Result but with a few unforced errors


Although Celtic created the overwhelming majority of chances last night, they were punished for unforced errors.  This is why Malmo are still in the tie.

Lots of positives were evident. Malmo could only foul James Forrest. He is fit and simply unstoppable. Celtic’s least effective periods of the game coincided with when they failed to get James on the ball. When he did get the ball, he often attracted three defenders, which curtailed his options but opened up space for others.

Next week James should find more space. Malmo’s main concern for the return leg will be how to cope with him.

Leigh Griffiths is on fire. He had no right to score his second goal, it was never his ball. The timing of his leap, combined with his reach and finish, were first class. He’ll fancy himself for a goal out there.

Our passing early on was as good as it has been all season but something went wrong, I think Scott Brown and Stefan Johansen’s roles changed. Scott bossed the opening 20 minutes but towards the end of the first half, a tension had crept in.

When our defenders had the ball at their feet, the options they had earlier simply weren’t there. Think back to the early moments when Scott dropped deeper than the two central defenders to give them options in possession. There was one occasion when Brown dropped to collect a forward pass from Boyata, before passing onto Forrest and then Armstrong, who carved an opening, all achieved without resistance. Our movement made Malmo look pedestrian. We lost our way when those options dried up.

We know what we will get from Forrest and Griffiths but the key three Celtic players next week will be Brown, Bitton and Johansen. Hareide criticised Celtic’s fitness, it’s certainly clear that the early pace we set was not maintained, although it could be argued that pace was impossible to maintain.  If Brown, Bitton and Johansen have the stamina to cover the acreage they did for parts of the game last night, we will be comfortable in Sweden.

The major concern is the likely absence of Mikael Lustig. Efe and Dedryck both need immediately-available options in possession. It will be absolutely critical that they are not left to play long clearing balls forward. If this happens, we will invariably lose possession and Malmo will be able to build sustained attacks.

Ronny may decide to deploy Saidy Janko instead of Efe.  Efe got the nod for the bench last night as we needed cover for both central defence and right back (he’s also convered left on occasion).  None of us have enough information on Saidy to offer an informed opinion on this option yet, but he may be asked to step forward.

Malmo got as much out of last night’s game as was possible. They scored two goals and didn’t pass up a good chance. We have the lead and there’s nothing too worrying in what we saw from the visitors.  They will play a different game at home, have more possession and create more chances, but Celtic will create lots of chances of their own.

There’s a hard 90 minutes ahead, but it’s in our own hands, and Ronny’s right, we can win out there.  This tie has a Blackburn feel about it.

One for the golfers…….
Taggsybhoy is raffling a Round of Golf for 4 at the magnificent Aberdour Golf Course, where our annual CQN Golf Open takes place, to support his Great Scottish Run campaign in aid of the Celtic Foundation.  The auction ends next week and you can bid on it here on ebay.  Check it out, and check out what YOUR Foundation does as well.

This is a brilliant way to get involved and achieve something significant, well done to Taggsy for taking the initiative.

Thanks to everyone who donated as part of yesterday’s competition to win a Celtic Euro shirt, courtesy of Magners.  Special thanks to the winner, Glasgowdave, for allowing us to auction the shirt at a later date.  You’re not a bad lot.

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  1. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    When new article comes up I just click on p67 name and it take me to the article


    Just thought I’d pass it on

  2. I enjoyed the game last night, now it’s off to their midden with a goal lead, not all bad, I thought we bossed them most of the night, I notice the predicted ones are back, both Masty and I went for a few after the game last night, and more or less predicted what would be said on here today, the half empty brigade, the board haters, the PL haters and the RD see a told you mob, and of course the lowest form on here them rotten cowardly stinking lurking Huns.





    So to my fellow glass half full CQNs I say Hail, Hail.





    And the rest of you,, GIRFUYs.



    – See more at:

  3. Confident about next week, we are the better team, a feel of Blackburn as you say. Here’s a challenge; in Venice for the return, any Celtic bars? HH Bbhoy

  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Good analysis, Paul.


    They are the ones who need to find a way to beat a team who are better than them.


    Concentration levels have to be spot on. Chances must be converted. No mistakes at the back.


    A positive result could be the making of this team.

  5. godblesstommyburns on

    To the person who thought it was a good idea to throw a ball on just before the corner at the end – prompting SJ to fanny about and earn a stupid but justifiable booking , thanks for that.


    Concentration visibly dropped around the pantomime and a goal became almost inevitable

  6. Richie #TeamOscarForever on

    Haven’t read back. Is Darnell Fisher injured? If not should he not be considered?

  7. Firstly – great to meet up with the BV crew yesterday – Managed by Old Tim and Captained by the rugged veteran fae Blantyre- an international collection of men and woman who anyone would be happy to have a session with.


    I enjoyed the majority of the game and we know what we have to do next week – it can take care of itself. On my soaking walk through the Gallowgate what was on my mind was the seeming loss of concentration which we have now suffered in the last three games – someone once said the the hardest distance in Golf was the 6 inches between your ears- maybe we do need to look at working on ‘Focus’ – any team will lose goals but we seem to have a penchance in ‘switching off’ events. Just my thoughts – onward to the weekend and then Tuesday

  8. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I dont know if Fisher is injured if he isnt he should be in the right back berth. H.H.

  9. We will do it next week,Celtic just like to put us through the emotional rollercoaster ride,it is just the way it is. Keep The Faith.

  10. CQN Corner Stats 2015/2016


    Games: 9


    Corners Conceded: 32


    Goals Conceded: 1



    Corners Awarded: 62


    Goals Scored: 4

  11. Happy birthday to Leigh Griffiths. 25 today.


    Hasn;t had a wean since he joined us! Maybe he is maturing.




  12. Paul 67



    Having watched the highlights to see what I missed from a low seat last night I think a draw more than possible over there.



    The first goal came from a bad Scott Brown clearing header and a bit of bad luck when Bitton never got quite enough in his rescuing tackle to put the ball out.



    The second came from a weak Effe tackle that allowed the cross that led to the corner.



    I saw Izzy getting ott criticism on Twitter but given the stodge of Lee Naylor or Paul Telfer I like my full backs with more flavour. I noticed that Izzy’s forward run pulled 2 defenders wide to make space for Armstrong to run into to feed Johanson to Griffiths for the goal.



    The good chance not taken by Johanson was caused by Izzy picking the ball up in the centre circle and releasing Griffiths to find Johanson. I know he is better going forward than defending but a bit of balance in criticism helps.



    Their last minute goal was a sickener but overall our performance was good so it’s not over.



    Given the injuries is there a place for Mulgrew next week and where?

  13. .



    The Only thing I Don’t Like about 2 Legged European Cup Ties..






    The Half Time Interval lasts 5 Days 22 Hours and 15 Minutes..



    We are 3-2 up at Half time.. Why are We all Not happy..



    Too many 45 Minute Cynics..【ツ】




  14. twentyfirstofmaynineteenseventynine on




    Mentioned that to my Son at the game last night, there was absolutely nothing to gain by doing it and it resulted in a booking, a loss of concentration and ultimately a goal. So bloody stupid




  15. Overall a decent performance last night. Don’t think they did enough to get two goals but footballs a bitch. A few negatives, Izzy was absolutely shocking last night and Johansen too big for his boots, don’t know what the carry on was all about before the corner, he does that kind of thing a lot it’s ridiculous. And gutted for Lustig, we will miss him a lot.

  16. Vey disappointed with the manner in which w e conceded both goals last night. Malmo were there for the taking n we did not take that advantage. Let’s get this in perspective, Malmo is not one of the better European times by any stretch of the imagination and we have enough in us to beat them over there despite what BBC eedjits say but we must stay awake for the duration of the game, else it will cost us big time.


    It’s far too early to pass judgement on Boyata but the guy does need to wake up a tad. We did not lose silly goals when Jason Denayer played!



    Still feel we will overcome and stick it up the anti Celtic establishment, great stuff.




  17. Auldheid……………Where is Res 12 parked………sorry if your fed up being asked but I’ve not seen anything about it for a while?

  18. antipodean red on




    Was a few years ago but there was a little Irish bar just along from the Sta Lucia rail station, left when you come down the steps, along about 100-200 yards. Watched a few games in there during 2008.

  19. .



    Talking about Going to Sweden reminded me of a Ole Swedish Proverb..



    People Who live in Glass Igloos should Not throw Wife Swapping Parties..



    Summa of MultiCouloredSteamySwapShopCSC

  20. The last minute away goal for them was sickener but it shouldn’t be forgotten that we have got a lead to take over there and a draw will see us through. I’m under no illusions Malmo should provide more formidable opposition over in Sweden but I still expect us to triumph.


    Lustig will be a big loss and whatever Ronny plans to do on the right on Tuesday should be trialled first at Tannadice. Even if it is Ambrose with Janko in front of him to provide cover.

  21. Cifti shouldn’t be anywhere near this Celtic team.



    He is an absolute dumpling.Wayne Bigginsesque.



    Lee Griifiths is much smaller ,yet more of a threat in the air.


    He has better movement ,a better shot ,and is a much better goalscorer.




  22. traditionalist88 on 20th August 2015 12:21 pm: “Unforced errors at this level occuring way too often. The usual culprits.”



    Having conceded just 7 goals in their previous 20 competitive fixtures, our defence has now shipped 6 in three games. I suspect the VVD situation is having an unsettling effect on more than just the big man himself.


    This may be harsh but nevertheless I believe it’s correct…



    if we sign SPFL players ( generally speaking) then we will become less.


    I’d have had none of the guys recently acquired.



    How Ronny could figure signing 3 Dundee United players would improve is is beyond me. Armstrong has a chance, but GMS is too mercurial a talent for the required consistency at Celtic park.



    The latest recruit, Ciftci, never wad and never will be a Celtic striker.

  24. Conceding a goal in the last second of the match was a heartbreak and indeed for the players it was even greater after playing so well for much of last night’s match. There was a period in the opening half when Celtic went two goals in front and it became evident from the closeup pictures on tv that Malmo players were about to implode. None of their players were showing for throw-ins and prepared to take responsibility. Sure the Celtic performance dropped a level for a period in the second half but there are few sports where a team will dominate for the entirety of a contest and coincided the changes enforced by injuries.



    I agree with Paul, I thought James Forrest was brilliant last night and led the Swedish defenders a merry dance. We may have been searching for a striker for some time but now we have the real deal in Leigh Griffiths, the guy was deadly last night. Armstrong was another who’s game goes up a notch when he plays in Europe. Scott Brown apart from the one blip with that header showed a variety of skills that surprised me. I imagine Ronny will rest some of his players for the SPL game at the weekend, that’s why we have a big squad.. We only need a draw when we play in Sweden and Celtic have the players who can hurt Malmo .in next week’s match.

  25. The James forrest was brilliant last night ensemble continues.



    How so ? what did he actually do ? how many shots did he have ? how many chances did he create ?


    infact, how many complete passes to celtic players did he make ?




    if running into opposition players is deemed as briallint, then i really am slappin my ain foreheid.



    I just dont get it.

  26. BigChipsUK – 4IAR and counting… on 20th August 2015 1:02 pm



    Or it’s just that it’s a new partnership. When Denayer 1st arrived we conceded in nearly every one of his 1st few games until the partnership with VvD settled.

  27. Saint Stivs on 20th August 2015 1:10 pm



    James Forrest completed 24 of 27 attempted passed – 89%.

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