Result achieved for Celtic but Danny Lennon will see promise for Saturday


It’s difficult to analyse Celtic’s performance last night.  For much of the game the players were clearly enjoying themselves and should have been rewarded with more goals, but Dunfermline were incredibly porous in central midfield.  Ki and Commons were able to stage a passing master-class which was pleasing on the eye.

The fact that the deluge of goals didn’t come is not particularly concerning.  Celtic don’t make a habit of profligacy in front of goals, making chances is more of a problem, so it would be a mistake to read too much into one game.

While Dunfermline were out of the contest for most of the evening they also retained two strikers, something we seldom see from SPL visitors at Celtic Park, so that fact that they were able to construct an attempt at goal five minutes from time was not surprising.

Celtic got what they needed from the game but Danny Lennon, who brings St Mirren to Celtic Park on Saturday, will also have seen enough to let him form a decent game-plan, especially if Celtic play a 4-4-2 with two wingers, as they finished the game yesterday.

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  1. My brother (the Watford fan) is desperatley trying to get over his dissappointment at missing out on Sone Aluko.






    Were just some of the expressions of regret and remorse that he uttered today as he cried into his champagne.

  2. Paul67



    Was trying to convince myself last night ,that at least we won’t be complacent


    against St Mirren.

  3. SmashingMilkBottles on

    Don’t think Ki played particularly well last night. But some of the football in the first half was scintallating. As always the GB were MoM.

  4. coorslad is Neil Lennon on

    Paul67,do you think he should run with the same starting 11,on Sat,I think that is the 11 players currently available now that can win a game early..Think the change came to early,unless it was forced..

  5. Mort.



    Don’t you miss the old Special Branch though.



    My old mum was stopped by the Brits this night. They were giving the car a right good searching – boot, inside the car, spare wheel – the whole monty. When they opened the bonnet she asked – not unreasonably she thought, -“Would you mind checking the oil when you’re in there?”



    Delayed her a further half hour – but it gave us a right laugh at the time.



    Still does.

  6. Seven Fishes Four Steaks on

    MadMitch from earlier, players in SPL rangers could get if they sold top players and earners. Ian Black would be a kicker for them as would Jennings Lasley and Forbes from Motherwell. Scott Allen of Dundee Utd is a fantastic prospect, hopefully we will be in for him. Daly and Russell of Dundee Utd as well would probably do a job for them.




  7. Agree 2 wingers leaves us wide open especiallly if Ki is one of the central two , St Mirren being praised for good football, lets hope they stick to that and he have a good game.



    I hope we have at least one of our many injured defenders back to allow either Wanyama or Ledley to go into midfield , over the next few games my 4 would be Forrest Kayal Wanyama and Ledley – with Ki Commons Paddy and Sami on the bench – after the hour when James tires and Kayal is on his booking bring on Commons and ki to put the icing on the cake.



    this is assuming we can get our defenders of the treatment table sometime soon.

  8. viewfaethewindae on

    4-4-2 with two wingers will lead to disaster, Neil look back to last winter.


    While we wait for defensive returns and signings we must beef up the midfield.

  9. it’s a penalty !



    SMASH it, straight doon the middle



    last night, Gallacher was halfway doon the Gallowgate



    meanwhile, Mitre5 was half way doon London Road



    finger oot, Davie

  10. Lurgan 53 at 12:59



    Very good. Worth the extra delay.



    My oul Granny, God rest her, was never the best of drivers especially at night and one night on her way home she was too close to the grass verge and nearly took out a platoon of them. She sweared she didn’t see them and only noticed when a couple came running out in front of her to get her to stop. they thought it was an attempt on their life and surrounded the car with all guns blazing when she finally stopped.



    I laughed at that.




  11. starry plough says:


    24 November, 2011 at 12:56


    Fair play to Dunfermline for trying to play football and make a game of it. It’s the cleanest game I can remember in the SPL for a long time.




    Wot he says

  12. jbhoy88>Stewart Regan is not a friend of Celtic< says:


    24 November, 2011 at 13:04



    Alternative title " SFA undermines Referee who oversees Celtic Victory" Expect Mr O' Reily to disappear into the weeds of Scottush Fitba'




  13. Paul67



    We will take 3 or 4 off them on Saturday.



    Good Luck to the U19’s against Barca today.




  14. What was the commotion at the end of the game last night outside, behind the Jock Stein end, as i was leaving the ground, 2 riots vans with flashing lights weaving their way in a crowd and coppers chasing someone?


    Be very surprised if anyone wasn’t knocked down as this was just plain crazy.

  15. Paul


    It’s the same old story in that the end justifies the means. Never saw the game but posters seeem to be suggesting we played very well and some nice football. 3 points was what it was about though, so great stuff and here’s hoping for more of the same on Saturday against St Mirren.


    What we so desperately need is a settled side and with the current injury list resembling an A & E dept on a Saturday night it’s a big ask.


    Does anyone know what Lenny’s first choice starting eleven actually is per chance??



    Hail Hail




  16. Paul67 et al



    Bit of re-cycling of my last post.



    Question is could you rustle up a team at short notice to be competitive in the SPL through offering double the wages to a number of SPL stalwarts and the £100-200k range for a transfer fee.



    Consequently thanks for the names given so far.


    My thoughts are all the members of the M-well team over 30.


    Plus a lot of the players who get a BBC pundit gig for the SPL show.








    Bit of a quick quiz behind this post.



    Now that the TFOD have found their level and are recruiting ex Sheep rejects on the cheap, who else would be both available, willing and useful if the new regime at the TFOD try to generate some cash come Jan.



    They flog 6 of their best players / big earners.


    Looking at £12-15mill in fees and £100K per week in wages saved.



    They flog 12 of their best players / big earners.


    Looking at £12-15mill in fees and £150K per week in wages saved.



    Who would they replace them with, any candidates?


    What would be the cost and what would be the wages?



    Anybody stand out in the Hertz team?


    What about Killie / M-well / ST-M / ST-J?



    Who would answer the call?


    Who in the SPL would move for £3K per week in wages?


    Who would move for the love of the jersey?


    Who would move to kick the Green?



    Half the M-well squad?

  17. Sunday 2-10-2010 heart v Celtic



    Neil Lennon’s 6 match ban was reduced after an appeal hearing at Hampden Stadium last night. The Celtic manager had been issued with the ban after excessive misconduct when he clashed with fourth official Steven McLean and subsequently sent to the stand by referee Craig Thompson in Celtic’s clash against Hearts at Tynecastle last November.



    Seven months on, the Celtic boss still believes he was wronged by the officials in being sent off but concedes his reaction to the call was excessive.



    “I still feel the sending off was unjustified,” Lennon told the Scottish Sun. “But my reaction was over the top and that’s something I would change if I could.”



    “Lennon” was also given a four match ban for his clash with Rangers assistant “Ally McCoist” in the Scottish Cup replay between the two clubs on March 2, which he served concurrently with his suspension following the Hearts game.



    His touchline conduct has attracted criticism but the former Hoops captain insists he won’t alter his passionate approach.



    “I wouldn’t really change anything about how I’ve gone about the job,” he said. “You are what you are.”



    UEFA promotion for Steven McLean


    Posted on January 14, 2011 by Craig Winning


    Congratulations to Steven McLean, who has been promoted to Category 3 within UEFA.



    ******* ********** **********


    McLean has made terrific progress this season and has become a regular in the Scottish Premier League. And his efforts have been recognised with his recent promotion, which was announced early in the New Year.



    The Glasgow Association congratulates Steven and everyone is certain this is just the first step in many more promotions to come.



    Looks like a well done for the previous work



    Steven McLean

  18. The stats don’t lie:



    We had 75% of the possession, and 16 attempts on goal to their 6.



    We were unlucky not to win by more, but them’s the breaks. Hopefully Stokes and Ki will be all the more determined to score in our next game. (thumbsup)

  19. voguepunter, yes, good point.



    Gordon_J, really hope Commons is fit.



    Coorslad, agree. Same again, please.



    Googybhoy, aye.



    ASonOfDan, let’s hope so.



    KINGLUBO, agree.



    MadMitch, yes, I think there is plenty of opportunity to be competitive in the SPL on a low budget. It’s also easy to get it wrong while trying this.

  20. CALEY Thistle midfielder Greg Tansey has won his red card appeal after being sent off in Saturday’s 2-0 SPL defeat against Celtic.


    The Merseysider was sent off by referee Stevie O’Reilly for “violent conduct” when challenging Hoops Georgios Samaras, much to the amazement of the crowd and large ESPN audience.


    ICT boss Terry Butcher was left stunned by the decision but the Scottish Football Association’s fast-track committee have downgraded it to a “careless foul” and it means the player won’t even be booked, so is clear to face Hearts at Tynecastle on Saturday.


    D and E Coaches boss Donnie Matheson stumped up the £1,000 appeal cost, and paid for Butcher’s transport costs to Glasgow.





    Thin.ha are tight in Inverness when they need sponsorship to travel to Glasgow.

  21. Just retired after 31 years and 80 days in the fire service,strange feeling after all that time,now where’s that pint…….

  22. The Merseysider was sent off by referee Stevie O’Reilly for “violent conduct” when challenging Hoops Georgios Samaras, much to the amazement of the crowd and large ESPN audience.



    The guy who wrote that is called Paul “Charlie” Chalk.





    I’m not sure which game Charlie Chalk was watching, but I wasn’t amazed to see a player sent off for what looked like a red card offence at the time.



    Maybe the teuchters thought they were watching a shinty match, or some sort of Wicker Man burning competition, or whatever it is they do when they’re not feeding beef burgers to swans. (thumbsup)

  23. For those budding soccer journos this easy guide/temaplet to Scottish football journalism just might help








    [insert players name]gets dream move after Ibrox club thrash out deal with reluctant[insert selling club] 
[insert name]will put pen to paper on a sought after deal with Rangers today – in a bid to land himself this amazing bumper contract.
Record Sport revealed exclusively two weeks ago the [insert nationality and star] was heading to Ibrox to begin a spell with the SPL champs after spending an anxious wait regarding signing talks.
And now the delighted [insert age]is ready to turn down an 11th-hour offer from [insert top one of four La Liga side] to sign on the dotted line at Murray Park this morning.
The well financed agreement was thrashed out after a deal was struck with his former club[insert selling club], allowing him to chase his dream of making it with [insert current Rangers manager]side.
[insert players name] had feared the [insert selling club and their locale] might price him out of his big break by demanding around [insert numeric M] in compensation if he clinched a contract with the financially resolute SPL leaders.
But after two days of hard talks involving [insert players second name] representatives and officials from both clubs, an agreement was finally reached late last night with the well known Motherwell billionaire.
Now [insert players second name] – who wowed[insert current Rangers managers name] with his performance in a closed-door bounce game win over crack[ insert euro team]on Tuesday – is ready to begin the fight for a long-term future at Ibrox.
Record Sport understands although the initial deal will run until the end of the current campaign, a clause has been inserted that means [insert players name] could trigger an improved bumper multi million pound contract so long as he proves a success between now and May.
And he is so convinced he will cut it in Glasgow he was prepared to turn down a late counter offer from [insert well known la liga side here]A source close to negotiations said: “[insert players name] only wants to do one thing – play for Rangers. [insert well known La Liga side here] came to the table but it simply did not interest him.
“Since the minute he arrived in Glasgow his heart has been set on making the most of this opportunity. He is desperate to prove he can make a difference to this crack Rangers side.”





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