Revenge over Motherwell who menaced their way to a point


Celtic won only one game in the last four, shipping five points to Motherwell and Hibs in the process, however, the most important objectives were achieved this month.  We retained the League Cup and successfully completed the Europa League group stage.

Tonight offers the opportunity to exact revenge over Motherwell, who kicked, shoved and generally menaced their way to a point against Celtic two weeks ago.  We owe them some retribution, but to be clear, let’s just beat them soundly, without incurring cautions.

There is a bit of excitement last night at the league table, with only one point separating the top four sides, which is no more than a consequence of Celtic having played fewer games than the others.  There are twelve points available between now and the New Year.  Expect the champions to deliver as usual.  We do well at home against everyone and can usually be relied upon to turn up at Pittodrie and Ibrox.

I am sure all our thoughts go to John Fallon and his family, including our own Blantyretim, at the passing of John’s beloved Esther, whose funeral Mass was held this morning at St Joseph’s, Blantyre.  It was clear Esther will leave a huge gap in all their lives.

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  1. BT,


    Prayers for you and the family today. Thoughts are with you all.



    David17, from last page.


    I agree, the ‘Club’ has not been run immacultately, but it could be argued that ‘the Business’ has been. It could have been better if the same emphasis had been giving to supporting the team and the manager as has obviously been given to the commercial side of the operation. The board seem to have lost signt of the fact that it’s FOOTBALL club, and revenue is dependant on the success of the team. If they neglect the team, as happened in the summer, revenue will drop, and The Business will suffer.


    Pretty simple stuff, really, and I’m surprised that, with all the business acumen that our Board has accrued, that they don’t seem to get this.


    No more gambling required. Support the Team. Support the Manager. Support the Supporters.

  2. BATEEN BHOY on 19TH DECEMBER 2018 12:22 PM



    Thanks for the reply. It’s difficult to explain as you say. I think ego played a part, bloody mindedness and the desire to maintain control. The Board may have ‘won’ in the end but at what cost? It was in my view a pyrrhic victory to which the cost was immediate, is still ongoing and the extent not yet known.

  3. The truth of the matter this season and the last is that no team has been consistent. Celtic have been the least inconsistent and that is why we will win the league – that and having the best players of course!



    Blantyre Tim and Mr Fallon – prayers and thoughts are with you both.

  4. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Thoughts with Blantyretim, the Original Holy Goalie and the Fallon family. Take strength in your faith, BT.






  5. We need to turn up in first minute and put balls into box early and attack it… easy ! get game won by 60 mins.. then sub forest. McG and Ben

  6. With brexit going tae happen whether St Theresa of the Rosehip syrup remains or not Scott McKenna makes sense. The current “foreigners” will probably be grandfathered but after that it’ll be back to Britain are best that we all grew up with.

  7. Go tell the Spartim on

    Thoughts and prayers to all who are going thru a difficult time.



    Scott McKenna would never make sense, he’d be an instant escape goat, Willie Garner Mk II, anyone who thinks he does must be under his brother Paul’s spell

  8. Any news on young Ryan Christie please.



    To the song ” Valencia”



    Va-lencia, put your head between your knees and kiss your Barcelona


    not too funny, but made me laugh




  9. BlantyreTim – Thoughts and prayers with your Mum, your Dad, yourself and the family on this difficult day.


    Take care.

  10. Scott McKenna, could he do a job for us ?



    I have been watching him since we were first linked with him. He has impressed and unimpressed in equal measure.


    However one thing I am sure of is, lets not allow the situation to be another John McGinn .



    To those who are able to do so ; let’s fill the park and cheer on the Bhoys



    HH, the journey recommences.

  11. Paul67 et al



    What would be the reaction on here if the Board drafted in Cardiff legend Ole gunner Solskjaer?

  12. Thank goodness Our Great Club has the custodians it has, in the hostile environment we operate our continued success is a miracle.



    Our enemies are as old as fitba’ itself and they miss no opportunity to kick us and ours on or off the park.



    This Tim gives thanks for those who fight battles we may never appreciate.



    All sympathies extended to the Fallon family and BT at this time.




  13. Just seen shameless interview with Mourinho, 24mil in his pocket, totally not interested in Man Ure….a fraud

  14. Could be difficult game tonight.11 man defence,looking for a break.Looking at our horrendous injury list there,horrendous maybe not a strong enough word.No more tonight please.1-0 tonight,and Saturday will do.

  15. Bada,


    Cant blame Mouriniho for the stupidity of the EPL clubs.Money like confetti down there.Everyone filling their boots.


    Not that interested in Man U,but to sack a manager who won a European trophy,a domestic trophy,and finish second last year,to me is madness.


    Especially when you have to pay out this money to him.

  16. Celtic Mac,


    My thoughts exactly.To replace Brendan with him,would have put everyone in meltdown.

  17. BLANTYRE TIM THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS , currently using Microsoft edge as my browser, have got adblock plus running its blocking 54 ads at the moment, but still cant get rid of this next advert at the bottom of the screen, doing my nut in.hh.

  18. CELTIC MAC on 19TH DECEMBER 2018 2:49 PM


    Paul67 et al







    What would be the reaction on here if the Board drafted in Cardiff legend Ole gunner Solskjaer?



    We would bring in Marko van McGhee…

  19. mike in toronto on

    Some interesting reading from last night/this morning.



    When asked if, in his opinion, have Celtic taken reasonable steps to restore the integrity of the game, Auldheid replied @ 4:24 that



    “Only an indication that integrity restoring measures are part of discussions with other clubs based on what will eventually emerge happened from 2010 to present day and that Celtic wish a conclusion to the JPDT by say ST Renewal time, would let me answer your question positively. As matters stand there is nothing.



    I don’t know what purpose continuing procrastination serves ,other than maintaining for as long as possible an illusion that what we are paying to watch is a fair game.”



    Coming from anyone, that would be a damning indictment. coming as it does from Auldheid (who has a fair bit of credibility on here, and more paitience and faith than Job), that is startling.



    An Tearmann @5:30.



    I have posted previously on the pros/cons of an oppression claim. Not sure it is the right vehicle. Plus, if fans wont fight the SFA, they certainly aren’t going to fight with the Board. But, happy to pick this up if you want to chat later, either on here or offline (if you wish, feel free to get my email from any of our mutual contacts). I am back in Court this week, so will be on and off the blog… so, may be a delay in getting back to you.



    WITS @ 8:04 “malcontents, naysayers and begrudgers”. I have long assumed that I would be seen by many on here as falling within that grouping, and I’m actually okay with that. My question to you is, in light of Auldheid’s post, would he now be similarly damned?



    Auldheid, as you can probably guess, I dont take or intend that as a criticism. Eric Hoffer, the american philosopher and winner of the medal of freedom, once wrote that, “A nation without dregs and malcontents is orderly, peaceful and pleasant, but perhaps without the seed of things to come.”



    Without malcontents, we would just meekly accept the status quo… if we are to change things, Celtic need more, not less, malcontents.



    Hot Smoked @ 9:21 …. one of the most interesting posts on here in a long time!



    “Because of historical, social reasons, I believe Celtic supporters are much more anxious, much less confident than the supporters of other Clubs.”



    Interesting …. Other than anxiety, are there other traits that are endemic to Celtic supporters?



    I would suggest that perhaps our cultural background (including for many of us, being Catholic and economically marginalzed) has led us to defer to authority (how many of us were raised not to question the Priest, or dont talk back to your teacher ….)..



    I cant think of too many other teams/fans who have been so mistreated over the years, but who were so reluctant to do anything to make any change, when the opportunity was handed to us on a silver platter. When Juventus were caught up in Calciopolii,- and were formally stripped of a title – fans of other teams rejoiced in seeing them humiliated. I think you might be on to something here. I suspect that there is a doctoral thesis for some young up and coming sociology or psychology student right there.



    In War and Peace, Tolstoy said that “a battle is won by the side that is absolutely determined to win. Why did we lose the battle of Austerlitz? Our casualties were about the same as those of the French, but we had told ourselves early in the day that the battle was lost, so it was lost.”



    I dont mind taking a shot and missing ..you win some, you lose some …. that happens….but what bothers me is that we never even got the rifle of our shoulder.



    Hot Smoked … I know others sometimes make the same points you do (although in this case, I dont think so), but I tend to reference your posts …. I dont want you to think there is any malice in doing so … even though we often disagree, I do it because I actually enjoy our discussions, and because I trust that you will respond honestly, thoughtfully and without rancour.

  20. CELTIC have confirmed two fixture changes for upcoming league clashes with Motherwell and Hearts.



    The Hoops were due to take on the Steelmen at Parkhead on February 23 before facing the Jambos at Tynecastle on February 26.

  21. mit



    reading in the paper this morning danz will be streaming all epl games etc starting next season.



    that could cost a few jobs at sports net and tsn.

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