Result achieved for Celtic but Danny Lennon will see promise for Saturday


It’s difficult to analyse Celtic’s performance last night.  For much of the game the players were clearly enjoying themselves and should have been rewarded with more goals, but Dunfermline were incredibly porous in central midfield.  Ki and Commons were able to stage a passing master-class which was pleasing on the eye.

The fact that the deluge of goals didn’t come is not particularly concerning.  Celtic don’t make a habit of profligacy in front of goals, making chances is more of a problem, so it would be a mistake to read too much into one game.

While Dunfermline were out of the contest for most of the evening they also retained two strikers, something we seldom see from SPL visitors at Celtic Park, so that fact that they were able to construct an attempt at goal five minutes from time was not surprising.

Celtic got what they needed from the game but Danny Lennon, who brings St Mirren to Celtic Park on Saturday, will also have seen enough to let him form a decent game-plan, especially if Celtic play a 4-4-2 with two wingers, as they finished the game yesterday.

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  1. Mort,



    I have the basic package. Does the premier one cost more? I suppose it must. I haven’t had the opportnity to watch any live games so far (I take the likes of last night’s wasn’t shown live here in Scotland).

  2. Parkheadcumsalford at 16:55



    premium package is £80 a year. Picture quality is much better.



    Only live games I’ve seen are pre-season friendlies and some of U19 games.




  3. Sone Aluko: Mr Whyte what will you use my money for?



    MBB: Well Sone,to re-invest in the team of course,to strengthen the squad around you for the tough campaign ahead [cue sniggering in background,from Ali Russell et al]



    Sone Aluko: Two sugars Mr Whyte?



    MBB: Yes please Sone!…now about some screens I need fixed,I reckon a couple of grand each should do the trick,you good for that?



    Sone: Euros ok Mr Whyte?

  4. Just logged in, is there anybody out there who may have a link to the u19 game against barca tonight!!!!! I would love to see it. But tried a few of the usual websites and nobody seems to be showing it. cheers. Quigleys point.

  5. from stv…



    Nigerian international Aluko is immediately in contention for Rangers’ trip to face Kilmarnock in the SPL at the weekend, having last played a competitive match for Aberdeen in May.’



    hahaha, he played 60 minutes for Nigeria over two years ago in a friendly against Republic of Ireland when Nigeria dropped mainstays Joseph Yobo, Obafemi Martins, Taye Taiwo and John Obi Mikel

  6. MBB : And another thing Sone..you dont happen have to have any old gold lying about do you?… maybe studied for a law degree at any time?..perhaps read a John Grisham book?…

  7. Mort,



    Many thanks for the info. I think I’ll pass on that. I also think Celtic might offer a better basic package. I’m thinking of not renewing even the basic package. I rarely make use of it.

  8. more from stv…



    ‘…Once I got the chance, I was adamant I wanted to be at Rangers and I can’t thank the people around me enough for helping me get here.



    He said, standing at the front of the ATM queue

  9. I wonder how long it will be before Craig Whyte asks Nigerian international Aluko if he knows the fella who has been emailing him from Nigeria who wanted to deposit a large amount of money in Craig Whyte’s account. From my sources within Ibrox, Mr Whyte replied to the email giving his bank details back in September but has yet to hear anything back.




  10. The Battered Bunnet on

    Seems to me, either poor Sone had to pay Aberdeen for coaching him as a kid, or paid Rangers to employ him, either scenario being quite contemptible.



    “So Mr Whyte, what happens to the money I gave you if the club goes bust? You know, I’m hearing about tax cases and stuff.”



    “Ah, erm, aye, don’t worry about that Sone son. Stewart Milne will give you a refund.”

  11. team…



    @videocelts Joe McHugh



    Thomson, Miller, Toshney, Fraser, Chalmers, Herron Kidd, McGregor, F Twardzik, George, Watt

  12. The Battered Bunnet says:


    24 November, 2011 at 17:16



    Surely Whyte’s reply would be more along the lines of:



    That’s it, I’m suing you.

  13. Wikipedia says


    “Aluko’s older sister, Eniola, is also a footballer who has played for England’s women football team at full international level”



    Maybe they have signed the wrong one or did he offer to pay more money than his sister.

  14. I don’t see in any of the reports ‘subject to visa’. I don’t know a lot about these things and maybe he doesn’t need one for some reason, maybe he has a UK passport? But if he’s Nigerian, and clearly not a current international, isn’t this an issue?



    I don’t particularly care other than wishing them every possible ill and to fall foul of the rules. The guy never did us any harm, and I mean that in a smarmy GIRUY way. Just watched his best goals on the BBC site. Commentary on the first one is good “and it’s a first goal in 11 months for Aluko!”.

  15. TBB.whilst we are having some fun on here,you are quite right..it is contemptible,the boy is about to lose a considerable amount of money.

  16. Not read back yet but wondering how many referees have been so “disrespected” to have their


    judgement so harshly rated that a red card could not be even downgraded to yellow.



    Judgement so bad it was a mere foul.



    Think the “new” SFA have just finished a ref’s career or left a very significant marker on him.



    Watch our for fingers in the eye now being treated with impunity against us.

  17. the hooped crusader on

    I can not believe the Scottish media (well I can really)


    are trying to pass off aluko paying his own compen as


    a positive. They must think we’re as daft as they look.


    To all huns out there lurking get that Jar of that


    nescafe under your nose and get that coffee smelt.


    Nigerian international as well. Hahahaha.

  18. Good evening friends.



    As tonights U19 game is on the official Barcelona You Tube page I take it there are no problems in ‘advertising’ this on here?




  19. Just heard there are indeed VISA issues with the Aluko transfer. Apparently the huns VISA bounced for their part of the transfer fee!



    Frrrrrrrrrrrr TISH!



    I’m here all week.

  20. googybhoy



    He was born in London but chose to play for Nigeria?



    Oh No!! Poor guy will get SLAUGHTERED at every ground in Scotland by opposing fans, I mean what part of Nigeria is Caaamden Taaaan?



    Sorry, strike that, when I read Nigeria I was thinking Ireland. Very different situation.

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