Result gives platform for progress


Last night’s win didn’t look on the cards until the opening goal; Astra were passing the ball better and creating as many chances as Celtic.  It looked like the game we expected – without Commons or Guidetti. However, we find ourselves top of the group with 7 points from 9 at the halfway point, having recorded a draw away to top seed Salzburg.

There’s still a lot of work to do, a win away at Astra next time out in no way guarantees qualification, but we stand an excellent chance of progressing and a decent chance of topping the group.

Having thumped Ross County at the weekend there was a notion we’d turned a corner, which fed some of the frustration last night, despite the result.  What we saw was very poor passing from a disjointed team.  Players were receiving the ball in too little space, where options were already closed.  This impacted the effectiveness on Callum McGregor and Mikael Lustig in particular, but it seemed when every Celtic player looked up there wasn’t a good pass on.

This is all a consequence of change.  We look disjointed because we are disjointed.  We’re disjointed because we’re rebuilding.

The relevant questions are:

Do we need to rebuild?
Are we making progress?

Yes, we need to rebuild.  The squad, tactics, training and other processes are all going through change.  For so long we watched Celtic squads remain constant and grow old (under Martin O’Neill), or out tactics become rigid (under Martin and Gordon Strachan), to the point that we were crying out for some experimentation.

The above is seldom disputed but the question of progress is more important.  Right now Celtic need results.  They need to survive in the Europa League long enough to test and improve their passing, movement, instincts and, where necessary, squad.

Last night’s win wasn’t pretty but it was vitally important.  The next challenge for this team is also important; we need to go to Romania and put on the kind of performance we did in Salzburg.  If we can do that, we’ll have earned a platform to build on.

Caesar & the Assassin, the accounts of Billy McNeill and Davie Hay as Celtic managers, is available below.

Billy and Davie will both sign the early orders we get to them, more here.

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  1. Good morning CQNers,



    What I’d like to see today is a show of confidence from our players, too often they play this ultra-cautious game where the safe option of side-ways and backward passes is the choice of so many, to be fair this results from a chronic lack of movement from our midfield.



    How often have we seen the player on the ball look up searching for a passing option and then play the ball sideways or backwards as there is no movement in front of him?



    How often have we seen a long, aimless punt up-field to a lone striker ?



    Yes, we play against a lot of teams that park the bus but what I’d really hope to see today is players supporting the player on the ball by moving towards rather than away from him and giving him at least two passing options.




    C’mon the Bhoys if there is no space then create some !!

  2. Stairheedrammy on

    I had two great great uncles who answered Redmonds call to help free Belgium and who never came back, both Irish Nationalists. I have no problem with anyone choosing to wear the poppy in fact it is a way of honouring those who died. What doesn’t honour them is the use of the poppy as a sectarian symbol and the media led poppy fascism. It also denigrates the concept to attach a poppy to a football top- how can that be respectful?

  3. Stairheedrammy on

    Can’t see Griffiths getting much if any game time today, Guidetti and Skepovic are our first picks and need to play

  4. Not in UK newradbhoy.


    I’m trying to find out what overseas channel is showing the games

  5. Delaney’s dunky @ 3.17



    “Windae lickers”? Unacceptable. There’s plenty of words that adequately describe them without having to resort to mocking the disabled.

  6. thanks maleys bhoy.


    couldnt find how to put questionmark at the end of myquestion onthe keyboard.



    sorry if itcame across as ignorant.

  7. sunny calmachie on

    Cold and windy in the east end of Glasgow,


    Just in from walking the dog through Alexander park,


    Happy Celticing. .

  8. Kojo



    Last night you posted that you were out of CQN and I revelled in it tbh.


    I woke up this morning thinking you’ve been bullied into it…….. Kojo I really don’t like that and feel bad if I contributed.


    We all on CQN need to have a word with ourselves and police our blog better, perhaps a ……. Hoy you Kojo don’t go there ya tube is better than calling you fascist bastard which I think belongs to the other poster and not you.


    Just my thoughts Kojo but you are part of the blog and you should be free to express yir thoughts.


    God bless the Glasgow Celtic ✊

  9. Memo To Celtic, VVD and scoddish msm.




    “Virgil is not for sale and should he become available, the starting price is 12m, pounds sterling”



    *keep repeating*

  10. Good morning friends from a disappointingly wet, windy and very grey looking East Kilbride.



    Glad to note that Paul67 has got the clock at the right time this year ;-)

  11. blantyretim is praying for the knox family



    08:30 on 26 October, 2014


    Just another tim


    take your time and get well soon..




    Them there words are apt fur yir good self young Mhan.


    Hail and Hail again

  12. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Good Morning Timland.



    If you can get your waterproofs on and make your way too


    CP and cheer the champions on to victory…….only dafties


    make predictions……….4-0 for the Celtic.

  13. Livibhoy



    You about?



    5-0 to the Celtic?


    With Griffiths getting a double hat-trick?









    PS you’ll be reassured to hear that this auld git remembered to change his clock!



    HH jamesgang

  14. I see Ronny talking up playing Guidetti & Scepogic up front together today. Hope he avoids Mulgrww in midfield (save that for away games) and perhaps rest Lustig (don’t want him injured again) & Izzy.





    Matthews Denayer VVD Mulgrew


    —Henderson Brown Johansen—




    ———–Guidetti Scepovic———



    Can see the goals flowing with a set up similar to that. 4-0 Hoops.

  15. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Im getting auld this clocks going back thing has got me lost the kick -off today is 2pm is that correct ? H.H.

  16. Good luck to all the boys playing in round3 of Scottish Youth Cup today … Especially Culter United u13S….!

  17. joe filippis haircut



    Says 1pm wherever I check.


    And it’s currently just after 9 !



    HH jamesgang

  18. Twisty


    If your about what’s the Craic with Mrs Robesons 2 today?


    See Stoute has sent one over to Leopardstown..

  19. Kick off is in 3½ hours.



    Time for more painting. Coincidentally, grey paint on a day like today…

  20. Marrakesh Express on

    Spoke to a Sevco neighbour last night. He said a couple of things that sum up where they’re at right now…


    ‘Couldny give a f*** about Ashley, another conman likely….its last thing I think about at night and the first thing in the morning, torture…..its ok for millionaire McCoist to laugh and put a brave face on, punters are paying his mega wages and he’s a dud…..people like that balloon Johnstone, crackin player he was, are oan the tranny saying the same crap and too many bears swally it.’

  21. Good sweat on goal rush plus bet



    $10 on










    Just waiting on chelsea for $770



    Be nice lift

  22. proudbhoy



    08:37 on 26 October, 2014





    05:34 on 26 October, 2014





    How Gary og go buddy ?





    Gary Og, great as always. Bizarre setting!, a Golf Club overlooking Bondi Beach!!!!!


    Audience/crowd v well oiled. Good set,great company (sydneytim, michael collins and R)


    Highly recommend anyone close to his next Gigs to go along……great night out.



    Hope your good PB