… Perhaps Gerrard wanted to be under 18s coach..



    Follow the money….all about money..Cold shoulder,Close Bros,No ST sales..



    I mean…a 4 yr contract?!!!!!



    That made me laugh..



    Small matter of liquidation too.. I guess the SMSM don’t care




  9. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    David Low






    52m52 minutes ago




    Stevie G hasn’t joined the King circus and the appointment is not an isolated event. More news to follow.

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    If Warnock or Pulis turned up with £10-15 mil, i would be more concerned…

  11. Can only see positives here.No matter what you think of the appointment it is about as high profile as Scottish football gets.


    It will keep the powers in our club focused and motivated to bring the best possible players in for Celtic.


    It will keep our manager focused and motivated to remain in his job and not be tempted by a high profile English team.


    It will also help with the exposure of our game in Scotland for a couple of years at least before it all ends in tears for Sevco Stevie.

  12. mike in toronto on

    Pog @ 3:10….



    Re: Peter Lawwell



    With 7 in a row, and possibly a double treble … PL has to be considered among the most successful CEO’s in Celtic history …



    -plus, on his watch, Rangers also won 10 titles and 40 million quid to which they weren’t entiled, so he is arguably the most successful CEO for Rangers as well.

  13. MIT



    -plus, on his watch, Rangers also won 10 titles and 40 million quid to which they weren’t entiled, so he is arguably the most successful CEO for Rangers as well.




  14. embramike says ” Yer team’s deid…Beat it!” on



    Watch the fix(tures) list and Celtic at the crumble dome before Celtic Park


    We will likely be at home to Huns in the first of the 4 Glasgow Derby fixtures as it’s traditional to alternate the New Year’s game and we were at home this season so away next season.


    Therefore Fist Glasgow Derby will be at home in September, second away at end of December.

  15. Of course forgetting about 10 in a row for a minute.


    The route to the Champions league gold is getting tougher and tougher.At best and with a good solid championship winning team I put it as a 50/50 mission at the start of every season.


    I do not believe we give or get enough credit for coming through those qualifying rounds which will consist this year of 8 matches [4 ties] if we make it this late summer.


    Our biggest rivals and only real potential threat to stopping us qualifying for the preliminary rounds of the champions league may well be about to up the ante and risk their bottom dollar in an effort to become top dogs in Scotland.


    We must not ever underestimate what ‘could’ happen.


    The important thing is that we keep moving forward and do not get complacent .


    It will only help the general quality on offer at Celtic Park I am certain .And that in turn will give us a better shot at actually making it into the champions league and potentially further.

  16. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    O Gawd, here we go again.



    The needle returns to the start of the song


    And we all sing along like before.



    Oh dearie me, Stevie… dearie dearie me. I can only assume hubris has blinded you. King has promised you a boatload of transfer kitty cash… and you believed him? Sack your advisors.



    Still, at least in a few months people will have stopped talking about the Slip That Cost Liverpool The League as your worst-ever moment in football. You now have a new one.



    Bad call, la, very bad call.



    But good for us. The pantomime of “Rangers” buttressed and abetted by a bent Scottish establishment continues, only now the English sports media have a ticket and will be watching intently.



    Compared to their bought-off counterparts in Glasgow, they are veritable torch-bearers for integrity and truth.



    The very last thing in the world the Huns want right now is to be in the spotlight of a load of off-message journalists.



    That is now where they are.



    I’m really looking forward to Act 7 of the Panto – where Stevie rocks up for work in June and asks where the money is.



    Still, it sounds like he can at least benefit from Gary McAllister’s experience as player and manager at Leeds United. Now, there was a well-run club.

  17. EMBRA @ 4.19



    Yip, thats correct ‘traditionally’ the fixture rotates and has done so since Sevco joined the Premier League.



    What else will change between now and 10? – nothing is guaranteed especially when everything else has


    failed, the fixtures list and especially the split is Sevco built.

  18. I know it’s a big ask but hoping to source a ticket for the Aberdeen game.



    If anyone can help it would be most appreciated and obviously paid for.



    BMCUW has my email addy.

  19. Mahe the Madman on

    Good Morning bhoys and a big happy Friday,


    Quiz later as usual.



    SFTB thanks for the reply. Articulate as usual. I wont tally and count but like I say it certainly seems mostly parody on the day befores issues. Now I see Stevie G might hop on board a listing ship. This will only enhance the number of sevco articles ffs.



    On the listing ship,,how many years now have we been told its about to sink. I stopped believing a long time ago those who tell us what will happen next to them. None of it has came true.


    I was telling someone on here the other day I wouldnt discount a single thing anymore, even in the greater game. 20 years ago if someone said Man City would be leaving united in their shadow,,,Rangers will spend 160 mill and not pay it back,,Celtic fans will pay 49 quid to visit a 6 year old club,,Stevie g will manage them and get 20 mill to spend,,Leicester win the league,,I mean this stuff is actually happening or happened.


    Now i just watch and learn . It doesnt make sense and Ive stopped trying to see sense in anything that goes on within football as normal rules dont apply. Especially within Scottish football.


    Hope your well and see you for the quiz i hope.





    You touch on something in your post to me, that people seem to be fed up waiting for justice to be served. I think that is understated.


    I know Auldheid is saying wait and see but I believe a poll of the blog would show most have no expectation of proper justice being served.


    Should this happen I fear for the blog itself as it will splinter into those still willing to attend and those who have too much pride to attend a farce.


    However it seems that the report is ready and awaiting the new boss to bring it to daylight.


    The fact that the last boss walked rather than do this is a little sign perhaps that it might be hard hitting,,after all Regan would have stayed if he could get away with it. I feel he walked before the report made him be pushed. I hope so anyway.


    This report is my last hope. Some are focussed on the reaction of the PLC to the report.


    I would say it doesnt really matter,,a dodgy report is Scotlands way of saying youre still a fenian B^&%&*d even with your education and laws to make you believe you are equal.


    They produce a bad report with no recourse and the Scottish game has forever lost me and mine. No second chance.



    Sleep,,so so. Somedays good some days bad. Any dads,,if your wee one wont settle unless


    shes in your arms what do you do? A rocker thing or its just a phase?


    First kid at 43,,what the eff was i thinking ? Shes a wee angel though. Love her to bits.



    Hail Hail

  20. Delighted the pub brawling scumbag has got the hun gig, they are made for each other, a match made in hell.


    Stevie Ge55ard…..Dearie Me, the thickest support on the planet, thankfully they never learn.

  21. SANDMAN on 4TH MAY 2018 1:59 PM



    Good stuff.






    King is apparently ignoring the Takeover Panel, the Court of Session, the suspended sentence from South Africa, the litigation from ex managers & players, the dysfunction within the board, while, at the same time, recruiting a celebrity as manager – obviously with the promise of a pot of gold to rebuild the team.


    It takes a special kind of narcissitic sociopath to promise anything to anyone to get your way & then to deny ignore and retract everything without apparent remorse or regret. King shares those qualities with Trump.



    Assuming any due diligence, it appears that Gerrard & his advisors have been given contractual assurances by a publicly named liar & fraudster who also happens to be currently under a contempt ruling for behaving in exactly the same manner. They deserve no sympathy when this ends on tears.



    The loss of 2 directors this week is either a result of a deal with Gerrard’s team or a falling out over the abandonment of the RRM philosophy that Murray & Scott believed was at the centre of their club putsch.



    Gerrard (rather his name & reputation) will be more likely attract money from previously untapped sources (Middle East?) but I imagine that they would want more than promisary notes from King. They would want seats on the board and virtual control of the finances – otherwise they’d be throwing their money away.



    Any new investors are buying a distressed business – it’s just that publicly their board & most fans can’t admit that. So any new money from non dupes or non RRM would have to include boardroom control.



    Quite how King manages that stunt when he is under Court of Session rulings to NOT deal in any shares until he satisfies the Takeover Panel’s mandate is another matter.



    There no pegs at their place that are not shoogly.





    JungleTim May 4, 2018 at 4:24 pm


    Aaaawww the Sevco are coming lolololol and they have Stevie G for back up hahahahaha lolololololol hahahahaha lolololololol hahahahaha lolololololol hahahahaha lolololololol hahahahaha lolololololol…FGS my sides are killing Meeee..10 In A Row was signed sealed Delivered Today at the Sevco Presser….Yeee fcking Haaaaa..HH



    this is not oor jungle jim or HOT SMOKED.



    ps .when you back. ??your seat in COIA’S has been taken.

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