Rest precious limbs at Tannadice


Tomorrow is match day 5 of a 38 game Scottish Premiership league programme, and although there’s a possibility we may find ourselves five points adrift, the result from Tannadice will have absolutely no bearing on our season.

Celtic must weigh up the needs of squad fitness for the next four days, concluding with the visit to Malmo on Tuesday. We have some precious limbs attached to Virgil, Scott, Stefan (J) and most of all, Sugar Ray Griffiths. I strongly recommend all are rested tomorrow. The consequences of any of these players being injured for Tuesday is not worth contemplating.

It was considerably reassuring that Qarabag, who Celtic eliminated in the last round of the Champions League, won away at Young Boys of Berne last night. Any team winning in Switzerland have earned respect.

It was just as reassuring that Malmo’s last round opponents, Salzburg, went down 2-0 to Dinamo in Minsk. It’s difficult to determine comparative strengths this early in the season, but some people may have overestimated Salzburg and underestimated Qarabag,

We’ll find out on Tuesday.

Well done to all concerned with the Jock Stein Charity Match, which takes place on Sunday, 6 September, at East End Park, Dunfermline, in aid of Celtic Foundation and Pars’ Foundation. Alan Stubbs, who will be wearing the hoops one more time, said, “The thing about Celtic is that it’s a fantastic club, both when you’re there and when you’re not, and that’s a testament to the fans”.

Best of luck for the season, Alan.

British Champion boxer and Celtic fan, Scotty Cardle, is also playing, as is X-Men star, James McAvoy. Details here.

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  1. Great news on Lustig, I guess no news yesterday was indeed good news :)



    Hopefully it was just a severe bout of cramp & he makes Tuesday night.



    Agree strongly with P67’s article, all key players should be rested tomorrow.




  2. Paul67…. you might want to change the date for the Jock Stein match above. 6th August has passed…. I think!!




  3. Glad I’m not the one making the decision on the team tomorrow.



    Play your best team would be my normal mantra. On this occasion I can very good reasons not to.

  4. I’d be happy see this team tomorrow:





    Mulgrew, Ambrose, O’Connell, Janko;


    Allen, Rogic;


    McGregor, Mackay-Steven, Commons ;



  5. Tomorrow,I would rest Griffiths and play Anthony Stokes instead of him. I would also play Rogic and give Johanson a rest.

  6. We should play our strongest available eleven tomorrow. Players who are carrying knocks (Lustig, Bitton, Armstrong, Griffiths) should be left out but those fit should play. Remember last season when we left everyone out of ICT game prior to the second leg v Maribor. Result, two defeats.

  7. Hi Paul67,



    “Celtic must weigh up the needs of squad fitness for the next four days, concluding with the visit to Malmo on Tuesday.



    Totally agree, we must do whatever is necessary to ensure maximum performance on Tuesday. It’s a sad fact, but an accurate one to say no matter who we’re playing going forward, this is the most crucial European match of the Season.



    Still would like to field a team to beat Dundee United, the League is going to be tighter this Season, if either Aberdeen or Hearts are able to take points of us, we will need all the points we can get.



    Hail Hail

  8. Only rest players that are injured. If you keep telling players that they are tired, guess what, they get tired.


    Do Barcelona rest wee Messi?


    Play our strongest team tomorrow.



    “the result from Tannadice will have absolutely no bearing on our season.”


    One of these days statements like that are going to bite us in the bum.

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Wasn’t it you who overestimated Salzburg, Paul?


    Wouldn’t make TOO many changes for tomorrow. Maybe just the ones you mentioned plus any who might be carrying knocks/niggles/tiredness.


    Although the game might not be crucial to the league in the long-term, it’s never good to go into a big game on the back of a defeat.

  10. BT,



    Thanks for the tip about clicking on paul67’s name to bring you to the home page.



    I think winningcaptains posted some other useful tips about navigating the site. It would be helpful if these were easily accessible (anyone remember the link creator?)



    The new site is great but sometimes I’m not sure if it’s an article or the blog I’m clicking on to



    Árd Macha

  11. “the result from Tannadice will have absolutely no bearing on our season.”



    Statements like that smack of the arrogance of the supporters of a club no longer with us.

  12. Give Saidy Jako a game – he may be needed if Lustig doesn’t make it. Efe ain’t the answer for Tuesday. also give Charlie a run at left back because his defensive qualities on Tuesday would be preferred to Izzy going forward. Boyar and Van Dyke need the game to gather with the defence that will play on Tuesday.



    Bring in Allan, Rogic, Commons and Skepovic as well. If Brown and Bitton need a rest, drop Allan and Rogic back and give GMS and McGregor a run.

  13. so if we rest our key players this is our better fringe players quickly off the top of my head .




















    To be honest I think overall that’s very poor back up .. Especially in the midfield. 3 very similar players. (Allen rogic ,McGregor )

  14. coolmore mafia on

    I think next week is the most exciting game since barca.



    can’t wait.



    Remember when PL said the Atlantic League was partly torpedoed because of the lack of rivalries? Teams just need to play once or twice for rivalry to start.



    Into these malmo monkeys- they deserve a good beating, in the sporting sense.

  15. ‘Being There’ watching Ronny’s press conference, why do I keep thinking about Chauncey Gardener?

  16. Strong team required tomorrow, maximum league points before we travel to Pittodrie in a couple of weeks time necessary..

  17. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    One guy i would not rest is wee leigh – hes been rested enough already and champing at the tea cake



    Boyata needs confidence so must play and its vvds last domestic match so he starts too



    Rest only injured players and sub a few once were well ahead

  18. I’m in the ‘rest them all’ camp. We are talking of a 6 day gap betwen games, so no chances with any of the team Ronnie plans to play in Sweden.


    I would hope that everyone we have in the squad is of a higher quality than Dundee Utd, with their limited resources, can muster.


    So if we were to play a so called ‘2nd string eleven’ I would still expect them to compete at tannadice.



    Tuesday is without doubt the most crucial game of this season, and all should be done to ensure we give ourselves the best chance of success.




  19. Meant to add, absolutely delighted to hear that ML’s injury is not considered serious. Although Tuesday may be a game too near.



  20. It would indeed seem that our super swede, merely had bad cramp at the back of his thigh.


    So all fellow fans currently on the ledge of Jamaica bridge, contemplating an Ambrose induced jump….climb back down for now.

  21. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    MR PASTRY on 21ST AUGUST 2015 1:50 PM


    ‘Being There’ watching Ronny’s press conference, why do I keep thinking about Chauncey Gardener?





    I don’t know. Why?

  22. Mikael Lustig’s injury is NOT as bad as first feared. From the few stories I have seen on News Now they are saying he may indeed be fit for the return leg in Malmo. Personally I don’t think he will be risked. He’ll be a BIG miss that is for sure. Sandy Janko is still an unknown quantity so this will probably mean we will start with Efe at right back next week.

  23. Looking for a bar in León showing the game on Tuesday for friends on Camino


    anybody ?

  24. Team for the mora…






    Jancko. Boyata. VVD. Mulgrew



    ———-brown. Johansen ———-



    —Forrest. Allan. Commons—-



    ————scepovic —————–

  25. Stairheedrammy on

    Play Efe at RB midweek. He will cause a few flutters but will add to our height at set pieces, something the Swedes struggled with. As I am the manager of the team 4 points clear at the top of the CQN Fantasy footie you know I’m the only one on here qualified to comment on such matters.

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