Resurrection of defensive bedrock, work done in your name


The bedrock Celtic built their record-breaking league win on last was the defence; we went months without conceding, serious chances for opponents were written up lustily.  A large part of the summer shambles was the contrasting nature of our defensive play; Legia Warsaw scored six but they also missed a hatful.

While our results have improved in recent weeks it’s the defensive record which has shown the most marked up-lift.  We’ve conceded only twice in seven games, a ricochet against Astra and that goal against Hamilton.  By contrast, we kept only a solitary clean sheet in the seven games prior to this run.

On the surface, we looked shaky in defence for the latter parts of the game against Inverness on Saturday, but while there is still work to do, the defence can be encouraged that they are able to withstand sustained pressure – and that they can rely on their keeper, when necessary.

A couple of action points for you:

Magners are donating £18,300 to the Celtic Foundation.  The money will go to the four areas the Foundation work: Health, Equality, Learning and Poverty, in proportion to how fans nominate those areas.  To participate, tweet @MagnersUK with one of the following hashtags: #Health, #Equality, #Learning or #Poverty.

Magners have been a great help to our campaign to build a fourth CQN school kitchen for Mary’s Meals in recent weeks, so I’m keen we support and encourage this initiative.  £18,300 is a huge bonus for the Foundation, they will do great work with it.

The Foundation are full on with their Christmas strategy at the moment.  This year money will be split between those who look after the homeless and vulnerable, and individual families – identified by grassroots organisations, to help them buy gifts for kids and put a Christmas meal on the table.

This work is being done in your name, so make sure you’re aware of it.

The inaugural Foundation ladies’ lunch event, Ghirls for Good, takes place on Saturday 13 December, proceeds towards the Christmas Appeal.  If you qualify……. Book here.

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    podium hunting is mans work.



    Get back tae yer ironing!!!!!

  2. Hamilton Tim



    I was looking for any comment from you on the Supporters Forum :)



    Its not perfect but it is a move in the right direction. More to do and Celtic are committed to improving things in response to the CST Resolution to AGM re the way the SLO Post works.



    The SLO post introduced the capacity, the SLO is building the mechanisms and the support are being involved.



    Should be an interesting year ahead.

  3. foghorn leghorn on




    12:25 on


    4 November, 2014








    that podium doesn’t count – CQN rules state that any podium attempts that subliminally advertise internet search engines are immediately disqualified




  4. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    I think PL is always guarded in what he says and that is what I mean by being expert in how he comes across.





    I’m only jealous,tbh.



    I wish I had someone to do my ironing-starting with a he wrinkles on my face.



    More to the point,I wish I had met a lass who DEMANDED I go to the Celtic games!



    HT is one lucky part of a smashing couple.

  6. aiden bhoy



    12:36 on 4 November, 2014





    What topics were up for discussion ?




    Bus parking


    Sat Sun. KO times.


    Standing areas




    Oh and our manager I thought was brilliant, kind of guy you ask the time he tells you how to make a watch, he does like talkig, but kidding aside I was impressed with him.

  7. bournesouprecipe on

    Good offer from Amazon for all the new romantic’s buying the Adam and the Ants album, as they say they’ll throw in a stand and deliver.

  8. fourgreenfields



    12:50 on 4 November, 2014





    Definately a very in depth answer to the question from our manager :-)




    I thought it was SFTB talking , lol.


    Jist jokin ;)

  9. bournesouprecipe on

    Apple Braehead and Buchanan St say they’ll stay ahead of the new Edinburgh store with the AyePhone

  10. Aidan



    I don’t have time just now but if I get the chance I’ll post about it later mate.






    I agree I thought Ronny spoke really well. Unfortunately, JP


    wrapped up the meeting after he’d finished as there were a couple of questions I would have liked to have asked :-)

  11. We are adding Celtic DVDs to CQNBookstore.com this week.



    Here are just three of the great Celtic DVDs we will have for sale very shortly via the CQNbookstore.com



    CELTIC – The Official History of Celtic Football Club (Paul described this as the best DVD the club has ever released). Running time is 400 minutes over 4 discs. (Retail price £20)



    CELTIC – EURO NIGHTS – this a just brilliant. All the big European victories over the decades are on this DVD – game after game of memorable nights. Fantastic! (Retail Price £15)



    BIRTHDAY BHOYS – what happened on 7th November 2012 – I remember it well as it was the last time I got a coupon up! (Retail price £10)



    These three DVDs together would cost £45. CQN are offering all THREE today to CQNers for a specially reduced price of £25 (inc postage).



    This offer will run until Paul posts tomorrow’s article.



    If you’d like to get these three brilliant Celtic DVDs please use this link:




  12. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    So no one brought up the food bank being hijacked by the living wage petitioners

  13. I used to be a folk singer


    when i sang people used to shout.. folk


    Hardoffhearing csc.


    H.H Mick

  14. bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts on

    Was at the cash machine this morning and the old lady in front of me asked me to check


    her balance.


    So I gave her a push and she fell over !!



  15. FourGreenFields on







    Thought the manager came over quite well , the look on PL ‘s face when RD said he wanted to destroy teams not just beat them one or two nil was a picture .

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